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  1. JakeyJokes


    I am a small adult male who often shops in the boys' department and am somewhat of a Chip, so that part truly spoke to me! This is actually really interesting to me. I think it's a combo of this: -Christine was raised by a volatile alcoholic father and an emotionally abusive mother. She then married a man that was a lot like her father. -She felt a lot of guilt over her husband' suicide, which was always said to be an accident. -Because she grew up in such a disharmonious house and felt that she let Chip and Dale down, she didn't ever want to rock the boat. To argue would be to have a house with fighting. She loves them, but she's pouring out of an empty cup. Somewhere down the line she adopts the other twins; she never sees them but she loves to discuss their accomplishments.
  2. JakeyJokes

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    I liked Dorinda quietly telling Bethenny "it's almost over" during the Dennis montage, and Bethenny telling Tinsley that she was projecting when she was giving her a hard time about Scott.
  3. JakeyJokes

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    I liked Bonnie and Maddie having a little fisticuffs moment. And I thought Bonnie's speech was very well-written and acted. Reminded me of the episode of "Roseanne" when her abusive father dies and she reads a forgiveness letter to his casket.
  4. JakeyJokes

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    She said "I'm '55, baby." I did a double take, too, but realized in context she was talking about being old enough to remember schools being desegregated. Kamala Harris was born in '64.
  5. JakeyJokes

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    They're also under a media spotlight in ways no one else is in the House are, especially AOC and Omar (the latter of which is my rep) -- FOX News is especially obsessed any time one of them sneezes. Props to The View for at least attempting to have a real conversation about them, pros and cons.
  6. JakeyJokes

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    She also asked Abigail about college knowing it would push Maddie's buttons. She is STONE COLD, that woman. This might be too lurid for even this show, but I wonder if the Bachmans were playing with Ed like a weird sex thing (like cuckolding). Or I could just be a pervert and I'm sorry. I like the Ed/Maddy story because usually it's a story about a woman being cheated on after a man has a "moment of weakness" and how the couple rebounds (or doesn't), so it's an interesting perspective for me. Kind of how the Bonnie story inverses the conventional gender roles with her mom as the stronger personality, if not abusive, and dad as the passive one. It might be subtle but I am a twin boy, and I think the writing of and acting by the twins has been REALLY good. One of the twins (Max?) is a lot more aggressive and is usually the instigator. I like that they're not written as completely interchangeable. I *kind* of want a show in 20 years of Amabella as an adult, because what a weird thing to go from rags-to-riches as a precocious second grader.
  7. Ariana Grande has a song about this on her last album called "ghostin" (ostensibly to Pete Davidson about Mac Miller). Like Sonja, I think Dorinda is also mourning the life she had. When she was on Wendy Williams a few years ago, she said she was a single mom for a long time and then "Mrs. Medley" and she has to figure out who just Dorinda is. In the good old days when the HW's blogged, Carole wrote that Dorinda "is still in it". I think Sutton Place will be good for her as she can make NEW memories there. I'm bummed this was a shorter season. I think it's consistently one of the funniest and most fascinating shows on TV, in part because the ladies aren't manufactured, which may be why some of them took some umbrage with the idea that Tinsley is still with Scott.
  8. JakeyJokes


    I love how Martha is such a good friend to Chip. How did it take her 73 tries to find an apartment in Bakersfield?
  9. Ramona's horrified "I use those to pray to God!" when hearing about LuAnn's candles KILLED me. (A friend made one for me of Mariah Carey!)
  10. JakeyJokes

    Big Little Quotes

    Renata: I will be rich again and i will buy a fucking polar bear for every kid in this school!
  11. A few years ago I was constantly having Bethenny-moments in public (I was being gaslighted by a roommate -- it was gross). My therapist at the time said, "You look and feel like you're going from 0 to 10, but you're really STARTING at 6 or 7". The Bethenny/LuAnn strife has been slow to burn, but by the time Luann sat down at that table in Barton G, Bethenny was at a solid 8 --and I agree with your point that she generally lives this way. It's not that I don't blame Bethenny for acting that way in public, but I *can* see how frustrating LuAnn is to try to engage. Shes a brick wall of deflection who can't see the forest for the trees.
  12. Remember in S6 or 7, Heather said that LuAnn was "incapable of self-reflection"? That seemed especially prescient tonight.
  13. JakeyJokes

    Big Little Quotes

    This was my favorite line of the episode. Madeline may be an exhausting narcissist, but at least she's self-aware!
  14. JakeyJokes

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    Right? She could at least put it in a trust and not let him have it until he's 18 or 21. Abigail eschewing college in favor of a start-up might be the Silicon Valley version of an NYC or L.A. kid wanting to go into show business instead of college. Abigail made good points, but I can't help but think that pissing off and hurting Madeleine is her primary motivation over anything else. Nathan is a TOOL. I went to a somewhat affluent public high school that bordered a major city. My friends had moms like Renata and my brother works for the school and deals with them from time to time, and I encounter them often when working customer service. Laura Dern is SO SCARY REAL in this part.
  15. I did feel for Tinsley when she cried to Dabney about not feeling confident. A bad break-up can really make you doubt yourself =(