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  1. Mindy went full sweat-and-sweatpants on Night One.
  2. Kudos! I especially love the "Katie Special"! 😄😄
  3. Except (sorry!) Katie is not behaving as you describe yourself: becoming less enamored as time goes on. She acts and speaks not with growing indifference, but with increasing desperation masked by anger and jealousy. It is DEREK who is coming to your eventual realization. And I believe it will be DEREK who chooses divorce.
  4. It is true that, no matter how frustrated we here in Viewerland would get with her reactions to Zach, Mindy was a Class Act all the way. "Dignity and grace," indeed.
  5. Perhaps Derek is now mature enough to wonder if maybe his puppy-dog lovesick poem was not a result of being in love, but rather of having a crush on some girl in his Algebra class or whichever class was his favorite to day-dream in. Is Katie miffed that young Derek never wrote a poem for her, never mind that he doesn't possess a Wayback Machine? Is she mad that he's not composing one now, after she scorned his hope to write a Christmas song? Or is Katie most upset that she married this dreamer with a poet's soul, and not her ex-"manhandler" with a rat-bastard's ego?
  6. Are you suggesting that the latter is equivalent in type to the former behavior? Because one could assume the former was when Derek was a younger scamp, but the latter has been the province of many a mature man.I PSA: If one cannot recall the participants' names still, one need only do the erstwhile TWoP required routine of reading previous posts.
  7. Getting upset with or annoyed by anything in someone's past that was before he met you and wasn't criminal, is futile and potentially damaging to the present. IOW, Katie is an idiot. "Who ARE you?! I don't KNOW you! You WROTE This?! How could you write this IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE?! WTF ARE YOU?!" And that's the Reader's Digest Condensed version. IMO, that irrational tirade should have been the final nail in the Coffin of Crushed Dreams that contains the remains of the "Katie and Derek love story."
  8. Moustache-less Brandon looks more skeptical, more serious.
  9. Katie has a very perverse thought process. Why is she "uncomfortable"? Why is she annoyed? Why is she all "WTF?" Why is she actually incredulous to the point of CHALLENGING Derek's saying he wrote the poem as a young kid, and it doesn't mean he has been in love before? AND WHAT IF HE HAD BEEN, FGS?! Why does she insist on saying, "Who ARE you?!" Dump her, Derek. I'm begging you. Don't let Mindy be the only one with guts. Does Katie not GET that the entire purpose of this visit is to learn more about the other?
  10. And now we see why we started with five couples.
  11. Jessica should have kept mum. Let the man speak the words first.
  12. "Hello, Lindsay? It's me, Zach. I'm FREEEEE!" OMG, Katie's voice is excruciatingly unpleasant!
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