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  1. I'll watched "kicked my mother out" to find out if the call to CPS was a revenge call.
  2. Funny, after the episode I wondered if the cast and writers simply didn't like her. She had no chemistry with anyone, she was just... there... alone. Her monologue was one of the worst, not at all funny. Oftentimes the cast rescues mediocre monologues with their own interruptions. Not for JLo; they put her in front of the cameras and allowed her to tank all by herself. Her nonstop bragging was a lonely affair, aside for the blown head with confetti. The hoops earrings promotion was the writers phoning it in at its worst. No warm feelings detected.
  3. "My mom took my phone" and the "pedo hunters" may be interesting. I'll skip "DNA drama" and "murder in Alaska" because I generally hate the forensics shows.
  4. My theory is that Julianna married her pimp so that it would be easier to travel abroad and get visas.
  5. On a developmental level, I can't help but think that Max is babysitting his stepmother. He's light-years ahead of her in wit and maturity.
  6. It's an investment in her future, and Syringe's!!!!! Bwahaha She's spending money she doesn't have on quackery. She doesn't have the brain to do something more challenging and potentially more financially rewarding.
  7. Same here... the doe-eyed hair-flipping, combined with a voice with a dog-whistle range, is the perfect physical representation of her juvenile (an minimal) personality. Conversating (I watch Judge Judy, and it's a word) with her must be like talking with a preschooler. Totally uninteresting and the adult has to do all the conversational heavy lifting. Part of her charm may be that she is sexually accommodating,
  8. That's why Micheal was shocked to find out his escort was 20... he thought she was 14! Cool bonus, she satisfies his kink and she's legal.
  9. Juliana is quite elfin and slight. It got me thinking that Douchie was shocked, SHOCKED! that she was 20... because he thought she was 14. Also an escort on a yacht... in Croatia... a destitute girl from the depths of Brazil surrounded by rich horny dudes...
  10. *double take* A whip? How come I didn't catch that? Is this for real?
  11. I wish the show had been edited to show Liam laughing at Tiffany every time she lectured someone.
  12. Maybe I'm just cold but her lectures about "love" were horrid. Her body language was screaming in pain when she was being candid about her relationship with Mah Dear Ronald. But when you love someone, you persevere! You're married after all! I believe in boundaries and limits. Love is conditional.
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