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  1. It always killed me how tv moms not only had time to get up and make a full on weekday breakfast with variety of food -- waffles (not Egos but waffle iron waffles), eggs, muffins, strawberries (all nicely hulled), and bacon -- but the ungrateful little bastards they made the food for never have time to sit and eat. They are always running late so they grab a piece of bacon, take a sip of the (no doubt freshly squeezed orange juice) and run out the door.
  2. Tv and movie casting and suits can be remarkably unsophisticated about some things. They assume their audience will only accept things in a certain way. When in fact their audience is much more savvy about life than they give them credit for,. After all, real people have family make-up and dynamics that can be incredibly complicated that they've lived with and navigated their entire lives. So it is sometimes a nice surprise to see when they acknowledge the racial make up of a biracial person. I remember just recently on Macguver, Tristan Mays (who is biracial) and plays Riley -- she an
  3. tonight's dinner was crab cakes with Legal Seafood mustard sauce and grilled asparagus with roasted garlic sprinkled lightly with parmesan cheese.
  4. I believe one of the sisters is not American so they plan to lean in on the cultural differences. I mean, I am American and just seeing the term 'Trap Yoga Studio' makes me realize there is still I have a lot to learn about my own people. 😂
  5. I just watched this and while I thought it was very lovely and nice I wasn't wowed. It was very Lin-Manuel Miranda in the songs. Which isn;t a dig, Each composer/writer has a 'voice' that is sometimes very easy to pick out across different projects. Even though I was not left humming and nobody really jumped off the screen for me -- it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours. I saw some of the commentary about the Afro-Latinx erasure. A lot of the criticism I saw was pretty reasoned and expressed gladness that the movie was made and the fact that it celebrated Latino/as unapol
  6. Yesterday I made Giada De Laurentiis' slow cooker short rib ragu and served it over rigatoni. It is super easy to make but tastes like you did a lot of work. I am a huge lover of mole sauce and there is dark chocolate in this recipe that gives it a mole sort of flair.
  7. I like the Gethsemane Brown cozies as well. I like her little supernatural twist. Also I really appreciate the sense of place the author gives. The main character is an American but she is in Ireland but the author doesn't attempt to Americanize everything for the reader. She uses the Irish terminology that the locals use e.g when a local refers to the police they don't just say 'Dunmallach police' but rather uses the term 'Dunmullach An Garda Síoichána' or Garda for short. I enjoyed ... I think it was the third one... about the competitive rose society. Man, who knew gardeners and r
  8. I think Season 2 of Why Women Kill has only one storyline all set in the 40s. There are no other timelines so the diversity of Season 1 won't be there (from what I can see of the casting).
  9. The servants being animate magical pieces of furniture is in the original version of Beauty and the Beast from the 1700s.
  10. I'm gonna do short ribs tomorrow. Tonight we had Haluski and pierogies accompanied with carmelized onions and sour cream and some fried kielbasa.
  11. It may be an unpopular opinion because I do see a fair amount of people wondering about the care of children across various tv show dramas. But I really don't care about kids in workplace dramas. I don;t even think about the minutia of Max's day to day care of Luna. As a workplace drama (that isn't centered around kids) I think about kids in like I do about the kids of my co-workers. I assume they are being taken care of when my co-worker is at work (inasmuch as I think about their kids at all). I assume they play with and care for and feed their kids when they are not at work. If they c
  12. I think I laughed my ass off in the first five minutes alone. I especially love reactions of the TVA workers. They are just so over it. Loki: "Be careful with that it's a Tesseract" Worker unimpressed :"Sounds dumb."
  13. Alien. A parasitic creature attaches itself to a small crew and causes havoc and terror in a short period of time. Sigh. Please tell me this does not mean my mother-in-law is actually gonna come and stay a few weeks with us now that we are all vaccinated like she has been hinting? (I kid... I kid... she's not that bad... she's just very high maintenance)
  14. Well, if the Executive producer is to be believed....
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