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  1. I despise when kids play Marco Polo in a pool. It's a stupid concept, you can't win, and the constant repetition makes me want to gouge my eyes out. sorry..
  2. OMG is that all they do? Sit on the floor and feed their kids lines: "Is that a crayon?...Is there a baby in mommy's tummy?...Is that purple?...Was today your first day of preschool?.." God, so easy when you don't have a job to just sit and color and make gingerbread houses.
  3. How is it that these people have time to do all these projects? The toilet paper gun thing, the photo shoot, the cooking competitions, scavenger hunts, the sign making, gazebo building, the Tik Tok stuff... do they have jobs? It's getting aggravating. I guess the TLC income stream is high, but then they leave their jobs and then there is nothing for them to film so they have to make stuff up. So stupid.
  4. All I remember her saying on Flip or Flop, besides "eeww!" was, "What are the comps?" and I can't stand her voice.
  5. I think this show is lovely. The sense of community, of history, of a shared experience is simply beautiful. Thinking about all the small towns all over this country, how many wonderful people are out there, makes me emotional. Enjoying this immensely.
  6. Will there be a merger? Do they know? Anyone else feel kind of sad with the alligator killings? I get that its food, but I felt kind of sad watching them struggle and then die.
  7. Lesia

    S25.E11: Week 11

    She hasn't met many people, has she?
  8. My life is boring, and yet it would be more interesting than this show.
  9. All I'm hearing is Forrest Gump when he talks.
  10. Rebecca looks big(ger) a little bit, no?
  11. Um, whats wrong is that you weigh ONE THOUSAND POUNDS.
  12. I live 10 minutes from Middletown. My kids swam and played hockey at Wesleyan University which is there. Silas Deane Highway, where those studio apartments are, is no great shakes. Its goes straight up to Fartford, em I mean HARTford...
  13. That's his job. It's what they do. It shouldn't be a surprise that he wants to keep as many in his faith as he can. I don't agree, but it's what they do.
  14. If there is a better ad for birth control than these shows, find it. Ari and Binyam's baby Tae-Yang Pierre All will grow up in fractured or dysfunctional families. Not fair.
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