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  1. I really really loved this movie. Scarlett/Natasha has always been a favorite of mine and it was such a great send off. The beginning credits were creepy and reminded me of human trafficking. All those young girls(ugh, I can’t) But the family dynamic was the best. Yelena is everything and I’m excited for her to take over the Black Widow mantle. I hope Feige green lights two more Black Widow movies for Florence/Yelena. I loved all the actors, the action, just everything. I’m still sad to see Scarlett/Natasha go but I’ve had about 11yrs and multiple movies with her and I’m gl
  2. No. He should never touch Marvel characters.
  3. I think Gunn wasn’t very subtle with some things in Vol 2. He just took the things that worked in Vol 1 and ran with it. I feel that it was too much asshole, obnoxious Rocket, Drax was the funny man too much and the constantly insulting Mantis bugged me. Also he wasn’t very subtle. There was a lot of problems but I really did like the movie. The visuals and Nebula and Gamora’s relationship was definitely a highlight
  4. Speaking of Guardians I really really hope that Feige reigns James Gunn in on the next installment. Vol 1 was so good but vol 2 was 1 upped 20. I liked Vol 2 but it had so many problems and Gunn is so much better when he has someone to tell him no and to write his scripts.
  5. I do like that Feige seems to have taken the legit criticism of Captain Marvel and is going to change some things(hopefully for the better) Nia DaCosta seems like an interesting choice and can hopefully give Brie some more direction to the character. Also there were like 5 different writers on CM compared to the one they have on The Marvels so it’ll be interesting to see the new take on Carol Danvers. I did really like how Brie portrayed Carol in Endgame and liked how she interacted with the rest of the Avengers so I hope they build from that. Give Brie more material to sink her tee
  6. I just hope they can give Carol the attention and more character that she deserves. I am definitely looking forward to The Marvels and want to see more of Carol Danvers. Monica and Kamala are a definite plus.
  7. I want the MCU to keep some mystery around Carol’s time in space. Just allude here and there how she helped this civilization or helped fight in this war against this planet, little side comments. I get wanting to know what she did those past 30 plus years but it’s fun keeping some things a mystery.
  8. I’m glad they are not focusing on CM’s time between her movie and Endgame, she was helping others out during that time. I want to see more superhero women movies set during the present time. Im not too crazy about the name change and still hope that Danvers will be the main focus if they are going to be using her storylines. I’m glad that two WOC will also be in the movies alongside Larson but Carol needs more character development and focus and that shouldn’t be taken away. I wish they would give Monica her own trilogy and Kamala is getting her own series. Hopefully Danvers will sti
  9. I really loved Falcon and the Winter Soldier it was so good and it made me appreciate Sam as a character more(who I always loved)and made me love Bucky so much. Im so glad that Marvel Studios is doing these limited series on these characters that’s not focused on the big screen. WandaVision was also amazing. I have always said this and always will but Marvel is at its best when it stays grounded. The Guardians, Captain Marvel, and Thor are all amazing but Marvel focusing on real world problems and situations is where they thrive IMO. And TFATWS did shine. Also I’m
  10. Spider-Man might be Marvel’s most recognizable and popular character but it haven’t been movie wise in a long time. Feige doesn’t need Spider-Man he wanted him. Nor does the MCU need Spider-Man. Feige has taken B, C, and even D list Marvel characters and turned them into household names while Other superhero franchises have counted on one or even two characters for decades to make movies. Now Feige is not the be all when it comes to movies but he is the one that gave Sony their biggest box office ever(Spider-Man Far From Home) Feige does not need live action Spider-Man at a
  11. I really hope that they recast T’Challa/Black Panther. Chadwick(Rest In Power)was a great T’Challa/Black Panther, but his story has barely begun and means so much to many. Black Panther had too much of an impact to not finish the story. Also I don’t think that they will put Black Widow off again next year. I am pretty sure that it’s going to stay a theatrical release though, Marvel movies make too much to go straight to Disney+.
  12. What I’m saying is when they reboot these characters in live action years from now someone else will have played T’Challa/Black Panther. This is a character with many stories to tell and Chadwick was not going to play this character forever. Yes these actors like RDJ, Chris E, Chadwick have brought these superheroes to life on screen but more will come after them and give new versions to these beloved heroes. But it’s way to soon to be having this conversation IMO.
  13. I agree. These superheroes are meant to be played through generations by many. I wish we had more time with Chadwick’s T’Challa but someone was always going to take over and play T’Challa after Chadwick finished. Just like Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, etc... there will be many great actors/actresses to play these heroes. Hopefully it’s a while away for Black Panther. Anyways there needs to be time to grieve and Chadwick laid to rest before any talk about Black Panther.
  14. I’m so heartbroken about this. My first exposure to Chadwick wasn’t Black Panther, I always followed his work and loved him. I was so happy when he was casted as T’Challa/Black Panther and I loved his movie and appearances in the MCU. He seemed like such a great person. I’m really depressed from this news cause even though I know that time is so fleeting and nothing is promised to us. I thought we had more time to see his craft expend. I thought we would see more of those roles he made iconic 😞 I remember him looking really thin and people did assume that it was for a role. People al
  15. I’m sick of Batman movies and Batman in general. His rogue gallery and Gotham are more interesting than him. Joker and Heath Ledger were the best thing about TDK. Marvel movies work better when they focus on the human instead of the superheroes. Tom Holland is a better Peter Park and Spider-man than Toby and Andrew. Michael Bey’s first Transformers is the best alone with Bumblebee. I don’t like James Gunn style when he’s given free reign. He works better with someone there to tell him “ that ain’t it”
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