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  1. Mojo.com's Top 10 Sketches of the past decade. I thought there were several surprises.
  2. With Bill Withers as the musical guest! Very happy to get to DVR this one!
  3. Yeah that does sound enticing, but on the other hand, another streaming service? Oy.
  4. Well I think the trailer looks fantastic! I'm looking forward to the movie.
  5. Oh I was just thinking about it, and one huge reason we probably don't have a show until the 25th is Lorne hates when a NFL playoff (or any other live event, I guess) bleeds over into the show's timeslot. I remember the show actually got higher ratings with the audience spillover, but Lorne is a stickler about the show starting on time. I'm not sure if they know or can even accurately guess the dates of the playoffs on which channels when they set the schedule for the show over the summer, so it's probably easier just to wait until they are over. (And even if they go long on another network, it would prevent people from switching over.) But yeah, Lorne HATES the NFL messing with his show.
  6. It really is indeed one of the best shows right now.
  7. Same here. I just think it's unfortunate it came out after Bohemian Rhapsody. People compared them when it stood on its own just fine.
  8. Michelle Williams was the standout by far in Fosse/Verdon. Sam Rockwell was just OK.
  9. Good lord at that Judi Dench joke. I wish he really had skipped it.
  10. Ricky Gervais always tries too hard. LOL at the closeup of Amy Poehler rolling her eyes.
  11. Same. Couldn't care less. Just a bit surprised it took them so long.
  12. I kept trying to think of who they could have had Eddie play in the cold open. I guess Obama, which would had been something for sure, but not surprised that there was probably no way he'd want to do THAT. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. Thanks to everyone, especially the regular posters, who make this thread such a wonderful place. 🙂
  13. I agree, and I feel like Kenan has done umpteen versions of that same sketch anyway. I didn't like shoehorning Eddie into that one. I wish they had Kenan mention it in the monologue with Eddie responding no, they tried and it was awful. Not surprisingly, last night had the highest ratings in two and a half years. They will rerun this episode to death, and then we will see the various clips in Christmas Specials and the like for years to come.
  14. Oh yeah, even if it was petty, I laughed at the Bill Cosby dig in the monologue. I never knew how much of that feud was real, but Eddie totally won.
  15. Hey Pete was even in the building with Larry David present! Must be the power of Eddie Murphy. Alec even stayed through the goodbyes, so you know it was a big deal. Speaking of Pete, he really is going to rehab again? He works my nerves but I still worry about him. I thought the Cold Open was mostly fun, big ol pile everything and everyone in mess that it was. I still had no idea who Pelosi was until Alec(Trump) said her name. That impression is seriously off. I assume Woody Harrelson couldn't make it this week because he did another live episode of All in the Family.
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