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  1. "Would you want to give all this up?" Brandon: *crickets*
  2. KLM definitely does; I've done the NY--Ansterdam trip a few times.
  3. Oh, Mother Debbie isn't hated, is she? I thought we regarded her like Bruno's "extra but amusing" mother in "Strangers On A Train"! Poor Julia. And now, poor Amira, crying over Dopey Day-Care.
  4. Brandon should look his parents in the eyes and say, "First day I inherit, I sell."
  5. If there is one "journey" I hope never to encounter again, it's of What's Her Name and her Sam-Wan Asuelu. Discovery Minus!
  6. They made a one-hour show about Betty of Creepyass Farm. No spoilers!
  7. She's Minty Fresh! And she's dab, dab, dabbing, Baby Love!
  8. Man oh Manischevitz! The new fiancees this season have to slop the swine, hope to avoid being thrown to bayou gators, be tha-rilled with a one-horse burg, and deal with border detainment. Well, the path of true love.... Andrew seems not very bright. This whole international game of tag is weird.
  9. Worse luck for Betty, emphasizing her manly visage. Could Becky not have at least bought a pretty Arabic-design bedspread? Natalie, stop snooping for the ring. And FWIW, Big Mike isn't worth it.
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