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  1. We're B-A-A-A-CK! So! I totally agreed with the judges about winner and loser! Flouncy Depends? Meow! Loved the thinking-outside-the-litter-box JUNGLE PARROT NOT PEACOCK (it included red, not any purple) outfit, too! I wish the show hadn't dropped the separate segment where the judges examine the garments more closely. Yes, some judges looked at some outfits, but it was haphazard and the contestants were still there. Love Christian! "Are you making a collection?!" Ah, mes amis! Already we have ze leetle sac a main jaune, n'est-ce pas? One is compelled to think of the embroidery slogan superieur!
  2. Not having heard of the show, I didn't get the reference to "The Last Kingdom." In any case, my suggestion of "Anglo-Saxons" was to continue the manner of title specifically naming the main cultural group depicted: "Vikings," "Anglo-Saxons," "Normans," etc.
  3. Maybe someone will come up with a new series called "Anglo-Saxons"!
  4. Shame is not restricted to any religion, nor are the concepts of "right" and "wrong." Ethics exist outside the realm of religion, also. Moreover, and not to put too fine a point on it, one man's angel is another man's alien.
  5. I'm so far not that impressed with the artistic talent of these contestants. I haven't seen any concept or execution that was a true light-bulb moment for me. Still fun! ETA: NOW I'm impressed! The examples of Japanese wrapping styles were beautiful! Origami is beyond me!
  6. I thought at least Soyun would put some of those mints back as a top layer. I binge-watched five episodes today, so I might get some scenes mixed up, but one thing: about all the fights. I once saw a program wherein Matt Damon showed the detailed choreography of one "Bourne Identity" fight (the scene where a foe bursts through an apartment balcony window and you yelped, yes, you did). It was most enlightening, and is, frankly, the only way I can sit through and even appreciate all the "Treadstone" fisticuffs! I have no idea why Petra didn't stab Yuri to death for his obvious betrayal of her, their values, and of the (former) Soviet Union. Love? It is to laugh. Self-preservation? To what end? Perhaps her defeat is a plot point to be used along with her found wristwatch. As with "Press," this is a series "event" that I wish were a true series, with no planned end date.
  7. Money Mike's ex-wife is Tiny Tim's ex Veronica, blonde version.
  8. Anny spoke in Spanish to the fitness trainer because she was flirting. She, like Jasmine and Sasha, is emotionally done with Source of Green Card. Mike and Natalie are like a Sit-Com come to life, in a gentle "Beverly Hillbillies" way.
  9. So the way I see it is: The person most benefiting from this season is.......Porn Granny Stephanie! She could never buy all this p.r.! Sasha showed his true narcissist colors, with his thunder-faced "I don't DESERVE this!" No, it's Baby David who doesn't deserve this, or you, or his stupid mother. Poor decent Blake. His Finicky Finn didn't want to converse after de-planing, didn't want to converse with his friends, doesn't like to converse at mealtimes...there's a motif here, Blake. Michael and ex-wife, take care of your son (remember, you don't want Juliana to); he is a wounded boy. "It's the little things." Syngin, man, GTHOOT, STAT! What's her name is going to spend 1/3 of your visa time in Costa Rica to learn "herbalism"?! I can't stand her. The beekeepers are "b" for "boring." In any language. Metamucil isn't even a good-looking Turk (I like me some swarthy).
  10. I love my local homeboy Carson in anything. But this show needs to, you know, SHOW us more! I want to see more actual wrapping techniques, not glue-gunning gummy bears or whatever! E g., Nutcracker Bear we saw all wrapped up, but how were the legs done? Ah, well! I'll keep watching, because it's fun and fluff and Carson! Wrap him up!
  11. It doesn't get much more personal than asking another about her use (or not) of birth control measures. I, for one, was and always will be defined by my job: I taught English close to half my life. My late husband was the department chairman. Books fill my home. And I'm a Grammar Nazi! As for judging Porn Granny: Maybe she could refrain from casting that first stone. She says "cordial" like a Southerner would say "Bless your heart."
  12. Anna's beekeeper outfit covers a multitude of sins. Where can I get one? It nonetheless is NOHB.
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