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  1. Xavier's bright idea is to think about cutting Kyland before the FHOH, so he can rely on Derek winning a competition lest he risk losing Part 3 (all about who said what) to Azah, who everyone said everything to? Just repeating- relying on Derek. To win a competition. HEEEEEEEEEE. *I'll laugh my ass off if X is the final juror. That'll make the season for me.
  2. Anyone who lets another player keep a $5K POV prize instead of trading their punishment- all because she says "PLEASE"- during their HOH- is clueless. Especially if that other player is SB.
  3. Derek X is sweet, adorable and often clueless. Clueless is sweet and adorable, and America's Favorite "Emma" adaptation. Therefore Derek X should be America's Favorite Player. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  4. I get that there's not a lot of time to think during a double eviction, but truly, these people should all have a fleshed-out plan for "what if I win next HOH" at all times. I hate that Azah was the one who condemned Hannah and that she foolishly based the attempted-not-backdoor on some weak ass promise she made Ky last week about not putting her up. He was never putting her up.
  5. Azah, Azah, Azah. That was... a choice.
  6. He also commandeered his pawn SB's full HOH reign to eliminate one of the CO's biggest threats in BabyD, and seemingly ID'd the women's mini alliance within the main CO alliance in time to fire the shots. Ky's no slouch.
  7. Were they in a throuple, or were they a two person alliance that brought in Ky as a dispensable shield/assassin then blew up their own games when 1) Hannah nominated him against Alyssa instead of someone who hadn't hit the block yet and/or wasn't in said throuple and 2) Tiffany was trying to 'keep up appearances' then obviously lied to his face? I think Ky is playing a smart game for Ky, with the performances to back it up; he can win against Xavier OR plans for the next HOH to target Xavier OR is confident to win FHOH and just not take Xavier.
  8. After Derek comes in second in the finale, he's going to be a huge threat to win.
  9. I'm personally offended by Derek thinking he's playing a great game.
  10. My daughter says Hannah puts blush on her cheeks then decides "I'm done putting on makeup" which throws off her face. I thought it was sunburn but she's the expert.
  11. Recap of this gaslight lol-- T: "I'm just doing it for appearances." K: "But Alyssa's the only person left not in the Cookout, so keeping up appearances with her is pure Tiffany Jury Management." T: "Wuttttttt noooooooo, not for appearances... I just wanted to make sure you're okay." K: "But you just said 'for appearances' ten seconds ago." T: "ARE YOU OK DEEP IN YOUR SOUL THO"
  12. If X is the most popular player among the jury, it stands to reason he would also be the most influential juror when/if he's evicted (which the remaining players will be trying to do instead of going after Ky)- so I believe Ky's right to stay on X's good side. And if Kyland gets targeted anyway, he's got plenty of comp skills to rely on for Veto wins.
  13. Hannah keeping Tiffany/Azah off the block when they've never been there on a foregone eviction night is very telling about Hannah's loyalty within the CO. She should've just put one of the 2 up and called it the fair play. What really ticked Ky off was Tiffany calling private conferences in front of Alyssa to make it appear that there was any chance of her staying post-Veto, when there was zero benefit to doing so and/or covering up the CO any longer. Tiff showed her ass as a self-concerned player (which she also showed she was two evictions too soon when she went against plan) and she
  14. Not for nothing, but there are a lot of single mother homes in the US in this series also. Yeah but remember there are a lot of assholes in this series, and the divorce rate among assholes is especially high.
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