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  1. Hannah's having a legitimate mental health crisis and it's not fun to watch.
  2. Sammi looking smarter by the day.
  3. So mach sexie, baybee. No worry Zoom call, okay.
  4. Andrew's a colossal d-bag, but I don't believe Amira either. There was an article saying the famous ragetexts and plane ticket to Paris were sent to Amira not in response to their conversation about kids but about Amira...
  5. In case anyone missed it, here's a quick visual recap for this entire season! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NATALIE: MIKE: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JULIA: BRANDON: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REBECCA: ZIED: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TARIK: HAZEL: -----------------------------------------------------------
  6. Does she look like she's motherfucking cooperative or compliant, Paradise?
  7. I just hope Dr. Now realizes how wrong he was.
  8. Justin left and the ashes were like "Fuck this, take me with you."
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