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  1. Yes, Hortense is Donald and Della's mother. If I remember correctly, the story of lighting a firecracker under their dad's chair and sending him to the hospital is canonically how the nephews ended up with Scrooge. On to the episode, I loved Matilda. Helps that Michelle Gomez (Missy!) was voicing her. Pepper ended up being great, too. Again, helped that Amy Sedaris was voicing her. I don't think Pepper is Webby's mom, you'd think they'd be able to recognize each other.
  2. And he was designed like Bob, so he had a bread mustache! So how soon can we expect to hear The National's cover of it?
  3. Aww, they're not replacing the Mayor with another Batman. But Sam Elliott is a good choice for New Mayor. This was just an excuse to make Sam Elliott say silly things for 22 minutes and I am here for it. And the laughing Librarian has a name: Elle Hitler. Loved all the animal cameos at the end. The Evil Monkey! The Giant Chicken! The Ostritch! Mayor Bee! And the horse with the wonky eyes (Til Death)
  4. Neighbor: The Road Less Graveled asphalt paving Exterminator: When Bugs Cry Poor Gene. I've been sick on Thanksgiving once. It suuuuuuuucks. He's a litter trooper, but so gross. We had Bob talking to food AND a Thanksgiving song right out the gate?! Amazing. But that was to set up a Three Stories episode. But that amazing Predator spoof, though. The Breadator was just genius. "Better bread than dead." "I can't believe it IS butter!" Tina's story was Air Force One with Pears (Pear Force One!). Also genius, but also so Tina. It does raise questions that President Gene Harrison Ford would be married to Linda, but I'll allow it. Gene's Oedipal Complex is nothing new. That was a long way to go for Tina to see Jimmy Jr nude, even if he was just a pear. "And my mom is my wife! GO USA!" And Bob's story was Armageddon with Chicken Parm. Pretty genius for Bob to bring it home to have Gene destroy the thing that actually made him sick. Was this the first time Bob told a story in place of one of the kids? Loved that the space suits had chef hats on them. And that Louise still wore her bunny ears over it. "Turkey again? You make it every year." Oh, Gayle.
  5. Title: Turkey being chased by Chief Wiggum in a balloon! Couch Gag: The Couch cooked this nice dinner and is PISSED that the family is late. One advantage to being owned by Disney: They can use actual Marvel characters now! I'll admit, I like that better than the lazy spoof versions. Man, CBG's adventure at SDCC was hitting hard. Just living vicariously through him at a fake comic con just conjured memories. The booths! All the nerd fights! All those awful audience questions! I missed it this year. I loved seeing all the cosplayers. Noticed Kang & Kodos, Morbo, and Matt Groening himself walking by. "It's like Burning Man for nerds! Also, Burning Man is Burning Man for nerds. Man, there's a lot of nerds." Ha, Duff Tea. Loved the voice over stuff. Good to hear Dan scrolling through his voices, like Doc Brown! Even though, yeah, it was Poochie all over again. They recast June Bellamy as Itchy?! Bart voiced a different gender. I see what they did there. At least he got the "and" credit, and a happy ending. I hope Homer managed to ask for money this time, too. "Don't tell me I'm nominated for an Annie Award. Those things are worthless." Good to see award bashing make a come back. They haven't won one in forever. I got sincerely mad that Blake was an ass and a phony. And he was never seen after the second act. Loved the signs in the mall. "Closed for Jazz Appreciation" "Forever Chapter 11" "Bed, Bath, and Bankruptcy." Man, I really liked this one.
  6. Season 32, ep 7: Three Dreams Denied Airs 11/22/20
  7. First mentioned in the first Agent 22 episode. And I we finally got to truly see the pogo cane getting used! That was my favorite part of the episode.
  8. I thought Christina Vee was a fine replacement. But yeah, it's weird hearing someone OTHER than Russi Taylor using that voice. But other than that, loved this episode. I've liked the last few, too. Really loved seeing the origin of FOWL, and sorry Bradford, you're a supervillain, despite how hard you try to say you're not one.
  9. Well, a Tornado Warning cut in the episode in the first couple of minutes and I felt like I missed too much. Peter started wearing a vest and they did vest jokes, and Meg started dating Bruce? Of course Bruce only married Meg because she's a beard. Totally a plot for the year 2020. But I liked Peter's arms getting ripped off and they gradually grew back over the episode.
  10. 200th episode! Neighbor: My So Called Knife butterknife store Exterminator: Sleeping with the Ant-Emy Burger(s) of The Day: The Chimichurri Up and Wait Burger, The Guac! or My Mom Will Shoot Fire Man, I was legit sad to see the restaurant on fire. When Gene started to sing WHY he started the fire, I figured we were in for another "three stories" episode, for who exactly started it. Well, that only lasted for a song. Of course it was Hugo's fault. He's still an ass and ruins everything, so satisfying for it to be his fault. That Mermaid statue kept getting creepier, I loved it. those teeth! "Bubba Gump, give us strength!" Oh, Gene. "Kids, don't go breaking windows, even if it IS fun!" Oh, Linda. Teddy's a stand up guy. He was just so concerned with the family's well being. Ron looks so weird. He's just one of those odd season 1 designs that got grandfathered in, there's no character that would look like him anymore (see also: early Simpsons and Spongebob designs)
  11. Loved that Lisa wore her dress over her pajamas. "Lisa seems really frazzled. Did the climate change again?" Like lots of white women today, Lisa and Marge are in to True Crime podcasts. This was definitely written by people who listened to a ton of these. Remember Kent Brockman's family? The crew did! I liked all the podcasts his family was reading (Why am I not surprised there's one for Dr. Seuss with hundreds of episodes?). They also remembered all the stuff on Krusty's chest: the pacemaker scar, the superfluous third nipple, the cattle skull birthmark. I also liked Yeardley Smith's cameo. The joke about where we might've heard her from was great. I really liked this one. It was fun. Aww, Alex Trebek tribute at the end.
  12. Season 32, Episode 6: Podcast News Airs 11/15/20
  13. Those were two different episodes. The Dixie episode had everyone in witness protection after Chris witnessed a robbery. You're thinking of "There's Something About Paulie."
  14. "Godfather II?" I was wondering how long it took them to make a "Peter is a Godfather" plot. They've made him Italian before, and they've done mafia plots, but not a Godfather/Sopranos.
  15. Neighbor: How Can You Mend A Broken Hearth? fireplace repair Exterminator: Ant Stop This Feeling Burger(s) of The Day: The Blue Collard Burger, The Unbreakable Kimchi Schmidt Burger "Oh my god, Tina has so much power." Bless you, Jocelyn. Yeah, Tina went mad with power, but in her defense, the other kids' ideas were lame. And wow, screw Tammy for burying the Boyz 4 Now tickets. Gotta love how nobody ended up with the tickets in the end. "I am loving Mom Connery." too soon! I also loved Teddy's weird baby sound. It was good to see Mort again.
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