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  1. Eddie's thank you speech.
  2. Figured Eddie was a given. At least we can say Eddie Murphy has an Emmy for SNL. Better late than never. I'm especially thrilled for Maya. I stand by what I said earlier. Hosting and playing cameos on SNL is catnip for comedic actors looking for an Emmy. And since it was a trivia question during the broadcast tonight, Lorne Michaels has the most nominations of any individual with 108 nominations.
  3. I have a bad feeling Day goes this week. The rationale will be she used the veto last week. 😠
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if Kate is gone after the first five episodes or after the Christmas show. She's definitely on borrowed time. Aidy and Cecily are iffy to me. I have a feeling both of them will just be green screened from time to time. After the first five, I doubt they will be on every single episode, but who knows. And again, as I have said, any absence of Cecily is going to leave a hole. Her characters and impressions like Cathy Anne and Judge Jeanine are key. I'm suddenly wondering if Sudeikis' Biden was deemed to be too much from a prior era or something. (Like with Darrell's Trump.) I'm not sure. I'm sure Jason could tweek it just a bit to fit the current dynamics if he was asked to do it. Maybe it's just a scheduling thing with Covid (though they are apparently working something out with Maya), or maybe they wanted a fresh take. I just hope this works out better than when they announced Taran would be Trump.
  5. From what I'm reading, Kate, Aidy, and Cecily are all going to be very limited in what they do.
  6. There's more information about the upcoming season here. Not all castmembers will be around the entire season. Aidy is filming Shrill, and it doesn't sound like Cecily will be back in the studio at all. It sounds like she'll just contribute remotely. Anna Drezen is now a Head Writer. Not sure how I feel about Jim Carrey. I need to see it to get a feel for it. To be honest, these days I really think the bigger guest stars have Emmy thoughts dancing in their heads. And a chance to be relevant again.
  7. Finally a good and fun episode. About damn time. Frazzled's fake tears in the DR at the end were absolutely delicious. Who does she think she's fooling? We see you, Nicole. That was genuinely hilarious in a not flattering way. I had been thinking that David was only good for modeling how to look without wearing a shirt, but he bought the funny tonight too. I still would love to see Cody sweat some. Dude just seems on a guide path to the end and has barely had to lift a finger.
  8. Meaning Kate is getting paid. It's always about the Benjamins. Plus from the sound of it, her Joe Exotic series is part of the deal. I'm sure most of her impressions will turn up. That's pretty much a given. Wow, if I counted right, It's Don Roy King's 9th Emmy for directing SNL!
  9. Kate has signed a new deal to return for Season 46! In fact, the entire cast is returning with no turnover. I think a few astute posters predicted that in the speculation thread.
  10. I was confused the first few times I saw it thinking it referred to Memphis. Lol
  11. Oh the irony!! But still, he really needs to amp up the dirty sailor curse words at the women for that to really be true. He's really more like Oscar the Grouch than anything. Taylor Trevor has done some serious damage to his brand. He never should have come back. I agree he was at first one of the best players of the past several seasons. Now though he is just a creepy , pathetic , hollowed out shell of the guy who came in at the start of his original season. He's struggling to be a real boy again. Just DOR and never come back again. I mean as much as I detest Dani, Frazzled Rat's Nest, and International Crab Fest Day, at least they are all there to play. And while I'm in the middle of a Grumpy Memphis-style early morning rant, it seems to me Cody crystallizes everything wrong with modern BB. He's on a guide path to the final two and probably winning the game. Who's going to take him out? Anyone? Bueller? And he hasn't had to do anything. Just show up with his pretty white boy face and grunt his approval or lack there of. Now granted a lot this is a special feature of All Stars. If Cody wins and there's a better than good chance he will, it will be 95-98% because of his outside relationships and pre-gaming rather than anything he's done inside the House. Rant over.
  12. Dani: BB gives us ALCOHOL PLEASE!!!!! Nicole says she will put up Columbus Day.
  13. It's funny watching Dani and Frazzled being all pissy with each other while trying to keep the other one calm. Nicole is convinced Tyler is the Saboteur!!
  14. Dani and Frazzled are in a mean girl argument over Nicole running her mouth to Tyler. Dani went to get Tyler. Frazzled whining to the camera.
  15. Dani just swore Frazzled to silence then told her that Day is sure Boxing Day has a power. Now Dani started an argument with Frazzled about Nicole running her mouth to Tyler and its getting lowkey Mean girl chilly.
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