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  1. sconstant

    S08.E13: Doomed or Devoted

    This was me and Kate and "feelming" (you know, when people are pointing cameras at you) last episode. What was that? Not a Philly thing. For some reason, I noticed this a lot during a talking head with Stephanie, where she said "I just need to figure out if I can deal with it when he gets mad" and they added "frustrated" and "or" before the "mad" - I feel like they are playing down anger and just showing ha ha how he walks out of a room when he has to pick up kettlebells too much. I don' t think you're recognizing the fact that AJ will have to eat at some point. ALONE. I don't know if the preview for next week is considered a spoiler so I am spoiler-protecting this comment. @drogo just edit it out if it's not ok?
  2. sconstant

    Megan & Michael & Sarah: Three's Company

    I have to admit that I didn’t care as much about the actual confrontation as I did seeing Michael “swoosh” down and out of the thruple graphic where previously one woman or the other would be swooshed off to the side. After that the confrontation was anticlimactic. (And badly edited and hard to understand, imho, but still nothing could follow the swooshing away of Michael.)
  3. sconstant

    S02.E13: Sorry, Not Sorry

    I watch this for fun, but Lizzie's behavior during the elevator walkout and Michael's during the call with Sarah were just painful. Just a master class on gaslighting and never owning up to your own behavior, and deflecting. Painful. Awful. Ugh. I agree that Marcelino and Brittany are boring, but I'll take their magic engagement over having to see any of that again. I did not understand the description of where the magic phone hiding spot is. That's ok with me, really, no one needs to step up and explain it.
  4. sconstant

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    The car can get repossessed super easily but the clothes are her parting gift, hers to keep - thanks for playing - until she’s incarcerated again.
  5. sconstant

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    Maybe he wasn’t a leopard to begin with?
  6. sconstant

    S02E12. Visits and Violations

    Sarah said it was a "consensus" decision between Michael and the parole officers. Such an odd phrasing in this context.
  7. sconstant

    Scott & Lizzie: Trick or Treat

    You could try to picture the parking space with Lizzie in it, and she's ... no, never mind.
  8. sconstant

    S.08 E.06 Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    OED cites uses by Hobbes (1651), Bentham (1780), and Samuel T. Coleridge (1836) and has it as currently somewhat frequently used. And now I've cited the OED in a discussion on this reality show. I'm looking through Edna St. Vincent Millay and the Federalist Papers to quote in the Love After Lockup forums next.
  9. sconstant

    S02.E10: Wife On The Run

    You guys are so much nicer than I am. I like him, but I can't feel bad for him because I am not sure why he's there, maybe he's being paid as a cast member? He's 19, does he have nothing going on in his life that he can take three weeks to go stay in a hotel room and pick bows? Isn't coming with his father encouraging him? Maybe he thought he could do something about it if he were there, but any time he's tried to on camera, it's super useless. Now when he talks to his father about the money and his bankruptcy, he doesn't say "she's not going to stay with you, you're getting old, seriously you're deciding to flush everything you have down the toilet and ignore your future completely, you know she's going to dump you when she realizes the money's tapped out, can we please stop this insanity?" Instead he says "you're not selling the house [that I live in] are you?" and Scott says "Why are you complaining, there's food on the table at home, isn't there?" and somehow he shuts up. Dear Adam: You are not going to get fed or sheltered much longer. Start saving up, figure out some way to be supporting yourself soon ('cause it's coming...), when you move out try not to get a place with a second bedroom.
  10. sconstant

    Angela & Tony: Photoshop Of Horrors

    I know we're never going to see them, and I'm sure this has been done before, but am going to have to ask anyway: Who's the Boss?
  11. sconstant

    S02.E09: The $800K Hustle

    It's all unbelievable, and so many people on this show just need to get a job (Scott's son, Lizzie's daughter, Scott, Matt, Caitlin, Megan, Sarah, Michael). Marcellino: employed! Yay him. Brittany and Tracie need therapy and rehab and some time away from their devoted men. Maybe they could find a traffic median somewhere and hang out together. Lizzie: I have no words. "Say your vows right now. RIGHT NOW. Those vows were crap. Don't you love me? You don't. I hate you. Here are my crap vows: I love you." So much whiplash and gaslighting. I think your emotional development sometimes ends when you got very hurt. She lost her mom at 7 (Lizzie is 12 years in, right?). I'm impressed that she acts like she's 9.
  12. sconstant

    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    Every house is an AirBnB until proven otherwise. Including Matt’s moms house. Tito’s house. Etc. Just wondering - any one else understand Sarah to be drinking until she finds out she’s for sure pregnant, while thinking she might be? I hear that fetal development isn’t affected by anything you do until you pee on a stick, so that’s ok.
  13. sconstant

    S02.E08: She Said Yes?

    Agree. I just don't understand what's going on with custody. Kid clearly knows and is comfortable with his father, but Brittany said that she saw him regularly for the first year, but then the second year her parents took him to Alaska? Not sure how old he is now, but she hasn't seen him since that first year, seems like. Again, just confusion, not a criticism - whichever people have been raising the kid in whichever combinations get kudos (and B. gets the minimal number of not-an-idiot-points for not jumping out of some bushes to surprise him, which no reasonable person would think to do anyway) I just am confused as to how old the kid is, who has had custody, and what the plans are going forward. If we're making this a plot point, they could let us know.
  14. sconstant

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    This post gave me a flash of genius idea about something Kate could do if she wanted to to be more appealing to Luke but I smartly read through the entire thread and found that @sandrab has gotten here first ... My partner is not into blondes at all and is the Sonny salt shaker to my Cher pepper mill (ignoring the fact that they split up). I sometimes think about what would have happened if I were a blonde. Poor, lonely Cher pepper mill, alone astride the cannon on that ship, wishing she could turn back time.
  15. sconstant

    S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    I don’t think they were guests. I think they were people who happened to be eating at the restaurant.