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  1. Lorne teases some announcements this week. it does sound like Sudeikis will be hosting, as we were speculating on. BTW the show, Dave Chappelle, and Maya Rudolph all won Emmys.
  2. The repeat that aired tonight had a tribute photo for Norm MacDonald after Update was finished. That seems the standard protocol these days. Seems like that was the very least they could do. I wish they had aired the episode he hosted instead. Norm deserved that. On a lighter note, Dave Chappelle won an Emmy for hosting this episode last weekend.
  3. Those cast negotiations really must be going down to the wire for us to hear nothing two weeks out. I'd say at this point either most all of them are back or a big cluster leave. I don't think there's much middle ground.
  4. Here's a bunch of tributes from people who worked with him on SNL.
  5. That absolutely SUCKS. Yeah, it's a big surprise he had cancer. Apparently nobody knew. Awful.
  6. We should be hearing some cast and first hosts announcements very soon. I wonder how many of the cast actually leave after Lorne's public big ask for everyone to stay through the 50th season. I found that very awkward to say the least. With Chloe and Bowen having finished their two seasons of "featured status" and now being elevated to the main cast, I would think they would want a couple of newbies for the featured spots. But there might not be a whole lot of room. For the record, Pete Davidson was on The Tonight Show this week and did not promote the new season. My feeling watching h
  7. The best part of this episode for me was seeing the ragtag group of heroes interact with each other who have little or no scenes together in the movies. I really enjoyed that aspect. Okoye taking charge and ordering Peter, Banner, et al to get on the train was everything. "What's the problem. I thought you were an Uber driver?" "I'm a chauffeur. There's a big difference!"
  8. Fantastic voice work by Benedict Cumberbatch in this one. I know the voice acting has been inconsistent in other episodes (looking at you, Renner), but I thought Cumberbatch was exceptional here. He really sold it. Also, cool that he got to actually interact with The Watcher at the close.
  9. Kate McKinnon. Since we are in the SNL thread, I forgot to give a last name. I wasn't even thinking that would be confusing. Sorry about that.
  10. I also don't know how likely this is, but I would love for Jean Smart to host. She's really having a career moment with Hacks and Mare of Easttown. Plus she's genuinely hilarious. I saw where she said on a talkshow that Kate sent her the "Murdur Durdur" parody of MoE. So she is obviously on good terms with the show or at least Kate. And they could do another Designing Women sketch with her. For returning vets, I could see Sudeikis coming back to host with Ted Lasso doing so well and likely to win a slew of Emmys. I know they wanted that Bo Burnham guy last season, so that's someone
  11. Here are the dates for the first half of the SNL 2021/2022 season. Oct 02: Season Premiere Oct 09 Oct 16 Oct 23 Nov 06 Nov 13 Nov 20 Dec 11 Dec 18 Keep in mind that SNL will be on hiatus in February due to the Winter Olympics. --Thank you for starting the thread Saorise! Much appreciated.
  12. I'm trying to remember, were they all Have Nots at the the time? I think at least Christian and Alyssa were. I honestly barely ever register that anymore because it's mostly irrelevant except for people whining about food. But if they are only allowed to take cold showers, it does sorta make more sense. (I'm not defending it, you need to power through.)
  13. Deref is onboard with voting out Brit? More evidence that I just have no idea what he's thinking or doing. He has been so very protective of her. He really is all over the map. I can see him losing Azah over that.
  14. Did we ever confirm if Claire did win the High Rollers power (Veto?) for this week?
  15. I'm completely confused on why DereF wants to keep Azah angry and confused at Ky for putting him on the block when DereF completely volunteered to go up on the block as a way to ensure Britni didn't have to spend another week up as a pawn. My only guess is DereF really does want to blow up the Cookout because he is definitely risking Azah starting an ugly confrontation.
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