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  1. Lesia

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    When people show you who they are, believe them, Bubby. This isn't our "narrative". This is Amber. She knows no other way to be.
  2. Lesia

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    How did Andrew possibly fall in love with this heinous woman? Another fractured family, another child will grow up not knowing its mother, its just awful. What a piece of garbage. I kind of feel bad for him.
  3. Lesia

    S01.E06: Another World

    How old is Evelin? 26? Her English is PHENOMENAL. (kind of like Anfisa's, and she was even younger. ) Where did she learn it, being from such a tiny fishing village? When she used REPELLANT properly, it made me wonder. I don't think she's 26...
  4. your point about Jenny not feeling off about lying. very insightful. i would feel sad, that my person wouldn't share me with his family, and have to jump through hoops to not get caught. she's kind of dimwitted, no?
  5. Lesia

    S17.E14: Finale

    I stopped watching when it moved to Lifetime, just couldn't follow the schedule. Can someone tell me why it was so bad?
  6. Loren- Not funny but Alexi is adorable so i will tolerate her. Twins- trying too hard. the daughters shouldn't be there. Tarik and Dean- hilarious. Tarik has a deeper sense of humor than I gave him credit for after his season with flavorless Hazel. Dean and his expressions kill me. Annie- 'Never dance" had me rolling. David Poor has respectful explanations for Annie when she doesn't understand anything, and i like his laugh. The two of them go well together. This is gold. Love it.
  7. Lesia

    S07.E23: Lee & Rena & Sarah

    Sarah looked great, but my goodness, she seemed SO sad. Hopefully skin removal will help, but somehow I feel like there's so much more going on there.
  8. How about that CREEPY explanation of what it means to carve a pumpkin? I thought Larissa's reaction to the patch was rather sweet, never having seen one before, and then doofus starts in with the serial killer talk...boy is he weird.
  9. Sure it is. Certification for ESL teaching is highly intense. You have to take linguistics and morphology and teaching if you already haven't among a lot of other courses.
  10. Memorial day next Monday.
  11. So when he said she got a bonus at work, and we know she works for her dad, is he being obtuse? No, Libby lied, She said to the camera she lied to her husband, and that she hopes he buys it, about getting a bonus, that would serve as a deposit on an apartment.
  12. like Pillow talk, that would be better than the regular show!!
  13. Lesia

    7 Little Johnstons

    Nothing more fascinating than being in on a marriage counseling appointment...maybe TLC could come to my house and film me washing dishes, or waiting for the dermatologist.
  14. Eh, even if they are staged, in fake bedrooms on a set, this was brilliant! Well done, TLC!
  15. "Dont we have napkin? Why we so poor?" Omg that was hilarious!!