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  1. goofygirl

    Who Will Stop Watching?

    Tagging in? I'm just about ready for the fork. Used to lurve RHOA (don't judge me!) until NeNe got a case... Used to lurve RHOC until Vickie got a case... Used to lurve RHOBH until they ALL got a case.... Only have RHONY and hell, as soon as Bethenny gets a case..... NO desire to watch the HILTON SISTERS 2020. No, just NO.
  2. goofygirl

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Good Lord, these women are exhausting! I really enjoyed looking at France and the chateau. Actually, I muted the sound! I think we all knew they would go after each other after there was no longer any LVP to kick around and guess what? It's happening. Boring as hell! That "look" Erika's going for in her TH's is one for the books! WHAT THE HOLY HELL WAS ALL THAT?? I'm on the good old White Zinfandel tonight here in Texas. Cheers!
  3. Thinking that new show looks really boring. Maybe I can take a nap! But I'll change the channel for sure so they don't think I'm watching! And Kate going on a date does absolutely nothing for me either. I'd like for her to just go far, far away from my TeeVee! Uh oh.. The den o'chicken feet!
  4. Ggrrreeeaaattt. Now this poor baby is going to have a job keeping Libby happy and not "stressed". What a doofus!
  5. Oh boy. Aaaaannnnndrrrrreeeeiiiii gets hostile with the cellphone! And the Mother Pedro lights into good old Chantal. Can't wait. Not.
  6. Can't Debbie just move out or is her Social Security paying for the house? Or why can't dumbo & dingleberry just get their own apartment or something.
  7. Does the Man of Moldova KNOW Libby's "bonus" actually came from Daddy-o? Just curious. Anyone know?
  8. Oh Libby..... You SHOULD listen to your funky sisters. They're actually making sense right now. Annnndrrrreeeeiiii's yakk with Daddy-o was a complete shitshow.
  9. WOOHOO Reality police!!! You got it!
  10. goofygirl

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    Did I say this already? I forgot. I've been planning a trip to Provence to a "fancy winery". Plus, I'm gonna crap all over my "friend" who had the temerity to say something I didn't like while her house burns to the ground. Then I'm gonna close my store, have my 4 year old model some dumb bathing suit, tell my anorexic daughter to just... EAT.... And the piece de resistance, I'm gonna listen to some skank tell me how hideous LVP has been, IS, and will be.... Oh yeah, I DID say it! TWITS!
  11. goofygirl

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    I barely reneckignize old Brandi. Man! She looks rough! And I thought KITSON went out of business?? Apparently..not. Just killl this show now. OR.... There's always LITTLE PEOPLE! Lol!
  12. goofygirl

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    These TWITS!
  13. goofygirl

    Russ and Paola: You're the Only Juan for Me

    Pao sounded really estupido in that interview!
  14. OY! Shitshow! Thought Annie had more sense than David.... Um, not so much!
  15. goofygirl

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    That damn Ramadan strikes again!