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  1. From what I have been reading around the interwebs these last coupla days, the most oft repeated justification is "authenticity" and money. Apparently, tv show people swear that they need to use the live rounds -- and make no mistake, a blank is a live round as it has the same cartridge with sometimes only 1/2 load of the same gunpowder in the same shell casing as a bullet -- because they want the loud bang, they want the actor to feel the real recoil (apparently actors can't "act" enough to recoil, dontcha know) and they really want the muzzle flash. And they claim it is cheaper to use th
  2. When I think of Joe, I think of this quote from an graphic novelist: "When you write an antagonist, you always write him, in his mind, as the protagonist. That means, every villain of a story, to be a good villain, must believe himself to be the hero. Not the villain at all." This is Joe in a nutshell. And in a way, it is a necessary way for the writers to write him in order to keep people watching. It is unsustainable to have your central character be 100% villainous. Joe wouldn't have lasted one season let alone three is they didn't tap into some method to make Joe palatable. B
  3. I am hopeful. The numbers keep ticking up each week. This week got more total viewers and more in the demo. Maybe this will be the little engine that could? A little bit of a sidestep from last week but very much on brand for the show. I did like seeing a little more of the behind the scenes machinations and how it brought the nameless (until now) crew members a little to the forefront and gave them something to do, e.g. the respective tackle.takedowns of Mike and Paula and the need to keep them apart. The scene where they were brainstorming Gabby's fate was good and it was one th
  4. I personally never read Wuthering Heights precisely because of the movie -- it just seemed so overwrought. And this is coming from someone who loves romance novels. But last year my husband read it and I could tell he was enjoying it. I remarked upon him enjoying a dreary romance novel and he flat out said the couple were incredibly toxic and he would not consider them a romantic couple at all because they were quite miserable when it came to each other. He liked the book so much because he thought the writing was witty and super sharp. I think it is just another example that a movie
  5. Now that I've finished I went and looked up cast interviews etc. There are a whole series of them, featuring Penn, Victoria, Shalita and Travis. There was one point where she says 'Cassidy (her character from Search Party) walked so that Sherry could run." I thought that was perfect because i could see where she took pieces of Cassidy and put them into Sherry, but Sherry is definitely amore refined and had a lot more bite (and Cassidy had more vocal fry).
  6. Wait... so Joe makes his own pie crust from scratch? Huh. Anyway, Hells yeah! Sherry and Carey Forever!! The lived and triumphed. And I loved them talking about how much they loved each other -- he loved her big glasses. And he made himself a better person for her. Awww. And yeah Sherry is smart. I love that Matthew left Joe to die. LOL But it is interesting that he always suspected Love from the beginning and not Joe. I think one of my biggest issues with Love is the same issue I have with people that ave all their vitriol for the other person their spouse is cheating w
  7. Holy shit. This episode! Ok, my hate for Love has ratcheted up and surpassed Joe. Poor, Poor deluded Theo. But Sherry stays thinking. And she and Cary survive one more episode. Yay! Come on Team Conrad, you can live!! How can they still be so amusing even in a cage? At least Ryan got his.
  8. So all Joe and Love need to get their sexual engines revved is to violently hurt people and put their cage. That works. Totally on brand for this couple. I was cracking up the whole time (until I wasn't). I will say that of all the shows that I have seen lately that want to try and dabble in open marriage or polyamory (Good Trouble and New Amsterdam for example), this one was the only one that felt like it at least tries to get it right. The others seem like they just want to use it as a jumping off point for characters to be able to cheat comfortably. But this really feels like Sher
  9. I am really liking this Joe/Love game of cat and mouse they are playing with each other. This is the most interesting they have been as a couple to me since the therapist session. Also like that therapist session there is the outside layer of their marriage — that fake face they are presenting to each other and there is the under-layer. It is interesting because the fake outer layer actually looks like a functional loving marriage. Joe really can sound sincere and loving when he is trying to snow Love in order to do what he needs to get at Marienne. His ‘I love YOU’ was chilling and a nice
  10. So W.O.M.B is the counterpoint to the last episode man in the woods. Love’s inner monologue about Sherry was just like Joe’s about Carey and I was here for it! Sherry’s little floral dress was adorable. Also she continues to crack me up. Her little hand to the chest and fall back into the chair as if overcome after the self help guru author answered her vapid question with an equally vapid answer was perfection. The slow unraveling of Joe and Love’s marriage begins. The scene of them boinking thinking about other people was well done and really on track for this couple. I also
  11. oe can’t get it up if he isn’t obsessing. Ha!! And his obsession with his lawn does not count. A Dragonriders of Pern shoutout. See, this is why I sometimes can’t hate on Joe. Until he reminds me that I can. Shallow alert: I loved Love’s slouchy top she wore at the dinner party with the Conrads. Of course Carey and Sherry would have something calling ‘unschooling’ and being an ‘unteacher.’ Of course they would. They are so pretentious. Carey isn’t as fun as Sherry but holy cow that whole man in the woods thing was just its own level of OTT hypermasculinity in the same w
  12. They have gotten a teensy bit better but I think they still cast older becauae of child labor laws. There is one youtube reviewer who call these "those shows with geriatric teens" and I LOL my ass off. I will confess that I had a big Sweet 16 birthday party. But in all fairness, I have eleventy- billion first cousins so most of my party goers are my cousins and we have always been each others birthday party guests throughout our entire lives. I am the oldest girl in my generation too, so there was that.
  13. Don't feel bad. There are some books I have the physical, ebook and audiobook versions of ...because I love books too.
  14. Ugh as much as I despise Gil and his anti-vaxxer stance and his failure to see the harm it caused Henry I was feeling kinda bad for him there at the end. Sherry continues to crack me up. She is just so awful especially her OTT narcissism. But I think Shalita Grant’s portrayal keeps Sherry on this side of being not completely hateful and makes it almost farcical. But I was so glad to hear Theo go off on her. It was needed. Somebody needed to say it. I hate that Theo refuses to hear Love when she keeps telling him to not flirt with her and that she is married. For all the issues I
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