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  1. Mes amis! Ze Bebe Pole, he is named Pierreee! Laura's son is an eyesore. Sorry, not sorry. Jenny From the Block is a sad case. Sumit needs his hide whipped!
  2. That commercial is great acting! His face shows so many expressions!
  3. Ole David guessed it! "Either she's Bi-, or...." Asuelu is a'ight, if puerile is your gig.
  4. Yellow is not Zied's color. Especially tight yellow.
  5. I am not maternal, but Baby Ava is adorable! Her giggles! Telling a young man that his mother is "low-life trash" is the very definition of "trash." Rosa is lucky that Anthony is a calm guy. And Rilah needs to know that blood is thicker than romance.
  6. Getting together with her sister and showing Tom their dynamic was not advantageous to Darcey. She could have had alone time with Prince Tom on an island, to work her wiles.
  7. I'm in for the Pillow Talk! I mean, the exquisite irony of Debbie's opining that "There's something wrong in this relationship"! The Caesar-level child-like naivete of Asuelu!
  8. Man, a 30-second preview was better than this entire episode! "Give me some space!" quoth Prince Tom Charming. Preacher Akinyi Dad feelin' the Holy Spirit! Grangela reaching her fourteenth "I'm done!" moment! Rebecca hoping she's greased the skids for her "still-married" revelation with her Sapphic secret! To be continued.......!
  9. Same basic Mediterranean zone. Tunisia is quite the tourist destination. Re: Albania. Once upon a time last century, my husband and I got right to the Albanian border on our way through then-Yugoslavia to Greece. Alas, we were stopped by police and directed around. But I would imagine Albania's coastline is as beautiful as Dalmatia's. Rebecca! TMI! STHU! What a dope!
  10. When Stacy and Florian kissed on the bridge, Darcy in the background looked up at Tom, and...nothin'.
  11. Whoa! Big Ange went all Soupy Sales on hapless Mahkul! Akinyi is articulate. I think she fears for Ben.
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