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  1. I am done with Bjorn: his non-voice growl; his fugly face; his cheap adultery; his treatment of his mentally-ill brother (whom I can't abide, but still...). So what did the Cossacks accomplish, but murder? Ivar is playing a dangerous game by cozying up to Damien Igor.
  2. Man, somebody needs to coach these dames (and not just this season's) about "honeymoon stuff", like lingerie, hygiene (yes, I remember Tom's dirty feet!), over-sharing the bathroom (does teeth-brushing look good on anyone?), etc.!
  3. Maybe Zach isn't into cadaverous visages.
  4. CeCe looks like a Drew-Barrymore-in-"E.T." wannabe.
  5. Sasha cannot be liking the latest Emily, considering his insult, when they were packing, about her need for working out. Sister Emily is Aidy Bryant.
  6. Theo James is worth anything. J/S! Topic: Awww, Big Mike. Sincerity gets you nowhere on 90DF.
  7. Oh, Robert knows from "gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme"---but we're not talking money here.
  8. Now that is the definition of "Sisyphean task."
  9. "I believe in soulmates. We're not them." Tania's care for Syngin knows no bounds. is Grangela holding her crotch? Is that where she keeps her tote?
  10. Or Jazzy and Teem! Think of the world-class ennui!
  11. I like Jazzy's make-up. It's from the House of Tussaud, no?
  12. Mindy's 'rents: Hmmmm.....Participate in a Reality TV show of which they disapprove; or break their daughter's heart on her "big day." Yeah, well. Kind of ensures that the inevitable meeting with Zach will be just a tad awkward. "Oh, you're not so bad. Ralph, look! He's not so bad! Maybe we should have gone to the wedding; I still have that dress from Taz's wedding!" "Now, Alice, don't cry over spilled champagne! Son, your hair looks to have its own zipcode! What's that you're muttering? Speak up, boy, I say, speak up!" "I'm not attracted to your daughter, Sir." *Dog barks in the background*
  13. This board has seeped into my brain. At my grocery store this afternoon, I bought, I kid you not, a jar of mole sauce.
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