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  1. There's a whole mess of shelter operators and rescue group honchos that are getting a serious God Complex. They need to dial it down. Even without a lease, couldn't she still be Section 8? She didn't strike me as anyone that would sit still and pay full normal people rent. I would think shooing off a Section 8 resident would take an Act of Congress and two sticks of dynamite.
  2. She just pissed off JJ $2,700 worth. If someone still has this on DVR, would you look at something, please??? When the plaintiff is handing up his damage photos, they are printed on regular copy paper. Freeze up and see if there are actually a bunch of little divots in the car door or if the paper is just wrinkledy? I meant to check that, but my delete finger was too itchy. Not that it matters; Plaintiff deserved $5,000 and a ticker tape parade for NOT clocking Brittany Boobs right in the kisser.
  3. Maybe TPTB think they are providing some great public service by showing these cases over and over? Apparently, the concept of an "as is" sale is as elusive as the fundamentals of reproduction, birth control and asymmetrical string theory.
  4. That was a thing of beauty! Bad enough the tightwad tried to play just enough to suit her side. Then she cut off the unedited version right before it hurt her case "to help" JJ out. Bad move dumbass. I wish JJ would have delved into the different web designer every year. Seemed like P might have been getting her web work done "just enough" in pieces before stiffing each person and moving on. I listened to Brittany Boobs over an hour ago and my head is still pounding. JJ is really letting these people squawk longer and louder than ever before.
  5. I wouldn't mind a Bridezilla crossover. The was one chic that was so insufferable to her family and friends that they all ate, drank and bailed. Bride was walking around all alone sobbing and wailing and cleaning up trash in her gown. I'd be good with any of these dumb bitches to be in that position, but Darcy would probably be the most entertaining.
  6. I follow you're thinking, but how do you explain that freak show that met them for drinks? He seems to have a "type. He seems like he's slide right on into being Molly's househusband and have her kids adoring him.
  7. My "Nextdoor" website has way nicer stuff than that for $100. She got that little Sec8 entitlement attitude rolling and it had no bounds. She wanted to be paid for something everytime she took a breath. I bet that poor landlord was counting the seconds until he had the exact legal out to boot her to the curb. Oh hell, no! Second case folks, you ARE NOT wasting my TV pixels trying to convince me there's a pitbull on Earth worth $1,500, much less 5 grand😂🤣! You can't throw a rock anywhere in North Texas and NOT hit one of those hellbeasts! They're like rats in NYC, f-ing everywhere! Vermin. In fact, I just spent last week in a lively email discussion with my councilperson about getting those nasty things out of our shelter, so some decent family dogs could have a spot. Ugh. 5 thousand bucks???? Not if they came with a JJ caliber diamond studded tiara. Dude number 3? Cry me a river, I have paid mechanics to look at used cars before purchase since I was 16 years old. Too dumb to breathe.
  8. Well, don't hold out on us! Give Mr. Ann-Marie17 his own screen to chime in! Fingers crossed that her "eggs" have passed the sell-by date! That's a breeding that really doesn't need to take.
  9. Maybe that's where the sign on the door "We reserve the right to refuse service..." covers their butt. Restaurants toss out "unsavory" characters all the time. As long as there's no ADA lines crossed, they might be on solid ground.
  10. That was me, but upon reflection, maybe his end game is to get here and ghost the bitch? How hard can it be to get "lost" in the US? Didn't Molly's fuckboi have a Canadian escape route? Boy, I've tap danced around that term, but the nasty old bat just brings it on herself.
  11. Thank you! Having never been bridal gown shopping, I had no clue about the mechanics of it! The whole "sample" thing makes sense. It's kind of a given that the sample might take a beating, but if it survives the season, it gets put in the "sample sale".
  12. Well.... I've heard, there may or may not, hypothetically, be some higher profile guys in the public eye (possibly in politics, I'm not sure) for whom the mail order bride thing seems to be working out.😁
  13. 'Fraid so. You could almost hear everyone on the Live Chat forum gasp in horror last night when the cat was shown.🤮
  14. ALL THE TIME! Have you ever seen the sadsacks on Dr. Phil, draining 401ks to "help" the hot guy/girl overseas? People that are in there 50-60's that were otherwise normally intelligent people with successful lives and careers. It's bizarre.
  15. Yes. Yes. It does. 5'7" here. Gravity turned on me and built a subdivision on my waistline overnight. I've also wondered about Darcy and her menopause phase. She might be caking on the makeup to cover the Zits that come along, bringing their friends, The Facial Hairs. Not to mention, those wild ass mood swings... ETA- I would burst into tears over a heartwarming Subaru or Cheerios commercial.
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