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  1. Kill it with fire! I hate this so hard. Especially when you have an ensemble show and the cis, straight, white, typically more prominent characters get to have these great plotlines and then when the less prominent typically POC or LGBTQ or disabled character finally gets a storyline or even has on ongoing storyline it is usually about their identity as a POC or LGTBTQ or disabled person. They can't be in the middle of a terrible love triangle where one lover is married and the other one is a stalker. No. They have to be stopped by the police or beaten by a homophobe outside a bar or something. Also another kill it with fire plot line. And so funny since I just read an article that talks about how tv and fiction really like to play up the idea of the Moriarty type killer, who is super smart and super calculated and plays the police like chess pieces, but in fact most criminals -- especially those who are high profile habitual criminals like spree or serial killers -- are not caught because they are smart, but because of the mishandling or downright incompetence in the investigation by the police. An off shoot is the 'Not like other girls' trope. There is another thread on here, the gender on tv thread. think, where someone had a really nice analysis of this trope. it is a combo of the Mary Sue + the Tomboy trope. She is thin and pretty and sexy but she also belches, talks sports and eats everything in sight. She is basically the construct of the male version of the perfect woman who is both a sexy girl and one of the guys. And she is singular because she is not like other girls!
  2. Ok, I love they pulled out 'the prep' and 'the wop' which were absolutely time appropriate. I remember trying to teach a friend how to do the wop but it was to 'Eric B is President.' That had the best beat-cadence for doing the wop. I am glad Rainbow made some friends and was really getting into the groove with them. I absolutely adore how they shut Santi down. Even though they've toned Santi down a lot, I think this was a pitch perfect moment for her 'see me, see me' personality to resurface. Younger sisters do like to show out in front of their older sister's friends. That said, I just really smiled at the little moment where Johan was trying to teach Santi how to break dance. And then she did the little giggle at the end and said 'do it again, Johan.' That moment just felt so little kid authentic, not tv sitcom kid at all.
  3. IMO, it is a mistake to think that the private is the same as the public. Like I said upthread, there is a difference between being a member of the family and being a member of the firm. And I don't see in anyway how we can characterize Meghan as not being considerate. What did she do ever do to any of them? Frankly I think it could have been the other way around. She is a constant punching bag for the press and you are telling me that at no time some discreet pressure could not have been applied to shut some of that shit down? Do people really believe the press went easy on Andrew out of the goodness of their hearts or because Meghan flying a private airplane was a bigger scandal that trafficking in young girls? Baby-bump gate got more headlines than William possibly cheating on Kate. You can't convince me major pressure wasn't placed on the press to pass that shit by, They are tabloids that stuff is supposed to be their bread and butter.
  4. I think them paying back Frogmore's renovation is kinda bullshit because it is like something on the National Register or whatever the Historical preservation is called in UK and was always slated to be renovated with public money earmarked for it anyway, and they already paid some of their own money toward the renovations. But they probably did it to just shut people the fuck up. Overall it sounds like a win-win for everybody. Meghan and Harry got what they wanted. Out of the spotlight, no more part of the Royal Rota, no more so-called 'insider scoops' from the Palace, no courtiers manipulating info on them, nobody can scream at them anymore for using public money -- that will have no teeth anymore -- they get to keep their private patronages, and they still live in a country that is part of the commonwealth where his gramma's face is on the money and yet Meghan is close to her BFFs and can pop down to see her mom real easily. And the Queen's statement makes clear she at least understands the difference between being a member of the family and being a member of the firm. And the rest of the Royals get what they wanted with less attention paid to H&M (big distraction) and maybe more attention on the direct line of succession.
  5. October Faction on Netflix. Looks fun and I like the matter of fact Interracial family.
  6. I would be content if they didn't have a second season. IMO, this first season was as close to perfect in a storytelling sense as I would want from a serialized tv show. Some shows simply do not need to continue.
  7. Ok, I love the Miggy development. A really cool way to showcase both bisexuality and a committed poly-amorous relationship. Of course, Homily Pronstoller is down with the throuple! Angie is such a mess and I love her. Her car and her glove-compartment beef jerky. Just.. so Angie. Man, Leighton Meister is so good as Angie in this that she completely makes me forget she was ever Blair Waldorf. I liked how they show Poppy struggling a little with the idea of her ex and his new wife having a baby. And It seemed like there was some extra little something because it was a girl. Nothing was overtly said, but it felt like they were hinting that Poppy herself would have liked a little girl. Finally, Will's digression into Felicity-land was everything. LOL.
  8. I really wish I knew what they were trying to accomplish with the romance between Shaun and Carly. AS it is playing out on screen it is just uncomfortable to watch on all sides. On his side, Shaun just plain looks/acts like he is not ready for a full on grown-up romance despite what he says. On her side, Carly just feels like someone who is putting a yeoman's effort into a relationship where the return is very small and is having her feelings battered because of it. If the idea, as I presume it is supposed to be, is for the show to let us in Shaun's world as he navigates all the 'typical' things of life but from a neurodivergent perspective, then I wish we'd get some wins instead of a litany of frustrations to let us hang in there with them. It would be nice if we could see a clear and visible progression in the relationship, even if it is only 3 steps forward and 1 step back. We'd be actually moving forward. As it is, it currently it feels like they are either standing in place or going 1/2 step forward and 3 steps back. So no progression at all. And I am not sure if it is direction or an acting choice but I am just not feeling Shaun's need for this. Re; The knee surgery woman. I am wondering if she refuses any drugs that could even be considered half-way addictive? Addiction is physical, yes, but there is also a powerful mental component. She struck me as someone who was determined to stay clean but was very aware of the lure of her addiction. So maybe even the thought of having had something, even something that put you under, could be a trigger to backsliding. Even if it is not truly addictive, coming out from under anathesia or something could mimic the feelings of well-being that one has when one is under the influence of their drug of choice. So she uses the pain as a way to stop her from using the drugs. Kinda like that one case in Season 1 were the fiancee and the parents were arguing over whether to amputate a ex- addict climber's leg. He substituted his 'adrenaline junkie' rushes for his drug and if he couldn't climb/run anymore it might have been the trigger that caused him to slide back into his addiction.
  9. My thinking on this is unless the physical appearance is directly impacts the plot or character action/motivation I am not going to sweat it too much. Kinda like his take on Ready Player One where the female character's issues about her appearance are a part of her entire character's motivations. He's right, if you are going to keep those as part of the plot then cast a person whose physical appearance makes sense or else remove those elements from the plot of your movie. As for Hermione, in the movies, Emma Watson's looks would have been of no issue if they had chosen to excise the catty comments she got about her teeth/hair from the books. But then the Yule ball is pretty problematic because they chose to keep in the "*GASP* Hermione is PRETTY! scene to make it seem like Hermione was a troll who suddenly became a supermodel, when in reality she only tied her hair back and put on a nice dress. I disagree with him a bit about Tyrion. My overall impression is that it is Tyrion's dwarfism that has the biggest impact on how his character is viewed and reviled esp. by Cersei, not his 'rougher' looks. It is also not an good example to illustrate plot discrepancies because GOT jettisoned, coalesced and made expedient plot changes from the book to fit the show all over the place For GOT, imo, it would have been Brienne of Tarth who got the Glow Up in the show, not Tyrion. Brienne is described as being super plain even downright ugly. Gwendolyn Christie on her worst day, even in character was not homely. She is simply tall. But overall, his argument is dead on.
  10. This is one of the best, most cohesive breakdowns I can find: Here you go
  11. So much this. The first three books are outstanding, with the third being, imo, fan-fucking-tastic. But it is the fourth book where things get bad. No coincidence this book came out after the tv series began. Although I can totally co-sign on not wanting to go back and read the books a series is based on especially if you like the series. My anecdotal experience is enough gets changed in translation that usually the book people don't like or grumble about the tv/movie version or the tv native folks much prefer the tv version and can't get into the books. I was that way with True Blood. Never read the books but enjoyed the tv series (well at least the first few seasons). Went back and read the first book of the series and LaFayette in the book was sooooo not the Lafayette on the show I just couldn't reconcile the book version of him so I never tried the rest.
  12. Totally off topic... but holy cow... right? The whole RWA implosion has been fascinating reading and it is like it can't get any worse... but then it does. And so many people have no fucks to give anymore and they are naming names and I have now learned what a grifter Damoin Suede is LOL Anyway back on topic... the similarities in both cases on how hard it is for some non-POC to recognize and acknowledge racism in action in the case of Meghan is like a 360 degree gaslighting display. They are gaslighting themselves and us. I watched one interview with a journo who has been guilty of some of saying some nasty things about Meghan and a journo of African descent who was really holding her feet to the fire. It was and education in obfuscation. LOL.
  13. Honestly, I think we would all be better off if more people covered the Royals with this sort of irreverence. I mean, the idea of Liz doing drive-bys while giving pres the stink eye under a thumping Biggie beat is going to be my favorite takeaway of this whole thing once it blows over. I think it is important to examine the racism and hypocrisy that is driving H&M away because those are serious issues. It actually has been an interesting exercise in watching some white journalists contort themselves in every direction possible to deny racism has anything to do with this decision even going so far as to not even utter the word 'racism' and trying every euphemism or excuse under the sun. But on the whole everyone giving breathless pause to speak in grave tones about this family meeting is really rather ludicrous. I mean, even the Andrew/Epstein stuff at its height wasn't given the sort of frenzy this is. That really tells you about the absolute absurdity of the way the press chooses to cover this family in general, Meghan & Harry in particular. They deserve the Daily Show treatment on the regular if for no other reason that to play up how ridiculous it all is.
  14. Personally, I think Eddie got robbed for a lead actor nomination for Dolemite is My Name. He gave a bravura performance, much like he did as Jimmy in DreamGirls. Also Ruth Carter should have been a back-to-back nominee for the costume design. You can't convince me that the Irishmen was better. Yeah, so underwhelmed. In all the recent award nominees, I think the GLAAD media awards comes closest to highlighting the shows/performances I liked this year.
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