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  1. Fun fact: Tim is actually three raccoons standing on each other’s shoulders.
  2. Watching a pink dog drink out of a toilet has just ruined my night.
  3. I am! It’s going to be a pallet cleanser after 90 days!
  4. She looks just like The Skipper from Gilligan's island.
  5. Laura, you need to put on a lot more make up.
  6. Liam is there only because I’ll bet the producers paid for his flight.
  7. She should have thrown toe nail CLIPPINGS.
  8. If Sumit is in jail, it’s because he admitted to loving Jenny.
  9. Tiffany is hell-bent on learning every lesson about addicts and relationships the hard way. I’d say too bad too sad, but there are two children in the mix.
  10. They haven’t shown any scenes with Jenny yet, just previews.
  11. Why did Liam come??? He really doesn’t wanna be there.
  12. Also, if you’re a loser son could actually get a job his wife and baby wouldn’t have to live in the slums of Brazil!”!!
  13. Good lord. She has sleeves full of bug bands. I’m sure all of those chemicals will be really good for the baby, grandma.
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