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  1. DearEvette

    S02. E15. Ocean's 9-1-1

    Fun episode. A little experimental. I missed them going on calls but this was a nice veer off. The episode title was clever as was the 'retelling' of what actually happened. Nice call back to Oceans 11 I knew the mechanic had to be involved somehow. His scene was just so random seeming. Checkov's mechanic!. I agree, great use of the cast. I love how everybody was just so damned bewildered -- as shown by the judicious use of 'Seriously?' every time the police confronted them with a theory. but Buck was the best. 'Crime is hard!' Also Athena seemed to be having a blast. Nobody fucks with Athena, her house was pristine after the warrant search because the police were afraid of her LOL. Meanwhile poor Buck and Maddy had their stuff thrown on the lawn.
  2. I love the fact that he was so darned good at his job that one of his fake Ids for Parker was so detailed that that identity got called for Jury Duty and Nate actually made her go.
  3. DearEvette

    S06.E13: The Bimbo

    Last week we got Kevin's voice (and his debate moderator credentials) and this week we get full Kevin! I am always so happy when we get a Kevin/Holt episode. This one was great. Both the A and B plot were equally fun. I just love it that they've been writing Rosa as being so supportive of Amy in recent seasons since in the early seasons they allowed Gina to be so dismissive of her special skill set and be mean to her. Amy freaking rocks, yo. Also I will never not love hearing Holt refer to himself as a 'bimbo' and a 'hot piece of ass.' LOL. He and Kevin do make a handshake look hot.
  4. DearEvette

    S04.E11: Séance & Sensibility

    As someone who is starting o dislike Mona, thinks Jane Austen is overhyped and overrated (my first year of grad school I lived above two Jane Austen LARPers, so I am scarred for life there), and has no interest at all in Zari/Nate broad hints this one was kind of a dud for me. In so many past episodes they've managed to incorporate the Legends into the past pretty well. This just seemed clumsy. Mona felt like the placeholder of someone in the writers' room that is a JA fangirl and her scenes and dialogue with Jane just felt awkward and cringey, imo. Someone mentioned in last week's episode that Mona reminds them of how Felicia Day was written on Eureka and I am starting to agree. I mean they even had to have her save the day for Zari during the Bollywood number. I really hope it doesn't get to Eureka levels of cannibalism, I did like a lot of different parts of this ep tho: - Nora and Ray continue to really charm me - So nice to see Nate and Ray interact again - Charlie's delight at everything is fun to watch - I liked the visuals of the Bollywood number if not the placement of it? Seemed rather random but everyone looked so fab - Sanjay was hot! Like really, really hot... he and Zari were smokin'. Too bad he was a love god.
  5. DearEvette

    S02.E14: Broken

    I believe a dad having concerns about a stepdad's influence and background when he is around his kid is very valid and real. But I think realistically, those concerns are normally addressed in the beginning when it is clear this is a person who will be seriously involved in those kids' life. I think they kinda missed the opportunity there to show that sort of uncertainty transition period with Michael and went straight to the kumbaya, all things are all good. So this coming the way it did at this point was a bit of blindside. But I do I think the way it played out was realistic, the overheard comment coupled with Michael's residual feelings around his break up. So he was probably struggling with feelings of rejection from Glenn so to seeming have Bobby's job held up as heroic by his son might have also made Michael feel rejected in that quarter as well. But let's face it, some parent jobs are just boring. My husband is a college professor. If for some reason we divorced and I remarried a firefighter, the 'take your kid to work day' just could not compare. LOL.
  6. DearEvette

    S02.E14: Broken

    I will grudgingly admit that my cold, cynical heart grew three sizes when that mother breathed. I was so pissed she "died" and so happy when she came back to life. Also that baby was hella cute. Michael was about to catch these hands! LOL. I love his dynamic with Athena, Bobby and the kids. So his being pissy just disappointed me so hard. I was really happy he came back and apologized and the scene with him and Bobby was really excellent. It did a good job of giving each man's perspective -- dad who realizes he has to cede some authority to new stepdad, and the stepdad who has to figure out where he fits in the authority structure with the kids. I liked Michael telling Bobby they had to work on his 'bad cop' routine. Also got a quiet chuckle out of Bobby awkwardly asking if Michael wanted to talk about his break up and Michael just as awkwardly shutting that down. I am bummed about Maddie and Chim. Hopefully this is only a hiccup and they get to healing and we'll revisit them. I was so impatient for them to get back to the exploding homes. I liked the scenes of 911 going old skool. Also the FBI team were dressed awfully casual for an FBI team. They seemed shady to me for awhile. Good episode.
  7. DearEvette

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    This is me these days. Some shows I watch any way no matter what. But some shows I see some signs of a direction they go and I'll not bother if the direction is just gonna annoy me. re: GOT, I like the story but have only followed the show casually tuning in on episodes I think I'll like based on my twitter feed. I am going to wait to watch this final season only if Cersei dies. If she doesn't die then I won't waste my time. Also I only buy HBO twice a year for a one month period each. And I binge what I want then. So I am pretty much always spoiled for GOT anyway. And that works just fine for me. I agree with this. I do enjoy some show specific forums, but each one has its own personality. My favorites are those that really discuss the show in question all aspects of it -- the plots, the characters, the dialogue, the viewers likes and dislikes and there is a lively discussion about the whole show. But I admit I watch some shows and can't bring myself to participate in those forums because it seems like either most viewers are flat out hate watching based on the tenor of the comments or the want to pinpoint on just one character or one ship and talk it almost to exclusion of anything else, so that even the plot points of the episode that just aired don't even get discussed.
  8. DearEvette

    Good Trouble

    I just binge watched all 10 episodes of this in, like, a weekend. I really enjoyed it and think it got stronger as the season went on, both in plotting and characters. I liked all the main characters in the coterie equally. This is a feat because usually in an ensemble like this there is inevitably a main character or two I could do without. But I liked them all. I especially liked how the characters got fleshed out and deepened over the course of the series, so that what you saw early on was just the tip. And everybody had their own personal storyline that didn't necessarily revolve around all the rest of the Coterie: Dennis' background and mental state, Davia's relationship with Jeff, Malika's brother and mother, Alice & Sumi and her parents, and Gael and his sister. It is a hallmark of good writing when the writers are able to create good story that creates an inner life for characters other than the main two. They even did a good job with the side characters and how they evolved and had POVs like Raj, the head of HR at Mariana's company, and Rebecca. I also liked that the Judge is very layered as well. We even got some good development with his family. So they managed to pack a lot of character development and story in 13 episodes for a fairly big cast. And nobody really felt neglected. My favorite episodes were the first visit of the Moms and Davia's re-birthday. As much as I liked some of the workplace drama and all the 'wokeness' it was fun just to have episodes where that was all pushed to the back and just let the characters enjoy each other's company. Davia's birthday episode was really just fun. And I just adore Lena and Stef so I was so happy to see them. Also Teri Polo and Sherri Saum just know those characters so well, they slipped right into them without missing a beat. Of the two workplace dramas, I liked Mariana's the best. I think of the two, Mariana's travails had the better story trajectory. Callie's is just so earnest and honestly, I just get triggered with the fictionalization of police shootings. It is one thing I wish tv shows would shy away from. I liked Callie's office politics much more than I like the main case. I do like that is has caused a nice intersect between her and Malika but I hope they close that one pretty quickly. On the romantic front I am glad they brought back Isaac. I thought he and Malika had too much chemistry to jettison. And it keeps her from being defined with just the 'black female activist' character. I was over Bryan very early. He was such a needy whiner. Hated Sumi, so shallow. I hope Joey comes back. She was awesome. Ugh to Jeff. I wonder if they are planning something for Dennis and Davia. Not sure why love triangles with the young ingenue seems to be the norm. I hate that Callie has to choose between Gael and Jamie. As much as I think Gael is hot, I actually really like Jamie with Callie. Gael seems too high maintenance. And finally, as much as I liked the whole show, I hope it lightens up just a bit when it comes back. I think it touched upon every current social activism topic possible: MeToo, intersectional feminisim, black lives matter, colorism, white privilege, pay disparity, women in the workplace, homelessness, and a whole host of LGBTQ issues, etc. Slow your roll show!
  9. DearEvette

    S04.E10: The Getaway

    So much better than last week's episode. I want to like Mona and I actually did like her when she first came around and was working in the bureau with Gary, but now I am just impatient with her scenes. I wonder if they plan to make her a full blown legend on the ship on missions (only for them not to be able to use her Kaupe transformations because of budget? Or is the stunt double in make up much cheaper than Nate's steel suit?) I thought the Nixon actor was really bad. But I loved Sara just shooting him without a thought every time he became problematic. I would much prefer scenes of Charlie and Constantine being all British and snarky and making British snarky observations about the Legends past missions than get a Nate/Zari romance. My favorite things the whole episode: - The sight of the RV driving away complete with a little pink bike on the back - Mona riding off on that bike all sad - Ray getting upset about getting a ticket -Sara's map reading skills. I had flashbacks because before google maps whenever we took road trips I was the map reader and I have issues knowing my left from my right (long story, don't judge me!) and to this day all I can say is thank God for Google Maps, Waze and GPS in general. - Nora. I really like her.
  10. DearEvette

    Favorite Commercials

    This buddy cop Dunkin Donuts commercial is so stupid but it makes me giggle every time:
  11. DearEvette

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    I know tv has to bring they drama to be interesting. But NA decided that you can never have too much. I mean, the last episode they had Iggy go out on the roof to check with weather-o-meter thingy without a coat. Of course the door closed shut behind him. And of course he has no phone Now in this one of course the generator doesn't kick on and of course the guy fixing it gets electrocuted and of course the only other person who can fix it is a murderer/felon who needs his cuffs off and the plans to the building to fix it. LOL. And of course someone gets stuck in an elevator who needs to talk someone else through a risky procedure. Also I guess the elevators in NA don't have an ARD? That safety device that automatically moves the elevator to the closest floor and opens the doors in the case of a power outage? I am not gonna lie, even so it was entertaining. I actually liked Kapoor making the other doctor (have we seen him before?) massage his foot. Also have we seen that young doctor with the stroked mother before? She was good, but who are these people? The Max/Helen conversation was a masterpiece of double speak. Of course they were talking about their feelings for each other but the show is trying to be clever about it. They said everything without actually saying anything. Max had the extra puppy eyes going ("what if I want you?"). All sorts of feelings spewing out on that roof. It was meant to appease both the shippers (SEE ALL THE SUBTEXT) and the anti-shippers (SEE THEY NEVER ACTUALLY SAID THEY WANTED EACH OTHER!)
  12. DearEvette

    S01.E18: Homefront

    Yeah, see this is where I think the writing on this is so super murky. IIRC, according to the conversation they had, they knew each other for one year while minors in a foster home. From what Dylan said, the last they saw of each other was 15 years ago when Talia left that home. Leaving aside Bishop keeping tabs on him, how does that meet the requirement for having a relationship with a criminal? If Bishop hadn't kept tabs on him, then the only relationship they had was presumably that of two kids who were placed together in a foster home for the period of one year. What is her responsibility for disclosing her contact with every foster child she had contact with as a minor? And if she had not kept tabs on him, should she have assumed he would become a criminal and included him on her application? Even if we do include the fact that Bishop kept tabs on him, it was still heavily implied they had no contact with each other after their separation from the home. As far as he was concerned, she disappeared out of his life. Did she have a reasonable expectation he would reappear in her life claiming some relationship before she applied? Does a one year cohabitation by the state as a minor with someone who is not related to you meet the threshold of what is required for disclosure in this case?
  13. DearEvette

    What makes you dump a book?

    I follow this woman on twitter who was reviewing some recent finalists for a genre book award and she was rightfully outraged that in one of the books the main female character has just moved to the east coast for work and commutes from Connecticut to Manhattan everyday by car. During her first winter there and a minor accident the character decides she needs tire chains. Not all-weathers, not winter tires... Tire Chains! And what is worse, her boyfriend, a native New Yorker buys them for her. My favorite line from her review: 'There is not a single fucking solitary person commuting on a major East Coast city with FUCKING TIRE CHAINS. That doesn't even make sense." LOL.
  14. DearEvette

    S04.E14 Minor Crimes

    Eh, I didn't find this one that funny. I think maybe Cheyenne and Garrett's plot was my favorite of the week. I don't remember seeing the two of them in their own subplot before? The Amy plot is why sometimes this show doesn't work well for me. I know that this is supposed to be a jacked up version of how a big box store runs. And while I do believe 100% a character like Glenn could absolutely be made a manager, the whole Amy subplot just felt it required too mush suspension of disbelief. It is hard to enjoy something when you have to keep say "really, show?" I missed Sandra.
  15. DearEvette

    Unpopular Opinions about Music

    I was never a really and R. Kelly. His brand of R&B was never my cuppa. But I dammit, I had forgotten about his collaboration with Sparkle on 'Be Careful' until she showed up in the documentary. And then I remember I used to effing love that song. Sigh.