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  1. There's not squat on Network TV right now, so, I suppose that any ridic twisted storyline is better than nothing.
  2. Because Randall is a well spoken, educated, devoted family man and the "picture perfect" black dude for a conversation that our country desperately needs to have?
  3. Just MHO, but Randall is irritating, sanctimonious and holier than thou and he would piss me off regardless of his pigment. I'm not loving that stereotype either...kind of convoluted. I've never squirted a kid, but I'm pretty damned sure that i wouldn't be all that judgey about the source or legality of pain meds at that particular moment...
  4. Apparently, I am bi-Covid ... I bounce between re-runs of The Waltons and the grisly of the ID Channel...
  5. They are the poster kids for the definition of insanity -"doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results". But doesn't that cover about 95% of our litigants? "Yeppers, I squirted out one kid with Prince Charming that he hasn't spent one dollar or one hour on, so I'll drop another and THEN PrCh will magically become Pa Ingalls.
  6. And our squirming is well deserved! It's a convo that's long over due.
  7. Nah. I didn't mean that at all IRL. The show has already had some teachy/preachy moments (in a good way). Randall was eyeballs with his own sister of 4 decades; she seemed truly perplexed/remorseful and eager to connect and understand. If not with one's own sibling, then who? Maybe we'll see this play out later in a thoughtful and productive fashion.
  8. You're prob right. Either way, they weren't at all realistic looking.
  9. I bout fell off the couch at $1000 price tag!!! Fair market around here is about $400 per room & It's easily a full week with a 2-3 person crew. It's all also depending on if doors and trim come into play. That's where the real work is. I'd prob take a pass at the too cheap bid, but dudes work looked pretty darned good.
  10. Firstly, good quality full mouth of implants is about $25k. Secondly, if Camilla paid only 7k$, she got exactly what she paid for - hers are awful! Cammie still has that weird mouth, teeth slappy thing going on that's identical to old school dentures.
  11. Right???? Even in Hollyworld, that was a huge opportunity to educate. Perhaps, Randall will come off the mount in a future episode and have a constructive convo? That's a TeeVee troupe that's been done ad nauseum. So, yes. I fully expect something similar.
  12. The victims just don't yank my heartstrings at all. It's only logical that if someone is really getting a huge trust fund (millions) or whatever, there are banks and lawyers all up in that. If the trust/inheritance is for real, those bankers & lawyers would happily front the running money. No need to beg friends or acquaintances.
  13. Yes, we're kindred. (But, I wear contacts, go figger) So, to keep it show related....our frequent litigants and their rotted out teeth (Care Credit) issues send me scratching the walls. The P usually wants the D to pay for the teeth fixing. IMO, it's usually the P that was just looking for a fixer-upper and wanted the work done. D didn't previously give a damn about his trench mouth.
  14. I call BS on both of them. Plaintiff had figured out how to grift charities and then decided that would be his chosen career. IMO, lately "Uber" means "doing nothing". I miss the olden days when JJ would say "it doesn't look like you've missed any meals". Defendent got (and blew through) his upfront charity money and when he realized he couldn't soak anymore, want the P outta there.
  15. Ooh mine too! A JJ shining moment when she looked Mrs. MAGA, with the Hilary Hating AH boyfriend dead in the eye and told her to dump his sorry ass. But, as we know, she prob did not. Que the rally call of Court TV Idiot Women:. "An asshole is better than being alone" WTF? Sorry, CrazyinAlabama. I can't get your quote right & can't delete. And, just me or did JJ start looking like a hologram?
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