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  1. If I understand correctly, she has lost the rights to her name, period. She cannot use it to identify herself in social media or in any other business venture (it appears she tried with a non-bridal business and JLM’s lawyers pounced). She isn’t doing any bridal anything. JLM owns her name, her bridal line, everything. There’s no way she can associate herself with any of her prior creations, and it doesn’t appear she’d be allowed to, much less want to, even remotely promote the things created by others under her name. Hayley apparently started using the bridal line instagram to do/say mor
  2. I don’t watch this show, but am seeing this episode because I didn’t change the channel after some SYTTD episodes. After watching Max and Micah interact I came a’running here to see if I had missed some sort of background that explained why Moriah has signed up to be a beard…it is *that* apparent.
  3. She got it secondhand, too! Oooh just now catching the episode with Randy’s assistant. Absolutely love the dress she chose, it is so nice to see something a little more tailored and sophisticated instead of all those Pnina things. The long veil didn’t quite go…that seems like that dress needed a more sophisticated head thingie, or perhaps nothing on her head. Essense of Australia seems to produce some really lovely gowns for SYTTD: England so it’s great to see Kleinfeld carrying them too. With Hayley Paige losing the ability to sell dresses under her name (or to do anything br
  4. A friend of mine got married in a chartreuse Oscar de la Renta gown (silk column dress that had just a bit of flow to it) and she looked AMAZING. Then again I’m always down for something different :)
  5. I’m sad this show didn’t get more attention here—I absolutely loved it. And I am extremely worried about Earl.
  6. I enjoyed it. Quite struck by how much the sitcom living room resembles that of All in the Family (even the colors of the walls, floor, doors, staircase; it was particularly evident when the furniture was gone). But then again it seems like most sitcoms have that same floor plan: feont door to the right perpendicular to the camera, closet door just to the left of that and parallel to the camera, staircase with 2-3 steps away from the camera+landing+steps ascending from right to left, kitchen entry to the left (The Cosby Show comes to mind). As to content, I find it relatable and
  7. I’m just recognizing that surgery only goes so far....from my pandemically-grown ass, perched on my pandemic couch 😂
  8. She has a great bod and clearly works hard for it, but there are literally thousands of women on IG who work as hard and look just as good or better, and aren’t mean as snakes. I’m with ya.
  9. This may be naive, but I really liked how Leva and her internal bias comment was (trying to) give Kathryn some room to breathe and maybe have a position from which to dive into some introspection.
  10. Boy Craig is the hottest of messes and I mean steaming-pile-of-rotten-gallbladder-shit mess.
  11. If the show needs a woman with ambition and a great figure, please bring back Chelsea. She was only 20% the asshole that Madison is.
  12. Someone on Reddit pointed out how much Jason’s mom resembles Dinyell from 90 Day Fiancé and now I cannot unsee it 🤣
  13. I don’t buy that Grangela has an abscess. It would be way too painful for her to be talking rapid fire and so animatedly. Agree with whomever said she probably fell and knocked out a couple of teefs.
  14. Reproductive coercion is abuse. If this isn’t all faked Skyla should tell every one of them to go live in Angela’s sweaty underboob tents.
  15. LOLLLLL Debbie and Angela. They are awful but in this, they are right on.
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