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  1. Then, I'm of the belief that no one walking into TC with 2 idols should ever leave that TC with 2 idols. If you find HII #2, the universe is trying to tell you something.
  2. Making a complaint, in the form of a police or incident report, most assuredly exists outside of television shows. I've seen many incidents dropped in my life without arrest (including physical assault) because no one would complete one, and that's across several states. My question is, was production's warning only about touching Kellee or was it about touching any of the women without their consent? I guess we don't know.
  3. All of this, x 100. Thank you for saying what I've been trying to. Producers ignoring what Kellee said in her on-camera and off-camera interviews and deciding that "they know better" would've been sexist and infantilizing. If a bigger guy like Aaron came away from TC angry with a smaller guy like Dean and began following him around menacingly and hovering over him to intimidate him and make him uncomfortable but not technically breaking any rules... and a producer interrupted one of Dean's TH's to say "Do you want us to intervene?" and Dean said "No, I think it'll all play out" and then reinforced that in a later private meeting, would we be saying the producers should have eliminated Aaron anyway?
  4. Two of whom were (known to the producers) exaggerating their own experience and knowingly using Kellee's experience to further their own games, one who explicitly told them not to intervene, and one who was only going by the other's word and didn't really agree that there was bad intent. Unfortunate, but true. You could go on forever, but neither physical assault nor car theft nor murder etc. are brushing a hair out of someone's face / putting an arm around someone. The point is, even with an actual crime committed, a complaint typically needs to be made for an arrest to happen. Police aren't trying to send a case in front of a judge with no cooperating complainant which will just waste time and money. There is no doubt something about ejection if you're harassing other contestants, but likely not enforced without corroborating footage (which they had here) and a formal complaint (which they didn't have here.)
  5. I'm in! 1. JTMacc99 2. saoirse 3. TCS 4. MarkHB 5. garnetarden 6. Lady Calypso 7. Machiabelly 8. Drogo
  6. Kellee was clear to the producer that she felt everything would work itself out and she didn't want the show to intervene. She felt similarly the next day when they met with everyone again privately and off-camera. Why would any of us be fine with the show intervening after Kellee was clear that she didn't want them to? Kellee is allowed ownership over her own life and surroundings without a bunch of NBC guys stepping in to make decisions for her that she's already made. She didn't want Dan to go because she had bigger fish to fry, but it didn't work out because that fish (Missy) fried her first. Dan's a creeper and a half, but he hasn't done anything criminal here. If they eliminated him without a complaint lodged by another contestant, they'd set precedent to eliminate everyone who touches someone (in any way) after being asked not to. If someone punches Jim in the head and Jim doesn't file a police report or press charges, no one is getting arrested. My only issue with production is that following Dan's "official warning" to stop touching women, he grabbed Noura right in front of Probst at TC to make a bullshit example, and it was allowed. Don't give out warnings then whistle and walk the other direction as the problem child ignores them.
  7. Pao and Russ have their own topic. Stay on topic here, and remember the golden rule: Be Civil.
  8. I forgot -- you were Buffy's "Watcher" @Spaceman Spiff -- but you didn't know who Buffy was.. in fact.. YOU HAD NO POWERS AT ALL. With great no power comes great no responsibility. Come back, it'll be so much better.
  9. I don't have the receipts but don't doubt I've killed (or contributed to killing) minimum one Hero in Every. Single. Game. Buffy's fine @Spaceman Spiff and whoever played her was probably a Villain in the prior/next game and did very bad things. None of us get salty.
  10. I watched GotG2 after the game had already started so I didn't want to post this then, but I think this scene is one of my favorite few minutes of film, ever:
  11. I wish @Spaceman Spiff would write a postgame review anytime he follows along. (And more than that I wish he'd play with us again.)
  12. ...I like to put em in a row on my command console.
  13. Are these two different women?
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