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  1. It's actually not an inaccurate depiction of that show. There is A LOT of yelling back and forth. If anything, Chris was very tame compared to the real Stephen A. And the unfortunate thing is it just reminds me that the underappreciated Jay Pharoah did a fantastic impression of Stephen A Smith. Now that I have seen everything, I really do think my favorite thing on the show was the Guys who Bought a Boat. Sarah's routine on update really seemed old and played out this time. And it's only the second time she's done it. The chemistry is not there at all. With Leslie, it was always
  2. My network feed tonight was extremely choppy (to say the very least) due to winter weather on the east coast. I'm going to have to rewatch tomorrow on streaming, but I really liked what I saw and could make out. I have to agree that Will should have hosted way before now. He's such a natural. I was hoping Colin was going to get called out as a real estate tease per a joke this week. That is cool that Che Diaz got a reference. Oh Galileo, hope you got through the past week without any complications. I did think of you. 😀
  3. Kristin trolling for applause behind Will is.... very on the nose? I'm glad she gets the joke of it though. I would had loved Seth to be there too.
  4. I always feel that both Will Forte and his tenure on the show are seriously underrated. He has a wacky, even absurdist, point of view and sense of humor that was different than any other person that I remember on the show. He did the best five to 1:00am pieces. I'm very happy he's finally gotten his chance to host, and I hope he knocks it out of the park. Having said that, other than MacGruber obviously, I have no idea what to expect. (And that's not a bad thing.) The Falconer possibly, if anyone remember that?
  5. After missing the past two years due to Covid, Jon Stewart will receive this distinguished Award on April 24.
  6. She's still judging American Idol the last I heard. I believe she also has a new single out. I should clarify that for me a good get for musical guest is basically an artist(s) that I know or have heard of to be honest. :)
  7. Willem Dafoe to host Jan. 29 with Katy Perry. I thought they were having trouble getting hosts with Omicron, but those are really two good gets in my view.
  8. That could be. It wouldn't be the first time I didn't get something. Ha, You aren't wrong. Andrew Dismukes is Cajun and from Texas. There you go. I think it's a safe assumption he had a hand in writing it if he didn't write the whole thing by himself. Yes. That joke I understood. Kate was deliberately highlighting the difference for comedy with her singing.
  9. That's what I heard, but I wasn't totally sure. I sorta thought she caught it too and tried to play it off a little.
  10. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that! Please take care of yourself. It was an okay episode. It felt a little low-key, which is probably to be expected. But it's very noticeable that without Cecily and Aidy both that the energy level does suffer. Love Ariana. I only wish she could have done the whole song of America. I love it so much. I enjoyed the Bleachers' first song. Good beat. An Update was great. Honestly I think that's one of the very best things Chloe has ever done on the show.
  11. I laughed hard at that Urkel parody. That was gold. I think Ariana is adorable, but so far she's an afterthought except for the monologue. Hope that changes. Awesome that Will Forte is hosting next week. Never would had predicted that.
  12. Roddy Ricch drops out due to Covid. Bleachers are now the musical guest.
  13. I'm just glad Cassie got out of that damned tub. "Check it out. There's a girl passed out in here." "Who cares?" And when she got the used hand towel on the face? Ugh. I don't know how she didn't freak. And I would totally watch a prequel series based on the badass Grandma. I enjoyed her. I couldn't tell if Nate was just waiting for that beatdown to happen or what. The way he smiled made me think he was almost daring Fezco. At first though I thought MacKay might pummel him for how creepy Nate got in that "conversation."
  14. The show is (hopefully) returning on January 15 with West Side Story co-star and Broadway star Ariana DeBose as host. She might seem like an unusual choice, but she really isn't. This is the time of year when potential Oscar nominees start hosting as a way of campaigning. I just hope the show goes off without a hitch. Expect lots of singing and dancing. Coincidentally she co-starred in Schmigadoon with Cecily. Also, Don Roy King is officially retired now.
  15. Will Forte really sang his part with an extra effort. That was really sweet that he seemed so into it.
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