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  1. I absolutely love Stealing Home! I thought I was the only one who remembered that movie!!!
  2. Good for Jodie, but poor Glenn. Always a bridesmaid.
  3. And damn I hope I look half as good as Jane at her age!
  4. Jane Fonda really has had an amazing career.
  5. I did love Tina Fey busting on Tracy Morgan for awarding "Sal".
  6. I think I would like a bag of solid gold Doritos. Just to have it.
  7. I wonder if they refused to vote for the Borat movie?
  8. These sitcoms from the 1970s were so good. Honestly much better than we get today.
  9. Kenan made it out to LA after last night's SNL. He must have took the redeye.
  10. The HFPA really do need to have a more inclusive future. Good on Tina and Amy for calling them out on-air.
  11. Well that was awkward with Daniel Kaluuya, but glad he shouted them back and he got to do his speech.
  12. It was a very average show for me. I liked the Cold Open, Update, and Dionne Warwick. I do understand the energy being low as they are finishing up a fifth show in a row. I wasn't even sure how Nick went over with the cast. He told them he loved them during the goodbyes, and they all looked very "yeah, whatever. We're officially on break, Man."
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