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  1. Yara, Toofie doesn't have to stop partying. Just you.
  2. OK, the cat can live a while longer with Natalie around every day, now that there's a wedding date....
  3. Did LDE Brandon ever explain to Julia what she was getting into with the living on the farm with the parents or did he just think she'd love the hell out of it because it's America?? I'm confused.
  4. Oh boy, Julia's gonna runnoft back to RRRRRRRRRRRRRussia. She dirty. She don't want stay here.
  5. Kenya's NEVER left Brooklyn with anyone EVER??? What the hell??
  6. Man, Stephanie is just really a dumbo isn't she??
  7. Natalie has a new idea for getting rid of Mike and the cat. A BEAR!!! Natalie, your mom and Mike's mom take his side because they know YOU ARE ONE CRAZY BEYOTCH!
  8. Drunk Debbie for me. Also, Pfizer. Got the first one last Friday. Sore arm for about a day. Got it at work. (Health care worker).
  9. This show should be a little longer but whatever... Been a regular hootenanny of snark tonight! Goodnight y'all!
  10. I think Destinee's on the muthafuckin' crack again. She's so skinny and she prolly gonna run over Shawn in the parking lot.
  11. Old Quaalude just wandering around Branson with his suitcase.... That is some FUNNY stuff!! Quaalude's gonna have a fight with COUSIN?? What the bloody hell..
  12. No Pupola.... You're right on target. Amber wants everything HER way. WAIT! Is that DESTINEEEEEEE at the courthouse?? Holding a sack of FIFTY ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR SHAWN???? Oh hell to the naww...
  13. I actually like Lamar. He seems real. He's married to a complete gargoyle but that's HIS problem.
  14. Well, we all know old Chon's not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.... But then, neither is Lacey! Hope you get to feeling better Renatae !
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