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  1. Demi: "My dad is my hero. He was never there for me; I was that kid always waiting for my dad to come but he never did."
  2. LIAR! You never loved me! Stay out of my life! (I know, I need to workonmyselfbabe.)
  3. God help me I want to know where the arm went.
  4. Amazing Dietitian: "Fat free products contain no fat." Gina (paraphrased): "OMFG I had no idea, they should really tell you that on the label." Everyone at home:
  5. You thought I got paid? This was just part of the terms of my parole.
  6. Love you guys- be good to your new moderator. :)
  7. You didn't make the cut - but I'm pretty sure it was Silver/Scheana because it wasn't us/Villains.
  8. He wasn't an innocent rich man though. He was a rapist with a good PR team. I didn't say he was, rather I said a monetary settlement isn't necessarily an admission of guilt. Also, he didn't admit that she didn't consent to sex- he maintained that he understood the sex to be consensual but recognized that her perception could be that it wasn't. He only ever admitted to adultery and conduct unbecoming a husband/father/NBA player/man.
  9. Even innocent rich men will pay to make accusations go away. Guilty or not, the settlement worked - a good majority of fans seemed to forget all about it once the accuser stopped accusing and the Lakers gave him a $140M contract extension. (What's $2.5M out of $140M, really?)
  10. Kobe Bryant never admitted it was rape; he only admitted to adultery. Following the accuser dropping the case (at the time, allegedly due to DNA evidence showing she may have had sex with someone else shortly after the alleged assault, and a poor performance at a mock trial), Bryant said that while he understood that the sex that happened upon her returning to his hotel room to be a consensual encounter, he understands listening to her testimony that she saw it as rape. ETA: allegedly/at the time/may have
  11. None of us won... so we all won!
  12. We were told Deadpool was Padma Lakshmi (Which explains my attraction to him)
  13. This is literally why we tried to kill her. When the game mod announced that it was their bad that a player didn't get their PM, you can be certain that player isn't a Villain (since Villains would've received dozens of PMs by D2.)
  14. I don't love any of you. ... NOW APOLOGIZE TO ME.
  15. You weren't and it wasn't. FYI: If you don't play in the next game I'm going to DL you on Day 1 and Day 2.
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