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  1. There's fermented coleslaw (the real deal, the cabbage shreds are softened by the process), sweet vinegar coleslaw (cheap commercial) and fresh coleslaw (often in restaurants, crunchy and tasting like raw cabbage). It looks like Trash was serving the fresh kind? It's my least favorite.
  2. Julia and Brandon marrying on Mother's Day weekend = SATAN Julia and Brandon celebrating their marriage on the same day as Ron's birthday = meh!
  3. So boring I caught myself watching ads with rapt attention.
  4. She on a popular TV show, chances are she was alerted by someone.
  5. I was glad when Maya Rudolph left the show, please never bring her back!
  6. Harris' services would have cost $2-3000 in the US. A hundred bucks is a joke!
  7. It will fulfill all your fantasies of a woman having sex with a cadaver.
  8. I would surmise that the cinematic quality is better than what I've had the misfortune to see.
  9. If you follow their social media... literally Karine is doing porn where she rides Pole's surprisingly considerable pole in her boo hole.
  10. Having some experience with that, getting copyright clearances can be problematic. Sometimes the producers can only be sure that their preferred choices are cleared hours before the performance. Some artists are super picky. Celine Dion clears any song for any purpose, that's why you'll hear her stuff so often.
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