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  1. Dibs on Eeyore. I love a depressed friend who’s always available for a drink. Oh Caleb, having restraining orders filed against you by 100+ women is not the same as having sex with them. Told y’all he was a shithead. The American is a shithead, always.
  2. I actually think she likes him. Even though he talks like Kermit.
  3. Anyone making a baby with Gino should be charging by the minute...
  4. I maintain that in every couple that has ever been on this show - the American is the shitbag. This season is no exception. Shitbags, shitbags, shitbags. Ladies - if a guy has enough money to pay for all of the above to make you his fantasy Build-A-Bear and enough money to try and plant a baby in you, he's got enough money to get you a Christmas present.
  5. Those who can spare more and have the good nature to do so, like @madmax and @slowpoked, will. The $5 invitation gets more people there- and helps the word spread- but once there it's a nice thing for people to give what they can (especially since as mentioned the funding pages do charge plenty for each donation processed.) Betty would be proud.
  6. I wanted to kick over his poor bike to put it out of its misery.
  7. Why, did either of them serve in the military? I missed that.
  8. Even more than we do, maybe. There's let's-get-rid-of-your-zit filters then there's FUCK-YOUR-REAL-FACE-HERES-A-NEW-ONE FILTERS. Either way, is she really interested in Branch Davidian Ginger Patrick Bateman? Methinks maybe no.
  9. In case anyone missed the episode, here's a quick visual recap! ------------------------ XIMENA: MIKE: ------------------------ JASMINE: GINO: ------------------------ CALEB: ALINA: ELIJAH: ------------------------ KIM: USMAN'S BOYS: USMAN: ------------------------ MEMPHIS: HAMZA: ------------------------ BEN: MAHOGANY:
  10. I used to know a guy like that. But then a pile of gelatin said his services were no longer needed.
  11. He’s not drunk enough to touch you like that, Kim.
  12. Memphis always looking like Thomas Jay in My Girl. What is the facial swelling?
  13. Max walking around town with his ‘roid-backne and an apparent dick in his ass is giving me life. Bring it on, goddesses of dumpster fires.
  14. That's the one! Here's the staff uniforms: And the indoor/outdoor dining areas - *Who's in? I'll name a sandwitch after you.
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