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  1. Wow... Yeah it would had been more awkward for sure, which I guess was sorta the point. But I can see it being too awkward and off putting with Elon. I wondered if Andrew's commentary about old Maw Maw was also cut from last week. The Muppets is really one of the great sketches of the past few years. I can't get the the fear and shaking of Statler especially out of my head.
  2. It was just a brutal, but apparently not completely over exaggerated, characterization of Michael Jordan's ultra competitive streak. Props to KMK for being willing to go there.
  3. When Kenan said during the monologue that he had been on the show for several years, I totally would had shot back "don't you mean several DECADES, Bud?" lol
  4. I really liked the episode, but I'm not sure it totally lived up to expectations. It seemed like Keegan didn't have a super lot to do? I do respect that he seemed like he was letting the cast shine throughout, though. Man those sketches in the last half hour had the hamminess dialed up to about a 13 on a scale of 1-10. I agree Update was on fire again. Thrilled for Andrew and his showcase. I think he's a keeper. He brings a fresh perspective to the show. (Pete's not the super young guy anymore.) And Beck killed it as the horse owner. Weird that Keegan sounded like he was saying
  5. Good lord I love this Muppet Show sketch. I always wondered why none of them ever told Statler and Waldorf to shut up. The way the muppet was shaking. I'm dying.
  6. Looking forward to tonight. Keegan told Jimmy Fallon the other night that he's been a big fan of the show since he was a kid. He use to have a cassette tape (remember those?) of sketches from 1976 that he always listen to growing up. I always like when people who are genuine fans get to host the first time and see how much it means to them.
  7. Che responds to criticisms of the GenZ sketch.
  8. Murdur Durdur definitely felt like something Tina Fey could have written. She's done that very accent on the show- a year or two ago on the Mother's Day show with Amy and Maya. I bet that's where they (writers) got the idea. Oh all the "bros" felt very aimed at Millennials to me. I work with enough of them who say that every other sentence. Just saying Bro. I did laugh at the insane notion that the poor woman dying was just as hard on everyone else as her actual son. That's some "epic" shade. I thought this was one of the very best filmed pieces in awhile. But I very
  9. Probably. I was just thinking it's near the end of the season, and that could be Pete's way of saying he's done with it. But yeah, he's died before. It's so ironic that she's considered an old hand at this show now, and a reliable and safe option to be paired with a wildcard host.
  10. Well that's over. My station came back late in the goodbyes. They were already hugging, so I missed whatever he said. I hated the last sketch which felt like an excuse for Elon to brag. We also got the darkest Chad sketch yet. I hope Chad isn't really dead. I meant to say earlier that one thing that truly got me in the Cold Open was Cecily with her mom. Her mom smiled sweetly and told her to deliver the punchline. Cecily, about thisclose to fully bursting out crying, said she couldn't because she was too happy. That was wonderful. I remember hearing how Cecily was having such a
  11. I cracked up when Che said "Where are you kids now?" "You are worried about OUR kids now??"
  12. Well Update was having one of it best outings of the season....and then Musk showed up and ruined it. But Colin and Che started off ripping on Elon pretty good. Colin said Musk was only there as an alibi with this Chinese rocket crashing to Earth.
  13. I agree the monologue was hella awkward- whose idea was it to do OJ jokes?- but so far the sketches are generally alright. He's there just enough to say he's there. But he's pretty inconsequential so far. I like the first conversations since covid started and then Murdur Durdur.
  14. And Miley opens the show singing to all the moms. When was the last time the musical guest opened the show? This already looks like the Miley show. Nice to see all the moms. Aidy's mom is beautiful.
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