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  1. It was fun to see PETER act like a dog for once. I also like whenever Stewie acts like a little kid. You don't really see too many plots like that these days. Yeah, the 80s were terrible. Of course Peter can't let it go until the ghost of John Hughes told him to.
  2. Neighbor: Talcum in The Middle Powders and Lotions for "Down There." Exterminator: DIE-YOU-MITE! Burger of The Day: The Marvelous Mrs. Basil Burger Oh man, I knew that going on a road trip with Teddy would be a hilarious mess. He WOULD know people who run gas stations on a first name basis, know who to avoid, who had the best bathrooms, be really needy about gum. Thank god I haven't done a rode trip with someone that annoying. I'm definitely a Bob (no fuss, no small talk), but I always fear that I'd be a Teddy (I love stopping at rest stops and detours. So sue me!) It
  3. Looks like we're in an anthology episode, this time it's stories about Delmer. I think the only real weakness of this episode is that Delmer wasn't a well developed character until now. Is this the second episode he had a substantial role in, total? But we also got some insight into Beef. His parents were never around, so Delmer was his surrogate father. It's sweet. The story about the Bork aliens wanting to feed poop to all the humans but die when doused with pee definitely seemed like a story Gene would've come up with. Of course Wolf and Honeybee tell a summer camp slasher story,
  4. Couch Gag: The stop motion segment was really well done. When you get the people behind Robot Chicken to do a Little People-inspired medieval dragon raid, you expect quality. I liked the Caveman segment, especially how each character rode an animal that totally fit them. Patty rode giant Jub-Jub while Homer rode a giant sloth. I can't believe the show remembered Ruth Powers! And they brought back Pamela Reed for it! And the show remembered Maya! She was from season 20. In my opinion, I think she was less developed than the first time she appeared. She just felt...there, really. "Putt
  5. Season 33 ep 4: The Wayz We Were airs 10/17/21
  6. Cold Open: Colin as Roger Goodell is just perfect casting. Gotta love the revolving door of Raiders coaches until it was LeVar Burton's turn. "My hair looks like Donald Trump's haircut gave ME a haircut" was perfect. I don't know much about sports, so I don't know just how many of the people depicted in this sketch were real. Monologue: Rami Malek has a really square face, it really is perfect for a villain. Bug Assembly: This is was just an excuse for Bowen to strut on stage in a spider costume, wasn't it? "What does Daddy Long Legs Eat? Boys. Boys. Boys." the sketch was wort
  7. I laughed at "DO YOU WANT TO BE A SHRAMP PAMP?!"
  8. Honestly, I thought it was gonna be Gayle that sent the letters, she's definitely the type to do that. I was surprised it turned out to be the life coach. I did notice something about the kids' costumes in general: The more elaborate they are, the less they're involved in the plot. Tina usually wears simple costumes that aren't hard to animate, this one had to be the most elaborate one she ever did.
  9. They're Irish Alaska Twins and maybe they were technically born in the same year, and were able to be in the same class? Also, the school doesn't seem very big to begin with, it's probably a small class.
  10. Honestly liked everyone's costumes. Lois was Marge Simpson, Peter was Matt Foley, Meg was in a Scoops Ahoy costume from Stranger Things. Sam Elliot imitating Borat. What a time to be alive. "No cat owner knows where their cat is." Too true. I liked Brian gradually making Quagmire's life as painful as possible before he stopped lying to himself. You'd think Carrie would've been upfront with all the rescue dogs she has. I did like that in the end, Brian still acted like a dog around "walks." "From The Marvelous Mrs. Mazel Tov. You should know this, Lois."
  11. Cold open flashback this time! So no Exterminator or Neighbor! Burger(s) of The Day: The Leek-y Cauldron Burger GRADiator, SherLOCH Ness Monster, and Peter Pan's Labyrinth. Costumes were clever this year. It's been a while since Tina's was pretty creative. Gayle just gets sadder the more we see her. I'm not shocked that she lost her license because she let one of her cats drive. She definitely needs more than two sessions with a therapist. Linda didn't tell the kids to stay out of her room when she left, that's how serious the pumpkin smasher plot was. I've said before that
  12. Halloween episode! “It’s just ice fog. Early settlers called it ‘white death.’ That’s also what native Alaskans called the early settlers.” Oh man, I cried when Wolf ruined the Shrimp Pimp shirt. I liked that storyline, laughed at the Shrimp hallucinations. Those were great designs. I also enjoy eating challenges that have a Rhonda to help them. And apparently "reversals of fortune" are fine, as long as you eat the 200 shrimp. Ham and Crispin meet in the science closet to make out. And agreed to get married at the first opportunity. That's great.
  13. Barti: Well, Disney synergy didn't stop this from being incredibly gory. Buuuuut Marge lives in this version. Boo. Buuuuut Burns is totally the hunter that killed Bambi's mom. Bong Joon-ho's This Side of Parasite: I thought this was fun despite never seeing Parasite. Seems like EVERYONE in Springfield lived under the Wolfcastle house. I honestly wish there was more of the Itchy & Scratchy Snowpiercer spoof. WHY was that only thirty seconds? Nightmare on Elm Tree: Holy crap, an actual segment about the treehouse! Springfield has been invaded by weirder things. This time it was sen
  14. Season 33, Ep 3: Treehouse of Horror XXXII Airs 10/10/21 Yeah, the entire lineup tonight are the Halloween episodes, weird that they're so early.
  15. Called it, Barry got hacked and Other Barry is in the driver's seat. Damn. LOVED that the whole team took down Other Barry together. Man, F in the chat for Colt. RIP Science Bro. Of course he'd get shot and die the moment he remembered how to take down IIA. Wow, what an ending. Robert cheated on Lana with Pam Adlon's character, then sold ISIS the Agency to shell companies that turned out to be IIA. That's gonna be hell for next season. Malory for the win! Man, what a sendoff for her. Loved that she got to be badass one last time. And now she gets to be in retirement with Ron Cad
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