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  1. Jonathan Majors is having a heck of a year. I think he has the goods to be a long term player.
  2. That Cosby-Obama show sketch was like a very early template of what Maya would bring to Kamala Harris. Not exact of course, but very similar.
  3. The Martin Short episode airing tonight had the very first Celebrity Jeopardy sketch with Trebek and Connery. Quite appropriate. Oh Man, that was so sweet. They ended the sketch with the clip of Alex Trebek on the show saying goodnight with Will Ferrell and Darrell. Then it went to a Jeopardy style question. This man is the greatest gameshow host of all time. Who is Alex Trebek?
  4. Yes, shorter sketches equals more time for people running around, etc.
  5. Thinking about it, having longer cold opens had to be a deliberate choice in dealing with the pandemic as much if not more than the content of the sketches. For that reason, I can't be too critical. No, it wasn't ideal, but I think it's understandable.
  6. No doubt. But working on this show isn't a typical job for any of the staff and crew. It's widely acknowledged the schedule and structure of it is brutal. There's a reason they almost always get a break after three shows.
  7. Also possibly because it was the 6th live show in a row, and everyone is ready for a break. Perhaps, but I'm always skeptical when Alec decides he is done with a role. It wouldn't be the first time he's decided he was done playing Trump. If Lorne wants him to do it again for any reason, he'll be back. I still think Alec's "You're Welcome" sign in the goodbyes was rather odd.
  8. Did anybody clock Chappelle's monologue? It felt like it could have been about 20 minutes, but I wasn't sure.
  9. I mostly really enjoyed this one even though the tape delay messed things up for me. (It stopped recording at the regular time even though I had tried to extend it.) Anyway I was distracted, but liked it. I agree the video game sketch was weak, but it was pretty minor in everyway. I also enjoyed all the political stuff, and Jim Carrey was fine this week. (Though if I'm being really honest, I wish they would have had some fun with Kornacki, who got a ton of press this week- Hi Leslie- and he's so very easy to mock. Hell they could had had him run out and say he had new updates....Heh. I digress.) I appreciate the way Chappelle's monologue just goes for it with a no fucks style. Wish more people had the confidence to do that. I think the smoking was just a prop for him to be all " look at me being so badass on network tv." Loved Chappelle busting on Pete. I related to Che tonight so much. Today was a really good day. Best in a long, long time. I laughed more at the White Bronco gag than I probably needed to, but I loved the analogy. Pretty sure they are off until December, but that's cool. They deserve a break. Was Alec's "You're Welcome" sign in the goodbyes for playing Trump for 4 plus years? I guess?
  10. I don't. I'm pretty sure they just go at 11:30 EST. And we get taped delay. I remember that's how it happened in the past.
  11. What a night for a time delay. I'm sure Lorne is furious!
  12. I gather that they added this next episode very late once they had Chappelle booked, and haven't had any luck booking the musical guest so far. I'm not concerned at all. They got Jack White very late in the week a few episodes ago. I thought it was going to be Chappelle the very second they announced they were adding the episode.
  13. I feel like they have done that to some degree with Chloe. She had a good solo in the musical, and I feel like Ego has stepped up in general. (It was indeed nice to see her as the designated castmember in the promos. That's one way to tell someone's relative importance in the cast.) And I understand what you mean about Cecily. I'm mainly seeing how difficult she is to replace. Poor Lauren. it really is unfortunate, but I think she does need to find away to distinguish herself from Aidy. A breakout character or something. Kate is doing more work than I was expecting. She was all over this episode.
  14. That's exactly what I thought it was at first, and I was scratching my head thinking "The Strokes do a version of that song?" He's eligible. Tina Fey was a member the last time they did a 5 Timers sketch with Jonah Hill. I can't imagine they would refuse Mulaney a 5 Timers monologue of all people. I kept wanting Che to bring up how Baby Yoda looks so much cuter and younger on The Mandalorian. Must be the makeup! the best part of that is his feud with Baby Groot. I definitely agree the Musical was missing Cecily. She excelled in them. But I find I'm missing her a lot in general.
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