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  1. Between the beautiful house and grounds, the bed wetting and ass pissing; I actually think these women will at some point, end up in a BARN! With ANIMALS! Jeebus.... can we just crap our pants or piss the bed and NOT talk about it?? WTF?? !!!!
  2. It's DEFINITELY ABOUT THE $$$$$ for Rinna. Hell, the woman shilled for adult diapers on teevee for cryin' out loud! She's so pissed off Denise strolled in and got more money than she did! Just like she was steaming over LVP and VanderPump Dogs or whatever. SHE thinks those two spoiled brat children of hers deserve their own show! Their own clothing line! Their own doorman! At their own apartment! On the first floor! It's gotta be expen$ive to have to keep the brats in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. Not to mention.... $$$$$$ for Harry's canadian hideaway! Teddi is just a simpleton. She seems dumber and dumber every time she opens her mouth. Maybe it's the pregnancy brain. Who knows. Thank goodness for Garcelle.
  3. Watching this again tonight, makes me really HATE Teddi MORE if that's possible!! She's SUCH an ASS!!!
  4. It's been fun you guys! See some of you on Friday for Love After Lockup! Stay safe peeps!
  5. That little brat can run can't she? Wonder where Mom and Granny are when she does that at home??
  6. Does dingleberry Deavan understand that apartment is an air bnb and they have it for a MONTH ONLY???? I mean, these people MOVE around a LOT! You can just see the wheels turning in Jihoon's head.... Like what now? And you are not spoiled at ALL are you Deavan?? Your Mom NEVER spoiled your bratty ass, now did she? The grandparents can stay back a little, just leave the credit card!
  7. Best proposal ever!!! Brittney, Azan's parents aren't really gonna like you any better when you reveal you're STILL MARRIED!!!! Guessing Azan may not be real happy about it EITHER!
  8. Wait, WHAT??? I"M getting my hair cut on Wednesday too!! So excited!
  9. Happy thoughts, greekmom, HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!!! Have a good rest of your evening fellow snarkers! See y'all tomorrow. Stay safe!
  10. Damn, Jess sure brought a shit ton of luggage to her home country! WTF??? RUN COLTEE RUN!! you sir, are a MORON!
  11. So far, Asuelu is being pretty strong with those money grubbers of his family. I'm kinda impressed.
  12. Tania, for us to believe that you have a really BAD ankle injury, you're gonna have to USE that crutch, not just tote it around like a prop. Otherwise, you need to have graduated to a cane by now. And you partied like that when you were 21???? You partied like that LAST FRIGGIN' WEEK YOU LIAR! Gawd, don't give Grangela CAKE for cryin' out loud!! Have sex? And then babies? Really? What planet are y'all on? Gotta hand it to her, at LEAST she'll telling them the truth.
  13. Does Karineeeeeee even have a return ticket to Brazil?? Seems sort of unlikely. But... why's she now so concerned about Pole taking care of her and the baby? She seemed fine with his deadbeatness before. And now.... Asuelu.... SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to have to get some wine and some kind of food!
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