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  1. See, the absence of stuff like this and the shady criminal financial stuff, is why I have come to the conclusion that this show isn't about NXIVM at all, but rather about Bonnie, Mark and Sarah's personal "journey" away from it and the reasons they gave themselves for leaving. Also, I have to roll my eyes super hard whenever Mark referred to Keith as a "Philosopher and Scientist." I mean the dude was smart, obviously, but he had no credentials. I suppose anyone could call themselves anything but it is such a stretch and quite insulting to actual scientists.
  2. My first hint that Ruby wasn't Ruby was there as a point when the camera panned over her face and her eyes had a silvery-grey sheen, just for a minute -- just like Christina's eyes. I passed it off as being a trick of the light, but then it happened again during the sing along and that was when I thought... huh.... maybe....
  3. Yeah, this is where I am. And this is why I don't think that this show did a good job at all of showing why this group was so dangerous from every corner. Yes we got some low points with DOS and the branding etc. etc. But if you look at what Keith, The Salzmans and the Bronfmans are charged with, it is with racketeering, primarily. Nancy Salzman was engaging in identity theft of members, hacking emails, and falsely altering business records. The sex stuff sells news copy and is of course terrible, but even with the DOS stuff they only scratched the surface here. We all heard about Sarah's branding over and over and over again, but Laura Salzman kept a sex slave locked in a damned closet for two years. And last episode where we finally got to hear some of Keith's philosophy with SOP was probably some of the most damning stuff presented outside of the DOS stuff. I also agree there is a certain level of self censorship here. All those women Keith sued into oblivion weren't part of DOS they were part of NXIVM. Mark was very high up in the structure. You can't tell me he wasn't aware of the shady shit going on in NXIVM and the business practice. I will admit the last ten minutes and getting see Keith perp walked was nice. Also the scene in the coffee shop with the woman going on about she accidentally went to a meeting and immediately knew it was a cult while Bonnie sat there with a deer in headlights look was kinda funny.
  4. Yeah, the book of Adam being with Dora's family does suggest that. But the first episode seemed to suggest it was the patrilineal line since Montrose had been kept prisoner at Ardham and George and Tic were invited to the gruesome liver dinner. Either way, I still think something magical beyond her hand happened to her in that car. She was awfully friendly with Tic's monster. This is why we need some closure. And epilogue...something...
  5. This needed an extra 10-20 minutes. I needed more closure! And some explanation. On the one hand this was satisfying in that the different parts pulled together and the good guys 'won' after a fashion. Overall I think the parts were better than the sum. I loved the salt circle and all the women ancestors. I liked the summoning and the destruction of Titus. I liked the Ruby switcheroo even though I hate that Ruby had to die. It was a textbook eleventh hour "twist" that is absolutely a trope that is a staple of the sci-fi pulp that this episode played into. I loved the sing-a-long. Again textbook lighthearted moment to release tension before the heavy stuff goes down. But I think this will go down as probably my least favorite episode of the season. It felt rushed and disconnected and a little too oblique for its own good. Some guesses about things: Hipplolyta took Dee on a quick future trip and had her arm replaced. I think Leti reclaiming the magic affected Dee. This is after all her blood family and her magic too now. She must have gained some knowledge from the ancestors. Her face was much too 'knowing' when she killed Christina in the end. Christina restored Leti's immortality because in the end, she did want to honor her promise to Ruby. As fucked up as Christina is and even though she is a villain, she is the brand of villain that is cold and rational and not really emotional. Her petty moment of taking it away was an emotional response and I think she regretted it.
  6. Ha! The worst is when the setting is some non-Western setting and the actor is an American speaking English with a faux-British accent. LOL.
  7. Cosign your post 100%. There is a point when it becomes a state of diminishing returns to drag a series along until it just becomes boring or annoying. Do something new for goodness sakes! Start a new series with new people. There are so many series bailed on because it got to the point where the later books become nothing but revolving doors to remind the readers of the earlier, already happily put together couples and short-changes the new central couple to the point they are nothing but card-board place holders in their own book. So you never get a chance to get invested in them and thus the book just feels hollow and uninteresting. As much as I love Shelly Laurenston, her Pride series is just like that. After The fifth book (Blayne and Novikov's) the rest of the books became like a constant huge cast reunion. Then she introduced the Jean-Louis Parker family I hated them so hard! I bailed after that. But I still read the first five because they are quite good. Meanwhile her Norse Gods/Ravens series and her new series are nice palate cleansers.
  8. Netflix seems to have gotten smart and realized that romance novels are a billion dollar industry and are now looking to tap into that. They've already adapted Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and Sheryl Woods' Sweet Magnolias series. I think this will do great. It is getting media saturation in areas that those two adaptations didn't receive. Even though if I my choice to adapt a romance series, this wouldn't have been it by a long shot, I do think it is a good choice because the books have a lot of light-hearted humor. If it were me I'd go with a Mary Balogh. Probably her Bedwyn 'Slightly.." series. or Alyssa Cole's Loyal League series. For a single book adaptations I'd love to see The Grandy Sophy or The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer. I think it is a failing of the movie/tv industry that the only name they seem to know when it comes to costume drama romance to be adapted is Jane Austen, when Georgette Heyer has a pretty big influence and following and (unpopular opinion alert) I think her books are better.
  9. I just finished my first Dorothy L. Sayers Peter Wimsy book Clouds of Witness. The first one was already checked out so I decided to start with this one. I liked it and I liked Peter. I have the next on on hold.
  10. I read that at Cheers star Jerry Harris. And I'm like 'who the heck was Jerry Harris on Cheers?' I mentally did a checklist... Ted Danson, George Wendt, Woody Harrelson, John Ratzenberger... LOL.
  11. FYI here is the trailer for War on Everyone. It is a dark comedy. I don't think I've ever seen Skarsgard do comedy. And to be fair he really doesn't but he is deadpan. And like I said, he and Tessa have great chemistry.
  12. Yeah they are a tv series called Strike. in the UK they were on BBC One and in the US on Cinemax. Here is the Wikipedia entry about the tv series:
  13. The casting does look good. I agree the Featheringtons all look right on the money and I am thrilled with Penelope's casting. They didn't go skinny!!! Lady Danbury looks perfect! I know people were speculating about the scope of the series, but I am sure this must be just the first book (Daphne and Simon's) because Franscesca is too young in this for it to be anywhere near the time period for her book.
  14. I will watch anything she is in. I am so looking forward to Sylvie's Love because 1) Black Love and 2)doesn't appear to be "trauma drama" and 3) cool 50s era wardrobe and 4) even in the trailer she and Nnamdi look like they have smokin' chemistry! But then she has chemistry with everyone. There is a dark comedy on Netflix called War on Everyone where she and Alexander Skarsgard become a couple and they are super smokin'
  15. finally some news about the Shonda Rhimes adaptation of the Bridgerton series. A bunch of new pics and it is supposed to air on Dec 25. The pictures look good.
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