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  1. Lucky you asked this here. If you asked it on the Savage FB group you would have been attacked! Apparently he had some medical issues as a kid and had cysts or something removed and no hair grows where they were. At one time he posted a long response. At birth he had a "birthmark" that was considered pre-cancerous. It covered a lot of his head. It was removed when he was a tiny baby, but left some scarring. When he was in kindergarten some sort of infection caused more surgery and more scarring. I assume he has been ridiculed all his life (mostly by strangers). It
  2. Because Shaun refuses to leave her dressing room until we're NICER to her?
  3. I haven't seen guilt as such, but he hasn't experienced living any other way. Hasn't he lived with his parents (and now just his mother) all his life? She has (at least) Social Security as income, but his income probably makes things more affordable--but not much. If he could afford more, he would probably have a car with air-conditioning.
  4. Because he was born with a low IQ and has now drunk away billions of brain cells. Livin' in a dream world.
  5. 1. She's a spoiled princess who demands care. 2. She has never received/expected child support. 3. Because it's unheard of in her country (according to her). All she's known all her life is having been completely taken care of by her parents and servants. I can forgive her ignorance, but not her bitchy attitude and poisonality. I assume her family paid all travel expenses for the three of them (hope they provided spending money). EGAD! PovertEric made them share ONE Philly Cheesesteak (at least it was huge). He probably had to take a cash advance.
  6. I haven't really thought much about it--but I just figured out why my kids (50 & 52) called some adults/parents by their first names and others Mr./Mrs. If the "parents" were family friends and we all called each other by first names, so did the kids. If my kids met parents through their kid-friends, they automatically called them Mr./Mrs. unless they were told otherwise by those people. They generally wouldn't have known their first names. If an adult was introduced as First Name, they probably used it. In any case, they had BETTER have been respectful.
  7. I don't think we really need to worry about any of this. Diego will not be in the picture that long. His parents will probably have too many other "surprise" grandchildren to worry about.
  8. I've been on the receiving end of "a bigger dick" more than once. Bigger is NOT always better or desired. In Jonathan's case, he probably needs a bigger income.
  9. But not MY opinion. My nickname at home and everywhere else (three letters) is a dimunitive of my legal name (eight letters) and they sound nothing alike (like Dick and Richard do not). I had to write my legal name on my school papers, but sign notes and cards to relatives with my nickname. I was not confused. There are all kinds of things that are one way at home and another way in other places. The name game is the tiniest problem that child will endure. Her mother is the most likely parent to register her at daycare and school, and she can fill out paperwork the way she wants to.
  10. That's important for you personally, but there are so many with opposing views AND...abortion is not against the law. I don't like one thing about Bridget, but she wasn't suggesting that her daughter be dragged into some horrific facility and get the rusty hanger treatment. She simply suggested an alternative...and we KNOW she doesn't present ANYTHING well.
  11. Or did he? If the stepfather had said, "This makes me want to kill myself," and Max simply repeated, "Then go kill yourself," it was just talk. He doesn't take context into consideration...he just makes some smartass response. He has probably not interacted appropriately with others most of his life.
  12. And McKayla is someone every guy wants to rush home to. If the parents object, that should be taken care of the first time it happens. If they let it go on, they're almost encouraging a buddy-buddy relationship. He is and he does. For some reason, he thinks that knocking up a teenage girl makes him a MAN.
  13. Are you sure he didn't say that he works TWO jobs? Maybe that's what's happening nights and weekends. And if he's not spending time he could with McKayla, who blames him? He could take Timmy and visit his mother where things seem calm and sensible.
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