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  1. zillabreeze

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    That must have been the accomplishment on his LinkedIn profile that really sold it for Schill! These people are so delusional that they're starting to believe their own lies. We also had Plastica on stage today trying to talk with her skin stretched over the horse teeth.... She tries to be so earnest and helpful while explaining that creams are all you need to be youthful! I wonder if her Dr. NipnTuck does the work gratis as long as she doesn't mention him by name. Either he's a lousy plastic surgeon or she's addicted, either way discretion is key cause she looks like shit.
  2. zillabreeze

    The People's Court

    I don't get the cell phone thing. I don't know anyone stupid enough to ask me to get involved in their phone issues. But, if someone did, it's damn simple: buy an unlocked used phone and pay your damn bill upfront, in cash every month. It's called prepaid. You can find everything you need right there in the store next to the bail bondsman. We know you know where that is! I was in heaven with Baby Jane the landlord. The cast of characters is why I watch my court shows. And eeewww, us Hoarder watchers know damn well what was going on with the lack of plumbing!
  3. zillabreeze

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    And again today! This dude is such a ZERO! No charisma, no insight, just spouts a bunch of 1980's psychobabble catchphrases in that dumb monotone voice. "Coach Mike" reminds me of the elementary and junior high "coaches" back in the day ...dumber than a mud fence. Working in education because that's the "degree" they got when their college athletic careers petered out.
  4. zillabreeze

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    My Grannie used to say that! I still say it 3 decades later.
  5. zillabreeze

    The People's Court

    Anesthesiologist is banging around the OR, knocking shit over.... Is too stupid to know whether she's an employee or contractor... Did this woman get her degree at the Conrad Murray School of Medicine? Um. Gee . Think I'll take a pass and find someone else to bring me in and out of consciousness.
  6. zillabreeze

    Hot Bench

    K. Asshole claimed the IRS told him they wouldn't follow up. He was either lying or didn't give all the details to whomever he supposedly talked to. No way, the IRS would give the go ahead to keep money knowingly meant for another taxpayer. The judges should have explored that more. I get that poor girl just needed that money back ASAP, but dropping that asshole in the grease with the feds would have been so much more satisfying.
  7. zillabreeze

    The People's Court

    Exterminator dude illustrates the precise reasons my yard and house have been organic for decades..... Snorting all those poisons and such have clearly caused some brain issues.
  8. zillabreeze

    All Episodes Talk: Let's Talk About Dr. Phil, The Show

    OMG, some meathead just pops up out of nowhere and Schill makes him honorary shrink? Could "Coach Mike" have gushed anymore on stage? Question for you "Coach Mike"....when you and Schill are back in the dressing room, do you swallow or spit?
  9. zillabreeze

    The People's Court

    I vehemently disagreed with MM awarding the cost of the bottle in the judgement. She should have insisted that it would only be done as a reversal on the credit card. Plaintiff was not out any money in the first place if he hadn't paid CC company yet. On my cards, there is one set of rates and terms for purchases and an entirely different set for cash advances. The cash interest rate is way higher. So, in essence he was trying to get a cash advance. I don't buy the plaintiff's "security concerns" over giving the last four digits one bit! He wanted cash for some reason. He was a cheap ass, wanna be, poser that got caught up trying to look like a high roller.
  10. zillabreeze


    Just saw that this show will be in same slot as "Life in Pieces" starting next week. No contest. Abby's is dead in the water
  11. zillabreeze

    Mrs Wilson

    Ruth is scheduled to be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this coming Wednesday. I'm really hoping she'll talk about her grandmother! Maybe a little tidbit we didn't see.
  12. zillabreeze


    So true! Too bad they didn't have the price point much lower before the show. I love the product, but I have FIVE exterior doors. That's too spendy, but I'd sure feel good having them.
  13. zillabreeze

    S10.E04: Motorcycle Mama and Tropical Travelers

    Amen! They needed dustproof cabinetry! All of the embellishments should be better protected.
  14. zillabreeze

    Mrs Wilson

    So, according to the end notes the truth about his '"career" is still unknown! That's fascinating and only deepens the mystery. If the UK has the records under wraps even now, then to me it says he was some sort of spy. For which side, who knows? Good show! If PBS had consulted with me, I'd have added two or three more episodes! I think the material is there.
  15. zillabreeze

    While You Were Out

    The new "desk" was quite a bit smaller than his Costco folding table. Of course, function often goes down the priority list on these shows.