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  1. One gift was a TV; so basically a gift for himself. Natalie called his bluff by taking HER gift with her LOL. TLC tweeted during the show that she also took all the food with her. Judging by the much-touted, but depressing Thanksgiving spread, the Christmas food was probably sandwiches with the crust cut off and pickles.
  2. There was even a photoshop where the tip was replaced by Trisha wearing her glans hat.
  3. It's the first time I hear about the Ukrainian tradition of serving watered down barbecue sauce in wine glasses.
  4. It screamed "I never had to learn any choreography."
  5. eh, that's how I cook it, with the package inside.
  6. There's fermented coleslaw (the real deal, the cabbage shreds are softened by the process), sweet vinegar coleslaw (cheap commercial) and fresh coleslaw (often in restaurants, crunchy and tasting like raw cabbage). It looks like Trash was serving the fresh kind? It's my least favorite.
  7. Julia and Brandon marrying on Mother's Day weekend = SATAN Julia and Brandon celebrating their marriage on the same day as Ron's birthday = meh!
  8. So boring I caught myself watching ads with rapt attention.
  9. She on a popular TV show, chances are she was alerted by someone.
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