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  1. You’d think that there would be a man in Finland willing to let her sit on her ass.
  2. Yes why can't she sit around in Finland? Most people come here for opportunity,
  3. Whatever she is doing doesn't appear to be working. She radiates misery.
  4. Did someone post that she is engaged to a "rapper?" Could be some competition going on.
  5. She's from Toledo. Like Klinger.
  6. Josh said to his mom that if they break up again Cheryl will go to Michigan.
  7. He looks like if Andy Warhol had gained a bunch of weight.
  8. If they ever make a live action version of Tweety, he’s a shoo-in.
  9. They were shipped off to Michigan where the grandparents have relocated.
  10. Well back in the golden age of Hollywood, many starlets had “beauty marks” lol.
  11. I think Jasmine escaped from Madame Tussaud’s.
  12. I didn’t know you could burn rings. Someone needs to tell the music scholar the difference between Tina and Aretha.
  13. Do the bulbous lips improve or detract from various ahem acts? Inquiring minds want to know.
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