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  1. I find this new crew boring already, except for "Looks Like a Male Tina Fey" Bennett. I wonder, though, about the compatibility of two quirky people, like maybe one should be the practical "Let's have a bathroom in our own place" type. I don't see many chosen as floating the other's boat.
  2. Oops! Well, then I take back my slander of squirrel blood!
  3. LOVED Episode 13! In no particular order: ** Haley ("Hales") / David ("$25/hr")--- I don't see them lasting to the series end. Haley is OTT, from her demeanor to her decolletage. Plus, maybe she could stop flirting (because, come on) with other husbands. And I don't like her hair! I think it does no favors to her long face. Cathy ("Cowgirl") / Josh ("Cop")--- Well, it was all fun and games until Haley arrested his attention! Then the tears. Josh, play your cards right and don't deal from the bottom. ** Amanda ("Did I mention gay marriages?") / Tash ("I tried")--- No, Tash; point to Amanda for you NOT trying. As in, turned off at the altar. Now, some people might need chemistry for anatomy to follow---but don't lie about it. Also, undergarments are your friend. Vanessa ("Complexion") / Chris ("....")--- My new Couple #1! Nothing majorly wrong, no tears, no arguments. Steady as she goes. ** Mishel ("No Retirement Village!") / Steve ("Quiet!")---Steve is looking and behaving not only too elderly for Mishel; he's a boring Mr. Bossy-Pants! Mishel has to give him another week, but she's not going to buy any New and Improved Steve, Action Man. Aleks ("We have so much in common") / Ivan ("No Socks")--- He's the real "lovuh, not a fightuh" of this entire group. But he's not a flirt; he's very happy with whom the experts paired him. ** Natasha ("Gold-digger") / Mikey ("10-Second Man")--- A private joke probably with some truth that Natasha repeated for a cheap, but perhaps ultimately costly, laugh from the others. Mikey was wounded to the quick, pun intended! Mustn't "sex shame" (tm Michael) your husband, Natasha! He was still unhappy on the couch post-discussion, which is why Natasha sat leaning far forward. ** Stacy ("Busty Lips") / Michael ("Agent Provocateur")--- He's an instigator, a regular Mr. Buttinski, and that isn't a good look. Is his behavior towards and about the other men to make himself look better to Stacy, after he goes out carousing on his honeymoon? First he winds up Steve, then he snitches to Mikey with the predictable result. The experts think this couple makes a good, supportive team, but that could be for public consumption. ** Connie ("BiSci") / Jonny ("Hair")--- Sigh. True Love seems to be on the wane with Connie, as she sees Jonny as puerile. What was he thinking, anyway, arranging a painting session for them with two old and nude models?! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** = I predict "Mutual LEAVE Signs" for this couple, before series finale. I have hope for the others.
  4. When I saw that dude consuming raw squirrel blood last episode, I knew he was in for it. Lovely retching scenes! I am fascinated by this show I'd never known of previously! I'm looking into Amazon's offerings!
  5. I still say Kenneth is Bob from "The Biggest Loser"!
  6. Brittany is soon to star in the real-life drama of an American woman fleeing the restrictions of a Muslim country: "Not Without My Alcohol!"
  7. Brittany is soon to star in the real-life drama of an American woman fleeing the restrictions of a Muslim country: "Not Without My Alcohol!"
  8. How long before Pole insists that Kreenie get tested for Covid-19?
  9. Don't overlook the hand-embroidered phrases on the sweatshirts and handbags** in the "90DF" store! We're holding a "Christmas in July" sale! ** Most popular handbag is the "I Did.....The BJ" model. Production limited.
  10. I simply cannot fathom wanting to reproduce with Asuelo. When does his savant part kick in?
  11. One of my neighbors decided one summer to kick some ball or other against his shed. Thump. Thump. Thump. So I took my basketball and bounced it continually (I'm very good at this!) on my driveway. Thumpthumpthumpthumpthump. Guess who quit first, heh. Then there's always the loudly-played music of Sousa and Wagner!
  12. And Grangela can shake it like a Polaroid picture! Tom can Salsa!
  13. Syngin didn't even know to tilt a beer glass when pouring?
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