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  1. Once upon a time I was at a fancy event and was talking to a lady about her kids' occupations. She said her son was an ob/gyn. To keep it on a polite level I said, "Oh how lovely to get to see new life come into the world!" She said, "Yeah but it's a bit embarrassing to tell people your son's a twat doctor." I lost my shit and made a friend that night.
  2. LAWD HAMMERCY I did *not* notice the seethroughness of this dress. A Randy Fenoli knockoff!
  3. Tonight's Pillow Talk is going to be incredible.
  4. That's the time when I find lots of reasons to get up and use their seatback to violently catapult myself to a standing position in the process.
  5. Well at least Elizabeth's boobs weren't the first thing to enter the airport.
  6. LOLLOLLOL I smell a Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta cross-over episode coming!
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