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  1. If it was filmed last fall it could have been just before her 61st bday and then she will be turning 62 later this year.
  2. In my state you have to post only ten percent of your bail. So that could be doable if relatives pool their money, take a home equity loan etc.
  3. She may have a strong maternal instinct that the man child brings out.
  4. Mike wrote Megan a letter in which he said that she is his oxygen. I call bullshit. It assumes a) he can write; b) he can spell oxygen. Protective Marcellino might want to think twice about having a pit bull with two little kids. Can’t keep it in that cage all the time, and it was growling in the backyard. What could go wrong?
  5. The Pedro-Chantal marriage is so depressing that I don’t know what TLC was thinking in giving them a spin-off. At least on the regular shows we get small doses. Unrelenting dysfunction will make for dismal tv.
  6. Well she does make Azan grimace.
  7. Spike

    S04.E08: Nowhere to Run

    The Coltie shittie hittie the fannie.
  8. The first hour of the next episode is available on demand.
  9. Maybe the slot machine is hollowed out and the body is inside. That’s why nobody is allowed to touch it.
  10. I have a feeling Pao will forever guilt the child because he survived and his older sibling did not. I was wondering what man or men impregnated her seven times.
  11. Nicole used to remind me of Baby Huey but now there is more of a Grape Ape vibe. https://images.app.goo.gl/pZerXSJd5r7NUsPG7
  12. Also that hair style is way too young for her.
  13. Spike

    Corey & Evelin: The Bae of Pigs

    Maybe he will have a female photographer come like in Making a Murderer.
  14. Didn’t she pronounce it like “a la din”? It’s going to be another Andrrrrrrreeeeei.
  15. They are moving Pillow Talk to Sunday night to make room for what on Monday? And I don’t want to rewatch clips from the episode immediately after watching it. In fact, I often watch Pillow Talk later in the week to have some space after the original show.