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  1. I really hope Usman tipped the gentleman extra on Lisa’s tab. Maybe she should stop chasing foreign male parts if she’s going to gripe and bemoan every single thing about the country they live in. I have atopic dermatitis/contact dermatitis or just plain eczema. My dermatologist has never told me only thread counts above 1,000 would suffice. The thread count doesn’t matter as much as content/material. I have contact reactions to things like formaldehyde, Orange disperse dye, etc. So unless an allergen is in those sheets under 1000 thread count, he can miss me. If it was that dire, why ship the sheets? Everything else has gotten lost. Why chance it? Stick them in the suitcase or carryon! I pack sheets when I stay in hotels because whatever they use to wash them causes my eczema to haunt me like sleep paralysis demons. Aside from that, he slept on hotel sheets that probably weren’t 1,000+ thread count. Erica is over Stephanie, and it has only been 72-96 hours. The season isn’t complete if Darcey’s not crying. I don’t care about the white version of Ceasar. He’s chasing after a computer.
  2. She just left a word out: sewer. Remember The Sewer King from Hey Arnold?
  3. What Ed though he looked like with that floppy egg salad, mayo laden hair hanging down. He is such a slimy bloke. It’s not his looks. It’s how he talks to her like a child, drools while whispering and thinking it’s romantic, and clearly doesn’t see her as a person. I’m still disgusted by him asking her to open her robe. That had nothing to do with the foot massage. The Egg is everything that the nice guy Reddit forum is about. Nothing about him is a nice guy.
  4. I’m not mad at Meka for being fed up. How can you ever build with someone who lies about every little thing? Maybe he’s a compulsive liar. He has issues he needs to address.
  5. Adding another reason why I don’t like the bloke. Sunday’s episode sure didn’t do any favours either. A lovely Reddit user stumbled across something on POF...Ed’s profile: I’ve never seen so many lies. He claims he’s 44 (10 years younger), 5’2, and has an athletic build. The true gem was the bit about being a reality Star soon. So I’m going to assume he was with Rose and still on a dating site. Yet he carried on like he couldn’t trust her because she has 4K Facebook friends. In my Sophia voice from The Golden Girls, “The man is a scuzzball.”
  6. The issue with the test request was the one sided, hypocritical nature. It wasn’t good enough for him but good enough for her. That irked me. She agreed to do the test and asked that he do one as well. Was he going to insist on moving to a physical relationship with just her results? What about protecting her? He claims he hasn’t been in a relationship, but he never said he was celibate, not using a dating site like Tinder, been with any models in his cuh-reer, or if he had paid for the company of women, etc. I also didn’t like that he kept pressing her for the number of men she has been with. That’s not something that was his business or that needed to be discussed on camera. It is embarrassing. If her number had been 2 or 20, her lady parts are her business. As far as her child’s father not being involved, there are millions of women who end up single mums because of trifling men or boys who aren’t man enough to take care of what comes out and also don’t utilise available barrier methods. Catholic upbringing or not, some people have needs in that way. One of my classmates at a catholic school was pregnant with twins at our high school graduation. Another? Pregnant at 15 and had the baby at 16. No matter how devout a person or their family is, things happen. Rose is no different IMO. Hazel was poor and also had a child out of wedlock and Tarik managed not to accuse her of selling her body like Weeble Ed was insinuating.
  7. Lisa has no redeeming qualities. She’s insecure, wildly jealous, controlling, and rude to Usman’s friends and colleagues. How she talked to Abba made me want to snatch her through the screen. She just has this condescending way of speaking down on people, and it is really working my last nerve. Her bemoaning Nigeria and Nigerians also isn’t sitting right with me.
  8. Right! I think it was when we first met his friends. I’m about 98% sure he said she was 40 something and not her true age of 500-something. Let’s not pretend like Old Ghoul Lisa isn’t old as dirt.
  9. Usman did say something about getting married and having kids. Sir, she has one less COPD, emphysema having egg than Big Brolic Granddaddy Grangela. Surely he’s not deluding himself. Then again, he did tell his friends she was in her 40s, so maybe he believes she’s still of childbearing age.
  10. I don’t know. Maybe. It doesn’t really look like proptosis. I’m not an ophthalmologist, though. The perpetually startled look is odd. His brother didn’t seem to have it going on in that really short clip we saw for next week. I didn’t notice it much until this episode.
  11. I really want her to get stuck there for being a dumbass. The States can quarantine her even longer when she makes it back.
  12. It’s something he can’t ever forget. This looks like the face of regret and wondering if the things he did are worth the green card.
  13. I’m not crazy about Steffy and Liam, but I loved that TPTB opted for a destination wedding in Sydney that one time. If nothing else, I was happy to have more than floral arrangements and chairs in front of the fireplace. The living room ceremonies are played out. I mean they don’t have a garden, a balcony, a gazebo, a backyard, or anything? Zoe has no standards for romance. I guess a grown man taking you on a date to his bedroom or living room in a home he doesn’t own is romantic? I bet he didn’t plan a honeymoon because he’s just so confident that he’ll be able to use Douglas to ensnare Hope in his web of obsession.
  14. Well played, Hope. If nothing else, I’m happy smug Zoe looked like she swallowed a piece of fruit whole.
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