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  1. And that statistic doesn't even take into consideration that cousins that be the product of generations of cousin-marrying - in which case the inbreeding risk would be much more severe.
  2. She was especially horrified at the thought of children. Children, people. CHILDREN!!!
  3. If Pole wasn't Pole, expecting his mother to help them for a couple of months or with babysitting isn't unreasonable.
  4. Good because they're going to live in it.
  5. Irony: Bringing your mother to Brazil to check out your girlfriend is OK. But yur girlfriend's dad checking you out is just TOO MUCH!!!!!
  6. I love Avery. She's very smart and insightful.
  7. Lana is faithful to another man. It's all business.
  8. But of course, Ed has a vanity license plate.
  9. Mary had more class than Varya, even with those revelations. I can't stand Varya anymore.
  10. She was HORRID. The arrogance of showing up uninvited, and ordering Geoffrey's invited guest out of the house while insulting her on the way out had me shouting at the TV. Varya's Maury Povich level of trashiness was especially jarring in contrast to Mary who never took the bait and remained classy throughout her undeserved humiliation by Siberian Crazy Stalker Girlfriend. If that wasn't bad enough, Varya was hanging around with Geoff and Mary's mutual friends and had the audacity to want to violently oust Mary from spending time with her long time friends (inlcuding Geoff) because Geoff must have all his female companionship needs satisfied by Varya. She is beyond possessive, she is demented. Now that I hate her personality, I hate her face. The permanent upturned mouth corners, the meandering eye, the halted speech pattern are now very IRRITATING to me. VERY IRRITATING!
  11. The only reason why Ed was crying was because Rosemarie foiled his plan. His plan was that HE was going to break it off. He complains that she left without saying goodbye, but he was the one who walked away from her!
  12. You and I have the same viewing habits! Am I the only one to think Brandie was high as a kite the whole time? In Dr Now's office, with Lola, at home... everywhere. She was on the road partying hard! And by "partying" she meant hard core drugs, no?
  13. Absolutely. The aloof, cautious woman we met in Russia looked completely unhinged and maniacal every step of the way, beginning with her submissive, beggarly texting to Geoff when he was leaving at the airport, and ending with her raving mad determination to "surprise" a man whom she pretty much rejected, and hadn't answered her in weeks. It takes burning hot zealotry to pay for expensive airfare (Varya doesn't look like she's rolling in rubles) and board three flights across the world supercharged by the conviction that her arrival will be a delight, optimistically only signing up for one night at the hotel. Why, but of course there is no doubt that nippy-tat wife beater is all ready and set up to host a visitor for two whole weeks, at a time not of his choosing. Wearing dull lip stain, a cheap turtleneck and mismatched costume jewelry, our fanatical anti-heroine sets out on her futile pursuit of a dick wrapped in a green card. It's now or never. The coy woman who frustrated Geoff by not giving up the pussy on the first night of his visit now is counting down the seconds until she can fall over and roll on his stoop spread-eagle for a hard core schtupping under his dog's watchful eye. City girl pining for the bright lights of American cities, where even the smallest hamlet is a utopic blend of New York City and Las Vegas, seemed to notice that the long taxi ride kept going deeper and deeper down into Tennessee's Little Siberia, and away from The Strip on Fifth Avenue. None of that disappointment chipped away at her compulsive journey to win back "her man" who has already settled for thirsty Mary (who seemed not to believe what Geoff was selling, but moved in anyway). Ding! Dong! It's all ding and no dong for the Russian Stalker. It's unfortunate that my recording stopped right as SpidermanPointingAtHimself.gif appeared on my screen, and Geoff's girlfriend asked Geoff's girlfriend that the F she was doing there. Only one of these ladies with self-desctructing taste in men deserves the bitter surprise. The other should have seen something like this coming.
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