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  1. They’ve been together for awhile, but it hasn’t been that long since Darlene cheated on him. Not just once, but had an entire relationship with David. This, combined with the fact that these two can’t even support themselves and the children they already have, makes this plot insane.
  2. this is completely true. But honestly, most of these couples have been through years of infertility treatments (which are often not covered by insurance and studies have shown is as stressful as cancer), and then have to pay a lot of money for fees to adoption agencies, fees for background checks and spent a ton of time creating websites or books to try to sell themselves to potential adoptive parents. So they're pretty traumatized before they met this scammer. And the agency employee mentioned that some people were so devastated by this experience that they gave up on adoption. It's pretty easy to understand someone who takes money for living/medical expenses from couples who want to adopt by lying and telling them they want to place the baby, but it's really hard and devastating to understand why anyone would do this and prey upon this incredibly vulnerable and hurt population just for attention. I went through IVF to have my last child, and got a lot of sympathy for people that I had to do that but after reading the stories of women who went through multiple rounds of IVF without success, and the devastation it wrecked on their lives and their families, I considered myself extremely lucky to have just had two miscarriages and one round of IVF before completing my family.
  3. kitkat343

    S09.E30: Bear

    I've said a lot of bad things about Kail over the years. She's selfish, manipulative and puts her drama with her baby daddies ahead of her children's needs. But I do need to give her credit for tonight's episode. Kail's children have always seemed like really good kids, and I think tonight's episode shows why. She took the time to calmly explain to the children what would happen to Bear in an age appropriate way, and gave them the choice to come with her when he would be put down, and ended the conversation by hugging her son. Leah, Jeremy didn't show up for a free trip to Hawaii and cancelled your date without rescheduling. You didn't need to have an awkward conversation to break up. But if you insist on having one so we can all pretend you ended the relationship, instead of him not caring about you, please hang up after he says, "I agree with you" when you tell him you shouldn't be dating. I know you kept hoping he'd argue with you, but this only makes you look even more pathetic. It's hard to imagine this is the season finale since it doesn't seem like anything happened this season, except for Leah's brain dead sister getting pregnant from a one night stand.
  4. Harris is 17. I can actually believe for a kid that age the cops would discourage police intervention. The cop did seem to indicate it was Darlene’s choice, and I think if Darlene had insisted she’d have dragged harris out of odessas apartment and dropped her off at home, where she’d promptly run away again. A bigger question is how old is Odessa If she’s under 18 they can put her in foster care if she has no legal guardian I really hope ben doesn’t take Darlene back again. I’d have loved to see him doing all these things for her if she hadn’t cheated on him a few weeks ago. He deserves a lot better than this.
  5. Wait did I misunderstand the ending? I thought that after john died, the second in command called off the attack on the west and threw down his nazi badge. I thought he was trying to implement the plan he tried to do with John before he went to Berlin - to convince the American nazis to give up and fight for the United States. If that’s the case, the portal hoppers came into a newly free country, not a nazi state.
  6. Normally, I would agree with this 100%, but Jackie has also said that her mom was living with her because she was completely broke. If I took in an allegedly broke relative, and then found out they still owned significant property that they had hidden from me I'd be pretty angry. She's not entitled to the restaurant, but I can understand her being angry with her mom about money right now. And living with Bev doesn't seem to be easy, as Dan would also like to put her out too.
  7. I’d agree with the fact that Darlene doesn’t want Becky to be more successful than she is. This is complicated by the fact that reopening the lunchbox is not a good idea. It would be more of a conflict if Darlene were sabatoging a good idea by Becky to make her life better. But it is a realistic fight since Becky and Jackie won’t admit they were wrong unless they actually fail. Otherwise they’ll just blame Darlene for the fact that they couldn’t make it financially.
  8. We are starting to see hints of the real Chelsea here, with her anxiety induced freak out over going to a party filled with her fans who want her to sign ugly flannel crap. Aubrey was tiptoeing around her mom, asking for just a little snack. There was something in her tone that made me suspect she’s used to taking care of Chelsea when her anxiety is overwhelming quite often.
  9. The irony is that the original Lunch Box couldn't be opened without a cash infusion from Bev, and then never made enough money to be profitable. They opened the original restaurant based upon copying an amazing sandwich from another restaurant with Bev's money. Jackie and Becky don't even have someone else's sandwich to steal! And they still need Bev's support to open, which means that (as noted above) they have no means of paying for the restaurant equipment or food. I get they they are desperate, but don't they ever learn? Dan gave up a good, steady job working for the city to open his motorcycle shop. Becky was once a really good student - with dreams of doing to medical school. Why can't she go back to school to become a teacher or a nurse or another steady job? With the proliferation of online courses, I find it hard to believe she can't complete a college degree at a state university at a reasonable fee.
  10. I would totally have gotten her feeling vindicated if she'd flirted with him and then thrown him out of the house without having sex with him, thus proving that he would have cheated on H2 with her. But her mom was the one who stopped them from having sex. H1 is really not coming off too well here ether since she'd be willing to sleep with this disgusting piece of trash if her mom hadn't stopped her. And yes, I know she should be focusing on her daughter and her education and not on getting revenge on her trash ex boyfriend, but I would have understand if she had gotten revenge on him. But the story she and her mom are so proud of isn't really something they need to be retelling since she comes off almost as badly as her ex and H2.
  11. I hope Hailey 2 enjoys her 15 minutes of fame. Because once this show stops filming, Matthew will dump her for Hailey 3 and she will be left with absolutely nothing. I am really glad McKayla's family will be dragged into court. I cannot imagine them following a visitation order and I hope there will be consequences for that, since the only hope these children have of not turning into selfish monsters like McKayla and her mother is the influence of Shelly. And why is Caleen orange? His eyebrows look waxed; did he put on a really bad foundation too?
  12. yes. And when their little angel starts to tease and hurt other children, the same idiot parents will tell you all about how it isn't their kids fault, but that their child is only reacting because he/she is bullied by the other kids. Jade doesn't have it easy, but I hope she can take her MTV check and get as far away as possible from all of the awful people in her life. And Brianna looks like she is morphing into Amber, with the endless pouting, moaning and complaining from the couch. No wonder poor little Nova is so attached to her dad - he's far from perfect - but at least being around him has to be less depressing than listening to her mom whine constantly. And those eyebrows have to be paired with the musical talent of the boys on Unexpected, since they are all truly dreadful and painful to watch. I was almost glad to see Brianna off the couch but then when I realized what she was doing, I figured she'd be better off sticking to her normal whining and moaning schedule.
  13. You might be upset because of how unbelievably stupid Cloe's lies are. She stands right in front of a television camera insisting there is no way her parents will find out about Max being in rehab. First of all, there's the fact that Max is on TV so it is quite likely his going to rehab will be covered in the papers. And secondly, everyone in their small town is probably gossiping about every single thing he does. And if none of that reaches her parents, there's the fact that she's explaining that her parents can't possibly find out to a camera for a national TV show! I'd be just as pissed to think my kid thinks I'm this stupid as I would be about the lie he was telling me. You'd have to be as dumb as Chloe and Max to think this plan would work.
  14. I’m sorry this didn’t go to court. We’d finally have some interesting footage of kail whining to a judge about how deprived her kids will be to miss out on a once in a lifetime Hawaiian vacation and the judge ripping her a new one Oh and if joe saw the footage from Mexico or heard his kids tell him how mommy couldn’t handle 3 kids in the water by herself, I’m not surprised he said no. Actually given how few brain cells kail has, combined with her incessant need to whine, I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that she herself told joe she couldn’t handle the kids and had a miserable time.
  15. It was very brief so people might have missed it, but mckayla slapped little Timmy’s hand at the 26th minute of this show. If she’s comfortable slapping a kid on camera, I’d be concerned about what happens when the cameras aren’t around. And what kind of man is dating the unbelievably selfish and whining and complaining mckayla, especially knowing she has a 20 month old and 1 month old. Pityfree is correct about Mckaylas schooling, but it should be noted she will only enroll in one online course each semester and still whine.
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