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  1. Up until the end, I didn't really believe that Gandra was telling the truth about not being loyal to FOWL. This was a nice way to end the Mark Beaks storyline: he runs out of tech to steal, so he's a has-been. LOVED that he turned into Andross from Star Fox 64 at the end! That was the best.
  2. I thought Joe thinking the Fast Times misdirect was a Ferris Bueller reference was their take on that?
  3. Like how she totally isn't going to take over the restaurant one day?
  4. So here's an episode devoted to crapping on Brian and I'm okay with that. His girlfriend not telling him she had a kid was the first red flag that the relationship wasn't gonna end well. And oh yeah, Brian had a son that was somehow older than he was. I liked the plot with the classic car.
  5. Neighbor: Owed To Joy - Personal Loans Exterminator: Slay Anything Burger(s) of The Day: The Tikka Look At Me Now Burger, URGE (Still Cheaper Than Pesto's Pizzeria!) I'm with Tammy, hearts are farts, Valentine's Day sucks. But of course she's turn it into an actual Valentine's Day party. "Oh, I'd Valentine that." Oh, Tina. But of course she'd almost ruin an anti-anti-Valentine's party because she was boy-crazy for Jimmy Jr. again. Just go with Zeke, Tina. He wouldn't lead you on. "Cupid's just a baby that likes to watch people kiss." "Did we just marry Satan?" Bless you, Jocelyn. So the family have a perfect solution to get business: take advantage of desperate couples on Valentine's Day. And then Hugo shows up to ruin everything. He's so, so sad, so I don't have much sympathy for him, but at least he got a happy ending with Cheryl finally showed up. And hey, the family succeeded in the end! I appreciated the return of Bob giving food a voice. I love that he gives steak a deep, manly voice.
  6. This episode reminded me that Nick Offerman giggling is a delight, even in animation. I liked seeing the backstory of Wolf and Honeybee: They met quoting Shrek on a message board, and they quote movies to each other. It's cute. I love that Ham confused Shrek with some totally different movie that features The Babadook, ranch dressing pudding, and someone called Captain Cow.
  7. Title: Eagle carrying a sign reading "IS IT SAFE YET?" Couch Gag: The family goes to Mars! And Homer doesn't have a helmet. Flanders has a garage sale! And the animation was great for the song. I loved the literal swear jar with all the naughty words Flanders cut out of all his books. I was wondering how they'd handle the plotline of Mrs. Krabappel's diary, and they only used her voice for two lines (which I thought was pretty sweet). Liked the reveal that Edna wrote about her cat and not Bart, and Bart was too dim to realize it. Lisa just HAD to ruin Bart's self improvement because she felt anxiety that he misread the diary. Aside from that, the episode was legitimately sweet. Liked that Edna was watching the Bob Newhart Show, a nice shout out to Marcia Wallace.
  8. Let's try this again. Airs 2/21/21
  9. Cold Open: Britney sketch! And it was a perfect way to cover Ted Cruz's fleeing to Cancun. "I'm pretty bad at human stuff" indeed. And Pete as Andrew Cuomo was perfect casting, we need to see more of him. They got a lot of mileage out of David Paterson, and Cuomo has done, and will do, lots of dumb things. And I can't believe they got some jokes out of Gina Carrero. As trash as she is, she is indeed better than Ted Cruz. Monologue: Even he admits that his show is a tough watch. Already the audience has a better energy than last week. I still have no idea who he is. Actor's Spotlight: Yep, looks like Thirsty SNL is here tonight. LOVED Kenan playing Ice Cube trying to fake a British accent. Now THAT was impressive. Also his name is Coldy Squares now. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Also impressive was the sketch not overstaying its welcome. Was just the right length. Loco: This was a good song. Man, Ego is definitely shining lately. Driver's License: Okay, the audience is officially the opposite of last week's: They interrupted TOO much. It was almost distracting. It was a silly sketch, though. Mr. Chicken Legs Pageant: Okay, a 10-1 sketch showed up before Update. What a weird premise. Pete with Jack Skellington legs saved this sketch, plus Cecily going 110% on the singing. Ad Agency: Now here's a great way to get all the product placement out of the way. This was great and so absurd. Loved all the dumb, absurd ads. This was great, definitely sketch of the night. WU: This was definitely a fun week for those of us who don't like Ted Cruz OR Andrew Cuomo. Pete killed it once again. I bet Colin and Pete appreciated the rowdy audience, it definitely improved their energy for the bit. Heidi's bit where she was dressed as Freddy Kruger was...weird. Songs of The Sea: They're really getting mileage out of the Peter Pan set, aren't they? This was fun. Blessing: Obviously one family's prayers were better. "Don't forget the Holy Trinity: Earth, Wind, and Fire." Holy crap, wasn't expecting Beck to pull off The Worm like that. Bridgerton: They stuck this sketch THIS LATE in the show? Oh, it's about filming a sex scene with stuntmen, that'll do it. It was delightfully gross. Grocery Rap: This was a fun one. This was definitely a Good Neighbor sketch. Kyle getting tazed in that early 90s rap outfit was hilarious. Well, this was a fun one! Regé-Jean Page definitely hit it out of the park as a solid host, and the energy he brought the audience certainly helped. Next week Nick Jonas pulls double duty. This also makes five shows in a row.
  10. All shows that were scheduled for last night got pushed back to next Sunday.
  11. I think this delayed all the shows by a week at this point, just like what happened at Halloween.
  12. Season 32, ep 12: Diary Queen Airs 2/14/21 2/21/21 but a weather delay for the Daytona 500 is delaying all the Fox Sunday shows, so who knows if it'll even air tonight.
  13. Cold Open: Gee, I wonder if anything significant happened in the past few days? You really couldn't make Trump's defense any more silly than what actually happened, so it was perfect to have Pete play Van der Veen and Aidy as Ted Cruz. Beck will always be amazing as Mitch McConnell. "Pronouns for DOGS? Everyone knows they're good boys!" Monologue: The voice of Huey and Riley Freeman is an Oscar winner. What a time to be alive. I thought she did a fine job, but honestly, as much as I like the idea of an Hype Man Kenan, he wasn't necessary here. What's Your Type?: This was just a great premise. It's an MTV dating show with Regina King, who likes cringey white guys in their early 40s. Mikey, Kyle, and Alex were perfect as the cringey bachelors. I felt ALL of that. Pelotaunt: I feel attacked. An exercise bike that gaslights you into fitness. I am Melissa about everything. Gorilla Glue: Regina King was PERFECT as the Gorilla Glue lady. This was great and silly. Don't know what was better: Regina's wig, or "Butt ruined." Signs: A Wine Mom intervention via someone receiving increasingly direct Wine Mom signs. I love it. "I sit in the dirt and drink" was the best one. The Negotiator: Pete was amazing and so weird as a Weed Gummy Bear. Weird, live action sexy weed dream Marge Simpson was something I didn't expect to see tonight... WU: Ted Cruz's hair definitely gave Colin and Che some levity tonight. "Just because there's video evidence, doesn't mean there will be a conviction." Hard truth, especially with what happened in Buffalo. Representing Q-Anon with a literal witch was certainly...a choice. But Beck was great as Drunk Tom Brady. "Proving my long-standing theory that if NBC just let me say it, the rating will go up!" That Jost bit was DEFINITELY written by Che, wasn't it? And Lauren's bit...I've gotten dumped by text right before Valentine's Day, too, so that hit close to home. Loved the bits about the Popeye's fish sandwich, Hi-C being "Clown Urine," and sending full bushes for Larry Flynt. Fliona: Regina and Bowen were 100% into the sketch, but the audience just wasn't feeling it at all, which was a shame. It sucks when the set and the costumes were the best part. Fembox: The Vagina Monologues but about elbows. I'm never gonna look at that word the same way again. I felt the opposite tonight compared the past two weeks: The host killed it, I liked the material, but it was the audience that wasn't feeling it.
  14. That's how I felt about these last two shows. The hosts? Killed it, and I hope they come back. The material...not so much. Dan definitely saved a bunch of sketches thanks to the energy he brought to them.
  15. Cold Open: Super Bowl sketch! Between captions being off timing, shots seen early, the graphics department must've left early to beat the snow tomorrow. I thought they were advertising the wrong Super Bowl, too, but no, the graphic is just confusing. It's LV, but the logo made me think it's LIV. Oh my god, I was dying at the ads, especially the Pizzagate-filled Papa John's one. I also loved the meta humor of Aidy playing both coaches. "Wet Ass Pepsi" slayed me. This was a very refreshing cold open. Monologue: So weird to know that Eugene Levy never hosted (was his cameo a surprise?! Probably not, but Dan definitely sold the surprise) Also, this is apparently the 900th episode. Dan was bringing great energy here. Loved the backstage tour. Also, we had a Llama sighting, with Kenan and the bubbled up showgirls. It was fake, but good to know they had it in. Universal Studios: Thoby definitely brought a great energy to this sketch, but that only went so far. Not much of this did much for me, but of course Thoby and the Gru knew each other. "Goofy-doos don't get slick for me." There's a sentence. Zillow: Sexually attracted to scrolling through Zillow listings. Yep, that's my timeline these days. Genius. Super Bowl Party: "We're doing everything right!" Quarantine Fatigue is a real thing, and why we're not getting out of this anytime soon. God, I loved this, especially everything about the chili. And then Kate as RudyDr. Fauci and Psy showed up and I thought "well, why the hell not at this point?" Also, this was the same set as the insurrectionist sketch from last week, I was expecting the FBI to show up to arrest everyone the second they took off their masks. Lifting Our Voices: Ooh, sketch about white allies, but the choice of the whitesplaining allies were perfect. Aidy, Kyle that definitely hates white women (and Ego loved his money), and Dan as the ally that goes to BLM protests and has a John Lewis tattoo that's actually of Al Roker. WU: "Mugshot of a former child actor" perfectly described Marjorie Taylor Greene. Che had NO chill tonight, and I certainly loved it. And the ONLY way they could've covered the Morgan Wallen thing was to continue the bit of learning it from Colin. The people cancelling the kids was great. They definitely had that Jebediah Atkinson vibe to them, I hope they come back. I don't know who The Twins are, but loved their bit. I thought them loving the Meow Mix jingle was great ("I didn't know cats could get happy like that!"), but them not liking the actual theme song was the perfect capper to it. Yep, too much sax. Hot Damn: Dan and Cecily finally get to sing! Kenan reacting to everything was just guaranteed laughs. Wedding: This was a weird one. Weird in tone, really. Dan and Kate were doing their best, but it was really awkward and didn't exactly know what they were going for. It Gets Better: As someone in his thirties...yeah, it DOES get better, but life is still life and it sucks. I liked this one. Kate with the Iguana? Great. Dan Levy certainly brought some chaotic energy to the show tonight, and it definitely elevated the material. I was hoping for more Eugene Levy besides the cameo, but hell, I'll take it.
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