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  1. I always think of those Tagalong Girl Scout Cookies.
  2. Yeah but it's kinda like your name being Kundt.
  3. Here is Aladin's speculation about her income (scroll down) https://tamaratattles.com/2019/10/24/90-day-fiances-aladin-jallali-spills-all-the-tea-on-laura/
  4. Well at least this week they announced it’s an edited version of the first hour. I hope they just cut one scene so the rest can be fast forwarded through rather than snipping random minutes. I have roku also but for certain content you do have to sign in. People typically post these on YouTube so you might find it there.
  5. I read that Laura had been some kind of dispatcher for a transportation company (remember when she told Aladdin that she knew all about vehicles?). I also read that she was on disability. For some reason the amount got reduced, and that is supposedly when Aladdin dumped her.
  6. Kinsey seemed so happy when she was five. She seems defeated now.
  7. Darcey actually may be in a better position as Stacey still has a fake internet fiancé.
  8. Or tell her Williams died and his creepy neighbor took over his account.
  9. Yeah it’s like when guys try to defend ogling big breasts because they claim they are hardwired to seek a mate who can feed their children. Not sure breast size has any impact on milk production.
  10. Debbie is 68. I don’t know where 55 is coming from.
  11. Yeah he was a Mormon missionary who met her when she was like 13 and waited until she got old enough.
  12. Sasha has a weird face but Emily’s is even weirder. I can’t put my finger on it but she just looks like a bloated cartoon face.
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