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  1. I have zero faith in any of these couples. Jose turned out to be even worse than I imagined. Wasting a woman’s time for four years, and you really didn’t want to be with her because she had children? I hope that lady isn’t watching this because that would hurt to know he was faking interactions with her and her children. Rachel needs to listen to that little voice telling her something is off. It’ll save her in the end. I’m not sure what she’s in love with. I’m confused. Johnny and Bao exhaust me. He needs psychotherapy immediately. Maybe even past life regression/hypnotherapy to unm
  2. Agreed. The way to have happy couples but still have some drama is pair people that stand a fighting chance. If I say I don’t want dogs or to be a pet owner, don’t put me with one. (This actually was one of my non-negotiables when I met my husband. I had an ex who shared custody with their ex because she didn’t want to split the dogs up. Outside of that, walking on fur, dog drool, the smell, etc. all repulsed me. I’m not a dog hater. I just never ever want to live with one again.) In all honesty, people are going to have disagreements because we’re human. We all have different temperament
  3. I really want people to go back and listen to what her sister said and how she described Michaela during these fits of rage. While they were getting ready for the wedding, Michael’s sister said Hurricane K comes in “fast, hot, mean, brutal, destructive, and then, she settles all down like huh?” Michaela followed up by saying, “When Hurricane K comes in, I’ve been pushed, and it is all business. I don’t care who the f-ck you are, what the f-ck you do, and how much money you make. When I come out of it, it’s like, “I’m sorry, such and such. If my husband is who he needs to be, I’m not
  4. As someone who was once with a narcissist, I see more of the traits like manipulation, gaslighting, the change in cadence, body language, subtle micro aggressions, etc. in Michaela. Johnny is no doubt in need of therapy. He absolutely has daddy issues and needs to be healed. Michaela, though? The fact that she hurt Zack with her words and actions and only apologised because it sounded good but didn’t really feel empathy jumped off the screen. Her ability to lie with such ease is another pause for concern. Her straight faced lying to Zack and his parents about her conflict resolution styl
  5. The thing is, she doesn’t get that his apology style is not to just roll over. She seems to be of the mind that I can act a fool, say sorry, and because she’s over it, the other person needs to be as well. Not quite how that works. He wants to see change. Unfortunately, the preview for next week’s episode show more of the same escalation and profanity laden he has told her makes him anxious. She was demanding that he accept the f’ing apology and basically quit talking about it. The longer trailer from earlier in the season showed her screaming like a feral she-wolf, slamming doors, and even ac
  6. These people are hot messes. The fiddy-four year old Mee-Maw takes the cake by allowing her moronic husband to demand that her daughter get impregnated by him through artificial means and carry “tote” a pregnancy or give them one of her eggs. IVF is a drain emotionally and physically, and her life would be upended even if they did just give her hormones and fertilised some embryos to implant in Angela. This scenario is wildly unethical, and if Skyla has sense, she’ll continue to say no. Aside from the emotional implications like her carrying a child and having to pretend she/he is her sibling
  7. I don’t get it either. She’s not working, going to university, or even being a productive member of society. Outside of three arrests for DV and plastic surgery, what does she really have to show for her time in the States? Luis didn’t immediately get deported, so it seems like it’s a slow process. She’s probably not out of the woods.
  8. Angela and Mykull were talking about 18 months. Umm. As it stands right now, the current visa ban doesn’t allow permanent visas. Student and tourist visas are allowed, so I hope they realise a spousal visa is out until that ban is lifted. Nigeria’s President said it would be extremely expensive and quite costly to even try to get it overturned, so they might as well buckle up for a long distance marriage or hope it’s lifted one day. TLC, go ahead and pull the plug on this couple because in this era of Covid and the border in Nigeria being closed temporarily to US citizens means they can’t even
  9. Larissa’s surgery recovery could’ve been skipped. I don’t see an ounce of chemistry between her and Ericee. I guess I should have empathy for her pain, but she chose all of these elective procedures, so it’s hard for me to pull the heart strings. I wish Angela would’ve stayed with her mother, but I know she gave her blessing and told her to go. According to her obituary, she passed on 8 February, and they tied the knot on 27 January. I hope Angela was able to say good-bye. Unfortunately Michael was right when he said he didn’t know when he’d see Angela again because Covid came crashing i
  10. Things picked up from my little humans! Everything is "whole" with them. My oldest daughter literally asked. "Isn't she married with a wholeeee baby? Doing too much, Libby. Doing way too much." 😂
  11. I want a fresh crop of new and real couples. I’m tired of the clout chasers, scammers, and attention whores. I’m also tired of people like Deavan saying to hell with the NDA and spilling her guts in long rambling soliloquies. Mykull and Grangela should’ve been booted like Azan and Nickel when their K1 visa application was denied. They’re no longer doing the K1 so byeeee. Another couple could be filmed. I miss couples like Evelyn/Justin who just had their first child. I miss people like Amy and Danny. Their stories were real and had their own drama due to cultural differences and bigoted family
  12. Libby looks half dead without make-up. I’m tired of her acting like she’s not already married with a whole child. “I’m not going to marry you...again.” Award winning actress she is not. Go ahead and take your IMDB page down, beloved. I’m tired of their storyline, the bad acting, and her ignorant family. They’ve shown them way too much this season. Andrreiiii will continue to be a kept house husband and cared for by Chuckles. I don’t care about Larissa. Send her to a plastic surgery reality show because breast implants, nose jobs, BBLS, tummy tucks, and all the multiple procedures she’s ha
  13. He has his annual or biannual reprieve because of Covid and closed borders. I’m sure he’s somewhere rejoicing that she can’t terrorise the citizens of Nigeria or him. At least temporarily.
  14. Because she’s a woman and TLC seems to think it’s “funny.” I promise if a man was sitting there waiting to verbally attack a woman and telling her he would whoop her ass, it wouldn’t have ever seen the light of day. Some people act like he deserves it because he’s just with her for a green card and hasn’t left. Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing and some people who have been kidnapped or harmed swear they love their abusers. Nobody deserves to be treated like that, and I don’t think it’s just for telly or ratings. When I did a search for 90 day and her name on Twitter, every other tweet refere
  15. Angela reminds me of Rasputia from Eddie Murphy’s movie, Norbit. Michael will be the long suffering, abused house husband. Imagine how Angie is going to act if she comes home and sees the dishes haven’t been washed or the grandkids homework isn’t done. She chastised him like a child. If that was a grizzly bear of a man waiting to verbally pounce on a woman and threatening to “whoop her ass today,” people would be ready to blow something up. I have no doubt that she’s laid hands on him before. She strikes me as an angry drunk, too. I thought she was disgusting when she was yelling at him in fro
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