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  1. Personally I find Blake's shtick completely played out. I think it would reinvigorate the show if he left, at least for a few seasons.
  2. Not too surprisingly, this year's ceremony is postponed until next year.
  3. Taylor has indeed acted on a rare occasion, i.e. Valentine's Day. She has also hosted the show.
  4. The kids were the best part. They were adorable, and hit all their marks. Looks like Seth might have at least one little actor on his hands. I felt Seth's apprehension when they were describing the sketch that they were piling on Betty White a bit much in her not wanting to do it. I was thinking the same thing.
  5. I could watch that Carly Simon performance over and over. I only noticed the second time I was watching it that she was barefoot!
  6. I get so sick of the Blake and Gwen show, and all the pda. She's not a particularly good coach imo and doesn't offer much to the show.
  7. So Gwen is back in the Fall replacing Nick. Not gonna lie. I find that very disappointing. I guess Nick will be touring or something. I can't believe he would be one and done.
  8. This is a great one! I'll be recording it. (Madeline has been on my mind for the past month or so after she was mentioned on Better Things with Pamela Adlon's character having a "OH HELL NO!!" moment when one of her daughters asked who Madeline Kahn was. It was a great moment.)
  9. Yes there was a mass shooting in Virginia Beach a year ago May 31 at our Municipal Center. It was beyond horrific.
  10. vb68


    You would think Jonathan Groff at least would issue some type of statement in support, especially if Lea wanted him to do it. I agree the silence is a bit conspicuous there. As it is with Ryan Murphy saying nothing too.
  11. So if Colin was being sincere that he's ready to check out after November, where do they possibly go with Update then? Does Che stay on? I rather doubt it, but he has seemed over it to me for some time now. I could see Bowen getting a look at it, but that's just a guess with nothing to support it.
  12. I feel even more certain now that Lorne and who knows maybe Colin and Che all sat down with Pete after his angry interviews early this year that he was being dissed on-air and hugged it out. When the Home shows started, you could immediately see the difference in Pete. Some of his videos were really quite good especially the one with Sandler. It certainly doesn't bother me if he stays. The one I'm most worried about losing is Cecily. I think her absence will leave a hole, especially with her impressions. Chloe is good but not quite there all the way yet for me. Another year and she probably will be, but Cecily's impressions are the best.
  13. After the election when things hopefully calm down, sure. They probably wouldn't need it very often anyway. But in all the hype (and typically higher ratings) leading into November, Lorne will want his A team on the field.
  14. I like that Pete felt revitalized on the show, and he got to work with Sandler. Also very cool with Mikey and his son. I agree with him that his son will really appreciate that his son got to work on the show as he gets older. Looks like the dreams sketch was as big a mystery to the cast as it was to the audience. If there were any hidden meanings, nobody is saying.
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