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  1. And a long recap first ugh. I like how Angela referred to herself as a fatass but Michael is supposed to pretend she’s svelte. Tania’s mother may be even more annoying than Tania. Sasha is an asshole. That is all.
  2. Syngin prepares for a month without Tania. Anna questions her engagement. Blake & Jasmin's living situation changes unexpectedly. Leaving Russia brings Sasha to tears. Michael & Juliana get real about their financial future. Angela & Michael return. Airs 12/8/19
  3. “I don’t like to talk while eating, I like to focus on the eating.” Gee, all of us folk who converse at dinner are missing out on staring at the arugula.
  4. He doesn’t bite. And if he did it would just be gums.
  5. Ann Landers or one of her ilk asked people with grown kids if they would have had them if they knew then what they know now and like half said no. But that was only people who cared enough to respond. We asked our parents and they said they would absolutely do it again, which was sweet.
  6. Oops. They were both pretty good movies I admit.
  7. I wasn’t clear on whether Natalie’s ex-husband didn’t want kids or had fertility issues. I can see at 35 if Mike needs 3-5 years to pay down his debt she might be concerned.
  8. She literally cannot use literally correctly.
  9. What are the odds that Tania lives in Colcester and Sinjjn’s last name is Colchester.
  10. The kids are at an age where they should no longer be sharing a room.
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