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  1. Oldcrone

    S07:E21 The Assanti Brothers

    In Justin's defence regarding NOT wanting a relationship with his ever so toxic brother, I totally agree with him on that point. Just because you share DNA with someone does NOT give them the right to be hateful, hurtful, unkind or cruel and then magically forgive them because of a blood relationship. It's better to surround yourself with people who do love and care about you. I've always said friends are God's way of apolgizing for family. Yes, you can have a relationship; albeit a very distant one with toxic family. You just have to set the boundary within yourself. Just as soon as the first unkind remark is made it's time to say nicely "Oh, look at the time....So sorry to rush off but I have to {fill in the blank} See/talk to you soon." And LEAVE or hangup. No drama, no accusations. Just politley and nicely say "oops...gotta go" and disengage. Even if you can only leave the room, do it and busy yourself with something else. I know he's not where he can just up and walk away, but he will someday. The trick is to not let it make you angry and leave in a huff. Just nice and polite and eventually they will learn not to treat you that way. And if they don't...well..you're not in the line of fire any longer. Just my 2 cents....
  2. Oldcrone

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    I'm sure you meant "Pick of the illiterate"
  3. 🤣🤣DIED laughing when Annie said "maybe yo ass ate the remote AGAIN!"
  4. One of my dogs was being extra silly and wanting to play. I told him in my best Anndrrrrree voice "Don' terror-ICCCEE me wi' yourrrrrr toy." This was his reaction LOL
  5. Oldcrone

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I totally get where the plantiff's were mad about the dog peeing/pooping in their yard. Years ago, I lived in a very nice neighborhood, but every day some small dog would poop in front of my mailbox. Every. Damn. Day! So, I put some poop bags on my mailbox. Never used. Then put a note that said "Poop happens...for your convenience in picking up after your pet" with an arrow pointing to the bags. Still, Poop. Every. Damn. Day. Finally, I was home from work and saw a man walking his small dog and watched as this dog pooped in front of my mailbox! Oh, hell no! I grabbed my dog's leash and said "lets go for a walk, Grimm!" I followed the Poop Offender to his house, and as he was walking up his walkway, I loudly said to my dog, "Go potties!!! Go Potties!!" I should mention that Grimm was my first Mastiff, and weighed about 190 lbs! The man was furious. I politely said, your dog poops in my yard, my dog will poop in your yard. Oddly enough, I never had poop in my front yard again! Still laughing 25 years later!
  6. Did anyone catch the look on Plastic Robin’s face at the end of the show? She was fuming! For a second there, I thought her fillers were going to melt. How dare Phillp hawk another “skin care” line other than hers!!! Even her Botox mouth was in a frown.
  7. Oldcrone

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    I nominate Coach Mike to go "help" her. After all, according to Dr. Shill, he is the best at motivating the unmotivated. UPDATE As much as I cannot stand "Coach" Mike, I would not inflict that vile waste of oxygen on him. And that's saying a mouthful.
  8. Wha...what did I just hear??? Coltee’s Mommy saying they haven’t had a normal relationship and time with her baby boy?? On what planet is their relationship “normal”???
  9. Oldcrone

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Soooo....Mama June is going to be doing commercials for Meth Life Insurance??? And bless you all for the Lardassians....snort...snort... LOL
  10. Oldcrone


    Be still my heart, HOARDERS IS BACK!!!! One of my very favorite moments is when the Hoarder was screaming " But I had plans for that rock!"
  11. So many wonderful lines.... but one of my favorites is Black Cindy walking away saying "Where my dreidel at?" just cracks me up.
  12. Gotta say it. That woman on today’s show with the multi year pregnancies, multiple uterui and vaginas (?) is as fucked up as a football bat.
  13. Oldcrone

    Season 2 Discussion

    Laughing my ass off at BIG Angela throwing a hissy fit at being called an “elder” then stormin’ off shouting “I’m 52 damn years old”. Honey, ya can’t have it both ways. My Cull —you need to run!!
  14. Oldcrone

    Season 2 Discussion

    Shouldn't that read "tame the savage breast"? I mean..MAGNAngela's Done Dragged Down (DDD) cups runneth over...over her thighs...or nearest table top to prop them upon.
  15. Oldcrone

    Season 2 Discussion

    What the hell is with Rachel’s friends eyeliner???? NOT a good look on her. Alice Cooper wouldn’t even wear makeup like that ?????????