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  1. Thank You!!! This. Is. Exactly. Why. I. Hate. Most. Of A Game of Throne characters. I think GRRM is a good writer but him saying that every character isn’t just evil and giving them some tragic background to explain their evil drives me crazy. I get that bad things happen to everyone, good and bad, rich and poor, pretty and not so pretty, etc.. but that’s not an excuse. And the way some people defend these characters’ actions has me questioning humanity.
  2. They could but I think even than Disney would step in and buy back Spider-Man.
  3. Yes they will. The deal was that Spider-Man be made by SONY and SONY only. If another studio bought them and dismantled Sony than the rights would revert back to Marvel. Just like if some other studio bought FOX and dismantled it the X-Man and FF would revert back to Marvel. And I'm sure that if Sony was selling the movie brand that yes Disney/Marvel would step in and buy Spider-Man back and they could.
  4. I doubt Disney would buy Sony and if they could I wouldn’t want that, not with their recent purchase of FOX. Im sad that Holland and Spider-Man is out of the movies and though I don’t care for non Marvel Studio movies, I wish Sony all the best with going forward. I just won’t be with them because I prefer my Spider-Man to be with the other Marvel characters. Anyways give or take a few years and the way Sony is doing money wise they will be selling soon from what I hear and Spider-Man movies rights will revert back to Disney.
  5. Didn’t Alex say that when someone refuses to play that they die? I know he mentioned how his great uncle refused and him and his wife died the next morning. Alex was too selfish. He knew if he told Grace that she would leave. I think he would have been fine not getting married because Grace said that “Alex would be fine living in sin” but Grace wanted family and marriage so he married her to keep her. I liked the movie and everyone was so damn likable IMO. I was actually rooting for Grace and Alex but when he turned on her ugh. I actually was like, I got their motivation for this which is self preservation. It was fucked up and evil but it was kill or be killed and I got it. I still rooted for everyone to die.
  6. Kit is not even physically attractive IMO. I don’t find any GOT actors/actresses attractive except Madden. I fell in love with Madden during Disney’s 2015 Cinderella live action he was just so charming. And Finn Jones is another GOT actor I like but that’s it. The showed really put me off on these actors and actresses ugh. I don’t dislike them but I don’t necessarily care for them either and have no desire to follow them in their other work. Im being completely unfair and unreasonable and will try my best to be objective and enjoy the movie. I wish Kit all the luck cause I love Black Knight and hope he does great.
  7. I’m not a fan of Kit Harrington at all(I actually don’t think I’m a fan of any of the GOT actors besides Madden. The show really soured me on all things connected to it over the years)I might sound mean but I don’t want him in the MCU at all. I range from either outright love, like and they good with the MCU actors but Kit is the first one I actively dislike. Ugh. As long as he doesn’t show up in Captain Marvel, Black Panther, The Fantastic Four and the X-Men than I’m good.
  8. I like Namor, so I wouldn’t want him to be a outright villain in Black Panther. He’s such a complex character and deserves better and I hope if he is in the next BP that Marvel doesn’t take him to the point of no return by killing innocents. Namor is Marvel’s first character. Comics first anti hero, Marvel’s first mutant, the first comic character to fly, etc... He’s important and deserves the right treatment not reduced to a villain.
  9. I’m so excited for these up and coming Marvel movies. Yeah I want more Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Fantastic 4 and X-Men. But the next 10 movies/Tv shows sound great IMO. Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness sounds so awesome. I liked the first movie enough but this one will have my Wanda/Scarlet Witch in it who is also my favorite character. I love magic and witches/sorcerers etc... and the multiverse is so weird plus it will be Marvel’s first horror movie. This is my most anticipated phase 4 movie. The Enternals is going to be very important to the MCU going forward from what I hear. There is not a lot of material for this property so Marvel can do anything that they want and I hope they go all out. The cast is also very unique and different. I also heard that this is where they will introduce the Mutants plus Atlantis so I’m very very excited. I have also heard nothing but great things about the director. Black Widow is something I’m looking forward to also. It’s a spy movie without all the magic and cosmic stuff. I love spy movies and I have always liked Natasha’s stories. I’m excited for the backstory and to meet the other amazing women in this movie. Shang-Chi is Marvel’s greatest hand to hand fighter and some would argue in comics period. I love this character and kung fu movies are some of my favs. I like what I see right now and really excited. I hope the movie has great action/hand to hand fight scenes. Thor: Love and Thunder I don’t know how to feel about this one honestly. I love Thor, Jane, Valkyrie and the Thor mythology,but Tikita needs to be a wild card and do something amazing. Regardless I’m looking forward to this one. I look forward to seeing new and old characters back in this next wave of movies. I love the new genres that we will see and I hope they are amazing. I’m also looking forward to the Disney Plus shows like WandaVision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki and Hawkeye.
  10. I thought them focusing so much on Peter in high school was the one of the highlights of the movie. It was so relatable and real to see Peter as a high schooler with teen problems trying to be a superhero. This movie being so grounded is why it’s my all time favorite Spider-Man movie. This movie showed why Spider-Man is the “most relatable hero” of all time. I’m excited for Far From Home.
  11. I do hope with the second movie that they flush Carol out more and there is more action. She is also OP so I want the next villain to challenge her mentally and physically.
  12. I heard that Sif might get a Disney Plus show with Enchantress as the main villain and I hope so. I LOVE Sif and Echantress and think the show will be great or movie.
  13. She’s arrogant(but she can definitely back it up)she’s rash, she was playful and witty. She was really naive while on earth. I thought that she took responsibility for her actions in the part she had in the Kree/Skull war. She was very loyal also to Maria, Fury, earth and the Kree(for the first half) Her past like family and time at the academy should have been more focused on. I thought Brie did okay in this, the second part was definitely the better part and Brie did better.
  14. Xander may not be my favorite character but it was awesome that he got to save the world. It was perfect for Xander to be the one to save Willow. I like that someone besides Buffy was able to save the world and given who was trying to destroy it(Willow)it made sense that it was her oldest friend bringing her back from it all.
  15. Yes. Peter Parker/Spider-Man was also the first person in the comics to refer to her as Captain Marvel.
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