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  1. Yes, this was the last one. That montage was in place of the original tag, which according to Andy Bobrow was the police officer driving the Harts home and Betty flashing a trucker.
  2. Oh, I see we're starting with the Namor ripoff. Mr. Nimbus was so good an annoying. "I'm not a beaver who believes in Jesus, Morty. But yeah, it's a Narnia thing." I LOVED the Narnia portal. It went way farther than I thought it'd be. It gave some actual character development for Jessica, who could do nothing but think for being in suspended animation for seemingly hundreds of years. I want more of Time God Jessica. I also couldn't believe they pulled off the simulation trick on Morty. To be fair, he wasn't present for that adventure, and he would definitely fall for it. "Why d
  3. Same here! Anyway, the episode aired early again, but at least it still airs at 10 so I can watch Duncanville first. I saw the Killdozer wrecking Tuttle's house scene with zero context and honestly, I should've stopped there. It was perfect on its own. I appreciate a good "Family gets really into something" plot, and I loved Killdozer the first moment it showed up. Loved the old timey football helmet on it. Two weeks in a row Roger got accused of losing his edge. But he's amazing at painting Klaus! I loved that first black and white piece. And of course since Roger is Roger, he'
  4. So great to see the show back! Golden Guard is just a smug bastard, I'm gonna love him. I'm also loving the budding friendship between Hooty and Lilith (or Hoocifer and Lulu!), as well as the growing dynamic between Luz and Eda. I appreciated the continuity nod that Eda and Lilith were in the Potion track at Hexside, so they're still able to brew potions. Just because they can't cast magic like they used to doesn't mean they're powerless. I thought Golden Guard could be human, too, but looking at the intro again shows he has witch ears. They both have staffs that look more me
  5. Pushing the car down the mountain and the reveal that they weren't in it gave me the biggest laugh of the episode.
  6. It's an episode where Principal Lewis, Jeff, and Roger are in a plot together! Lewis seems like the type that won't care if Roger is an alien. There's been episodes about how controlling he his to his family, but gene splicing them to act like him is the farthest he's gone, I think. Even growing his chin! But I loved everyone imitating Stan's cadence. EVERYONE in town getting CRISPR'd was horrifying, yet hilarious. Even Billy had Stan's chin! I love that singing the theme song is caked into Stan's DNA, as is crashing into the CIA. I also love that Tuttle is Stan's opposite. God, love
  7. Yeah, I had no idea it aired earlier. I was watching Duncanville. At least it's running again.
  8. I liked that Roger started making boring Personas. Even Ricky Spanish spent a week reading IMDB! Posing as a missing child pageant queen to throw Francine into prison while also playing her public defender, and then swapping Francine with her re-enactor to prove that he's still got his edge is a definite Roger thing to do. Good to see his super speed come back, too. Loved that Isabella was from Johannesburg. It just made too much sense to make her South African. I lost it at the cruise being called "Party Arty's Floating Family Shitshow."
  9. And Erina STILL won't admit Soma's food is delicious (when it oh so obviously is)
  10. "Radio: It's like podcasts, but it works on OUR schedules, not yours!" You gotta wonder just HOW you get banned from looking at a porno site. But since it's Klaus, it was likely something nasty. I love a good Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake shout out. Also loved Ric Flair's "Third Eye WOOOO!" book. Definitely interesting that now when Steve goes bananas, he astral projects instead. I also liked Stan's obsession with tracking him by seeing how moist things were. I got a big laugh out of the security guard voiced by JB Smoove that broke his ass. "They gonna put me in a big plas
  11. Oh, I have. And like Krusty, the format of Bumblebee Man's show is different every time we see it. It's traditionally more of a sitcom or sketch show. Same. But I'd think it would be covering ground we've already seen with the Stonecutters or the Kingsman parody from one of the Treehouse of Horrors. Matt Selman said on his twitter that it was inspired by John Wick, but for bartenders. It was "the usual," but I'd like to think that it's different for every bartender. There have been numerous examples that Homer becomes a better person the moment he gets sobe
  12. Neighbor: Sloppy Toes pedicures Exterminator: Gnatty by Nature Burger(s) of The Day: The Stilton Crazy After All The Gruyeres Burger Rocky Horror episode! Man, everyone was just sad about the movie. Gene would love it, but he's too young. Louise is not interested because there's no violence, and Tina just wasn't interested because she was too concerned over her friend group. Man, Tina knows her friend group is lame, but they're the only friends she has, so she has to go along with their dumb games. Relatable. And they don't understand how a Rocky Horror performance works and mad
  13. A well-lit, non-dank environment!
  14. Season finale time! We finally get to see Bumblebee Man's show! And it was delightfully weird! And Bart won some Crystal Skull vodka tequila from it. ("From my least favorite Indiana Jones movie and most favorite Shia LeBouf movie!"). I really liked Moe having drunken adventures with the guys, with the bottle of Crystal Skull (it got its teeth whitened with everyone else). I also liked the concept of The Confidential, a bar where bartenders tell their patron's secrets to other bartenders, with rules more strict than The Stonecutters. I liked everyone's secrets, but especially Quimby
  15. Season 32, ep 22: The Last Barfighter Airs 5/23/21
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