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  1. I was on another site once where Stephen King was being discussed and to answer, “What’s the big deal about Stephen King?”, someone said that his protagonists are often people who aren’t believed while the horror is around them — such as children, social outcasts, abused wives, etc. (Take IT, for example. Yes, Pennywise is scary as hell, but the real horror is that the adults don’t listen to the children witnessing all this stuff happening) I thought of that watching the Doug and Julie scenes.
  2. I liked the detective, too. It was an interesting take on the cliche of “hard-boiled detective’s pregnant wife doesn’t understand the pressure!!” when both parties are empathetic lesbians of color. I hear you about Nathan Lane, but he was delightfully smarmy as F. Lee Bailey on The People vs OJ Simpson. As someone who grew up on the Fallon/Fey Weekend Update desk, seeing them together again was a warm fuzzy. I will have to do a binge watch before the end. I often watch the new episodes very late at night and then I only retain half the details.
  3. The entire possession storyline was on YouTube once upon a time and I watched the whole thing while I was suffering from COVID, as I related to Marlena. I am finding enough differences for now to enjoy it. The original story actually started really well, with a good slow burn that played more like a mystery and affected the entire canvas (JER was skilled at that kind of stuff, despite his many faults). It went on and on forever because Days was the only soap not losing viewers to the OJ Trial. Having not watched a soap in over a decade, I am glad they are still honoring the time-hono
  4. I feel this has happened a lot this season — the men enjoying each other’s company juxtaposed with the women arguing. Maybe the editors are amping it up, but I find it darkly funny. Garcelle’s “will you just shut up?” being taken way out of context with the previews means the editors of this show have learned from the editors of RuPaul’s Drag Race, who do this all the time. Kathy makes me legit LOL every episode. I can’t help it. This week she hires the very expensive facialist/Reiki healer, and when the producers press her on what she thinks all the New Agey stuff means, she admits s
  5. The fantasy sequence with Martin Short and all his imaginary suspects in an audition dream had me dying! A great thing about NYC-based shows is that most of the small parts are played by Broadway actors (Jayne Houdyshell, who plays Bunny, has won a few Tonys). The threatening note and the “how do you know your neighbors?” theme gives a very DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Season 1 vibe, and that’s a very good thing.
  6. Kathy has a glowing profile in The New York Times today. “A list of things Kathy Hilton has done that have captivated her newfound fans: She mistook a Black co-star, Garcelle Beauvais, for her half sister, Kyle Richards, who is white. On a girl’s trip to Lake Tahoe, she brought along a boxed fan because the noise it makes helps her sleep — however she seemingly didn’t know how to plug it in. On that same trip, she sneaked into Kyle’s bed in the middle of the night and then proceeded to eat from a crinkly bag of chips, crack open a Red Bull, and leaf noisily through newspapers at 1 a.
  7. Agreed. I was livid watching this episode. At one point the boy was retreating and quiet, and the mom was egging him on like a bratty big sister, not his mother! A seven-year-old boy with a “normal” life isn’t going to have emotional regulation, let alone one who has had many different disruptions in his life, and I’m glad Dr. Phil made the timeline — and recommended that Boyfriend and NuSibling move out! I hope his father weans him off the mafia games (seriously, dude, those games are the same as letting your kid watch R-rated movies; they make games for kids!) and petitions for more custody
  8. Even adjusting for inflation, a Louis Vuitton bag would still be worth way more than what the show was telling us Alicia spent on it. It took me completely out of the episode.
  9. My family played Trump, too! We called it “Hale “ and you have to bid how many tricks you plan to get before the first play. This episode made me miss my grandparents (who are still with us, but we haven’t seen them in person because of COVID). Christina Anthony said on Twitter that the EZ-Cheese was really gross, so good on her for sacrificing for her art.
  10. “It is a legume-based slur ...” had me dying, as did Dee Dee pondering about the existence of a Levar O’Malley. I didn’t know about Dukes of Hazzard, but the Oscars nerd in me knew that The Color of Purple came out in 1985, so at least that being on VHS was accurate.
  11. Timothee was nominated for an Oscar for “Call Me By Your Name”, one of the youngest nominees ever for that category. He was also in “Little Women” and “Ladybird”.
  12. They can do it next week with Kristin as Taylor Swift, because Dionne is apparently a Swiftie now! The last part of that sketch killed me. “You’re young. Unlock my phone. I’m need to send a clapback to Wendy Williams.” John Mulaney was all over that monologue, right?
  13. Dido sang “Stan” with Eminem on SNL and plays the girlfriend in the video. She gives him a lot of credit for boosting her career (her album had been out for over a year when he sampled “Thank You” for the hook, and then more people discovered her). The Kill the Bit sketch was okay, but whenever someone says “cut to me”, I can only think of the Will & Grace episode where Madonna plays Karen’s quirky roommate named Liz who always says it. LIZ: [WHINING] Karen! You shouldn't have bought this cheesecake. I'm, like, totally eating healthy this week. Ugh! Heh. Cut to me eating this who
  14. That’s a really good point about ADHD! I wasn’t diagnosed with it until I was an adult, and I would assume the same for Michelle, as she is of the generation where it was something only hyper boys had. She also had the trait of laser focus on what you DO know. I listened to a podcast with her a a guest once, and the host would bring up any random true crime story, and Michelle immediately shared every detail she knew, rat-a-tat style. The book itself doesn’t go into much detail about how close she was with her father and how detached she was from her mother. I do think that
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