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  1. LOL that's the only way you'd get me in one.
  2. Now I understand the origins of her defiant personality... genes.
  3. That's what the show told us, but it is true?
  4. Yes. They throw in the occasional French word or odd phrase but it's 95% Arabic.
  5. Does anyone remember the fake name used in the royalty skit that featured Kenan a lot? Prentice Popper-something? It cracked me up and now I forget what it was.
  6. Ah c'mon Phil, give us some catfish stories already.
  7. In most women you'd see follicles, not eggs per se. Angela's eggs are very easy to see because they have COPD and the ultrasound tech could look for tiny oxygen canisters.
  8. Maybe she meant she'd be respectful of conservative religious nonsense and dance with her hips still?
  9. I am beginning to wonder as well. He is sinister.
  10. I believe Ceasar is real. AnastasiaDate is a complex criminal organization that is very experienced at expertly taking fools like Ceasar to the cleaners. There are plenty of Ceasars out there. I'm glad the show is finally featuring a catfish. I hope there will be more.
  11. I'm merely reading body language and facial expression, but Omar has malevolent under currents. Am I crazy to think that he loathes her? Not only has he shown no will to make compromises for her, but he seems to actively enjoy hammering her down with his culture, his rules, and his expectations. She will submit and comply by hook or by crook. She's very young and I fear that she about to embark on a very traumatic episode of her life.
  12. The only mildly interesting one is the disappearing dates, I'll skip the rest.
  13. They probably have to open his case file, and pull out SOPs with flowcharts to figure out if they should answer, and what.
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