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  1. I enjoyed the family gaslighting Klaus over raising the thermostat two degrees. I said last week that the show ran out of ideas, and the family just wanted to go "out of town." “You can’t just get someone hooked on someone then just take it away! It’s called McRibbing and it’s torture!” Too true, Klaus. Barry had the best lines tonight. "You got the flu buddy?" over Snot puking at the dead bodies in the murder cave was great. I was disappointed that Sllort WAS the real killer, but turning out to be a literal troll was something I should've seen coming. (seriously, they went the Troll 2 route and her name was Trolls spelled backwards.)
  2. This was worth it to see Steve & the gang be asses to Tuttle. All because Steve blew $100 on a tiny backpack made from the scrotum of a duck. All for calf implants. This show. Dr. Ray is alive! And then he got blown up by a leaf blower. That was a weird subplot. Anyone else think this show ran out of ideas?
  3. Bullock as the Goblin King was something I never knew I needed. Stan being a bad loser at game night with the family humoring him, and stubbornly trying to complete a labyrinth by himself only to shack up with one of the goblins in it was classic Stan. Yeah, I loved how his behavior was always punctuated by "Toxic." This show, man. Weirdly enough, also Classic Roger. I also couldn't stop thinking about how much he looked like David Crosby. "I'm not doing sex dice with my family." "You don't have to invite the family. Got a big kick out of that.
  4. I'm pretty sure Roy Rogers McFreely is my favorite episode. It's both incredibly low stakes and balls to the wall crazy. "It was me, Roger, the whole time!" I still laugh at that.
  5. And this goes all the back to Stan and his own mother after Jack left them. Both of them have messed up codependency issues and frankly they're definitely made for each other.
  6. "We can send a man to the moon but I can’t look up the lyrics to Cotton-Eye Joe with eight porns running in the background." I like it when Stan is in weird manchild mode. He sodastreams Fireball? Bowls to Disco Duck? Buying a trophy shop just to nail Francine in it? Yeah, it's pretty easy to see where Steve gets it from. I love it when the plot gets so absurd characters have to ask how it all started. Was not expecting Stan to dress up like a pickle to try to destroy Francine's trophy store, and for the truck driver that tried to kill him ending up getting killed by the real Pickle Man. Anyone else catch "Mindquad on the loose" on the magazine cover at end?
  7. And OF COURSE the burger comes back after he dies.
  8. Apparently "Roger Needs Dick" has a flag-kneeling joke so that's why it's being pushed back. We got "Exquisite Corpses" tonight instead. It featured incompetent cops. How timely. I liked seeing the fun Roger, Francine, and Jeff adventure. I know that Francine and Roger have experience running businesses...but then again, they were drunk. The RB Killer was fun, and it sucked that he got killed off. I laughed really hard at Steve's going to school song that he sings every morning after Stan goes to work. I had a feeling we were never going to see the full theme song this time. Loved that Craig Robinson just shows up on this show every once in a while as himself.
  9. We got "One Fish, Two Fish" instead, where Hayley gets married to Klaus to keep him from getting divorced. And then Hayley becomes a fish to keep up the sham marriage. Weird it took the show all this time to do something like this. "You were talking to Danuta?! She told me she was dead!" I liked the family's subplot about opening a coconut. I'm reminded of that old Looney Tunes cartoon of a squirrel trying to open one. Loved that it took Criss Angel to dovetail the two plots together.
  10. Our Beth was a clone (maybe)?! Tammy's back (and dead)?! NEW Galactic Federation?! So much happened in the first ten minutes. And then Rick fought Phoenix Person. Only for Jerry to save the day with puppeting. Holy crap. Loved Morty and Summer's story with the invisibility belt. And then Jerry tosses it into a garbage truck and then has an adventure with the invisible garbage truck. This show. "TV gives British people prizes for baking, Jerry." Loved that the giant space laser couldn't destroy Wrangler jeans. Because sponsorship.
  11. "Lives in a modest house, listens to Modest Mouse." I love Roger auditioning replacement partners for a crazy Stan Adventure. And of course Stan is gonna be mad that Francine is no Roger. She did well enough. Randomly destroying a car was definitely a Roger move. "I thought we could do some bong hits, play some Soul Calibur." Francine is definitely Couple Goals. She's got taste. This was all worth it to see Stan wearing the Zoot Suit.
  12. So Rick fucked a planet and got it pregnant. And Rick & Beth literally play Civ, while Jerry raises the Unproductives into Morlocks. This show. And then Rick fought God. And Morty and Summer getting high and playing video games killed him. "Planets Only" was great.
  13. I absolutely love hearing Patrick Stewart talking about Overwatch and vaping. "He's a total poser! It's the main reason we're killing him!" I missed Principal Lewis. He caught 50 cats because he thought they were Pokemon. Gold. I can't believe that the final words of Original!Earth was Jeff apologizing to Tuttle. Man, that ending got weird.
  14. That was not the apartment of someone who usually lives with his kids.
  15. IN CASE OF LADLE killed me. Also, Morty's Girlfriend HAD to have been aware of all the alternate timelines too, right?
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