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  1. Neighbor: You walkijn to me? physical therapy Exterminator: Sorry Gnat Sorry Burger(s) of The Day: The Hollandaise Ro-oho-oh-oh-oh-oh-oll Burger So good to see Nat again! And she had a GF? So great. "BRITNEY SPEARS, GIVE ME STRENGTH!!" Oh, Gene. He's afraid of snakes! He had a whole song about it! Teddy's plot was weird, but funny. He is...not right in the head. He imagines himself becoming a part of Bob's family...by marrying Linda and Bob adopting him as his son. Bob naming the snakes was adorable. I love when he gives things a voice.
  2. "Okay, so I work here now." I like how Marge just fell into working in a weed dispensary this week. I also liked how they used Drederick Tatum as the founder of Well + Good and not some random guest character. We've come a long, long way from Weekend At Burnsie's where legalizing cannabis failed to pass because everyone was too high to vote. "But pot is for Cheeches...and Chongs." Otto being the catalyst for Homer and Moe's legal-yet-scuzzy pot dealership was such a great touch. It's genius. Lenny as the weird friend who never acknowledges you was great, too. Well + Good is too corporate and clean. Really liked Marge's freakout, and that Homer convinced everyone he was Kevin Smith's father (even Kevin believed it! That was a great cameo)
  3. Season 31, Ep 17: Highway to Well Airs 3/22/20
  4. This was an odd episode, but worth it to watch Brian drown himself in the toilet. I liked the Cleveland short. Also, Quagmire couldn't drink, but we see him with a glass of wine while reading a book at the restaurant.
  5. Neighbor: Let's Talk About Ex, Baby Divorce Counseling Exterminator: Bugshead Re-Squisheted Burger(s) of The Day: The Happy Paint Patty's Day Burger "Sold! To the man with the hot son!" Bob just couldn't win tonight. He just wanted plates. But I do like it when Bob meets people sadder than him. Jules loves beekeeping, but he's allergic to bees. Man, the whole plot with the green meat was gross as hell. I remember the green ketchup craze, I didn't want to get reminded of it. I think this whole virus thing is getting to me, all that green food and congregating was making me worried for everyone's safety.
  6. Title: The two leprechauns fighting Billboard: Drink til You're Green - Moe's Tavern Chalkboard: Bart is At A Doctor's Appointment Couch Gag: Uber! So...Bart committed a crime by bringing in that dud grenade. Bart was lucky Flanders was around to threaten Chalmers with a prayer chain (payback of Flanders getting fired for his prayer back in season 5?). Man, genuinely angry Flanders is SCARY. I wonder if Nelson being adopted into the Flanders flock will be a regular thing? He still has the dog. I wondered if the French club was gonna go anywhere. Bart knew how he was being insulted in French, I'm sure of it. I also appreciated the callback that "en Francais" laughter was snooty. I liked the Christian Pride Parade (Warning: Pride is a Sin). I got a kick out of the "Innocent Priest" float. EDIT: Max von Sydow tribute!
  7. Season 31, Ep 16: Better off Ned Airs 3/15/20
  8. The Hampster Dance was big in the early 2000s. Fun Fact: it's a sped up version of "Whistle Stop" from Disney's animated Robin Hood movie.
  9. Meg's being traded to American Dad?! That's insulting. To American Dad. I also appreciated Homer making a cameo, plus Peter wondering why the whole Wakanda bit wasn't The Cleveland Show. I wasn't really feeling this one until the Nike commercial.
  10. Neighbor: A Small Price Toupee discount hair pieces Exterminator: Mite Club Burger(s) of The Day: This Is What It Sounds Like When Cloves Fry Burger You know this show's been on for a while when someone asks if Gayle took Derby two minutes in. That's how Gayle got Mr. Business. I like Gayle, but only in short doses. Wanting everyone to take off their clothes to wear smocks is just so weird, even for her. But I'll admit I felt bad about her that the only person to sign up was a hit piece blogger (and then it turned out she wasn't one). I did get a laugh when Gayle rose out of the bushes behind Tina. I liked the cat plot when Rudy showed up.
  11. Couch Gag: Lisa is the only one who remembered Daylight Saving Time "What about Baby Yoda?" "(I was America's Baby once.)" (fish)(banana)(postal strike)(Bob Seger) I liked Maggie learning sign language. I wish "I only wanna eat candy" or at least Herb's baby translator came back, but I appreciated that it lasted for the whole episode and not forgotten after the first act. I spied Homer playing Tapped Out. We're through the looking glass, people... It's been a long, long time since we saw Lisa browse through a card catalog, and it was fun to see Bart (gasp) using his imagination! I also liked to see the return of both Werner Herzog and the shoutout to Dana Gould and his podcast. Is Dana Gould the second Simpsons writer to be acknowledged on the show and played himself? This wasn't the first time Dana voiced a character (he was Don Knotts quite a few years ago), but it was cool to see him here. "Was any of that true?" "Once I post it on Reddit, it will be." This was a good one, and loved the James Lipton tribute at the end.
  12. Season 31, ep 15: "Screenless" Airs 3/8/20
  13. The Deirdre Show sketch was based on that time Patti LaBelle was on Tyra Banks' show.
  14. Sorry for scaring everyone last week. I am here and ready to comment! Cold Open: Kate is so good at playing reprehensible people. Laura Ingraham AND Jeanine Pirro AND the Trump brothers all in one sketch was just gold, as were the list of bigger things to be worried about. "Fat Barbies" and "Black marching bands: they're too good" were my favorites. And Darrell Hammond making a long awaited comeback as Chris Matthews was great. And they actually got the REAL Elizabeth Warren for this, and Kate for the win on that quick change. "Maybe I'll pull a New York Times and endorse them both." We could've had President Lisa Simpson, but NOOO... (this concludes my political opinions) Monologue/No Time to Die: Daniel Craig: Not a nerd! He's here despite No Time To Die being delayed due to the coronavirus (cough)missing out on China's ticket sales(coughs). The "clip" was amazing, I loved it. The Sands of Modesto: Coronavirus sketch! An OCD soap opera is just a genius concept, I loved this. The makeup department earned another Emmy with Daniel Craig's hair. I lost it at Daniel wrapping Kate in plastic wrap, and watching her try to escape from it was such an amazing visual. I haven't laughed that hard at a sketch in a while (I still haven't watched last week's episode, I might change that opinion soon) "I thought you died in that plane crash!" "That's what they told me, but I'm okay!" On The Couch: This was fun. The Deirdre Show: Ego is starring in a sketch?! What madness is this?! This was an odd sketch, but Ego was great in this. Apparently this was cut from last week's episode? I can definitely see Mulaney doing better in Daniel Craig's role. Debbie Downer: Forget Elizabeth Warren, THIS was the best cameo of the night. I wasn't feeling this too well until she brought up Trump, THAT'S when I lost it. WU: Oh no, political humor is gonna shift to old jokes. Sure, it's definitely a change up from...what they do with Trump (showing actual footage of stupid stuff he said in the past few days), but I'm still not happy about it. Bottle Boi was odd, but I appreciated seeing Bowen Yang not playing a stereotype (although if there was ONE time to bring back his Chinese diplomat character, it would've been now). Seeing TheWeekndUpdate again was great, as was seeing the return of The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With at A Party. They’re bringing back the hits tonight. Casting: Wow, a sketch about Daniel Craig's accent in Knives Out. I thought Beck's character was unnecessary, as amazing as he looked. And then Beck and Daniel starting puking and it got funny and it got everyone to break (and apparently Mikey and Ego NEVER break) Quotes: This was kinda dull (and apparently another sketch that was cut). I just felt a lot of tension, waiting for Daniel and Heidi to finally kiss. Overnight Salad: This was so weird, but quite fitting for a 5-to-1. The salad was something you'd see in old cookbooks from the 70s, I gotta appreciate that. So overall this was a good one! The show returns March 28th with John Krasinski.
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