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  1. Oh wow this is an American version of a British show! I didn’t realize!
  2. I really, really wanted Dr. Lee to squeeze the rhinophyma “grapes” she took off of his nose. I wanted to see the oil come out. *hangs my gross head in shame*
  3. Oh. Lederhosen. Huh. ETA: I would consider a professional cheerleader for the NFL to be a kind of professional dancer.
  4. I know I am in the minority, but I thought Coach Monica was a mean, arrogant, smug, unprofessional coach who thinks her poop doesn’t stink. Yeah, she occasionally did the right thing, (helping Lexi contact the police) but I still dislike her so, so much. Hey guys! Did you know she has an MBA from the best business school in the world but she *chooses* to work in that tiny, one-horse town instead of as a CEO in New York City??? She never mentions it!!!!
  5. I can’t believe Dennis wasn’t booted from the program right then and there when he had that little meeting. The 32DDD born again women is interesting because I can’t figure out why the other prisoners are so drawn to her. I mean, compared to a lot of the people in there, she’s clean and well groomed with good skin and teeth. But that can’t be it. I haven’t seen any evidence of a sparkling personality. Charisma can be such a mystery sometimes. I am relieved for the male student who seems to be doing OK even though he’s frustrated about not being able to make connections with the other prisoners. But from the previews it looks like he’s going to draw too much attention to himself when he’s able to get commissary. Was the ex-marine who tapped out in put in a different male pod from the one Dennis and the male student are in? Their pod doesn’t seem to be as potentially violent.
  6. Cheryl has a plan. It’s a plan for never taking care of her own children because she figured out that her parents can be guilted into taking care of her kids if she just doesn’t do it.
  7. I’m not impressed with Britney‘s new hand tattoos. Apparently, she didn’t think it was going to be difficult enough for her to ever get a job.
  8. Oh my God I hope the poor tattoo artist who had to work on Lacy’s snatch wore a hazmat suit. I hate Cheryl for dragging her poor son into this mess but I also hate her for abandoning her children for this mess. She sucks.
  9. I noticed Clint didn’t mention that he had also been arrested When he was talking to his parents.
  10. Clues that Zach would turn out to be an ass: wearing the hat not helping Mindy with her suitcase his stupid bracelet his modeling pics He has been way too aware of the cameras and playing to them.
  11. Season two of this show needs to use some of the rejected dance partners and find dance dates for them. ETA: I really appreciate how much the show is a breath of fresh air and a no-drama, positivity break from the news and stress and everything else right now. ETA: Another poster commented on this and it’s starting to make me wonder too: the bright white tennis shoes were cute once, but in every episode??? it’s getting to be a little much. You can’t tell me they couldn’t find some cute pairs of colored or patterned keds or dance sneakers to have the women wear.
  12. Yup. I said it before but Dr. Lee would not have a show if we had a decent system of medical care in the United States that covered everyone.
  13. Hate whichever one convinced Gabi to dye her hair that awful, flat, ink-black color. ETA: I know it’s important for flyers to be small so they’re easy to catch and hold up, but I also wonder about the prevalence of eating disorders and the pressure for them to stay tiny. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the men were also pressured to lose weight/stay slender.
  14. Oh. Well, that solves Shane’s problem, doesn’t it?
  15. I’m sure that made him very popular in prison. Also, apparently cam girls don’t make enough money to buy hands-free phones.
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