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  1. Can you make up your mind? Do the runners have multiple clues pointing to one person or not? Sorry, I should have bolded and underlined when I wrote that. Two weeks ago. When there were three other villains left and it made sense. Of course, we all have certain days we can't be around much if at all. There's no pause button and no PTO, so the game continues and we play as if everyone had been around and just chose to (or chose not to) post. Luckily we're not actually taking people out back and shooting them regardless of the DL or NK outcomes. We'll all "die" here and then we'll all come back and play again in a different movie/TV show universe. I've been kissed by a Dementor, burned by Zeus' lightning bolt, stabbed in the gut in an S&M parlor... hell, I was lit up by Drogon in the alleys of Kings Landing four years before that scene was a glimmer in D&D's eyes.
  2. Character assignments aren't based on profiles- only clues to Villains are. And no fingers/clues were pointed at Mach, he was taken out during the Night by First Mate Gibbs, who probably noticed something strange in his posts or is a Jack of All Trades (various powers like NK, investigation, protection that can only be used a certain number of times) and knew Mach was bad. Checks out.. If you were looking my way I could see why, but I'm not as alert this game as I've been in priors- or I wouldn't have said this. (I've also done some hinting throughout, most forwardly in my reply to you here.) I still have a few tricks up my sleeve but the more impressive bills have already been spent so I'm a little worried about my future. And since I still firmly believe that one of the active players is dunzo toNight, I leave you with a spot of tea, spilt: Deaja's profile: Deaja's been really active all game but disappeared after A1 and I co-signed on sideyeing her yesterday. **Protector - please cover either myself, Bob, or A1 tonight. Sorry Snookums I know you're a hero but you're more expendable as a known mason, I wouldn't recommend protecting Deadpool, and the inactive players can walk the plank.
  3. After the story, there are bios for the deceased players.. Spruce's POTC character was Cotton's parrot (a Hero) and Machia was Jack the monkey (a Villain.)
  4. Only villains and masons protect each other/ have behind the scenes stuff. Most heroes need to go by clues, gameplay, hints, and any powers they may have. If she's the character she's hinting at, she'd be a lot closer to Spruce than Bob.
  5. You can't veto or vote against your own DL, but you can either start a DL on someone else (hoping that will pick up more steam than the one against you) and/or just try to dissuade others from joining the DL on you. If you're a hero, good ways to do that are finding compelling clues in the stories, hinting at who you are, and/or hinting what you can do to help them/why they should keep you around. A1's a pretty quiet mafia player in most games, but she's almost always an active voter (H or V) so it's hard to say which way she falls. Reputations get picked up after playing together for a while, though not a perfect science: SVNBob makes long posts that break things down real smoothlike but doesn't take DLs lightly.. Deadpool lives in the UK so he posts at weird times and like A1 he's a hard read.. Spruce always had weird hours, doesn't vote a whole lot but character-hints often especially when under fire.. Lisin clue-hunts hard and is likely to join a DL in progress.. don't ask anyone about my reputation because they all lie. Here's the other thing - the game's only fun if we're playing it. I'm not really inclined to DL players like A1 who have been actively participating over people who really aren't (especially since the Villains aren't going to kill inactive players, they're going to come after the ones talking clues/voting on DLs/putting targets on their backs.) When all our talkers are DL'd/NK'd what happens is we end up at Final 5 with no posts for the whole Day because the only people left alive haven't posted since Day 1-2 and/or are on the Villain squad. Even the dead players will walk the plank to get away from that kind of boring.
  6. I get what you're saying @terrymct, I do, but Peach also did the "I'm new around here" thing and turned up bad. Just as returning players shouldn't be assumed to be villains, new players can't be assumed to be heroes. That said.. ..the other problem I'm having is that you seem to be character-hinting above but I can't find anything on the Wiki. Fake IDs are rarely used by anyone outside underage pirates and baddies. *Fixing the count @SVNBob since only 6 are needed to DL. I'm feeling suspicious of another new player also, but not any more/less than I am of terry. 2 to DL terrymct (SVNBob, Drogo) 4 to draw the Black Spot
  7. Jack Sparrow's First Mate, Gibbs. Me neither. I'm looking for clues against @deaja's profile specifically.
  8. Almost fell out of the damn chair, @deaja, lol tell us how you really feel. I was considering two villain factions also @aquarian1 but the story only has one Hero Death and no other attempts. N1- one Hero dead N2- two Heroes (and one Villain) dead N3- one Hero (and one Villain) dead
  9. I was just thinking the opposite. What makes you sure? PETA will be here momentarily..
  10. Don't post pictures or information from social media or other sites in here.
  11. In case anyone missed the episode, here's a visual recap - Tim- JenifFer- Benjamin- Akinyi- Darcey- Tom- Stacey- Florian- Caesar- Maria-
  12. Rebecca: I have never loved anyone as much as I love Zied. Zied's sister: What exactly do you love about him? Rebecca: Zied: Rebecca has been married 3x before. Rebecca: Yeah, but this time is so different than those times. Zied's sister: What makes Zied different than all your exes? Rebecca:
  13. Don't spoil other ______'s Got Talent shows in the America's Got Talent forum. Posts have been removed.
  14. Don't spoil other ______'s Got Talent shows in the America's Got Talent forum. Posts have been removed.
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