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  1. Maybe Fernanda can link up with Pao. Looks like she is moving or has moved to Miami. I guess her cuh-reer wasn’t taking her anywhere in Chicago.
  2. I know Fernanda thinks she’s a model, but this counts as modelling? Posing in front of a rusty ladder? Who is she a model for? She just really gives me Pao vibes and being all about her....”cuh-reer.”
  3. I watched a few seconds. She’s claiming he emotionally or physically abused her, isolated her, controlled her, etc. I’ll go find some cliffs and edit the post. InTouch had a breakdown: https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/90-day-fiance-fernandas-video-on-jonathan-breakup-watch/ I’m not doubting her truth, but it’s a wee bit convenient that abuse is one way to stay in the States when someone withdraws support. Why didn’t she reach out to her dad if things were that bad? Reality is....they shouldn’t have gotten married, and she’s not entitled to half of his business(es) or even spousal support. How is she working and living in Chicago without a green card?
  4. Fernanda is sharing her truth... I could’ve done without the telenovela like dramatic production and lead in.
  5. AussieBabe

    S09.E01: Nice To Marry You

    Per Deonna, it sounds like she dated herself and devoted the time to travelling, her education, and her career. She didn’t mention casually dating. It came off like she closed herself off to dating period. I missed the matchmaking special, but that’s what I’m gathering from the comments by people who watched it. That would be a concern because marriage is definitely more challenging than a dating or even serious relationship. It’s not easy to go from a decade of “me” to “we” in 90 days. Judging by the record number of divorces, these experts haven’t gotten it right or missed the mark completely. As always I’ll give it a chance but some of the red flags are like mmm.
  6. AussieBabe

    S09.E01: Nice To Marry You

    Oh goodness. These experts continue to get it wrong, and there are so many red flags. Amber said her last relationship ended eight months ago so that means when she started the interview process she was fresh out of a relationship and jumped into the marriage. I hope Matt can heal the rift with his siblings at least. I can understand the estrangement from the parents. He probably just needs time to grieve the loss of that model. It was probably a blow when someone he looked up to split and weren’t able to work through it. Maybe there are other issues going on, too. Deonna hasn’t dated for her adult life so what happened with her high school sweetheart that soured her on dating or entering a relationship with anyone all through university and graduate school? She seems sweet, but I fear she’s just checking marriage off her to-do list. She’s like I own my home. I have two degrees. I’m ready to be a wife. What? What relationship skills do you have? How do you handle conflict? How are you going to deal with cohabitation? How do you figure you were preparing for marriage when it sounds like you haven’t been in a single adult relationship? Greg seems cool. He had a right to be concerned. I adore Iris, but I hope the season doesn’t hammer on about her virginity. There’s more to her than that, and it’s not a personality trait. I like Keith, and he seems to have two long lasting relationship examples. His father reminds me of Geoffrey Owens aka Elvin from The Cosby Show. I’m rooting for Iris and Keith. Elizabeth looks a solid 10-15 years older. She’s the same age as Deonna. She’s already grating on my nerves. Her husband had an endless list of things. I’m sure it will be s shit show between those two when all is said and done.
  7. It’s clear she used him as a way into the States. I just glanced at her IG. She’s living it up in Chicago. Isn’t that where his mum and other relatives reside? It really seems like she only married him to be a gold digger and had no intentions of actually staying in the marriage. Good faith? Yeah, no. She wanted half of the business? Umm sweetie. Y’all might have had a good 3-6 months before you started talking about needing to move to advance your cuh-reer. She’s a Pao, Jr. I’m glad he withdrew the support affidavit. Good luck to him, and I hope he finds someone who appreciates him.
  8. AussieBabe

    S04.E01: After the Dust Settles

    I’ll say it. I don’t like any of the choices for Happily Ever After. Nicole and Azan should be on the web part/What Now. They’re not married and they should be backburnered. David and Annie haven’t made any money from being on the show? Over Russ and Pao. I like Andrei, but Lizzy in that jumpsuit was tragic. Larissa and Coltee are so toxic. If ever a couple needed to move away from family, it’s them.
  9. AussieBabe

    S04.E01: After the Dust Settles

    Larissa and Coltee need to split and say far away from each other. Coltee needs to marry mummy in a commitment ceremony and they can live happily ever after. She claims she wasn’t going to meddle, but she’s right in the middle.
  10. AussieBabe

    S04.E01: After the Dust Settles

    I see Chantel still can’t open her jaw. Bless her heart.
  11. AussieBabe

    S04.E01: After the Dust Settles

    Nicole looks like a Twinkie with the yellow and white hair.
  12. I initially thought it was an April Fool's Day joke, but someone else said she IS dating someone new. If true, he must not have watched the show. Is the divorce from Tristan even final? I know they just filed in what--September?
  13. I didn’t watch any of this season. It came off as a train wreck from the very beginning. They just need to stop trying because they have how many successful marriages and how many divorces? And in other news: Mia Bally is engaged and doing another reality show. Per her IG stories, she’s engaged and doing a reality show about her engagement. Good luck to the groom if it’s true.
  14. I haven’t watched this show in ages. I’m just beyond tired of the ever-revolving circle of sharing partners. Katie was engaged to Wyatt, and now Wyatt is trying to hook them back up. Taylor is encouraging Steffy to fight for a happily married man and steal him from a woman who just lost a child. These people are all special. I just can’t with Zoey, Xander, and whoever else. I thought we were rid the annoying interns when Sasha, Zende, and Nicole rode off into the sunset.
  15. AussieBabe

    Rice-A-Roni & Google Translate: 90DF Live Chat

    Whoever is doing the censoring did a terrible job. I've heard the f-bomb dropped several times.