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  1. Just to add onto the Ariana's full of crap train, let us not forget.... Her SERIOUSNESS regarding comedy... and horses and riding them WITH LVP. Not sure that the "depression" isn't another in the long track of "how to get some camera time"? Just sayin'. If she's really depressed, go to a DOCTOR you dummy!
  2. Sorry I missed out on the live chat! I managed to catch only about 30 minutes of Joyce and that's about enough for me. The denial is real, people! Not only for Joyce but Dawn and her Mom. The 3 of them sitting around with NOT ONE WORD SPOKEN said it all. Dawn & Mom seemed so happy Joyce managed to walk through the sliding door and sit down on the patio. This seems to be the extent of Joyce's exercise regimen. Seriously??? Think Joyce has probably found some medical transport back to KC - she's not in Houston anymore. And speaking for my hometown... THANK YOU! BYEEEEEE!
  3. Shit, I thought for a minute that Mariah was pregnant!! So the two girls are getting married? How does the plyg movement fill about that??
  4. She didn't raise her hand because Kodouche and she never have any physical encounters. She could care less.
  5. I'm kinda GLAD that Marc's a flaming asshat because Kenya's a flaming asshat herself! THIS MAN IS WHO SHE DESERVES!!!! That poor little baby girl...
  6. Now we're getting a metal lesson from Sobbyn... Hope she's not helping those kids with their science homework!
  7. Oh boy.... "The COUNTY doesn't want multiple family blahblah out here"..... Uhh.. Kodouche, what do YOU have?? This argument about the front door is ridiculous!!!! Shit. Sobbyn,you are a total doofus...
  8. It's been fun y'all! See you on the tell-all!
  9. But, Robert & Anny win the wedding competition. IMHO
  10. How stoopid! Robert, you are a dingleberry!!
  11. OMG!!! Is Robert really going thru with this???
  12. The travel sign? Who knew? Sagittarius Sue?? Help us out here!
  13. Those vows.... Uh,Tania? You promise to call him when you're drunk? That's what I said when I got married! Anybody?
  14. Oh Shit..... It's the freakshow and SA nutjob doing a dang wedding. I think dumbass is gonna be lucky she doesn't set that AirBnB on fire! She's SUCH A DINGLEBERRY. She's not at all organized, so her friend is surprised??
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