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  1. And here I was a tad disappointed (okay, miffed) that TPTB sped up the video of some shelter-building.
  2. Well, I got that whole "Heidi has left the dock" prediction 100% wrong! Sex and Drama, thy names are Mike and Heidi!
  3. I did say "...or they are not." The judging parameters remain, as you note, unknown, allowing the judges some leeway. I'm taking bets that next episode's "unplated tortilla" does not belong to Dawn!
  4. But time constraints, team work, and task completion either are important to "Top Chef," or they are not.
  5. I don't understand all the "Dawn's food has been consistently good" comments. Just tonight it was assessed as lacking the required 5 different techniques (with three being sauces), and her take on the Philly Cheesesteak as not being up to the original. But again, Jamie went against a Cardinal Rule ( because the fish was "mild"), and her poor judgment could not stand. (Mollusks and shellfish, FWIW, are not fish. But Tillamook wants to sell its cheddar, so it doesn't surprise me that its recipes include salmon. Tuna Casserole is common, of course.)
  6. Thank you for that correction. Even more supportive of her own fault.
  7. No. Production rolled back the tape to show us all the exact moment in the kitchen when Dawn handed Jamie the plate with the missing gougere. It was not competitor Jamie's responsibility to check Dawn's work.
  8. Tom mentioned that Dawn's best item was the gougere, but not everyone got to taste it.
  9. Funny, I can read bolded capital letters in my normal head voice. Dawn was 100% trying to (at the least) share the plating blame with Jamie, simply by mentioning her. IMO. Plus making this plating omission error four times?! Please! Moreover, Tom told Dawn that 3/5 of her cheese techniques were sauces. 60% = Scant variety. But I guess ultimately, fish just "doesn't go" with cheese! Or tahini. Gabe's and Shota's ideas, techniques, and finished products were the most sophisticated, as has been true throughout. I'll be gobsmacked if neither man wins.
  10. Maybe a bear won't bother the berries, but burrowing rodents might! Didn't look like even a squirrel's ration, though! Speaking of squirrels, are there none? Last season some got themselves caught and et! 🙂
  11. Too bad there are no wild monkeys around! I learned as a kid reading "Swiss Family Robinson" that a human can safely consume anything a monkey eats. What was it again Biko hoped to find across the lake? Greener grass? Better he should have waded in to catch some fish! Cutting the sleeves off his shirt for no purpose (unlike the pink underwear)? Doesn't he know of the concept "rolling them up"? Prediction: The first strong wind will carry away his unsecured bark shingles. Loved the screen statement that Jordon's fish would last him three meals. WHAT?! A hungry adult man with no othe
  12. The very specific mention of a child does, IMO. I knew it weeks ago, didn't think it cool to post.
  13. Although I knew and maybe others could predict about the future of Jules and Cam, nonetheless, revealing it constitutes a Spoiler, IMO.
  14. From that moment when Mike said on the beach that he couldn't listen any more to Heidi, we have not seen her happy or even with a smile. Ever. Always a worried, anxious, sorrowful, distressed look about her. Mike has not changed in any manner. In fact, his final boating stunt was an in-your-face dare to Heidi to "Take it or leave it." He's the Captain of his ship, and she can come along for the ride...or not. I trust that next week we'll see that Heidi has left the port.
  15. Dan is a Mama's Boy. And I suspect Mama will not like Jessika.
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