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  1. I have a more charitable view of Carl because as shown on screen his actions are not terrible or illogical. Vanya fucked his wife under his roof. He saw them making out. Up until that point, Carl was shown as being nothing but nice and welcoming to Vanya. After that, he was rightfully, imo, a betrayed and angry man. If someone I had picked up off the street and allowed to live in my own home macked on my spouse and clearly affected my kid to the extent he looked like some kind of catatonic zombie, then yeah I'd feel some type of way. We know what is going on, but Carl doesn't, and from his perspective I think it shows restraint that he didn't act out way more than he did. Sure from a modern standard point his attitude is old and outdated but at the time it was the social compact of many marriages. I don't think anything we saw on screen would lead us to believe he mandated that Sissy act a role other than the faithful wife she should have been based on standard marriage vows. I also think another interpretation of his scene with Vanya is that he had no intention of removing Harlan. If he did, imo, he would have made the threat in front of both Sissy and Vanya. He didn't have to do that the way he did. He was well within his rights to simply throw Vanya out of his house with nothing but the clothes on her back. But he chose to get her to leave on her own and he knew what button to push to get her to do it the quickest and quietest way possible. All he wanted was his family back without this interloper seducing his wife. Regardless of what I think of Vanya as as a character (I like her because she is of course a protagonist) or Sissy (I feel sorry for her because she can't live the way she wants) and I am pre-disposed to want be sympathetic to their plight,but it is another sort of bias, imo, to disregard that in a real way Carl is also a victim here.
  2. I wonder how Ben died originally? Reg is such an asshole, but I guess if you buy kids to create you own fighting superhero team then you probably aren't worried about being a good parent. I did like that even then Diego was standing closest to Grace. And Klaus was so upset about Ben dying because he is the only on for whom Ben has been alive this whole time. I am thinking the Handler or even Reg must've had something to do with having the siblings so immediately and closely associated with the Kennedy Assassination. All five of them have barely spent any time together and yet the level of intel being reported about them in what, a day? was thorough. You don't get that immediate and thorough info even today with the internet. I did like how the siblings finally rallied together for Vanya, they were jumping on my nerves for a minute there. I also liked how the whole stand-off at the farm went (well, I mean, except the part with how everybody somehow managed to evade the bullets of what looked liked about 1000 guns all being aimed at them). I especially liked the end part because my suspicion that Reg's advice he gave to Five in 'A Light Supper' was used and in such an effective moment. I also liked the revelation about Lila. I still think she was a shit to Diego -- I hope no one shows me 'love' the way she did with Diego -- but I like how all the pieces have come together. So I am guessing they are going to Cousin Oliver her and she'll be an honorary sibling? I'm ok with that. Also, yay for the Swede! Never thought I'd say that. But I really hope the Handler is dead. She was just too OTT evil for my taste. That ending was great. Also their last word: "Shit" Overall: I liked this season much better than the last. This one felt more cohesive and the characters and actors gelled better, imo. Both seasons had the 'stopping the apocalypse' as a theme, but S1 it was only Five who any sense of what that meant and the urgency. The rest all seemed to just be dragged along in his wake and were too fractured. I didn't feel that these people were siblings at all in S1, just a collection of strangers. But this season fixed all that for me. This time they all knew what was at stake and they were all stranded in a time not of their own. Outside of Allison, and Vanya to a lesser extent, none of them managed to connect with anyone really. So when they reconnect with each other you finally felt like they were a family. And even when they were at opposition sometimes, they felt like they were on a similar path. I just thought it made for a better emotional connect with the characters and the material for me. Also I just loved the music, the set design (I am in love with Allison's dining room chairs), the clothes, the humor (all of it, but that shot of Five's face during the assassination and the news saying he was a little boy being held hostage was a topper foe the season!), the individual storylines (esp. Allison, Klaus' and Vanya's) and the new supporting characters (Ray, Sissy and Lila, heck even Herb!). ... just everything worked for me so much better this season. Looking forward to S3, I am thinking they aren't gonna do another apocalypse themed thing. It'll either be another 'setting the timeline right' thing or it'll be battling Academies: The Sparrows versus the Umbrellas. With Reginald being set up as the season's main adversary/big bad. I am betting the rest of the 'Sparrows' are all different people, except Ben, and it'll be Ben who'll give them, especially Klaus, some angst. Also, the first thing Allison thought of was Claire, and I wonder if they've changed the timeline so much that their 'past' isn't the same, does Claire even still exist? And if their past isn't the same, who does the world know them to be now?
  3. Ben came through in a big way! I am hoping when they reset the timeline (I am sure they will) and there is a season 3 (I hope there is!) that Ben is corporeal Yeah, this is where I am at with Carl even as I feel that the show is trying to manipulate me to feel differently about him. I can't fault the guy for freaking out about Vanya's effect on Harlan when Harlan was in his weird fugue state. And honestly, I think he got the raw end of the deal because he really didn't do anything wrong, not even anything out of real malice. And he isn't even the one that introduced a gun into an already volatile situation. That was all on Sissy. Lila is basically a female Luther. She is so completely blind to her parent's flaws and falls so easily into her manipulations and a need to please even though she is supposedly smart and manipulative herself. She believes (rightly) about Five killing her parents, but doesn't think a minute to question how she herself was swooped up by the Handler even on the night her parents were killed? It doesn't even occur to her to wonder if the Handler was involved in some way? I mean, has she met her 'mum'? And honestly, as much as I like Kate Walsh and the enjoyment she has with the role, The Handler is absolutely the sort of villain I dislike. She is just in it for the power and for some reason she just hates Five. And that sort of villainy is hard to sustain for long without becoming boring. What other motivation really does she have? This season she hasn't been shown to want to keep the Commission on true to its own mission statement or aiming for some greater good despite her terrible methods. She just seems manipulative and evil all for the sake of power. Poor Diego. Huh. Did not expect that of Ol' Reg.
  4. "So are we burnin' or are we burying?" as he begins to roll up his sleeves. No explanations needed. Man I love Klaus! And again with the Klaus/Allison bonding. I like that it was he who went straight to Allison and not Luther after the debacle in the alley. And once again Allison and Ray break my heart, but again, I am not gonna lie, I howled when Diego and Herb showed up. And Diego introduced himself with a handshake like it was nothing. Poor Ray. He did not sign up for this. But hey, at least they can get his best rug shampooed. Five is so done with his siblings. I cracked up with his little mini-tantrum in the alley because I could so totally feel him. And Season 2 Luther s 100x better than season 1 Luther. Him between the battling/paranoid Fives is great. Man Diego and his hyper focus on the JFK assassination is so annoying. He is selfish in his tunnel vision. Say you will about Five, he is always clear about trying to save his family and the world but you can tell his family is just as important to him. I am glad that he saw that saving JFK is not the important thing now. Given how much music seems to be as much of of the show as the storyline swear I think the creator of this show had that Butthole Surfer song (the one that kicks in during Anya's drugging) and decided it would work for a trippy scene and wrote one. This is a trope-tastic scene of course with the clueless government types using drugs and torture on a super powered person even when taking a moment to think logically might stop them from doing so. I mean she moved the building and caused... whatever the fuck she caused to happen ... with that guy's face and he doesn't pause for a moment and think "hmmm, that isn't quite natural. I don't know what I am dealing with here, maybe I should think about this for a minute. Maybe torture won't work. Maybe it might make things worse." See.. maybe if you had stopped to think you wouldn't be floating on a ceiling with no eyeballs.
  5. Yeah, I think it wasn't so much assuming the actress was Mexican as to wondering why the character of Lila was able to be in public white only spaces with no censure whereas Allison was immediately met with hostility whenever she tried to to enter. The question being why was Lila not assumed to be, say, Mexican (given her complexion and this is Dallas in 1963). Were Mexicans allowed to sit down and play bingo in a white bingo hall like she was? I do think that is a good question. It just may be the lighting, but Emmy Raver-Lampman who plays Allison actually looks lighter skinned on the show than Ritu Arya, the actress who plays Lila. I do know that the segregation laws were written mainly for blacks and that non-black POC were sometimes given a 'favored nations' status as being near white. For instance Hispanic players regardless of complexion were allowed to cross the color line and join the major league baseball teams even while black players were still banned. There were one or two cases where they tried to pass a black player off as Cuban but were found out before he could play. And of the 41 states that had Anti-Miscegenation laws on the books, all of them banned black-white marriage, but 21 of them banned only black-white marriage, other races where allowed to intermarry with whites. And NONE of the states banned Mexican-white marriages.
  6. Been watching the second season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. I am up to episode 8 and so far I am loving it. I liked last season, but last season was about the dysfunctional family dynamics. And even though three of the siblings are POC, Allison (black), Ben (Asian)and Diego (Latino) their race is pretty much a nonentity in the story. This season it is different because the siblings have all been dropped into the early 60s (ranging from 1960-1963) and have been separated by a time travel fluke (long story). Unlike last season, Allison's race at least, takes center stage. She become involved in the civil rights movement. There is a lot of screen space given to her storyline in this aspect. Also an addition is an LGBTQ storyline for another character, Vanya, played by Ellen Paige. This is also a new development this season and her more intimate struggle with being able to love another woman openly kinda mirrors Allison's more visible involvement with the movement. They have also cast another major character of color, a SE Asian woman named Lila. Even outside of what seems like a more intentional inclusion of the racial issues, I am enjoying this season more than last maybe because the story is more engaging, the siblings feels more developed as characters and there is more humor.
  7. Diego and Luther calling a death threat to some poor old lady named Olga is peak Hargreeves second gen. Aw, Ben is in love and can't do anything about it except through Klaus. How terrible for him. I swear the Handler went to the Effie Trinkett school of fashion. I wonder if the briefcase would have taken them back to 2019 and everything would have been really ok? Or if she had a nasty surprise for them. If it was on the up and up then it leads weight to the theory that it is their continued presence in 1963 and something they do explicitly that causes the escalation of the war. Lila really doesn't fall far from the tree. I am having a hard time holding onto the positive feelings I had for her in the first couple eps. I liked her as the snarky fellow mental hospital inmate. This person who seems to have no problems with treating Diego like shit up to and including drugging him and lugging him around like baggage is getting on my nerves. Did she even finish poor Elliot's burial? Ray and Allison broke my heart. That fight (to the Backstreet Boys no less) was pretty intense, tho. And so far Klaus' cult has been built on lyrics by: TLC and Gloria Gaynor and named after Destiny's Child.
  8. Shallow alert: Ray is one really fine looking man. Ok, I love how out of everything Allison told him he was most impressed with a black president. I feel ya, Ray! And yes, I am happy to see how Allison got from the alley to meeting Ray. Again the music, the set design and the fashion design on this is really hitting on all cylinders. I loved that clothes scene, but that scene right after... So you see Ray, this is why Allison doesn't do that all the time. Go Team Zero!! But dang, Diego give the JFK thing a rest. Dinner was ... an experience. But oof! Reggie was brutal to poor Diego. Allison slurping those drinks with the umbrellas throughout was great. Not surprised with what a sideshow that everyone else was, he chose to talk to Five alone. Also, honestly I think the advice he gave Five to "start small" was good and no doubt will come into play at some point. I feel that we are supposed to not like Carl or think he is a bad guy or be impatient with how utterly a man of his time he is, but I can't really. On the one hand I do feel bad for Sissy that she can't live her truth. But otoh, she is cheating on her husband with a woman he was nice enough to bring into his home and treat pretty decently. It would be one thing if he was an abuser or mean but he just seems like rather a corny salesman more than anything. I am sooo bummed about Elliot. I hate that he was collateral damage.
  9. So Grace is involved in whatever Reggie had going on and is aware of his shady skills. Now I am super curious. Obviously something happens to her -- I wonder if she is complicit in her change to 'Mom' or not. Really here for the Klaus and Allison dynamic this season. But awww... to the scene where they all finally reunited. It would have been even more perfect if Klaus had told them Ben was there too. "What if it is us?' I am with Vanya on this one. It is totally something they do that causes it. Holy cow the entire beauty shop scene was made of awesome. From Klaus dropping truth bombs with finger curl pins in his hair to Vanya's face when she learned her ex was a serial killer. And all topped off with dancing to Sam Cooke. I just realized I am puzzled by number Five's commitment to his schoolboy outfit. It works for him, but still.... The Viking funeral for just the foot. OMG, I love that little touch of absurdity. But I love the decision to have the two remaining Swedes play the scene straight and not lean in to the absurdity.
  10. I have no idea how I forget that Klaus is Klaus. But when he was telling Allison the fable of the frog and the Scorpion and she exasperatedly asks what is the point, I was sure he was going to tell her the actual point (which really was relevant to their conversation) but instead he comes with a 'Frogs are bitches and we don't negotiate with terrorists." I couldn't help but laugh. I don't care what they say, and asshole be may be, but I love Five. Man, Lilah. So really the fable of this story is everybody has a fucked up childhood. Still, I side eye her heavily. Count me in as one who was not surprised by Sissy/Vanya. I think they telegraphed them from the second(?) episode where they were picnicing in the barn. And really made it clear when Sissy was "reading" Vanaya's hands. Aww. Luther's face when Allison hugged him. To bad their dynamic is so fucked up because they are really good scene partners together and you almost... almost ... want to ship them. if it weren't for the sibling factor. And then we get to 'Mom' and 'Reggie'. Last season I wondered about Grace and her origins but she got lost in a lot of things. Now I am curious again, Glad Diego beat the shit out of those Swedes. You can tell all the kids have such a well of rage.
  11. Ha! I like Oprah. Can't stand Gwyneth. Generally indifferent about Martha. Of the three of them, at least Oprah probably can relate a bit to us poors since she was born and lived in abject poverty during her formative years. I do think she is a bit insufferable but not because of the 'aren't I rich and fabulous' stuff, bit because of the self-help and therapeutics stuff and the various gurus she inflicts on us. I can get with her consuming and flaunting her wealth because she truly earned it and honestly if I grew up like her -- dead poor and ridiculed because of my weight and my race, I would definitely wallow in and flaunt my billions. LOL. But I just can't with the the way she talks. Shallow, I know. But the way she elongates her words and puts her voice in a lower register to add some gravitas when she is about to talk about some new pseudo-spiritual flim-flammery is what gets me. I remember when she was just Oprah on the Oprah Winfrey show, the early years when she was an upstart and had copied Phil Donahue's show's format. Once in awhile when she is talking she forgets to use that sonorous serious voice and code switches back to her Chicago black woman sistah-girl voice. I like that Oprah the best.
  12. I loved seeing Allison and Klaus hug. I like hoe she was just so happy to see him she jumped right into the pool wearing her clothes. They never seemed particularly close, but their reunion kinda just caught me in the feels. Poor Luther. LOL. He finds out Allison is married and eats his feelings in chocolate then beat his feelings in the fighting pit. Poor Ray. Man, I'll bet he never guessed that about Allison's family from 'Up North". I winder why he didn't mention Klaus to Luther? IBut man he was hella pissed at her and then came the 'Who are you?' Poor Ray. I am glad they brought Klaus' story back around to Dave. It makes sense. But it was weird to Klaus kinda giving young Dave the puppy eyes. Ugh. Lila. I was rooting for you! Poor Diego.
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