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  1. It felt like Molly would be lulled into feeling like Dro really was her boyfriend until she’d be confronted with reality that he was married. At Derek’s birthday party she seemed truly shocked to see Candice there and then witnessed them acting like the married couple they were. You could tell she was feeling ignored and invisible. And then Dro pulled her into the bathroom and did her on the sink. Like he was having a dirty quickie with his side piece. The whole vibe was weird. It was why so many people seemed to question if Dro and Candice really did have an open marriage or if that was just a bill of good Dro sold Molly.
  2. Truth. Molly's perception is skewed. I also think Molly's level of self-awareness is really low. She is a text book projector. I would say that Molly's relationship with Dro was messier than anything Issa has done throughout the course of the show. And yet she gets offended when Issa tries to point out anything about Dro. Molly wants to project messiness onto Issa because it fits her narrative of Issa at the moment. Just like calling Issa a user or how she implied Issa shies away from hard work. It fits her narrative in her own head, when in fact we see Issa as a scrapper who as a building manager is basically on the job 24/7. She hated Issa's relationship with Condola even before she learned about the Lawrence connection. She jumped on that and labeled it messy to gaslight Issa back toward her and away from Condola. Meanwhile Issa and Condola were navigating the issue fairly well. It was awkward, but they were actually acting grown up about it all.
  3. Amber did a live chat yesterday where she addressed some of it. She was being incredibly diplomatic and trying to be above the fray. But there is one point in the live where she indicated she made her own complaint on set (she didn't say which set...but....really now) and was told she was "fireable" but the the white lead female she complained about was not. I am more interested in what, if anything Ryan Murphy will say. From all the things I am reading it was clear that he made Lea teflon on that show. She was his muse and by all reports he wrote the part specifically for her.
  4. I loved that moment of awkwardness. Also, this episode was truly funny in places. I liked how the bartender said the drink was on the house because she busted her ass and she said "everybody forgot about that though." to which Lawrence immediately shot back "nobody forgot about that." And the entire meeting with TSA Bae and Mazda. Once again Lawrence's reaction was great. His big grin followed by 'That was PERFECT!" made me cackle.
  5. I wish Heather Morris had just stopped before she got to the "But..." Read the room, girl. Part of the reason there is so much anger is because of the refusal to see racist acts or believe people when they experience them. The original post mentioned microaggressions and was co-signed by multiple other minority actors. Even if Lea is just an all around mean girl and diva overall, as long as she knowingly and intentionally used words or micro-aggressive tactics that specifically target their race/ethnicity then that does go beyond being 'disrespect.'
  6. I've been re-reading a lot lately. One re-read I just finished was The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey. It was fun. It is a bent fairytale retelling. In this universe the characters know they are being forced to live out different folk tales. In this book the main character is named Elena and her life is following the 'Ella Cinders' tale. Only problem is, the nearest prince is only 10 years old. So she can't live out her destiny. So her fairy godmother takes her on as an apprentice. It is cute and clever and light with a little romance in the end. One new book I just read was a short little epistolary novella by Taylor Jenkins-Red called Evidence of the Affair. A woman discovers letters that show her husband is having and affair. So she writes a letter to the other woman's husband to tell him about it and they begin a correspondence friendship. I liked the evolution of the story and like how she made a little story feel big.
  7. He may not have been immediately bitter, but he got bitter after he misinterpreted a picture of her and Daniel. He blocked her on his social media, rolled up to Derek's birthday party with Aparna in tow and he straight up called her a "fuckin ho" to her face. Yeah, I could see that. I guess that scene in the cafe didn't quite resonate with me as much because they seemed self conscious about seeing each other at first and also it felt like a set up for Condola to see them together laughing and start her own insecure phase. This episode with just the two of them, felt more intimate and natural. This is the most comfortable we've seen them together (well after Lawerence's altoids mishap and Issa bustin her ass) since Issa cheated.
  8. Did that read as a reunion or closure? There were parts that sounded like they were finally doing a post mortem on the end of their relationship. But then that ending made Issa seem optimistic. And I am not sure. If it is a reunion then it'll be interesting to see where Condola, who is suddenly blowing up Lawrence's phone, fits into all this. I loved the writing in this one, kudos Natasha Rothwell. It is nice to hear in real words how each party of a disintegrated romance saw the ending of it. It is a given that different perspectives can color the same series of events, but for something as intimate as a dying relationship it is interesting to hear where each person saw the death throes. As I was watching Issa and Lawrence at the art walk, I was struck by the fact that we had never seen Issa and Lawrence as a happy, functioning couple. That bit of tonight's date felt almost like we got a glimpse of what a pre-Season 1 Issa and Lawrence relationship looked like.
  9. You know, I am glad they revisited the Nathan ghosting Issa thing in this. I was never really happy with how that was handled. You could tell in the scene where Nathan was trying to explain to Issa that it really difficult for him to talk about. All she heard was 'I was sad' and she was rather dismissive. But to someone who is struggling with a mental illness or who may not be on the right meds it can be supremely difficult to open to anyone. There can be a lot of shame attached to it, especially among men in the AA community. Add to the reluctance to seek therapy so there is a lack of vocabulary or acceptance on how to speak about it. So I will give Molly a teensie amount of credit here, because her reaction to Nathan's ghosting Issa once she learned about his reason for it was more understanding that judgemental.
  10. I love the Lady Jane Grey books, so I was pre-disposed to really want to read the Veronica Speedwell books. And this is what made me peace out at like chapter five of the first book. It isn't the fact that Veronica is all those things, but the way the author presented all those things about the character was very off putting. It was too self aware. It felt like the author wanted to make sure we knew, and make no mistake about it, that Veronica was this rules breaking maverick. It felt like a checklist.
  11. I know this is based off a romance novel and in those a cheating spouse can never be viewed sympathetically but even with that in mind, Bill is just an idiot. But worse, I get the impression the show wants us to be sorry for Noreen. I can't. Girl you fucked a married man and got pregnant and now you are blaming him for it all not working out all rainbows and sunshine. Between the two of them they don't have a working brain cell. High school is hard, but Annie has to be one of the sad-sackiest teens I've come across recently. I am still surprised about Helen and Ryan. I thought for sure we were getting a Helen/Eric thing. But now it looks like they might be moving toward Eric and Dana Sue. Which is probably a good thing because he is probably the only person that can put up with Dana Sue. Kyle and CeCe are the only ones of the younger set I actually like.
  12. That is understandable because not all cheerleading is created equal. At some schools, being on the squad all you need to do is literally cheer for the team and be peppy. You don't need to be particularly athletic, but you do need to know how to follow a beat, yell in cadence and be cute. In other places, cheerleading is more athletic. You actually need to have to some real gymnastic ability with considerable body strenght. It also ranges from an extra-curricular fun thing that is purely in school to being a rules based competitive sport. In some schools, it remains all female with a decidedly cool-girl female aesthetic attached and at others there is a mixed male/female squad -- those tend to be the more competitive/athletic ones. Some schools divide their squads into a cheer group (athletic) and a dance group. Professional cheerleaders for NBA and NFL teams veer toward being more dance squads.
  13. There is The Mary O'Reilly paranormal mystery series. First book is Loose Ends. Mary is a cop who is killed in the line of duty but is revived and comes back being able to talk to ghosts. I only read the first book, but it was promising. If you haven't read Ben Aaronvoitch's Peter Grant series, that starts with The Rivers of London, I highly recommend. Peter is with a special unit of the London Metropolitan police that deals with paranormal crimes. Also there are gods and goddesses running about. Charlayne Harris' Harper Connelly series,The first one is Grave Sight where the MC was struck by lightning when she was 12 and can now see the last moments of any dead person's life. So she gets hired to for her special skills. It is the one Charlayne Harris series I actually liked and read more than one book.
  14. I've re-read Heart of Obsidian a ton of times. That one and Caressed by Ice are probably my two favorites in the series. After Heart of Obsidian came out I went back and did a complete re-read of the series up to that book and I was so impressed with how well (and early) she seeded some of the clues. In one of Kaleb's earliest appearances (2nd or 3rd book), there is mention of him keeping his sleeve pulled down. Until you get to his book that is a nothing detail that is easily forgotten. Also I love how she kept Kaleb a true anti-hero. She didn't woobify him to make him palatable. He has two things he cares about and everything he does is for those two paramount things. He would (and could) happily sacrifice millions of people if it means he salvages what he considers important. And as a reader I did not find it unreasonable because his motivations make sense.
  15. So.... I am guessing Patty might be Isaac's birth mother. There seemed to be some obvious tells for a minor character. Also, her one year in Memphis because her parents were divorced could have been a case of them whisking her out of a small town to hide a teenage pregnancy. Really over the Tyler/Annie stuff. She gives way too many longing glances. Helen looked fab in that burgundy dress. Did her hair have burgundy highlights too? In addition to chef, sage, mediator, and teen whisperer we can add medic? doctor? To Eric's eclectic resume of skills.
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