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  1. Not just cameramen! Sound guys, tech guys, lighting guys, catering guys, glam squad guys....... The list is ENDLESS!!
  2. Well, another group of kookie people! It was FUN tonight, peeps! Have a great week!
  3. SteVen, you're playing a really shitty hand here, bud....
  4. Bini, Ari is NEVER gonna understand your not having parents since HERS completely support the entire Ethiopian experience. You're speaking Russian to that dumb girl. Oops. MOTHER OF YOUR SON....
  5. Why are Evilin's sisters so pissy with Corey?? Don't they know their sister is the town slut?
  6. Don't we ALL??? I miss my Gran all the time! She was AWESOME!
  7. Well, it's not gonna take long for me to start hating on SteVen. He's already stretching it.
  8. This was fun and FUNNY peeps!! Need this hilarity by Friday night, so THANK YOU FRENS!!! Have a great weekend and stay safe. I've been in PPE all week, covered up with Covid at work. Puleez, wear a mask? I am exhausted.
  9. Dammit Stan,you ain't spendin' NEAR enough $$$$ on me! I want a 5K or 10K ring! I want to get married so I can murder your dumb ass!!
  10. Well, there IS that talking vagine on the ads tonight! Marcellino & Brittney lost CRYPTO-CURRENCY right??
  11. Yep, Ray.... THIS is how we play the game on the right side of the law. Whatcha do for "thousands a day"?? Whoa Brittney. You getting a tiny bit strident with your speech to old Ray!
  12. Whatsherface with the dumbo of the year.... SHAWN!! Her name? Who knows. Nicolle: I think we should meet up and you bring your credit card... Doante: OK!
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