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  1. Toodleoo

    While You Were Out

    I almost wonder if all that tape/fur/grass were red (haha) herrings, but the end result was still pretty bad in that smaller room. The other room with the wood panels on the walls turned out great and must have been 90% Ty. I really cannot stand Hildi and as a fellow Southern woman I about DIED at that homeowner’s face when she was shown the crime scene sketches. That was “OH HELL NO but I’m trying to find a way to be nice about telling you HELL. NO.”
  2. From my understanding this is a fairly widely accepted theory today; your brain isn’t truly done baking until about 25/26.
  3. I am dying at the cursing not being bleeped out but every curse word shows up as [BLEEP] on my closed captions
  5. Hahahahaha did Asuelu try to breastfeed Oliver?
  6. Wait. Larissa and Colt did not kiss and I’m going to assume they probably never kiss. Fakerssss
  7. I’m not caught up. Did Larissa get deported?
  8. BRB buying Ashley a book about verb tenses
  9. Colt on Larissa’s compliments of him: “Uplifted me!” She ain’t that much Playtex, honey.
  10. Is this worthless host not going to call Leida out on her trying to get Eric to stop paying child support? That would have been a good thing to highlight when Leida was taking the high and mighty road about Tasha.
  11. He’s “crying” because he still thinks he is in the military and that he has to adhere to some arbitrary rule that some ghost version of a drill instructor made about clean rooms. If he capitulates or removes the rule he himself made (and cannot come to admit that he made it out of pussy panic) he’ll show weakness and be beaten with a sock full of quarters by Leida.
  12. Skeevn The Voice of Reason
  13. WTF Asuelu. And fuck you and your dumb hooaah shit, Eric, there are probably a million vets who would like to whoop your ass.
  14. This right here. Most of them are just screaming into a social media void but Eric is actively, truly hurting his family members in a way that he will likelu never be able to fix. (and Steven sucks too)