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  1. Wow! I wondered if I was alone, he gives off criminal vibes... or something else dark...
  2. They now have a 2 or 3 month old baby girl.
  3. Does anyone have a picture of the filthy plushies they put on poor Julia's pillow?
  4. Were the 10 gallon buckets of coal tar in Julia's room a hint that she should fix the roof after she's done feeding the pigs?
  5. Being deaf helps if you have to live with Natalie.
  6. I know we are being sold that Hazel is bi, but Tarik and Dean have a rep... perhaps Tarik is the one pushing for a thruple, not Hazel.
  7. I didn't realize Natalie was 11 years older than Alien Boy. I would go insane having to hear her talk for a whole day. For Mike's sake, I hope this couple fails.
  8. OMG I felt so strongly about this, I am only on this forum to see if anyone else felt the same... and here you are!
  9. I find that she has anti-chemistry with Ted!
  10. The rat poison puppy plaintiffs struck me as people who were looking for someone to scapegoat. They've had dogs for years... why would the neighbor suddenly kill a puppy? He's probably allowed to spread rat poison on his property.
  11. Right? She seems to loathe him and consider him beneath her.
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