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  1. Erika’s fucked. I watched it today. It’s not even knowing whether or not Old Tom embezzled money. We already know she’s going to have to surrender assets to pay back the $20M “loan” either way (though she still doesn’t seem to). I didn’t quite get why Girardi Keene paying her bills was an issue since Old Tom was the sole owner. Turns out I’m not that bright either. It’s pure tax evasion. Those funds should have gone to Tom/Erika from the law firm as taxable income. I guess that’s why he structured it as a “loan”. There is no way the law firm should have been paying all of her and t
  2. Jennifersdc


    Harvard must be devastated by a negative Yelp review…
  3. Jennifersdc


    Next to appear on her LinkedIn. Farrah Abraham - Constitutional Scholar. Please tell me it already says “the most well known female celebrity in our nation”.
  4. Jennifersdc


    This is priceless. My favorite. “Declining a masters degree student an education that is payed for is illegal according to our constitution” I think we all saw this one coming…
  5. Cause she’s not as smart as she thinks she is… Maybe. IMO Kyle and Lips are too far gone to backtrack now.
  6. I do shit like that too. I’m still 99.5% sure this bitch knew how to bank.
  7. She goes from “I’m a strong woman and can take care of myself” to “I don’t even know how banking works” sometimes it seems in the same sentence. Mind boggling…
  8. Mine is too! Though my now ex-BIL is even stupider than Erika Jayne. They were married for 20 years and he settled for $350K in cash and no child support in exchange for all rights to the $1.5M house (paid off) and all her assets, investments and pensions. She hasn’t worked since 2008 (she was an Institutional Equity Trader at Morgan Stanley for 20 plus years and he never really worked). Her Morgan Stanley stock and pension alone is worth a million or so. I’d have had a lawyer subpoenaing her ass in two seconds. He’s already spent most of it in a year (including a Mercedes, boat, $6K Pomski pu
  9. I think that’s what she thinks cause it turns out she’s not that bright. I’m sure there are now lawyers who can’t wait to depose her about her “never had a bank account or debit card” story. She probably thought being on the show again was a brilliant idea. She’d get a nice paycheck and be able to spin her BS at the same time. She likely thought nobody was ever going to find out about that pesky $22M loan to EJ Global. Bitch please - it’s on the Girardi Keese balance sheet as a receivable. And apparently this “loan” wasn’t made all that long ago either. Your signature is also on the
  10. I assumed that Erika Jayne was smarter than this. I also thought (many moons ago), Jenelle Evans was intuitively smart among the Teen Mom’s. My bad. So trust my judgement at your own peril. Erika Jayne maybe incredibly stupid though. Exhibit 1 - Deciding to sign up for the show. She needs the money - but I guess she couldn’t resist one less trot around the pony yard. Lawyers probably really enjoyed that closet (and overfill). Even more that necklace and earrings from the first episode.. See stupid. Exhibit 2- Fleeing from the Cadaver at the first most opportune moment. See st
  11. This is even funnier than the small but loyal group of us who still post occasionally on the Farrah Abraham thread. More please!
  12. Jennifersdc


    Harvard! The latest of a long line to “discriminate” against Farrah. Priceless.
  13. Sorry - back again. Still watching. I just realized Kyle introduced the “car accident” conversation that led to the whole Wylie Coyote/Road Runner thing about driving off a cliff (comments and clips are priceless BTW). Coincidence? You be the judge…
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