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  1. Cold Open: Man, a lot's happened in a month. Like...an entire impeachment. Mitch and Susan Collins were the best targets for tonight. And wow, where'd they dig up Jon Lovitz for this?! Either way, great seeing him again. And then he went to hell. Of course not only does the Devil have a podcast, she invented them. Kate played her perfectly. Adam Driver is Jeffrey Epstein, that was perfect. As was Flo from Progressive, and Mr. Peanut. "Just hanging." I mean, god DAMN, SNL. Monologue: Adam was great here, I loved that this was him pretty much killing four minutes of time. "Hey man, you look like a Star Wars fan, no offense." He just went for the jugular tonight and I am here for it. Sleepover: I almost thought it was gonna be another "Aidy hits on the hot dad" sketch, and then Kate showed up with disheveled hair and soaking wet. And then SHE hit on the hot dad. Very silly sketch. Undercover Boss: YES!! Now Kylo Ren is Randy The New Intern. Oh my god, that was amazing. I loved everything about it. "Okay, Boomer." Del Taco: Good Neighbor made a Del Taco commercial, and it didn't disappoint. "Aww man, I'm all outta cash!" is gonna be stuck in my head for ages. The Science Room: Oh they brought this sketch again! I loved it, Adam Driver was great. "What comes first?" "The guy...?" Oh my god. Slow: Halsey in a sketch! And oh my god, Adam's voice in this was great. And yeah, I totally saw the punchline coming. I just loved that Adam's deep voice wasn't commented on at all. WU: Yeah, this entire bit was great. There's not much you can do with Trump these days but play back his actual words. Loved the Gritty and Mr. Peanut jokes, and Melissa singing about White Male Rage. Midieval Times: Adan Driver bringing a Games of Thrones character to Midieval Times is everything. I've been to the Jersey one on many a school trip. Cheer: I haven't seen Cheer, so no I can't say "Have you watched CHEER?!" This was probably the weakest sketch of the night, this was a pretty dumb sketch. Marrying Ketchup: This was delightfully silly, I love that Heidi would literally marry ketchup. I thought they'd reference Marriage Story here, but I liked this just enough. "It's 2023!" "I'm...catsup!" ":O" "And I don't RELISH telling you this..." Was not expecting the show to close with Halsey's second performance. Maybe Adam was telling the truth that he wanted to make sure the last sketch was cut? Either way, I thought this episode was great.
  2. Neighbor: The Bloom is Off The Nose wart removal Exterminator: Flea Willy Burger(s) of The Day: The Ber-Gouda Triangle Burger, Mama Said There'd Be Glaze Like This Burger (comes with a Worcestershire glaze), The Easy Come, Asiago Burger Teddy leaving the restaurant is me leaving anywhere. We've come so far that Bob doesn't care that Teddy takes a job at Jimmy Pesto's, but I like that Teddy still thinks he does and only freaks out because he cares about his friendship. But man, I was not liking that he put Mort through all that abuse. "What did they do to my precious little lamb?!" Zeke going to bat for Gene right away is the best. "WHY IS NOTHING EVER A 'LADY IN RED' SITUATION?!" Jimmy Jr. was great in this one. I really liked Gene's plot. Which, of course, meant it as also a Louise plot. She's a good sister, but Gene can take care of himself. I need to hear a Bell Biv Devo song. I was teased.
  3. I've always liked that running gag. Marge is probably the only person Artie loves more than himself.
  4. This was a weird episode. I got a laugh out of Peter starting a podcast, and the implication of Connie faking her own death with Peppa Pig.
  5. Bob's Burgers and Bless The Hart are reruns this week, I guess they didn't want to punt a new Family Guy after an hour of that?
  6. Title: Abe 2019 out, Maggie 2020 in Billboard: 2020 Vision: We don't Help With Vision, Just The Year Chalkboard: Teacher spent New Year's Eve At Home By Choice Couch Gag: The family is on a penny...that crushed by a train by Nelson. So Lisa needs Braces...again! Yeah, seeing Lisa frozen in a smile was weird. I guess I'm not used to seeing the Matt Groening round teeth on Lisa? I always like seeing Jon Lovitz on my tv. At least they explained how Artie became rich again: creating firewood that looks like money. I wasn't expecting him to marry a LITERAL robot clone of Marge. And then employs an army of robot Marges to build homes. And then fly away from him. THAT was weird. Hearing Martin's new voice just seemed so off, it was too distracting. All in all, a dumb, weird episode.
  7. Season 31, episode 11: Hail to The Teeth: Airs 1/5/20
  8. Season 31, episode 11: Hail to The Teeth: Airs 1/5/20
  9. Ass Dan died in every sketch he appeared in (I wanna say six?)
  10. They're not missing that after party. Also explains why Usher was at the goodnights.
  11. Cold Open: We open with the Democrat Debate...which I missed because I was watching Star Wars. "Just like The Bachelor, the longer it goes the less diverse it gets." So true. So good to see not only Rachel Dratch and Larry David back, but Fred Armisen back as Bloomerg, and Jason Sudeikis(!!) back as Biden. And Maya coming back as Kamala. I'm gonna miss her. And then it turned into Maury with Alec as Trump being backstage the whole time, I really liked that. Eh, it was the Christmas show, I'm guessing this is where they're sticking the cameos. A appreciated the quick change for Kate to become Nancy Pelosi at the end. Monologue: Eddie already killing it before he even said a word. No pressure to do well, man. Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle showing up were just icing on the cake. "Who the hell was that?" "Joe Piscopo." Shots fired. Mister Robinson's Neighborhood: Mister Robinson's Neighborhood was gentrified, this is already great. Everything about this was great. From staying around thanks to Squatter's Rights, being accused of stealing TVs (which he totally did) to 23 and Me, everything was pitch perfect. Holiday Baking Championships: It's the same sketch from the Don Cheadle episode, but I don't care. Ugly cakes are always funny. Eddie Murphy baking an ugly Sonic The Hedgehog cake is the BEST. I never knew I needed this. The cake having human teeth was definitely a slam at the original movie design. And then came the pink penis castle cake. Home For The Holidays: Maya Rudolph AND Eddie Murphy in the same sketch?! YES. This was a lot like the Mother's Day sketches, but I really enjoyed this one. The Masked Singer: Finally, this gets taken down a peg. Well, that was one way to get Buckwheat in the episode. I was hoping it'd be him, and when the words on the screen confirmed it I was so happy. It was good to know he survived getting shot. WU: Yeah, the news got super weird this week. Trump got impeached, and all he could talk about was toilets. And then GUMBY shows up, dammit! Yes! I loved seeing him again. "Pokey is in a dog food factory for all I care!" Shots fired. Even Pete came in and was great. Yeah, he knew he had to follow Gumby. Waiting around for Tosh to retire was my favorite bit. He pretty much said he was going to rehab, right? Good on him. The surprise jokes were great. Opening with the Mayor Joke for Colin was the best, but outright REFUSING to read his last joke was even better. I caught "Harriet Tubman" on it. And then Cecily as Judge Pirro had to follow all that, but I thought she didn't disappoint. I don't think I've seen Colin breaking so hard in ages. Did she say "Merry fucking Christmas" at the end?! Black Jeopardy: Velvet Jones on Black Jeopardy!! Out of all of his characters, I'm not too shocked that he aged the worst (but that seems to be the point). Kind of a dud, sadly. I think it was because Eddie kept flubbing and it threw off the timing. The ads were great, especially "Put Some Water In It." North Pole News: Eddie Murphy going nuts is always great. He was using his donkey voice for that one. Eddie Murphy putting 110% in is what we all needed tonight. He knew he had sky high expectations and I'd say he pulled it off. A great host can elevate lousy material (see: Hanks, Tom) Lizzo was great, too. I just know that Update going off the rails got at least one sketch cut. But if Gumby wants to stop the show, you let him. I hope he comes back sooner than 30 years. We return January 25th with Adam Driver. I hope Matt The Radar Technician comes back.
  12. It's weird to think about. But "Buzz Advil" definitely references Neil Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear, and maybe Buzz Aldrin on top of that. EDIT: It's absurd enough that the snake was able to somehow bite Morty while still wearing a space helmet.
  13. God, I love the absurdity of a snake in space wearing its own space suit. And apparently she was its Neil Armstrong. I loved seeing Snake World. Snake Terminator was something I didn't see coming. Sure, they said they wouldn't mess with time travel, but they said nothing about snakes screwing with it. "Ford's Snake Theater" slayed me, as did the return of the 4-D Testicle Time Cops (one of them was voiced by Eddie Pepitone). "I wasn't born into the God business. I fucking EARNED it." Legend.
  14. I did like the lampshade hang that Brian couldn't describe Meg's situation explicitly because they're owned by Disney now.
  15. How many times has Stewie met Santa that he's finally scared of him? I thought Meg smiling was way weirder. Yeah, why am I not surprised that Meg got off to the first person to show her some kind of affection? Or just Santa in general? And apparently you see Jimmy Connors your first time? And ONLY the first time. Am from Long Island, can confirm our malls are a little much. "Next road show, me and you, Meg!" That was quite a few long bleeps in that Die Hard song. I wish the Griffins got a new dog too, Brian.
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