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  1. I'm gonna disagree. Mulan posed as a male for a selfless reason, "Heather Swanson" posed as a female for entirely selfish reasons.
  2. Very. Every single game they mentioned was real.
  3. Looks like it's the PC Babies turn to take over the intro. So they cry at Mulan but like Anderson Cooper. Go figure. "You can't just shut down because of how the babies will react." True that. That was a really sweet ending. They're finally growing up. I knew with the Mulan bit that Strong Woman would have to compete against a trans woman, but that woman turning out to be Macho Man (and Strong Woman's ex) was hilarious. Of course Cartman would love her. PC Principal screaming at Butters needs to be a common occurrence now. I like that Cartman of all people was the DM for the DND Club. And he's mad that (gasp) girls wanted to join?! Loved that he testified to (an all male) congress. I'm not surprised that Stan got super into board games, it's probably boring as hell on the farm.
  4. The show even went to Spring Break pretty early on in the run.
  5. The Bryn Mawr pennant is what did it for me.
  6. It's back! Gotta admit, the concept of Death Crystals were pretty cool. They show you how you're gonna die (but with Rick it shows when his enemies are reloading). Killing Rick of course gets the Old Age Jessica timeline. I already knew of the Shrimp timeline thanks to Funko, but that they were Nazi Shrimp was genius. And Teddy Bear timeline was also fascist. I missed this show so much. I loved seeing the Meeseeks again, and the red Kirkland Meeseeks were even better. Press F for Gearhead. Or at least Fascist Universe's Gearhead. EDIT: I love that Rick has a Boglin.
  7. If someone lives in a trash can for 50 years, it's a home. Last night HBO aired the 50th Anniversary special and lots of old Muppets came back! Like Don Music, Biff & Sully, Sherlock Hemlock, Roosevelt Franklin, Forgetful Jones, Harvey Kneeslapper, and Lefty! They remembered Lefty!
  8. This week the show retold how Peter & Lois got married in the 90s, not unlike a similar animated show that did the same thing about a decade ago, dated 90s humor and all. Loved that the WTC is so prominent, it really stands out when you go back and watch shows and movies in the 90s. Showing up in Florida and Boston was a great touch. The Daria bit was funny, and then Beavis & Butt-Head showed up for real. It's official, Family Guy has had everyone on now. Yeah, Friends was really that white that FG used two Bonnies instead of including someone like Donna. (And then Donna shows up for real during the once a season cameo)
  9. Neighbor: Penny For Your Tots Daycare Exterminator: Bohemian Rat-Squishy Burger(s) of The Day: The Thousand Chard Stare Burger, The Hawk & Chickpeas Burger Man, Rudy's cast was stealing all sorts of thunder. It glowed in the dark?! Damn. It was totally like Jocelyn to sign "Rudy" on Rudy's own cast. It really does suck when nobody is into a fandom as much as you are. I thought the whole story was sweet, and how it related to the Rudy plot. "One percent is what I call me wiener." Oh, Gene. "Is this a Star Shrek movie?!" I love Teddy, but in small doses like this.
  10. I thought he died in a hiking accident? But still, weird pull, but definitely something Ken Jeong might suggest on the show.
  11. Intro: Santa: "What, too soon?!" Billboard: Krusty The Klown Show: The Only show NOT on Disney+ Chalkboard: Daylight Savings is something I can't spend. Couch Gag: Pirates of The Caribbean! (working that Disney synergy) Really liked all the kid's "plays." The Riverdale spoof was pretty dead on, and I loved that Lisa played herself in her own play, wig and all. Oh yeah, Martin, Sherri & Terri were recast (Grey Griffin voices them now), and sound...mostly the same. The kid playing Marge in the play was a dead-on imitation (I'm sure that was Julie voicing her), and I got a laugh out of Kearney playing Maggie. Julie Kavner definitely got a workout this week, voicing Marge, the girl playing her, and Patty & Selma. Timbersports are impressive as hell, and everything her was well animated. It was still weird to see the show tackling it. Of course that Lisa would object to all the deforestation, but I loved that Bart's science textbook was funded by Exxon-Mobil (with the foreword by Mitch McConnell). When Marge's trainer was Patty's friend, I knew we were in for a "Homer & Marge's marriage is in trouble" episode. And of course it wasn't, with a good helping of gay panic jokes. "Stupid Flanders Street!" We also finally got a proper Portlandia spoof. We got the theme cameo, the actual streets the characters were named for, CBG selling weed & artisanal salami, and Lisa thinking it's paradise until she finds the one thing wrong with it that makes her want to go home (I don't think she found one). This would've been a REALLY good opportunity for Fred & Carrie's characters from "The Day The Earth Stood Cool" to show up, but they didn't. Boo. "Portland: What would happen if Woody Harrelson was a city." "Classic Portland. Where are you from?" "Springfield?" "Which one?" "...I don't know."
  12. I figured Mexican Joker would bite Randy in the ass eventually. So of course Sharon would celebrate the moment Randy got tossed in jail. And then Mexican Joker actually showed up. That was great. Oh my god they killed Jason White! You bastards. That was a weird way to bring back "The Whites" and President Garrison. But man, I liked all of this. It was a great way to satirize alt-white victim complexes, and how only the President seems to get away with it. "I'm never as bad as the President, so that makes me feel okay." The Whites adopting Alejandro...and then they had Alejandro adopt a kid, too. Like dogs. That was just messed up.
  13. A more accurate bottle episode was the one where Bob is glued to the toilet. All the action took place in the bathroom and everyone looking in.
  14. I was expecting that, too! They played the music and everything! Officially he's a pilot, but like everyone else his job (or lack thereof) depends on what the plot calls for.
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