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  1. Boy, that was a let down! She had her 5k spent! Roof was falling in, EVERYTHING was ruined, but she's got zip for pictures of her Second Katrina. Earlier, when JJ was quizzing about P's rental history, she said she left one abode because "they didn't do Section 8 anymore". Ummm? Ya think? Landlording is not in my future. EVER. Section 8? Oh hell no!
  2. Except in North Texas Hail Country! Insurance companies soak you every year, then act all shock and awed when the spring hail comes. Which it does, Like, basically, (LOL) every year. What a beat down to get the roof replaced. Nickle and diming, back & forth... Last year, I was agog at my stellar ability to find weather history data on The Google, whereas the insurance adjusters were completely flummoxed at how that works... Ins: There was no hail in June. Me: Yes, there was. I was hiding with the dogs in the tub while it came. Ins: Prove it. Me: Sends links to NOAA Ins: Can't open links. Me: Sends pictures of torn up roof. Ins: How do we know that's hail? Me: Have you seen my ample ass? Do you think I got on the roof and beat it up? How do you suppose those dents occured? Ins: (Two weeks later). K. Well, maybe we should investigate.... That's just the preamble to an actual claim. Then the fun starts.
  3. IKR? 30 year old Law & Order over & over! I need our cute Private Eyes right now.
  4. I think I ponied up about $300 for an indie inspector on this house. He looked down the hallway and noticed paint of "a different sheen". Come to find out, cracks over doors were hiding a slab leak foundation "shift". Seller had to jackhammer the floor, carpet, tile to the tune of about 10k. Sellers insurance paid before I closed. $300 on me was tots well spent. Our litigants are so penny wise and pound foolish, that most of the time I don't feel much sympathy.
  5. It was the "exact wording" that went against the P. IIRC, my house disclosure was very specific. Mold? Termites? Foundation Issues?, Etc. It doesn't require seller to expound on "maybes". One thing I did to find out about neighbors before I made an offer...I went to the house on Saturday night and cut the engine and lights in front and & alley and rolled down my windows. Amazing how a hood changes after dark. Dodged a bullet on an otherwise nice looking area. Yeah, if $1900 is gonna send her crying, homeownership has plenty of surprises in store for her. I could never, ever live with an HOA or share walls with someone. But dear dawg, a detached home will bleed you dry....roof, fences, sprinklers, tree trimming...it never stops!
  6. Good job with the Ayn Rand ref. I'll throw in a little of the "Peter Principle" for good measure. You simply cannot save people from themselves. Is it immoral to exploit the intellectually "less thans" for profit? Yes, of course. Are We also guilty for patronizing that market? Yes. We Are. We watch and yak about these people because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Should it not be this way? Yep. It would terrific if everyone was more compassionate and less judgey. Not gonna happen though... I've worked with "trailer trash" for decades. It's so very and deeply ingrained, that it's a badge of honor. Any attempt to help someone is viewed as "trying to make me hoity toity". I once asked a receptionist to please not chew gum answering my business phone...she said - "you are trying to change me into a 'phony' snot like you". I get being broke. I understand that dentists are expensive, fast food is cheaper than vegetables, etc. But, please don't come crying to me when you can't pay your power bill, but your ink is fresh and new. June, etc have been given a gift that strikes once in a lifetime, but they have chosen to double down and act like morons, because ignorance pays. There's plenty of blame to go around.
  7. Giant fat arms without sleeves...ugh. no shaming, I have giant fat arms, too! I just don't inflict them on the public! No one wants to see that... And my personal favorite...really, skinny tiny lips with harsh pink or red lipstick. No! Honey! Just don't! One more! You're going on TeeVee FFS! Hit those roots with the Clairol or Loreal or at least some damn shampoo! $10 and 45 minutes! Jeez
  8. There's an ION (US) commercial that touts their wonderfulness. Brief shot of Private Eye folks, but checking schedule shows zip. Love the sweet little show! I think we are MORE than a season behind in US. Last summer they showed same epis over and over, but chats talked about stuff I haven't seen yet!
  9. I have no idea if I'm in the right place! If not, please point me! I have an antique Dish DVR that is a workhorse. But! Is it the networks? Why do shows not record till shows end? Specifically, Sundance, AMC, WE, USA, etc...I set to record and get the whole show until last minute or so. Then cuts. I have to tell every recording to extend another minute plus. I'm not a tech idjit, but I'm not sure if networks are at fault or my old ass DVR? I can make DISH give me a new receiver, but mine is in an entertainment center that's bitch to deal with AND I am a DVR Hoarder with lots of saved movies. Yes, I know I can move stuff to a harddrive, change receivers, etc, but I'm lazy AF. If I do all that, will DVR still cut off the last quips of Law & Order?
  10. That case was very interesting, and I could see MM was not thrilled having to follow the "letter of the law". Which she did, instead of being all TeeVee Court touchy feely. Tots sucked for the plaintiff, but it was an excellent lesson in contract law. It would have been awesome to see Smarmy Def lose, but there's your B&W technicality that had to prevail. I almost think P had a heads up that she didn't quite explore, pre-closing. Then again, I feel her...a fast purchase and the flurry of papers at closing is very daunting. Not convinced that she doesn't still have an action against the Title Guru. At $1900., Love your house anyway, I guess it's time to let it go.
  11. Like every other "Schill Show". So very rare is a follow up on his "help". By now, after hundreds of "guests", there have been what? 5-6 follow ups? Don't get me started on Dr. Oz! Another Oprah offshoot that's a total grifting charleton now, too. Jeez. O! Bounce them all off your bazillion dollar portfolio.
  12. Amen! The carcasses were shocking! Schill glossed over like "whatev". Clearly, several animals were either starved and/or left to predators. So now, the kids are being taught that animals are just another piece of junk in the nasty pile of shit called "home". Mr. "Mandated Reporter" didn't even acknowledge the obvious animal cruelty. He was too busy regurgitating his worn out homilies and flinging "get out of jail free" cards to those assholes. I was seething at the end: talk about "rewarding bad behaviour"? Schill couldn't do it fast enough! No shaming, no accountability for that disgusting display! Let's just give those animal abusing, child endangering, selfish pigs a free pass! As long as the audience claps and praises the walk down the aisle with Skeletor, it's a "good show". Full disclosure...I really like Oprah! I dug what she used to do - finding inspiring people for different stuff and giving them a platform. Now, she's got more money than God - so why does she let grifters like Schill hang on her coattails? She should cut him loose.
  13. 1. Yep. Little plaintiff asshole was pulling a scam and got caught. Then wanted to doubledown with obvious threats. Loved him losing and having to pay for arrears! Sure wanted a hallterview with that one! Why, why can't we have cameras down the "storming out" hallways! 2. Aww, don't rag on my girl! I thought the feet on the bench was hysterical! She had P's number and was trying to shame him on his BS claim. I thought it was a "You are not serious RightNow, and I won't be either moment"
  14. I've opined on this dozens of catfish epis. Schill has NEVER once advised the victim's family to consult a lawyer. He's NEVER once had some Celeb (also his BFF) attorney to chime in on a catfish situation! That's BS IMHO! Any judge with connected braincells could see a drained bank account and the Nigerian connection. The court has complete power to appoint an unbiased financial guardian to investigate. If I saw one of my parents doing that shit, I'd haul them from court to court to stop the bleeding. Schill has not once uttered a word about legal possibilities. That's just shameful. Today, GF loving a hoarder ep! But once again, Schill is off the rails! Let's give these lazy MoFos a cleaning service, an organizer, a life coach?...So, they get to sit back on their fat filthy behinds and get the house all pretty on someone else's nickel? How about send the the POS's home with a dumpster waiting in the driveway, a trailer full of cleaning supplies and give them two weeks to make serious progress? Two weeks later if Real stuff is getting done? OK. Let's send in some extra help. Shit or get off the pot.
  15. Catching up...wedding photographer that just "loses" pictures and twenty flimsy excuses why. Out in the hall, Doug ask a couple of times "aren't you embarrassed?" "Nah", he's not, "life happens". Ding! Ding! Ding! There it is folks, society in a nutshell. No one is ever embarrassed, contrite or feels shame about ANYTHING. Just happyass along, crapping on everyone else, it's all good.
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