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  1. Drogo

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Corey thinks it will tell the world something about him if he can win unwinnable Evelin's love.
  2. "Everything is different when Americans do it." -FamilyChantel
  3. No "I'm sorry" but he did admit he was wrong and should have just left. MotherChantel apologized "for snatching his sister's weave out BUT" she "needed to protect her children."
  4. Drogo

    Product Reviews: After Sales

    It's Q-only, we have it, it works well if you use it under the right conditions: the sponge needs to be wet, the area you're cleaning should already be wet, and the rag you use to wipe it off needs to be wet. After you first apply it, leave it alone for a few minutes before scrubbing at it.
  5. Drogo

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    What was the first live concert you ever attended?
  6. Yes, but not limited to ATMITW as the post I quoted suggests. Point being: I don't disagree with the decision to cut his parts out of a movie that hadn't been released yet and would surely flop for reasons described above, but I do disagree with the idea that all Spacey/Weinstein films should be locked in a vault somewhere, never to be seen/discussed/appreciated again, when they're some of the best films in recent history.
  7. One can't keep patronizing those who no longer make films to patronize. I can watch Se7en every time it's on and Kevin Spacey will still be a twisty fuck with $100M in the bank and a whole world that hates him and is probably going to prison. A lot of people worked on that film who weren't Kevin Spacey.
  8. Drogo

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    I only watched it 762 times..
  9. Drogo

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    Anastasia and Drizella. Drusilla was the name of Spike's original girlfriend on Buffy: Vampire Slayer.
  10. Drogo

    Product Reviews: After Sales

    Update on the Curtis Stone Durapan cookware after about a month of use: Like new. We made steak fajitas the other night (one pan for flank steak, one for peppers/onions, one for yellow rice) - all three were a mess and all three literally rinsed clean the next morning with the faucet's sprayer (including the one with blackened steak in it.) The only flaw is the white finish was stained by a bit of Worcestshire sauce that wasn't washed off and left overnight, but it's cool, like a battle scar. Who wants pristine cookware anyway?
  11. Totally, but that's what DJD is saying, too- the talent is and should be viewed as separate from its possessor and their sins. “You cannot deny somebody a talent. You might as well never look at a Caravaggio painting [he was a murderer]. You might as well never have gone to see Noël Coward [accused of predatory behaviour].”
  12. I make no representations about how The Shmalmighty Shmalpha-Male Andrei will respond when faced with the birth of his child. Just kidding, of course I do... "Why are your parents at this hospital? Did you tell them we were coming here? Don't tell them my businesses! NO! That's my entrance, not her exit! Libby, stop it right now, you are making a mess! Make her go a different way out!"