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  1. happy hobo

    S04.E04: A Break Is Necessary

    Panty hose? No Way Jose! For us 'oldies' it was stockings and either girdle or garter belt! Putting on that gizmo every damn day for 20 yrs was pure hell. Now, I laugh when passing by a Vicky's Secret that has garter belts in the window....... Pantyhose was such an "ahhhhh" thing to come into being! It was freedom (then).
  2. happy hobo

    90 Day LIVE

    Not Mid-Western..........just Western.
  3. ALL OF THEM! I honestly cannot even watch more than a bit before FF the segments. Libby is ridiculous and her Andre is going to beat her one day. He's scary. Her father has to be the world's biggest fool. Chantel/Pedro well, they might work IF they were both orphans! The blond floozy from PA with her boy-toy from Jamaica? What a treat she is! Keep him/throw him back? Make up your mind and then do it but really, how nasty can you be? Baby Huey and Azan......hells-bells they are NEVER going to get married so just WHY are they on this show? KungPAO and (w)russ.....he's kitty-cat whipped. and she? Over aged model? No, more like underdressed, poundplus (for a model), head case. She things she is sooooooo much. Her 'wuss' is an engineer and could have a good position in OKLAHOMA or TEXAS. Miami? not so much. Meanwhile, she can shake her ta-ta's anywhere. Jonathan and his child-bride. Really? You can buy a teenager a jeep and boobies but they are still easily bored. You wanted to keep her in no-where-ville and think she would be happy? Happy how? Happy to see you and your too-old-for-her friends? Happy to do nothing but prepare to jump in the sack with you every night? Now she wants $$$ from you? Guess you couldn't get that from all the 'things' you have already given her? Sucker! (But Jonathan deserves it.) Larissa and Colt(ee) while her speech (everything with an ee) was cute for a while, it has worn out its charm. She could at least get her husbands' name right, if nothing else. Colt is creepy and would not surprise me to find he is into necrophilia and his mom probably watches. Not that Larissa is much better. Between leaving kids in Brazil and criticizing EVERYTHING from the moment she got to Las Vegas, she is exhausting. However, she is probably the best of the entire bunch. This is probably the last season I will watch as the show has gotten ridiculous. Not one story line is believable (some are certifiable) More than half of the couples are divorced.
  4. happy hobo

    90 Day LIVE

    And the name of this one was?????
  5. happy hobo

    S04.E02: In for a Shock

    Well, I sorta looked at that thread but couldn't seem to find anything about it. I guess I'll either just have to keep wondering or perhaps someone can give me closer directions?
  6. Can anyone name ONE redeeming quality Nicole has? I'll wait...................................................
  7. happy hobo

    S04.E02: In for a Shock

    There is no indication that Larry is Jewish. He refused to eat it because it was something he had never had and he did not want to get diarrhea. I thought they had said he didn't eat MEAT at all and was actually vegan. But he works at a McDonalds. Oh! perhaps he is vegan BECAUSE he works at McDonalds ?
  8. happy hobo

    S04.E02: In for a Shock

    What pedophile accusation? Evidently, I am missing something here. Can someone fill me in?
  9. happy hobo

    S04.E01: After the Dust Settles

    Oh Yes!!!! I can't abide that family either. Chantel is no prize. She's been going to Nursing School for just HOW long now?
  10. I didn't know if I would like this........found out I LOVED it. I really could have done without Darcy and her twin. Couldn't stand her when she was on the show and she really grates my nerves now. Loren and Alexi were great. They seemed like the most normal couple there.
  11. I know it. I thank my lucky stars every darn day. (Oh! and it got me a fantastic mother-in-law to boot!)
  12. I think that even dead you could have a better chance with Ted Bundy than you would with Colt. Well, one would think that Ted would be stiffer.......and probably smell better. :)
  13. Only in dreams.........only in dreams.
  14. happy hobo

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Tasha had mentioned on some forum that she moved out to be closer to work, that from her mom's it was about an hours drive.