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  1. I think Myrla is checking Poshmark. 😉
  2. I wanted to give four 💛, one for each of your comments!
  3. Now that, people, was a Grade-A TANTRUM!
  4. A shockingly crappy suggestion might do that to a person.
  5. Brett needs Ryan like the proverbial fish needs a bicycle. Why get to know more of this affectless [fill in]?
  6. But at least her hat said "Mrs."! (Brett had no hat on at times.) Ryan said he was "disappointed " that only Bao (Read: "Not Brett." Never mind no-one else shot the rifles, but whatever.) joined him. Now see, when Myrla speaks like that, it's a COMPLAINT. DANGER, NEGATIVE, WILL ROBINSON!
  7. Does Ryan think we believe his ridiculous "completely not giving up. ..trying to stay as open-minded as I can, and doing everything I can to make this marriage work."?????? GTHOOH. 🤔 🤮 💩
  8. Ryan wondering why Brett "entirely shut down"? THE CAR TALK, YOU MORON. And, ya know, shooting a rifle isn't every woman's dream date.
  9. That horse pace would bore the bejeebers outta me! Except I would never have ridden a horse. Nope. Oh, here comes the "Myrla is Difficult" theme. She totally co-operated with the horse ride. I guess unlike other human beings she's not allowed to be anything but Pollyanna. Maybe she doesn't feel adequate about offering advice.
  10. Bao is telling it like it is! Don't back down, Bao! You have been disrespected by Johnny! Let Ryan know he's on your s**tlist, Brett. You got along without him before you met him... 🎶
  11. Man, Ryan basically said to Brett(in the car), "Girl, are you blind?!"
  12. Oh, good. Brett gets to visit a ranch. 🤪
  13. What should Brett do? She already gave him the Tower of 100 Compliments. And never mind about her messiness. Ryan was checked out long before that revelation. As for the 900-pound manatee capable of up-ending (and some known to have done so) a kayak? Well, bravo to admonishing old Brett. How understanding. Same with flying. You know what my husband did after I told him I could no longer get on a plane, thus curtailing his beloved trips to Europe? He drove us to vacation spots in the US. Brett can't become petite. She's not a blonde. It's unlikely she'll change her opini
  14. I take it you're not Italian! Google "fongool/fungool." You'll learn the reason. 🤫
  15. Well, if we're getting down to brass tacks, the show's PTB didn't have to allow Minnesota Joe on, did they? And why didn't he tell Michelle straight up that they "knew" each other? Instead, he's walking away and she calls out his last name. I would look to Joe as an underhanded weasel along with Notebook Ryan. Previews look like there's lots of fun in store. Michelle seems like a good sport!
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