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  1. They have to start the teasing sometime! This seems like the perfect opportunity to begin.
  2. Totally with you!! Since she can spend $$$ on WLS, WHY can't she spend a few coins on some conditioner and maybe a harcut??? Jeez.
  3. I just have one question..... Did little Lawrence ever get circumcised??
  4. Kam, Court and Chart need to shut the hell up or the rest of Dallas SOCIETY is going to know how ridiculously STUPID they are!! And seriously, to throw around the shitball of Tiffany being drunk and her patient care capabilities is just pernicious. Heinous. UGH.
  5. No. Nope. Not gonna happen. That's why they need to move on down the road!
  6. WHEN EXACTLY ARE THEY LEAVING????? It can't come soon enough!
  7. Yep, it seems like Tayler ran the hell out of the Snowden house and ain't going back. Good on her! I'm still confused about Roberta and the Merrifields. Is she going to move to Colorado? They all seem slightly unsure what will happen next.
  8. Libby needs some colorist to help her with her hair and lip color choices. Think the "family business" will help pay for THAT?
  9. Just puleez NO HANNAH and NO KATHRYN!
  10. All I can say is Hannah needs to get a refund on those crying lessons she got. Lort. I think if someone had farted, she'd have started fake crying. Ugh. Glad it's over.
  11. Andrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeiii doesn't have the personality to be a realtor. He wants to flip houses. He MAY have the personality to do that. He just wants the Bank of Dad to give him his first 100K! No work, no nuttin. If what's been said above about Libbie and her sister and their FansOnly pages, apparently; the Bank of Dad isn't paying as much. Maybe old Andrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeii just needs to show us his package and he can make his money the old fashioned way. Porn. This fambly!
  12. Well, TWO hours of reunion is waayy over the limit but there's a PART THREE???? WHY???? Uh, no. just NO.
  13. That's the thing about Grangela. SHE thinks she's cute as hell! Somebody needs to disabuse her of this silly notion! Grown women don't act like that at a doctor's appointment. And seriously, if Mikul acted like that she'd have his head in a bag in nothin' flat. SOOO GROSS!!
  14. Yep, if Ronald's only form of transportation is the motorcycle, he needs it. He could ALSO get some kind of J-O-B, if only to help Tiffany buy a couple of blouses that include shoulders. Old crazy Natalie just can't seem to find her way, can she? It's either straight up bunny boiler crazy or it's mean nasty beyotch. Is there a middle somewhere??
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