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  1. Leah spends half her life making up dramastic nonsense for a story line, so it's possible she's exaggerating all of this for the show and sympathy from her family/fans/the girls. On the other hand, I do genuinely believe Leah is among the small percentage of people who are so intellectually challenged it is quite possible the doctor could tell her a tumor is benign and she would have no idea what that meant. I am also shocked by how much Leah's older daughter looks like her, and then I remember that we first started watching this nonsense when Leah herself was 16 or 17. The original k
  2. Oh man now I need to see pictures of the bridesmaids with the birds in their hair!
  3. I think part of the issue was nothing was clear with the ex. Was he a stripper or was he a model who posed for art classes? Someone who normally poses for art classes at an art school might view it as unprofessional to leave. I've read that this is quite difficult work because you need to try to stand as still as possible for a long period of time, and many people never return after their first job as an artist's model because it is quite difficult to pose physically. Or he could be an actual stripper who just does this so women can paint and its a little less tacky than having a young man
  4. This tell all really left me disappointed in the producers and editors of this show. We had so much time in this season devoted to nonsense and yet I am left confused about what happened with Myrka and Ethan's parents. Did they explicitly promise her a roof over her head and college tuition if she had the baby? Or did she just believe they promised her what she wanted to hear? Why exactly did Ethan's mom throw all of them out of the house (and no I don't for a second believe it was due to a teenager mishandling a phone call.) I understand that she doesn't want to air the family's di
  5. The woman with the gun said that June was a walking target and wanted to leave her on the train. Given the fact that almost everyone who tries to help June winds up dead, she wasn't wrong about the level of danger associated with helping June and Janine. In additional to the sexual assault charges, we also have seen Serena hit Rita (when Serena was angry about all the attention June got at the baby shower). Serena also hit June when she became enraged after finding out about the visit to Jezebel's and choked her when she was pregnant, threatening to hurt Hannah unless June kept
  6. I don't know. I will say that if he is genuinely working an extra job to support the new family, I have a lot of questions as to why they threw that crazy expensive baby shower. I'm assuming that if this article is correct and the cast is only earning $425 per episode ( https://starcasm.net/reanna-taron-reportedly-cut-tlc-unexpected-season-4/ ) then there is no way TLC paid for the gender reveal party. And if I'm remembering correctly, was that the one with fireworks and dancers and chair covers? If they are truly needing a second job to pay for an over the top gender reveal party for a pr
  7. It could be that. But I wonder if it is because she knows she's going to look like an idiot coming on national tv and admitting to hooking up with her ex whose now sleeping with another of her friends. Of course, you could stop hooking up with him or refuse to go on tv, but who knows what goes through these girls' heads.
  8. This exactly. I'm incredibly bored with all the new cast members and don't care about their chaos and dysfunction. There was a girl on 16 and pregnant last week named Abigail (sorry not exactly Abigail but I can't remember the exact alternative spelling of her name - maybe it was Avigail?) who entered college early and hoped to become a doctor. She got pregnant while attending college when she had an IUD, and seemed very different than your usual 16 and pregnant/teen mom on a path to destruction with or without teen mom money. It would be interesting to follow her story and see how her li
  9. I'm really confused about this. If Tyra wanted to be a hands on parent she would have enrolled in community college so she could see her baby every day. Would she really pull her baby away from Alex's home just so she can dump her on her mom/sister to raise? She seems spiteful enough to do that, so I guess the question is would Tyra's mom be willing to raise another kid? She has to see how uninvolved Tyra has been so far, and the baby seems fine at Alex's house (or at least as fine as any kid is on this show). Ah, yes. On this show someone like Alex's 30-someth
  10. This is a very good point. But most of the girls on Teen Mom were on an absolute trajectory to disaster with or without the MTV money (without Teen Mom money I picture Amber on disability or welfare spending most of her days on her couch while her kids are raised by others). Jennelle would still be in and out of trouble with the law and abusive men, and Farrah might have wound up in porn anyway. Chelsea would have been primarily financially dependent upon her dad or a husband instead of MTV money. Leah would have found an older or married man to support her financially. Without MTV mo
  11. can we start a petition to have Kyla added to one of the teen mom shows? I don't need another unremarkable mess of a mother with absolutely no hope of improvement to replace the next cast member who quits or gets fired. Kyla actually has a chance of completing school (online at least) and having a career. She clearly has a lot of mental health issues but unlike a person fused to her couch is actually working on trying to solve them. I'd much rather watch her try to raise her daughter and improve herself than see someone else whose name I can't even remember get into a screaming fight with
  12. Good for Shawn - he really held in there, trying to bring Amber back to reality. Amber, I understand that you suffer from mental illness but please try to remember that you are on a tv show. We can see when you visit your kid, and when you choose your boyfriends/drugs over them. Them - plural - since no one ever even seems to mention James anymore, and you can expect to have this crisis with him in 10 years if you don't get off the couch and go spend time with him. Oh, and there will be no one defending you in that household, so you can really see what an undermining coparent looks like.
  13. kitkat343


    Maci's segments will be divided into Saint Maci storylines in which Maci heroically helps women with PCOS or since no one believes she has PCOS, she might eventually try to spin herself into a hero and role model for families affected by the opiod crisis. Unfortunately, the other half of her segments will be her humiliating Bentley for story lines such as when she asked him if he pooped at school and informed the whole world that he was afraid to use the bathroom at school, or when she thought it was a good idea to have a discussion about sex ed with Bentley on camera (it's really good
  14. I was a unhappy to see Gary tell Leah that their relationship "was a two way street" when Leah talked about her mom sleeping all the time during her visits and not spending time with her in general. Its good that Gary doesn't say anything bad about Amber to Leah, but when she quite accurately described her relationship with her mom and why she's upset she needs to know Gary and Christina are 100% on her side. And he's hurting Leah by making it feel like its her responsibility to fix the relationship with her mom. So many children of abusive parents lose themselves in trying to keep their pa
  15. The snoo was after my time with infants, but we were passed down one of those fancy Mammoo swings, which was lovely. Just think of it this way - you can lend it out to your friends and get it back if you have another child, and you can eventually donate it to a friend when you are done having babies.
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