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  1. WL got an Emmy nom and his performance today proved thar he earned it.
  2. I am grateful that the writers were wise enough to keep Siloh away from Oscar'a death.
  3. Drew needs a friend and if it is Fanco, so be it.
  4. People on an other site want Jason to abandon DOD and spend time with Oscar as if spending time with a nephew is high on Jason's priority list/ Remember, he would not go out of his way to spend time with danny and Jake
  5. DZ has been hitting it out of the ball park these past few days with his acting
  6. I hate Nina almost as much asI hate Carly.
  7. Will Willow be he next dead body on this show?
  8. Will she ever stop smiling? Her smiles aew so fake.
  9. Shiloh needs to keep his shirt on because his love handles are distracting.
  10. Hell, Jason's bio son with Liz isn't on his radar either nor is his other bio son Danny. Did he even bother to get tested to see if he is a bone marrow match for Danny or is he content to have Julian be the match. He really doesn't give a fuck about his boyz,
  11. I am waiting for Sonny to cause an international incident for being stupid while looking for Dante,
  12. Is there any reason as to why the Nina hates Michael?
  13. When Ryan was on his killing spree; couldn't he have taken out the Nina?
  14. Sonny ruins everything; I hope that he doesn't get Dante killed.
  15. I dislike Progressives Jamie so much, I am finding Flo tolerable.
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