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  1. Someone on Reddit pointed out how much Jason’s mom resembles Dinyell from 90 Day Fiancé and now I cannot unsee it 🤣
  2. I don’t buy that Grangela has an abscess. It would be way too painful for her to be talking rapid fire and so animatedly. Agree with whomever said she probably fell and knocked out a couple of teefs.
  3. Reproductive coercion is abuse. If this isn’t all faked Skyla should tell every one of them to go live in Angela’s sweaty underboob tents.
  4. LOLLLLL Debbie and Angela. They are awful but in this, they are right on.
  5. Michael Jackson 3.0 bahahhahaha Andrrrrrei is killing me
  6. They do a lot of them with the patients awake/alert so they can assess the patient’s brain function on the fly; it helps make sure they can avoid causing brain damage as much as possible.
  7. I hope Andrei pushes his crap in so far he breathes ass for the next five years
  8. Aw that gift from his parents...made me go all My Big Fat Greek Wedding 🙂
  9. MomLibby: “This boring assed banquet hall is SPECTACULAR!” Lady, that church was spectacular, not this place. And it’s clear that whole scene was producer driven.
  10. OMG I just gasped at Libby’s sister claiming Family Andrei has nothing and hers has it all. Did I hear that right? What a bitch.
  11. OOOOH do y’all remember that horror show called The Swan? That was some nightmare fuel.
  12. I had a breast reduction 20 years ago and was released before 24 hours, i.e. outpatient. Went couch shopping the next day LOL.
  13. LOL it took soooooo long for TLC to add the plaintive piano of pain over this stupid segment.
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