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  1. Eh, this one wasn't very good. The main theme seemed to be J Lo is really HOT, and we all already knew that. J Lo was fine with what they gave her to do. But I still felt like she was going through the motions just to be done with it.
  2. Well on the Leslie end of it, I think he was just a good foil for her. Leslie just likes to flirt, period.
  3. I don't know. He looked like he was willing to be Dean's bitch at least for the time being. Wish Elaine kept her idol. I'm probably a minority on this, but I never like the loved ones visit. It invariably gets way too maudlin for me. I admit I was uncomfortable with Dan's son out there. Just very awkward.
  4. Well that was anti-climatic. "All that just to vote out Karishma." I couldn't agree more. Noura deserved to go. She outplayed herself.
  5. Pete is demanding fans who attend his liveshows sign NDAs with a $1 Million penalty. He really is getting some reputation. Is that really necessary? And I agree with one of the comments that it should had been clear at the time of purchase of the tickets. So fans can't even tweet that they liked his show? REALLY?!?!
  6. I just had it on in the background as I did stuff, but I always realize when I see him how much I miss Taran on the show. I think he did good character work and was pretty charismatic.
  7. That's a good one. I wish Karishma would start using it herself, but she's not witty or sly enough to think of it.
  8. Not that he doesn't have plenty of competition, so many of whom I can't remember, but I'd like to nominate Dean as possibly the blandest younger dude to ever set his foot down on the show. Once you get past the vapid (and completely useless) muscles, what else is there really? His confessionals are just super boring.
  9. I was definitely hoping for Dan, but won't miss Elizabeth one bit. She can go hang with her friends on the loser's side. And I'm not worried about Dan. there's no way he will win. It certainly caused Lauren to lose all her brain cells as her head went crashing along with her jaw. I'm hoping it sets Dean up to go the next time he tries to use his "real" legacy advantage. Heh. It was only a split second, but I thought Tommy didn't look pleased. I think he wanted it at the next TC. Ugh. Is that like the Michael Scott rule for wanting credit for driving someone to the hospital.....after he hit them with HIS car? Dan is the only one who floated Janet. Not sure Janet owes him anything for saving her.
  10. I can't help laughing that Lauren put forth so much effort to get that idol and play it super cool the whole episode only to burn it for NO reason at all. Damn girl.
  11. SNL Thanksgiving airs tonight 9-11pm EST for anyone who wants to have those old sketches on as you get ready and prepare yourself for dealing with your relatives!😜 I want to say they always lead off with Debbie Downer. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  12. I'm shocked they are going with Woody for their Biden, especially with Alec complaining ALL THE TIME how sick he is of doing his impression. You'd think they would want to avoid a repeat of that at all costs. I think Kate may be more amenable to guest appearances every so often, but who knows. I definitely think Colin is just a stop gap measure with Buttigieg. They will worry about that one long term when they have to but aren't worried about it now.
  13. They are doing a show Dec. 21st, so I don't think they too concerned with avoiding holidays. It may not be the only consideration, but covering the campaigns is generally their bread and butter. After watching the Will Ferrell episode, they are already transitioning to it.
  14. I actually thought it was pushing 12:25, which really surprised me. That is SUPER late. Honestly, that is so lame. They had so many of his former cast mates there anyway. Just present him with the jacket. They could have even done it in the goodbyes. I liked Cast List, too. I'm not sure what I would had cut for it besides the Cold Open, though. All the other sketches worked so well. Speaking of the Cold open, it suffered from almost everything. it was sorta unintentionally hilarious watching Alec and Will completely talk over each other. But it was like the writers missed the substantive point. Sondland has turned and thrown Trump-and everyone else- under the bus. At least follow along if you have to do a sketch summarizing those events. As it was, I was transfixed trying to figure out the guy's notebook standing behind Cecily. Not a good sign. I didn't even think about Ryan and Colin last night, but I'm seeing a lot on it today. Eh. Presumably everybody has moved on and is happy in their relationships now. If Colin was uncomfortable, I'm not so sure he'd ever say. He really strikes me as one of those " The show comes before everything " types. Not really. A lot of us have said we liked everything past the monologue. But I do LOVE dogs, though. 🙂 Hee.
  15. Damn. I just realized there was not a single mention of Will being a 5 Timer. Not one word. How weird. And yes, that does make the monologue worse in retrospect.
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