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  1. Oh, another good, distinctive episode. This one felt like a 60s sci-fi movie. And Aujanue Ellis was wonderful. I especially enjoyed the writing in this one. The dialogue, Hippolyta's ruminations all just resonated to my soul. And yeah, just beautifully written. Also, I couldn't help but contrast Hippolyta's journey of self realization with Ruby's. They both started at the same place -- that feeling of being 'not seen' and small and the societal limitations artificially placed on black women. But Hippoltya's journey was characterized by logic, intellect and discovery. Whereas Ruby's was based on deceit, bitterness and raw emotion. I believe when we see Hippolyta again, she will have gotten more from her journey than Ruby got from hers. Speaking of Ruby, how boss did she look in her shorts outfit and her super cool shades? I loved her and Leti's conversations... again the writing in the episode as stellar. And finally the threads are starting to knit together. It was frustrating that everyone was working in silos and not telling anyone anything. But the lines are starting to converge. Finally with this episode, I am realizing that although pre-release the show seems to suggest that Tic was most important character. And in some ways he is, because a lot of stuff does revolve around him, but it is the women -- Leti, Ruby, Hippolyta, Ji-Ah -- and next week, possible Dee --- who are becoming really central to each episode and really bringing their A-game. And finally, next week's 'genre' looks like a Stephen King thriller. Can't wait.
  2. Oh, thank jeebus. She was such a needle scratch of a character. LOL. I hope that also means the end of the sister storyline as well.
  3. Yahya's speech was everything. But he also did a whole-ass GQ like photo editorial in his house. Probably shot on his own danged iphone. LOL.
  4. Yup. Saw that too. Had the same reaction: "Harpo, who dis woman?'
  5. I haven;t read the book but was curious enough about it to look it up on Wikipedia to get some background, and it appears the show is following the structure of the book. It isn't one single narrative but a series of interconnected episodic stories. So yeah I was wondering why each episode felt like its own self contained narrative amongst the larger story arc, even down to the genre of storytelling, and that seems to be the reason.
  6. Man, Tic stays having problems with women. With his fine ass! But yeah that was brutal. Also was that a Judy Garland voice over the last few minutes when Ji-Ah and her mother go and visit that wise-woman at the end? It sounded like it was her, but maybe really late in her life. While I did miss Leti, Ruby and the Chicago crew, I liked this detour to Korea. And I thought it was a very interesting choice to have the entire first, what, 5 -10 mins in Korean with subtitles. It was interesting and pulls in another monster mythology with the Kumiho. VERY freaky! I think I jumped when those 'fox tails' started slithering out of all her orifices. And sat there with a 'gack' look on my face. Didn't think anything would ick me out more than Ruby's body horror from last week. But this did. Also not gonna lie, that first guy she brought home was kinda cute as well. Oh well. Also war is hell. I also liked that the show is unflinching about what Tic did. Some shows would have tried to make it noble or deflect some of it so he wouldn't seem so unfeeling. But this left it on the table. And even his justification of 'I was following orders' sounded lame. And I think it was really meant to. In hindsight it kind of explains his reaction to Montrose' killing on Yahima, both his initial anger at it (taking out his own sense of guilt on Montrose) and his understanding of it as he tries to explain to Leti later. I assumed Ji-Ah was dead (after the second epsiode) but now realizing she is alive, I am wondering (hoping) if she somehow plays a part when this all comes to a head. I can only imagine this is all going to be pulled together somehow. I have a feeling this episode might not be as popular for some, and yeah, it doesn't come close to eps. 1 and 3 (both of which rate as my favorites so far) but I enjoyed it.
  7. Yeah, Ryan Murphy lost me years ago so I had no inclination at all. But did read some reviews and most of them agree, gorgeous to look at, great costume and set design etc. But yes, the story is a hot mess.
  8. All together now ..... "Fuck Cancer!" RIP RBG.
  9. In some good behind the scenes news, Araxi Lindsey, the lead hairstylist on Black-ish just won an Emmy for for outstanding contemporary hair-styling for "Hair Day" an episode that focused on Diane's hair. Honestly, this particular episode could not have happened and still felt visually authentic without a black hairstylist because the themes of the show go beyond just how the hair looks, but also the attitudes, culture and politics of black women's hair and the specific language used when talking about black hair and black hair care. There is a video about her creative process in the episode.
  10. And I think in the case of a lot of people, Jenn especially included, it isn't so much the energy they are putting out, but the expectation that is being placed upon them. I always felt bad for Jenn because and entire cottage industry had grown up concerned with the state of her womb. In a way that it has not for many other actresses. Like you said, all things being equal she could have just gone about her business and living her best life with no kids in sight. But because she was young and pretty and at the height of her fame when she married a young, super handsome, A-list movie star also at the height of his fame, you had people going to fairytale route and expecting them to pop out a kid to make it all complete. And when it didn't happen and then on top of it he went and left her for a woman who was practically populating every room in her house with kids, it became its own animal. A lot of gender expectations of child-bearing were placed unfairly on her by other people.
  11. Yeah the Jen/Brad/Angelina thing has always had me rolling my eyes with the fervor that people took sides. Personally, I was Team Fuck Brad. He was the one who cheated. So your marriage is not great? Ok, but wait til you and your spouse agree shit is really over-over and then you can move on. Also I was (and still am) Team Can't Stand Angelina Even If Brad Did Not Exist. She has annoyed me since she appeared on my screens. Even more so when she went from Goth Sex Goddess who may or may not have fucked her brother to St. Angelina of the Jolies whose very carefully crafted public persona screamed PR fiction. And Finally I was (and still am ) Team Jennifer Aniston Does Not Need To Have Babies, You MotherFuckers!
  12. I never, ever saw the appeal of Tracy Morgan. Until I watched The Last O.G. Both he and Tiffany Haddish really tone down their comedy and play rather straight. It is a really well written show.
  13. They are all different. I think the Emmys has the most convoluted process. The Golden Globes are picked by like 25 people, because they are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press. The Oscars the different guilds vote in their areas -- directing, writing, etc -- but everybody in the Academy get to vote on the acting and picture categories and I think maybe songs.
  14. If I am not mistaken, Hillary was played by the same actress from episode 2 when they went to Ardham -- the one with the dogs who made not so veiled racist comments. This makes me think that the magical blood they use is actually a real person's blood and that is who you turn in for the transformation. So that makes we wonder if William was actually a real person, maybe Christina's brother and he really was killed but Christina uses his blood to make her William-skin?
  15. Cosign! This was 100% Ruby's mindset. She already knew the system was rigged. She was making she had her 'twice as good' on lock. So when she learned that Tamara's on-paper bona-fides were not as good as her own, it played with Ruby's notions of how the world is supposed to work. Not only did someone else already take the 'black hire' spot, but it was a person who was not as educated as Ruby. Never mind that we are never told what the actual qualifications to get hired at Marshall Fields are. For all we know Tamara actually does meet them. Given how handsy he was with Ruby and how he later tried to mess with Tamara for all we know how attractive he felt a person was might have played into their hire. ETA: on another note about the transformation... Ruby did her painful transformation at least twice outside of William's house. Once in the elevator and once in the alley. She would have left blood trails and gobbets of flesh sitting around. I wonder did nobody notice any blood spatter in the elevator?
  16. DearEvette

    Author Antics

    There was a 12 author romance anthology in which Jenny was supposed to contribute a novella. Rice was not part of the anthology at all. Rice had been part of a long campaign against Jenny calling her a "gangster bully" because of Jenny's vocal denunciation of the STGRB site. Here is a snippet from Jenny's blog post about it:
  17. Right, also these rules have nothing to do with actually getting work in a film. They are only for having your film considered in the Best Picture Category for the Oscars. Jeez. As if there aren't already a bunch of other little unwritten rules about what makes a film "worthy" of being a Oscar Best Picture. Remember all the pearl clutching when Black Panther got nominated? Or how many really excellent comedy films have gotten overlooked over the years? When either Kirstie Alley or Justine Bateman's produce a cinematic masterpiece whose Oscar hopes get smashed because of these rules then they can talk.
  18. Well, I wanted more Ruby. Just didn't think I'd get HillaRuby. I will say, good job show for making me go through so many emotions: -disappointment - I was really disappointed with Ruby and how quickly she seemed to fall into being a white lady and accepting what William was doing. - smallish understanding - I could see Ruby being seduced by the access and privilege and the idea of being 'seen' for her accomplishments and not just her race - pissed - the way she took out her own disappointments on Tamara. Tamara is not your enemy. It is not her fault they chose her over you. The misplaced anger just pissed me off. - discomfort - just seeing her having to negotiate those spaces as a black woman in a white woman's skin and having to see under the hood of how these women interact and what they talk about - disgust - sorry, that whole metamorphosis scene just turned me off completely. That was some next level polyjuice potion. - frustration - why can't she see she is just a pawn? Nobody gives you anything for nothing. She better than anyone should know that. - validation - finally she realizes that being in this white skin is not really worth the physical pain of the metamorphosis or the psychological landmines she has to navigate to stay in this skin and the little compromises she had to make because at the end of the day she is still a black woman. - what the fuck - did not expect that ending. LOL. On the one hand I could see Ruby getting some visceral satisfction of literraly sticking it to the man. But otoh, it feels hollow somehow. The Ruby storyline was so crazy that it overshadowed Tic and Leti progressing more into a couple. And Montrose's coming out. It was great to see Shangel!! And William/Catherine is confirmed. This show is never boring. That hour goes fast!
  19. DearEvette

    Author Antics

    Anne Rice had also famously weaponized her followers on several occasions for nothing but negative reviews. And not just reviews on her work, but basically on anyone she decided she didn't like a review. Back in the day a bunch of butthurt authors decided to create a website called 'Stop The Goodreads Bullies" that was supposedly a safe space for authors to commiserate with each other over goodreads reviewers that "bullied" them. In fact it was a place where they all bitched about negative reviews. Later, It morphed into a completely toxic site whose driving purpose seemed to be to dox reviewers and sent author's fans after them. Anne Rice championed the site in very high profile places. At the time, she had over one million followers on her Facebook platform and would link to 'bullies' (i.e. negative reviews) on Goodreads and Amazon and suddenly those reviews would become battlegrounds. On her facebook, she would famously delete any dissenting posts. She also called author Jenny Trout a "gangster bully" and sent her followers after her. Her followers and the other members of the STRGB website went on a focused campaign to and complained to Jenny's publisher. As a result her contribution to a 12 author anthology was cancelled. Out of solidarity the other 11 authors pulled theirs as well. So yeah, Anne Rice stays being an asshole in arenas outside of fanfic.
  20. Yup that showed up on my Kindle on Tuesday. I have it next on deck. I saw they are going to Ireland and I am looking forward to Roarke interacting with his family. I hope he gets to beat somebody's ass. Last time he went to Ireland he beat up people to find out about his mother. Ah... good times! Right now I am buddy reading two books: When No One Is Watching by Alyssa Cole which is her first foray into thriller/suspense. I love her she is so versatile. She has written post-apoc fiction, Civil War era romance with black women spies, contemporary romances that span the Civil Rights era up through the present, and even a book with an A.I. main character. Also reading Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center. I read another book by her a few months ago, What You Wish For and really enjoyed her voice, so I am following up with this one.
  21. I like how on twitter someone asked 'Can it just stop... sooner?' LOL. Full disclosure I have never watched a hot second of this show, but man their presence hovering over pop culture has been annoying for those of us who have tried to avoid everything about them.
  22. I agree with your take on Ruby. And I think the context is very, very clear. And you sum them up very well in the paragraph above. Ruby's darkness and her weight will always be barrier for some. Ruby's lack of opportunity is definitely not her fault. The bootstrap narrative only takes you so far and is an insidious lie. There are entire studies about colorism and the advantages of being near white. For a person like Ruby who as we know has tried to assimilate more only to be knocked back, it can take a toll on your confidence and sense of self worth. She absolutely deserves her few moments of self pity. It is very easy to be horrified by the overt demonstrations racism that we've seen with the racist cops and the harassing neighbors. Those are tangible and easily pointed out and gives someone like Leti an opportunity to show acts of defiance. But the more coded, ephemeral acts of racism that Ruby is contending with are not and I think the show is doing a good job through her showing just how soul sucking in those things can be because you sometimes can't demonstrate satisfying acts of defiance against them.
  23. I went and read the entire article. And almost the second sentence we are told he is 'classically trained.' But the thing that kills me is the interviewer asked him a very open ended question about playing two American icons and was he prepared for the backlash? He had the opportunity to give a thoughtful answer but he went straight to a rather offensive generalization of what 'black Americans believe.' Meanwhile he later talks about his lack of opportunities in the UK. If he had used that as his answer rather than going on the offensive like he did, he probably would not have gotten the response he has. And rather than adding more wood to a banked fire, he would have given it some additional perspective so the conversation can shift and become more about the lack of opportunities all around.
  24. But wouldn't a relatively newcomer black ADOS actor be pretty cheap as well? Unless they are going non-union and paying the actor way under SAG-AFTRA rates, they can't be much cheaper than a newly minted actor or someone who is C-list. It may be partly true, but I am inclined to agree with Wendell Pierce that the perception is that British actors are better trained. And this isn't just limited to black casting, but it looms much larger since black casting is such a skinny sliver of the overall casting pie. I am convinced the only reason Downton Abbey was so overpraised was because it was a British period piece. Because the storytelling and writing were pure soap opera and Michelle Dockery (who puzzlingly got nominated for an Emmy every freaking year) was a freaking block of wood.
  25. There is this in The Wire between Lt. Daniels and his wife and she says 'The game is rigged. But you can not win if you do not play." Montrose came really close to saying something like that. LOL. So did Ruby.
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