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  1. 717 (Inheritance) – Oliver Queen’s voiceover intro: Oliver (voiceover): "My name is Oliver Queen. After months in hell, I have been released from prison and returned home with only one goal - to save my city. But things have changed. Instead of operating outside the law, I am now working alongside the police. I am no longer Inmate 4587. I am once more the Green Arrow." 717 (Inheritance) – Felicity offers to Alena Whitlock the position of CTO of her new company, Smoak Technologies: Felicity: "Oh, come on, Smoak. You got this. You know you can be pregnant and be CEO of a company and a deputized vigilante by night. Women really can have it all. I'm talking to myself." Archer (computerized voice): "DNA match complete. Identity confirmed. Alena Whitlock." Alena (entering): "Well, that is ingenious. Was not expecting an entrance, or that you knew my last name." Felicity: "Alena. Hi." Alena: "Hi." Felicity: "Hi! Oh, it's been so long. How have you been?" Alena: "When you're the known associate of the evil and murder genius Cayden James, good to keep a low profile. So I'm working at Tech Village." Felicity: "Oh, no. Oh. I have been there. Literally. I know your pain. The - the vests." Alena: "So, um, how did you find me, actually?" Felicity: "It's part of a new project I have been working on. It started off as, like, a home-based security system, and now it's turned into, like, a DNA-tracking-based surveillance system. Meet Archer." Alena: "Sorry. So you located me using my DNA? When did you collect my DNA? Heh." Felicity: "I know it's a little creepy." Alena: "It's more than a little, but it's also impressive." Felicity: "I've been using it for Team Arrow. But I think, if we scaled it up, it could be so much more than that. I mean, we could find missing persons, we could track terrorists, we could do crowd control, we could do anything! Just, I can't do it alone." Alena: "I mean, whatever you need, I am game. I am so done telling customers to use the chip in their card when they insist on swiping." Felicity: "Great! How does CTO of Smoak Technologies sound?" Alena: "Oh! Oh! Oh!" (Excitedly hugs Felicity) Felicity: "Oh! You're not even gonna ask about benefits?" Alena: "I don't care about the benefits as long as there's no crappy vest requirement. I am in!" Felicity: "No vest. Huge benefit." Alena: "Music to my ears." 717 (Inheritance) – E2 Laurel tells a skeptical Oliver about Emiko’s murder of Ricardo Diaz: Oliver: "Once upon a time, I actually shot Roy Harper and Barry Allen. It was to illustrate a point. My guess is that her point is, she doesn't want to be stalked anymore." E2 Laurel: "Or maybe sister has brother wrapped around her little finger. You know, the Oliver I knew, he had a blind spot for family, and I'm guessing you do, too." Oliver: "It's called loyalty. I know that's a concept you don't totally understand." E2 Laurel: "I have nothing to gain here. I am only trying to do what's right. Why can you not see that?" Oliver: "There has to be more to this, and I will look into it, if you will promise to stay out of it." E2 Laurel: "I already wish I would have. Good luck." 717 (Inheritance) – Oliver and Felicity tell Team Arrow about the Ninth Circle: Rene: "The Ninth what?" Oliver: "Circle." Felicity: "Dante's a part of it. Turns out he's not just a banker for terrorists and cartels." Diggle: "Okay. Lyla and I have been hunting Dante for months. Why are we just hearing this name?" Felicity: "Because the Ninth Circle is practically invisible. I mean, I combed the entire Dark Web and came up with nada, but then I remembered this photo you sent me from the Ghost Initiative's last ride." Diggle: "Right. That symbol was on all the weapons that Virgil's goons used." Felicity: "The symbol also pops up on artifacts dating all the way back to 14th-century Italy, the real Dante's era. The insignia is mostly commonly found on ephemera that is connected to times of historical upheaval - the Russian Revolution, the colonization of the Americas, the War of Roses." Rene: "So you're saying Dante runs a secret society responsible for centuries of worldwide regime change?" Oliver: "Right. But if that's true, the Ninth Circle's clearly way bigger than just Dante." Diggle: "Okay. Well, how did you run into Dante last night, Oliver? And why didn't you call for backup?" Oliver (to Felicity): "Laurel came to speak with you and found me. Suggested that... Emiko has been hiding certain parts of her past and said that she killed Diaz." Rene: "She killed Diaz?" Felicity: "Which doesn't mean she's bad." Oliver: "I followed Emiko, and it led me to Dante." Diggle: "Okay. Well, all we really know about Emiko is what she's told us, which isn't much." Oliver: "She's a vigilante. For all we know, she's gathering intel on the Ninth Circle to take them down." Rene: "Also, why are we taking Laurel's word about anything?" Felicity: "Hey. Laurel has changed a lot. I mean, she's been a really good friend to me. (To Oliver) Not to say that your sister's evil, but she's changed a lot." Oliver: "Be that as it may, the Ninth Circle is clearly a threat, and we need to follow up every lead that we have." Felicity: "Well, we know that they stole eight military-grade drones, which they could literally be planning to do anything with." Diggle: "Okay. Can you use Archer to pinpoint Dante's location?" Felicity: "Not without his DNA." Diggle: "Okay. Well, I'll talk to Lyla, take this new intel back there, and see if we can use A.R.G.U.S.'s databases." Rene: "Yeah. We should be able to use S.C.P.D. resources, too. I'll get D up to speed." Oliver: "I'm gonna go speak with my sister. She deserves a chance to explain herself." Felicity: "And I - I will - I'll be here." 717 (Inheritance) – Felicity uses her Archer program to track down Dante using his DNA sample: Diggle: "Good news! Lyla got a DNA sample from the dagger used by Dante to kill Director Bell. Guess who now has said sample?" Felicity: "John Diggle, you give the best gifts." Dinah: "Now that we have Dante's DNA, will Archer be able to find him?" Felicity: "Well, with all the money I'm spending on this program, that is the hope." Rene: "How's Emiko? Did you find anything more - about her being -?" Diggle: "Being on the wrong side." Oliver: "She admitted to being in very deep with Dante and the Ninth Circle. Sounds like she could be in some real trouble." Felicity: "Boom. I got him. Looks like he's at the Star City branch of Szrek Chemicals." Dinah: "If we surprise Dante now, we could still take him down." Oliver: "And get my sister out of trouble. Let's suit up." 717 (Inheritance) – Team Arrow brings Emiko back with them to the Arrow Bunker, where she reveals Dante’s plan: Emiko: "I shouldn't be here. Dante will find me. It's just a matter of time, and you will all be targets." Oliver: "Yeah? Well it won't be the first time." Rene: "Think about it like this. It'll be a hell of a lot easier to stop Dante with all of us working together, than you by yourself." Emiko: "Okay. As long as I get to be the one who takes him down." Dinah: "That sounds fair to me." Felicity: "Well, yeah, except there's just one problem. Archer just crashed, which means I lost Dante's location." Diggle: "Fine. We'll just have to find Dante the old-fashioned way." Emiko: "Easier said than done. Now that he knows I'm working with you, we should consider all Ninth Circle locations burned." Dinah: "But that op we just interrupted, I mean, Dante didn't get what he was looking for. You must know what he was after." Emiko: "Enriched uranium. I told you he was dangerous." Rene: "We need to figure out where else in the city he can get his hands on that uranium." Felicity: "Yeah. I'm on it. Archer may have crashed, but computers will never replace people." Dinah: "Do you have any idea what he was planning on doing with the drones and uranium?" Emiko: "I wish I had more intel, but it was always on a need-to-know basis. That's how the Ninth Circle works." Oliver: "Hey. You hurt?" Emiko: "Not badly. You guys have some ice?" Rene: "Yeah." (Leaves with Emiko) (Dinah's cell rings) Dinah: "This could not be worse timing, but I have to run to the S.C.P.D." Diggle: "Go ahead, Captain. We'll handle it from here." (Dinah leaves) Oliver: "Hey. What's wrong?" Diggle: "Just be careful with her, Oliver." Oliver: "Okay. I will." Felicity: "Hey, guys. Think I got something." Oliver: "That was fast." Felicity: "One point for the humans. If Emiko is right and he's after uranium, there's only two places in Star City that have it - Dunkirk Power and Global Energy." Diggle: "Sounds like a divide and conquer situation." Oliver: "My thoughts exactly." 717 (Inheritance) – Emiko reveals her true allegiances: Oliver: "Global Energy was a bust. No sign of Dante or the uranium." Felicity: "Ah. You still came back looking like a prizefighter, though." Emiko: "We ran into a couple thugs on the way back." Felicity: "Ooh. Cute. A little brother-sister crime-fighting duo time. I like it." Oliver: "Any word from John and Rene?" Felicity: "They struck out, too." Oliver: "Global Energy and Dunkirk Power are the only two spots in Star City that manufacture uranium." Felicity: "Archer's still not working." Oliver: "Right." Felicity: "I'm just about to go down into the deepest, darkest, most dungeon-y part of this bunker and give it a full system reboot. And hopefully then, you know, Archer can be back online, we can find Dante, and all my dreams of Smoak Tech saving the world don't have to die." (Leaves) Oliver: "I'm gonna clean this up." (Leaves Emiko alone) * * * (Cut to Oliver finding a blinking jammer device inside the dispensary drawer. He returns to the main room of the Arrow Bunker.) Oliver: "Think I found the problem. Some kind of jammer." Emiko (with bow drawn): "Wonder how that got there." Oliver: "So you were never under duress." Emiko: "Sorry to disappoint you, but that's what family does, right?" Oliver: "This is the reason that Archer isn't working?" Emiko: "I couldn't let you and your team get in the way again." Oliver: "We don't give up that easily. (They exchange arrows) You've been lying this entire time, everything about our father, your debt to Dante?" Emiko: "It was all true, but I never needed you to put me back together. I just knew you'd try. Can't resist playing the hero, can you?" (Hits him) Oliver: "You went looking for a family, and you chose the Ninth Circle?" Emiko: "Better than living as a Queen." (More blows are exchanged.) Emiko: "Always watch your opponent." Oliver: "You don't have to be a part of this. You have a choice!" Emiko: "I've made it! (More fighting) Bye, Brother." (Sets off an explosive light device and escapes.) 717 (Inheritance) – Team Arrow deals with Emiko's treachery: Rene: "I was married to a junkie. You'd think I'd know when someone was lying to me." Diggle: "At least now we know what side Emiko's really on." Oliver: "It doesn't matter. The - the Ninth Circle are still out there, and they are a threat." Felicity: "You can take a minute to process this if you need to." Oliver: "I need to know where she is. How soon can you have Archer back up and running?" Felicity: "Not as soon as I would like. Emiko's little device didn't just jam up the system. It wiped the entire memory card, which means I have to rebuild the entire infrastructure." Diggle: "Looks like we have another problem. There's been a break-in at the waste treatment site at Orchard Bay." Oliver: "I thought the only spots that manufactured uranium were the two sites we just canvassed." Felicity: "Well, that's true, but how much do you want to bet that Dante and his pals aren't actually after uranium?" Rene: "More of Emiko's lies." Diggle: "What'd they get?" Felicity: "All the ingredients to make a big batch of sarin gas. That plus the drones that they just stole makes one hell of a murder party." Oliver: "We have to know where the Ninth Circle is planning on sending these drones." Diggle: "Oliver, we're on it." Felicity: "You might want to take 5." Oliver: "I'm going to Emiko's hideout, see if she left behind a clue or something." (Leaves) Felicity: "Yeah, or you could do exactly the opposite of what your wife recommends." Diggle: "I'll go with him." 717 (Inheritance) – Team Arrow fights Dante, Emiko and Ninth Circle minions at an abandoned airfield north of Star City: Oliver (over comms): "All right. They're still prepping the drones. Good news is, we're not too late." Diggle (over comms): "Bad news is, we're outnumbered 5 to 1." Rene (over comms): "Those are my kind of odds." Dinah (over comms): "Got eyes on Dante." Rene (over comms): "And Emiko." Dante (to Emiko): "Once the drones are primed, we can begin the demonstration." Felicity (over comms): "Eight stolen drones, which means eight potential targets, and each one runs on a separate signal. It's gonna take some time to hack into the guidance system. Oliver, that means that you need to stop those things before they take off." Oliver (to Diggle): "You draw them out, I'll get the drones." Diggle: "Copy that." Rene: "Let's go!" * * * Felicity (over comms): "Bad news, guys. Those drones are airborne, which means you need to incinerate them mid-air or else that's a lot of sarin gas raining down on the city." Oliver (over comms): "Overwatch, it would be very helpful if I could see them." Felicity (over comms): "Okay. I'm working on decloaking them now. I'm in." (Oliver shoots arrows into and destroys seven of the now visible drones.) Oliver (over comms): "There's still one drone left." Felicity (over comms): "I'm working on it." Oliver: "Emiko, it's not too late. Whatever you owe Dante -" Emiko: "I owe Dante everything. Dante taught me how to take care of myself, to cut the ties that bind us, that hold us back - which is why it's time for us to say good-bye, brother! Kill him!" (Leaves) (Oliver fights and defeats several Ninth Circle minions.) Oliver (over comms): "Please tell me you got that last drone." Felicity (over comms): "By the time I locked on, the gas had already been deployed. Sorry, Oliver." * * * Oliver: "How many casualties?" Felicity: "None. The target was an abandoned building." Oliver: "What about the other targets?" Felicity: "Well, that's the even weirder thing. All of the other buildings targeted were also empty." Dinah: "Who goes to the trouble of bombing empty buildings?" Diggle: "Seemed like some sort of weapons test." Dinah: "Well, imagine what would happen if all the drones worked instead of just one." Oliver: "They'd be able to take out multiple targets simultaneously." Rene: "If we couldn't stop this test, how are we gonna stop the real thing?" 717 (Inheritance) – Felicity talks to Alena about her Archer program: Felicity: "Oh, hey. Good. You're still here. I'm sorry. It's been a day." Alena: "I assume that's always the case. Honestly, going over Archer has made me happier than I've been in months. The algorithms you programmed are like this beautifully composed rondo finale." Felicity: "A rondo what, now?" Alena: "Not into opera. Got it." Felicity: "Hey. So question for Version 2." Alena: "Mm-hmm?" Felicity: "What happens when we don't have the DNA of the person that we are looking for? What do we do then?" Alena: "Well, that's a little trickier. We could reprogram the algorithm to highlight any individuals whose DNA we don't have, but unless we hack into a medical or criminal database and collect all of their DNA profiles first, all we'd really be doing is taking a couple pieces of straw out of the haystack we're looking in." Felicity: "Ah. Guess we'd better get to work then." Alena: "Okay."
  2. 716 (Star City 2040) – No Oliver Queen voiceover intro. 716 (Star City 2040) – In flashforward (flashback) scenes, we see Mia's birth and then glimpses of her childhood and teen years: (Felicity labors to give birth in a cabin in the woods, with Oliver by her side. We hear her grunting and groaning. A female doctor is also present.) Oliver: "I love you so much." Felicity: "I love you so much. I'll love you even more when this baby's out of me." (We hear a baby crying, and the doctor gives the baby to Felicity to hold. Oliver smiles and kisses the top of Felicity's head.) (Cut to scenes of toddler Mia, then child Mia and then teen Mia being trained to fight by Nyssa in the yard outside the cabin, while Felicity watches.) Nyssa: "You're ready." (Nyssa opens up a box and gives teen Mia a bow and arrows. Mia shoots an arrow into a target.) 716 (Star City 2040) – In flashforward (flashback) scenes, Mia discovers a hidden room in their cabin and that her mother has been secretly working as a vigilante; and Mia leaves home to go to Star City, where she gets a tattoo: Mia: "Mom, I'm home! Mrs. Carver had that cheese you love so much at the store. The one that tastes better than it smells. Mom? Mom. (Takes a knife from the knife block and walks slowly around the house. She turns and Older Felicity is there. Mia instinctively holds the knife to Older Felicity's throat.) Older Felicity: "Whoa!" Mia: "Seriously, Mom." (Lowers the knife) Older Felicity: "Good instincts. Hi. How is Mrs. Carver?" Mia: "Uh, the usual. She's had to tell me everyone's business in town. And she's trying to set me up with her son." Older Felicity: "Henry?" Mia: "No. The older one." Older Felicity: "Oh, 'Cowardly Lion' Seth?" Mia: "Isn't he more Scarecrow, though? No brains?" Older Felicity: "Either way, not for you." Mia: "Where were you?" Older Felicity: "Well, I was on the phone. A meeting with Smoak Tech." Mia: "Have you ever thought about actually going in to work? You know, we could get out of Bloomfield, go to the city. I could go with you." Older Felicity: "Oh, you know the city's not safe for us. If anyone ever found out who your father is... or who you are..." Mia: "Right. Right. But I know how much you love that company. And I know how to protect myself. You made sure of that." Older Felicity: "I sure did." Mia: "So if Dad's as big a hero as you say, then why can't we just tell everyone that?" Older Felicity: "It's not that simple, Mia. You just have to trust me on that. I'm sorry. Hey, I was thinking a vintage movie night. A Jordan Peele marathon." Mia: "Yeah. Sure." Older Felicity: "Hand over that cheese." (Cut to Mia practicing shooting a bow inside the cabin. Her arrow accidentally hits an apple and also cracks a photo of Oliver and Felicity holding Baby Mia.) Mia: "Shoot. Um... okay." (The photo has a blinking light. Mia pulls the arrow. A wall panel opens to reveal a secret room. Mia enters to find a fancy computer console with two large translucent screens showing large photos of Oliver as the Green Arrow and of Felicity with young William.) Mia: "What the frak?" (Mia works the computer console and pulls up computer files on Older Rene and Kevin Dale.) Computerized Voice: "Intruder. Access denied." Mia: "Frak." Computerized Voice: "Initiating self-destruct protocol. Intruder." Older Felicity (entering): "Mia, what are you doing?" Mia: "What am I doing? What are you doing with all this?" Computerized Voice: "Self-destruct... In 10...9... 8 -" Older Felicity: "Uh, I can explain in just one second." (Works on computer) Computerized Voice: "7, 6, 5 - Access granted." Older Felicity: "This is just a little something that I've been working on, on the side." Mia: "For Smoak Tech." Older Felicity: "No, not exactly. Um... there is a corrupt company in the Glades that I am this close to exposing." Mia: "You're hacking again. Like Overwatch." Older Felicity: "Oh, well, no, Overwatch was part of a team, right? Team Arrow? And this is solo. So no team, no complications." Mia: "You're a vigilante." Older Felicity: "No, not exactly. Technically, yes, by definition -" Mia: "How long have you been hiding this from me? Older Felicity: "Mia." Mia: "How long?" Older Felicity: "Mia, I can explain." Mia: "You realize I haven't left this town ever? I didn't get to go to school like a normal kid. I haven't even been to a real city." Older Felicity: "I know." Mia: "You told me that we had to hide here because Dad was the Green Arrow." Older Felicity: "That's true." Mia: "And now I find out that you've been doing the exact same thing the entire time." Older Felicity: "No, your father and I promised each other that we would keep fighting for the city, to make the city better for you. And for - for our family. I can't sit back and do nothing, Mia." Mia: "And yet that's exactly what you're telling me to do." Older Felicity: "No, I'm not. Mia, this is different." Mia: "Is it?" Older Felicity: "Yes." Mia: "Because I'm starting to believe what everyone else says, that - that vigilantes are the opposite of heroes." Older Felicity: "That is just propaganda." Mia: "Oh, says you! And why should I believe anything you say again?" Older Felicity: "Mia." Mia: "You've been lying to me my whole life. I don't even know who you are." (Cut to Felicity finding a note from Mia.) Mia (voiceover): "Mom, I'm going to Star City. And this time, you can't stop me. I need to find out the truth about everything. About who our family really is, what I'm meant to do with my life. I can't be held back anymore. I need to forge my own path." (Cut to Mia entering Star City in the rain. Then cut to Mia getting a tattoo on her arm.) Tattoo Artist: "What's the black star for?" Mia: "My mom once told me that all the starlight we see has so far to travel that the stars might not even exist anymore. Eventually, they all just fade to black. Erased. That's where I want to be. (Hears shouting nearby) What's all that?" Tattoo Artist: "Prize fighting." Mia: "How much you make on that?" Tattoo Artist: "A few grand, if you win." Mia: "I don't lose." 716 (Star City 2040) – In a flashforward scene, Mia and Adult William climb a cliff in order to get into the Glades: (Mia is doing a handstand.) Adult William: "Of course you can do handstand push-ups." Mia: "Ready?" Adult William: "You mean, risking our lives by sneaking into the Glades? No. Not at all. You?" Mia: "Don't have anything better to do." (Cut to cliffs near the Glades.) Adult William: "Tell me again, why we couldn't just take the tunnels?" Mia: "There's heat on the Canaries right now. The tunnels could be blown. So we get to do this the hard way. Are you coming or what?" Adult William: "Show-off." Mia: "This is gonna be a long night." Adult William: "Great. Only five million more feet to go." Mia: "Rest up. Once we get in the Glades, we'll have to move fast, find Felicity, and get her out before anyone knows we were here." Adult William: "And here I thought you hated her." Mia: "No one gets to kill my mom except me." Adult William: "It'd be easier if we had some back-up." Mia: "Yeah, well, if you shut up, you'll catch your breath faster." Adult William: "I just think it was a mistake to not bring the rest of the team." Mia: "They're not a team. They're vigilantes. Their kind ruined Star City." Adult William: "They're not the criminals you think they are, Mia. I remember them being heroes back then. They only want to save the city." Mia: "We got eyes on us." Adult William: "What? (Sees a blinking camera eye up on the cliff) Save the arrow. We're okay." Mia: "I thought you couldn't hack Archer." Adult William: "But you can make yourself temporarily invisible." (Indicates a lighted device on his back) Mia: "Show-off. Watch it." (Shoots a grappling arrow up the cliff face to hook onto the wall farther up) 716 (Star City 2040) – Older Dinah, Adult Zoe and Older Roy get some info about Felicity's "murder" from S.C.P.D. Detective Anson; and they find out about Eden Corps using Galaxy One as their front: Anson: "Eden Corps. They paid the S.C.P.D. to fake Smoak's death, tie up the loose ends." Older Dinah: "Eden Corps hasn't been active for months." Anson: "Well, they are now. And they don't want anyone to know about it. Probably to start nuking cities again. I don't know." Older Roy: "Tell us where they are." Anson: "The Glades. Galaxy One's their front." 716 (Star City 2040) – In a flashforward scene, Adult William and Mia try to bluff their way into the Galaxy One building in the Glades: Mia: "So this is how the other half lives." Adult William: "Sadly, Star City used to look very similar to this. These are the coordinates from Felicity's tape, which means she's in there somewhere, hopefully, alive." Mia: "Galaxy One's one of the richest companies in the world. And heavily guarded. They're not just gonna let us walk right in." Adult William: "Actually, that's exactly what they're gonna do." (Cut to William wearing a business suit and Mia wearing a professional pant suit, walking inside the building.) Mia: "This is ridiculous." Adult William: "We need to look the part, Ms. Executive Assistant." Mia: "I am definitely higher up than your assistant. And that is not what I'm talking about. We are the kids of vigilantes. The second they scan us, we're done." Adult William: "My last name isn't Clayton anymore. And, besides, all the focus is gonna be on me, the CEO, anyway. So just play along. (Uses louder voice) Didn't I ask you to send me the financials on the Brennan merger?" Mia: "It should be there." Adult William: "I need you to reschedule my 12 o' clock with Optics." Guard: "Sir, you need to scan in." Adult William: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. So push my 12 o' clock to 3 to make room for Jackson Labs at 1, and then clear my morning to review the Jackson Labs R&D." Computer: "Prepare for identification. (William holds hand up to scanner) DNA match complete. Proceed." (Guard stops Mia from following.) Adult William: "Hey, you're holding me up." Guard: "She needs to scan." Adult William: "Don't be ridiculous. She's just my assistant. Trust me." Guard: "Sir." Computer: "Prepare for identification." (Mia holds hand up to scanner. Alarm sounds.) Computer: "Access denied." Guard: "You need to come with us, Miss." Mia: "How about I don't." Computer: "Lockdown." Guard (pulling out gun): "Hands up, now." Connor (coming up): "It's cool, fellas. She's with me." (Holds up his badge) Guard: "Sorry, Agent Hawke. We didn't know she was one of yours." Connor: "I know. That's the point." (Holds his hand up to the scanner) Computer: "DNA match complete. Proceed." Mia (whispering): "Who the hell are you?" Connor: "I've been tailing you guys since the Bazaar. Once I figured out you were headed here, I started pulling credentials for clearance." Adult William: "As an agent for Knightwatch? Which is what, the good version of A.R.G.U.S.?" Connor: "Something like that. (To Mia) Look, I wanted to tell you the truth, but I couldn't. I didn't have a choice." (Mia angrily pushes Connor up against the wall.) Mia: "Yeah, you did." Adult William: "Mia!" Mia: "I trusted you, but all you did was lie to me, like everyone else." Connor: "Look, I'm sorry." Mia: "Was any of it real?" Connor: "All of it." Adult William: "Okay, as much as I love relationship drama when it's not my own, do you think we could focus on the task on hand and not blow our cover immediately? (Mia lets Connor go) Thank you. All right, Secret Agent Guy, so what do you know about this place?" Connor: "All right, I've been doing recon on the building. There are hidden sublevels here, unlisted to the general public." Mia: "Well, that's where they have to be holding Mom. How do we get down there?" Connor: "My badge isn't gonna cut it. There'll only be a handful of people with access, all DNA-based." Adult William: "Well, I have a meeting with the guy who runs this place, Kevin Dale. I mean, if anyone has access, it's him. All we have to do is steal and replicate his DNA. Easy." Connor: "It actually is. Look, I have the tech. You just have to swipe a sample." Adult William: "Wait. Me? (Chuckles nervously) No, no. Stealing stuff covertly. I don't do that." Mia: "Well, lucky for you, your sister does." Connor: "Great. I'll locate the sublevels while you guys are with Dale. I'll find you after." 716 (Star City 2040) – In a flashforward scene, Adult William, Mia and Connor find and rescue Older Felicity: Connor: "All right. This is the access point to the sublevels. It's the only unlisted elevator bay in the building." Adult William: "Their random full-body DNA scanner wasn't a dead giveaway?" Mia: "But how's this swab gonna trick a full scan?" Connor: "Watch." (Inserts a swab into the device) Adult William: "Is that replicating the DNA signature? How?" Connor: "Secrets of the trade." (Holds the device up to the scanner) (Elevator doors open, and they step inside.) Mia: "You want a cookie or something?" Connor: "All right, get ready. There's no telling what we're facing." Mia (to Adult William): "Stay back and in the elevator. Understood?" Adult William: "You know, I'm really enjoying all these heartfelt brother-sister moments." Mia: "You're just more useful to me not dead." Adult William (with mock sincerity): "I'm sorry. Do you care about me?" Mia: "Yeah, maybe. I'm also not the only one. You know your angel investor, City of Emerald Capital? I think Mom might've had something to do with that." Adult William: "What do you mean?" Mia: "Well, Emerald for Emerald City. The Wizard of Oz was Mom's favorite. We used to read it all the time when I was little. I guess she might've been watching over you after all." (Elevator doors open. Guard turns around.) Mia: "Hi." (Mia and Connor take down several guards. Mia also uses a bow and arrow. Connor fights with two nunchucks.) Older Felicity: "Mia." (Back cell lights up, revealing Older Felicity.) Adult William: "You are alive." Older Felicity: "I told you not to come." 716 (Star City 2040) – In flashforward scenes, Older Felicity refuses to leave until she defuses the bombs, so she and Older William go look for the bombs, and they run into Older Dinah, Older Roy and Adult Zoe: Older Felicity: "Was my message not clear? I wanted you both out of Star City, not to come to the Glades." Mia: "Wow. Really? No 'hey, kids, thanks for the rescue?'" Older Felicity: "Those coordinates were not supposed to lead you to me. They are the coordinates of a stockpile of bombs hidden in this building. That's why I told you to give them to Roy and Dinah." Adult William: "Well, since we're here, would it be okay if we got you out of there?" Connor: "Looks like this operates under the same DNA access protocol. Just give me a second." (Holds his device up to the scanner) (Electrically charged laser bars disappear from the cell, and Felicity steps out.) Older Felicity (looking at Adult William): "It's so good to see you." Adult William (hugging her): "I never thought I'd see you again." Older Felicity: "Oh, I was afraid you wouldn't want to... after everything. I'm so sorry, William." Connor: "Okay, hey, not to interrupt, but we've really got to get out of here before someone realizes what we did to those guards." Older Felicity: "I can't leave until I disable the bombs." Mia: "You just got out of danger, and you want to go running back into it? Typical. You would rather go play hero than do what's best for your daughter." Older Felicity: "Mia." Adult William: "Mia, come on." Mia: "Stay out of it. For once in your life, Mom, put your family first." Older Felicity: "Being a hero, Mia, means choosing other people's safety above your own, including your family. That's why I hid my work from you, so that I could protect you from having to make difficult decisions like these." Mia: "You should've just been honest with me from the beginning." Older Felicity: "You were right. I am so sorry. Being a hero is my purpose. I can't leave." Adult William: "Then I want to help." (Felicity looks at him and nods.) Mia: "Seriously?" Adult William: "I'm sorry, but she's right. (To Felicity) Where to?" Older Felicity: "The next sublevel." Connor: "Well, if you're going, you're gonna need this." (Hands over his device to William) Adult William: "Thanks." (Older Felicity looks at Mia and then leaves. Adult William follows Older Felicity.) Connor: "Look, Mia -" Mia: "Don't." (Cut to Adult William and Older Felicity entering another corridor.) Adult William: "You okay?" Older Felicity: "Yes. I am used to being a disappointment to her. The explosives are being stored in the east end of the building. Are there any guards in our way?" Adult William (looking at his notebook): "Uh, the coast looks clear, except for three heat signatures headed straight towards us." Older Felicity: "They should be right on top of us." (Adult Zoe, Older Dinah and Older Roy drop down from the ceiling.) Older Felicity: "Zoe?" Adult Zoe (to Adult William): "You found her." Older Dinah: "It is so good to see you alive. (Hugs Felicity) You could've told us we were on the same side." Older Felicity: "To infiltrate Eden Corps, I had to be the Calculator. It was the only way." Older Roy: "Looks like your plan worked out a little too well." Older Felicity: "Well, I'm glad my old team came to the rescue. Thank you for helping William." Adult Zoe: "Where's Mia?" Older Felicity: "Mia is... so much like her father. Sorry for not telling you about her, by the way." Adult William: "Guys? The coast is clear between us and the bombs." Older Felicity: "Hurry up, we have to move." (Cut to Mia and Connor.) Mia: "Don't you want to go with them?" Connor: "Hey. I am only here to back you up." Mia: "Right. Cause you promised your daddy. You know, I am really not sure what's worse. The, um, lying. Or the fact that you actually thought I needed protection." Connor: "Mia, I know that you can take care of yourself." Mia: "Then why the hell do you keep hanging around?" Connor: "Because I care about you! Okay, I wanted to tell you the truth, but I knew that you would hate me the minute I did. And every day, it just got harder and harder." Mia: "So, your big idea is that I would just never find out. Do you have any idea what's it like to find out that your entire relationship with someone is based on a lie?" Connor: "No, okay? But I know what it's like to have heroes for parents. It sucks. Man, I used to ask my dad all the time why he even adopted me, if he and my mom were never gonna be around. But you know what? When I got older, I realized... I was proud of them." Mia: "You were proud that they prioritized the rest of the world above you?" Connor: "Okay, no, not that part. But... with great power comes great responsibility, right? Oh, come on! Spider-Man?" Mia: "I'm not really into comic books." Connor: "Okay, my point is that the same applies to us superhero kids. And we have to learn to share our parents and be a little selfless." Mia: "Of course, you would say that. You've been a hero in training since you were a kid." Connor: "Well, so have you. The only difference is, I got to choose, and you never got to make that choice. Until today." Mia: "There's your ulterior motive." Connor: "Look, Mia, if you go out that door, you are doing exactly what Felicity wants. Okay, you want to go? We will go. You want to stay? We will stay. But do not let her mistakes make your choice for you. It's on you now." (Cut to Older Felicity, Adult William, Older Dinah, Older Roy and Adult Zoe entering a room.) Older Dinah: "This has to be the place." Adult Zoe: "There's someone coming." Mia (entering with Connor): "So what'd we miss?" Older Felicity: "You came back." Mia: "Don't make a big thing of it." (Adult William holds the device up to the scanner and the door opens. They find an empty room.) Older Dinah: "What the hell? Where are the bombs?" Older Rene (entering): "They're already on site." Adult Zoe: "Dad. What are you doing here?" Older Rene (looking at Older Felicity): "You are alive." Older Felicity: "No thanks to you. Or your friend, Kevin Dale." Older Rene (to Adult Zoe): "You were right. You all were right. The attack on Star City is happening tonight, and there is zero plan to evacuate." * * * Older Rene: "Dale plans to pin the blame on a vigilante. I'm guessing that's why they were keeping Felicity." Adult Zoe: "I can't say I'm surprised. What opened your eyes all of a sudden?" Older Rene: "Someone very smart, with impeccable genetics, reminded me of who I used to be." Mia: "And why should we believe you? Aren't you the evil mayor who's been trying to destroy Star City?" Older Rene: "And who are you?" Older Felicity: "This is Mia. These are mine and Oliver's ‘impeccable genetics.’" Older Rene: "You and Oliver have a kid?" Older Felicity: "Surprise." Connor: "Okay, now that we are all caught up, what time do the bombs go off? And how do we stop them?" Older Rene: "They're set to go off during the fireworks in exactly 38 minutes." Older Dinah: "Even if we knew where the bombs were, that's not enough time to climb over that wall and stop this." Older Felicity: "There is another way. The bombs are linked by a Li-Fi, which means there's an exterior power source." Adult William: "You're talking about a unified connectivity device." Older Felicity: "Yes." Adult William: "It's like the brain of the bombs." Mia: "Oh, good. Now there are two of you." Older Roy: "So wait. We're just supposed to break into some server room so you guys can hack into it?" Adult Zoe: "'Server room.' How 2019." Older Felicity: "The brain is a portable cube shape. It fits in your hand." Older Rene: "Dale has something like that." Adult William: "I thought it was just a fidget cube." Older Felicity: "The only way to stop the bombs is to destroy that device." Older Rene: "Dale's gonna be at the celebration, but he won't be easy to find. He cut a deal for a permanent Archer blind spot." Older Felicity: "There's always another way." Mia: "I heard these Glades parties are pretty fancy. How are we supposed to fit in. (Looks at William) Except for you." Older Rene: "Leave that part to me." 716 (Star City 2040) – In a flashforward scene, Future Team Arrow infiltrates the Glades' fancy masquerade party in order to find and stop Kevin Dale from bombing Star City: (Partygoers are wearing masks and capes.) Mia (over comms): "This is looking for a needle in a very creepy haystack." Adult William (over comms): "I'll take that to mean you're in position. Everyone else?" Older Dinah (over comms): "Almost." Older Roy (over comms): "Looks like Rene's become quite the celebrity." Older Dinah (over comms): "Overwatch, we are in position." Older Felicity (over comms): "'Overwatch'? No one's called me Overwatch in a very long time." Mia (over comms): "Okay, can we save the walk down memory lane for after, maybe?" Connor (over comms): "All right, what do we got to do?" Older Felicity (over comms): "Everyone here is wearing functional textiles, so there are tiny computers embedded in their clothing and yours." Adult William (over comms): "When the fabrics touch, the sensors will send us all their electronic data. Normally, their privacy settings restrict that, but I bypassed them." (Smiles at Older Felicity, who's standing next to him) Adult Zoe (over comms): "So you're hacking clothes?" Older Felicity (over comms): "Pretty much. Your job is to identify Kevin Dale. And I can help with that via the security feed." Mia (over comms): "Let's go save the city." (Older Dinah and Older Roy intentionally bump into a guy.) Older Roy (over comms): "That's not Dale." Older Felicity (over comms): "Okay, Mia, at your 2 o' clock, there is a man in a blue suit. He could be a potential match. I don't mean match-match. I mean target. And I don't even know what your type is. Is it -?" Mia (over comms): "Mom, shut up." Older Felicity (over comms): "Okay, sorry. Rambling. Old habits." Adult William (over comms): "Mia. You just brushed Dale." Mia (over comms): Got him. I'm following him inside." Older Felicity (over comms): "Hold on. You're gonna need backup. You won't have comms in there." Mia (over comms): "Isn't this what you trained me for? I can handle a CEO. I got this." (Mia enters an office.) Mia: "Nobody wants to tell you, but your festival sucks." Dale: "Interesting. I was expecting a Canary. Who the hell are you?" Mia: "Not a fan of chitchat. Now, hand that thing over, or I'll take it." Dale: "Really? (Ten men enter the office and surround Mia.) Dale: "Take her alive. We'll talk after the festival." (Leaves) Mia: "Oh, this'll be fun." (Mia takes off her cape and mask and fights all 10 men. She defeats them. She then puts the cape back on and leaves the building.) Mia (over comms): "Guys, I lost him. He's in the crowd again." Adult William (over comms): "Okay, not to freak anyone out, but this is our two-minute bomb warning." Older Felicity (over comms): "We need to thin the herd." Older Rene (over comms): "I know how. Show them what heroes look like." (Older Dinah and Older Roy throw off their capes to reveal that they're dressed as Black Canary and Arsenal.) Older Rene: "Help! Vigilantes!" (Crowd shouts and runs. Older Dinah and Older Roy fight the Glades police.) Older Felicity (over comms): "Oh, you have 30 seconds, Mia." (Mia spots Dale in the crowd.) Connor: "Mia!" (Throws her bow and arrows to her) (Mia draws back the bow and shoots an arrow through the cube device in Dale’s hand, spearing it to the placard sign behind him.) Adult William: "She did it. The bombs are deactivated." (The fireworks go off in the sky.) Mia (over comms): "Let's get the hell out of here." 716 (Star City 2040) – In a flashforward scene, Glades Mayor Rene puts out a $10M bounty on Older Roy AKA Arsenal, Older Dinah AKA Black Canary and Older Felicity AKA The Calculator: Older Rene (on television screen): "Citizens of the Glades, last night, our Independence Day festivities were attacked in an apparent act of terror. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Glades P.D., we know the identities of the perpetrators responsible - the vigilantes known as Arsenal, Black Canary, and the Calculator. A reward of $10 million will be paid for any info leading to their capture, dead or alive. This was our first attack within our walls in over a decade. I vow to you it will be the last." Adult William: "Well, that was disturbing." Adult Zoe: "I know why my dad had to make that speech, but hearing it out loud?" Older Dinah: "We did already have a target on our backs, just, well, not quite that big." Older Roy: "Well, it's about to get rougher for everyone." Adult Zoe: "Including my dad." Older Felicity: "I know you're worried, but he is right. The best way to take down Galaxy is from the inside." Connor: "So what now? So I'm guessing Galaxy's not just gonna stop at bombing the city." Older Felicity: "No. The purpose of the bombing wasn't to rebuild. It was to remake Star City in the Glades' image." Older Roy: "Why would Dale want to ruin the city he spent so much money to fix?" Older Felicity: "Because he's gonna use the shiny new Star City as a proof of concept to take Archer global, and that's too much power for one entity to have." Older Dinah: "Well, it's a good thing we got the band back together." Older Felicity: "Well, we can thank William for that one. I sent that signal out on a hope and a prayer. And you kept it. After all these years and with everything that's happened, I... I know I don't deserve it." Adult William: "Well, I'm glad I didn’t completely hate you. Now I got a sister to hate instead." Mia: "I need some air." (Leaves) Adult William: "So maybe we don't really have that type of relationship yet." Older Felicity: "It's not you." Connor: "I should go talk to her." Older Felicity: "And it's not you. It's me." (Leaves) Adult William: "Who needs a drink?" 716 (Star City 2040) – In a flashforward scene, Older Felicity has a heart-to-heart talk with her daughter Mia: Older Felicity: "Oh, wow. So this is where you have been spending all your time." Mia: "Pretty much." Older Felicity: "Still not a fan of cleaning, I take it." Mia: "You want to start by nagging?" Older Felicity: "Oh, I'm your mother. Nagging is part of the deal." Mia: "So what, you probably want me to come help stop Galaxy? A little mother-daughter vigilante time." Older Felicity: "No. I wish I could take you away from all this. I wish that you didn't have to think about any of this. But I know that that is not my decision to make." Mia: "You know, when I first left home, I was so mad at you. I learned everything I could about vigilantes. I dug up old news stories about how they destroyed Star City. I was convinced - I was convinced it was true. That you had lied to me my entire childhood with your - your stories of the heroism of Team Arrow. Because you didn't want me to think badly about you. Or about Dad. I spent these past years hating vigilantes, because I hated you." Older Felicity: "Well, I don't blame you." Mia: "I understand why you wanted to lie to me, to protect me. I can't even imagine what it was like having the entire city turn on you, and turn on Dad." Older Felicity: "Mia, you are so much like your father. Out on that field, so badass. I'm so proud of you." Mia: "Mom, there's, um - it seemed like there is something really personal about your stopping Galaxy. (Felicity nods) Is that about Dad?" Older Felicity: "No, it's not. That one is on me." (Cut to present day Felicity, who's at home working on her laptop.) Felicity: "Holy crap. Did that work? Here goes nothing. Archer, are you online?" Computerized Voice: "Yes, Ms. Smoak. Archer is active." Felicity: "Holy -!"
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  8. SA posted a few b-t-s filming clips from Arrow (the first is Oliver and Laurel, the second is Oliver and Roy, and the third is Oliver fighting someone)...
  9. tv echo

    S01:E23: Sacrifice

    Another addition to my above transcriptions for this episode (per MG tweet yesterday)... 123 (Sacrifice) – FAKE ENDING: Fake script pages for the ending of this episode were published to keep Tommy’s death a secret (per fake script):
  10. 715 (Training Day) – No Oliver Queen voiceover intro. 715 (Training Day) – Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Rene have to undergo a day of police training at the S.C.P.D. station: (Oliver, Felicity, Diggle and Rene are all wearing dark blue S.C.P.D. tee shirts and sitting with new police recruits at the police station. Dinah stands next to Sergeant Bingsley, as he addresses them.) Sgt. Bingsley: "Becoming part of the S.C.P.D. is a great responsibility. The whole city will be watching you, holding you to the highest standard. And now that you're working with us, you need to learn how we do things. We have rules, protocol, and abiding by them is critical. The use of excessive force will not be tolerated. (Cut to scene of Oliver sparring with a young recruit, while the other recruits watch.) Your objective is to defuse the situation, not escalate it. (Oliver takes down the young recruit quickly) Firearms should only be used as a last resort. (Cut to scene of Rene loading his gun much quicker than another recruit) Do not discharge your weapon unless you are fired upon, or your life is in danger. All evidence against a suspect must be gathered within the parameters of the law. (Cut to scene of Felicity with a pained expression on her face as she watches the S.C.P.D. tech gal work the police computers) Any evidence obtained not in that manner will be deemed inadmissible. In tactical situations, avoid suspect-based decisions. This only leads to chaos and confusion. (Cut to an S.C.P.D. officer teaching a class of recruits that includes Diggle, who is caught nodding off) And above all, follow the orders of the commanding officer on site. Wearing the uniform of an S.C.P.D. officer is an honor. It isn't just a uniform. It's a symbol of the law, of justice, of transparency." Dinah: "Thank you, Sergeant Bingsley. Any questions? (Rene raises his hand) Rene." Rene: "He does know we have our own uniforms, right?" 715 (Training Day) – Mayor Pollard warns Team Arrow that their deputized status is on a provisional basis: Dinah: "Oh hey! How's my favorite new team of recruits doing?" Rene: "Missing the good old days when catching a bad guy didn't involve homework." Dinah: "Ah, well, this is uncharted territory, so the S.C.P.D. just wants to make sure we're on the same page. It's a lot, but it'll be worth it. I mean, we can finally work together and on the right side of the law." Felicity: "Wait. Does that mean that the Black Canary's back?" Dinah: "Well, I did get a clean bill of health from the doctor. You all are deputized, so no reason I can't be Captain and Black Canary." Mayor Pollard (entering): "Within the confines of the law, of course." Dinah: "Of course." Mayor Pollard: "I want to be clear. Just because you've been deputized doesn't mean you have the latitude to operate the way you once did. You work for the S.C.P.D. now. And this arrangement is on a provisional basis. Your actions will determine how long it lasts." Oliver (nodding): "Mm-hmm." (Mayor Pollard leaves.) Rene: "I think she's starting to like us." Felicity (dryly): “Yeah.” 715 (Training Day) – Felicity tells Oliver that she wants to keep her pregnancy a secret for now: (Oliver and Felicity return home.) Felicity: "Well, that was a different type of workday for us. Can you believe that Pollard made us go through all that?" Oliver: "Well, I know we're not used to doing things by the book. Clearly. But this partnership is what's best for the city." Felicity: "But she's seen what you can do. I mean, she knows what we're capable of." Oliver: "Just trust me, there's no use arguing with the mayor." Felicity: "Can -?" Oliver: "You hungry? You want a tartine, some sauteed broccolini, something like that?" Felicity: "As much as I appreciate the Master Chef initiative that you got going on here, are you gonna tell me what's going on with you? Because you are 100% agreeable and zen about this whole Police 101 thing." Oliver: "I want this partnership to be done right and to be legitimate from the beginning for our baby. Because I did not get that chance with William." Felicity: "This partnership's not going to work if she forgets who she's hired." Oliver: "The partnership has to work, Felicity, because working with the S.C.P.D. and not hiding in the shadows, I truly believe, that's what's best for the city. Then we can stay here, and our children can grow up safely." Felicity: "Well, if you believe that this is what's best for the city and what is ultimately best for our family, then I agree. Because we're a team, too." Oliver: "Always." (They kiss.) Felicity: "Except maybe we don't, you know, until the city's safe and our family is really secure, that we don't, you know, tell anybody about what's happening in here. (Touches her stomach) Because I think it's too early, and I don't want anybody crying and asking about, like, if it's a boy -" Oliver: "For the - for the city." Felicity: "Yeah, for the city." Oliver: "And for our family. It's for a better future." Felicity: "Yay." (They kiss.) Felicity: "So about that tartine? I'm starving. I'm also nauseous." 715 (Training Day) – In a flashforward scene, Adult William and Mia venture into the Star City Bazaar, a seedy black market, to find a microcassette player: Adult William: "Are they all staring at you or me?" Mia: "Both. You reek of money and, well, I'm undefeated. Don't wander off. Don't talk to anyone. Let me handle this." Adult William: "You don't even know what we're looking for." Mia: "Sure I do. It's a tape mini thingy." Adult William: "A microcassette player. Or an answering machine. Old tech from the 80's. It's the only thing that'll let us listen to the message Felicity left for us." Mia: "Right. I'm gonna talk to my contact. Look, I know these people. They're lowlifes, criminals, like me. Just stay here and don't do anything." Adult William: "Wha -?" (Mia gives him a look and walks off. Adult William looks around and spots a table of old microcassette players and cell phones.) Adult William: "Bingo." Felix: "Something catch your eye?" Adult William: "Uh, yeah. How much for this piece of junk?" Felix: "Our best microcassette player. It's incredibly rare. I'll give it to you cheap. One thousand." Adult William: "Cheap? (Scoffs) Look, you and I both know that no one else is interested in this." Felix: "Except you, it seems. 700." Adult William: "400." Felix: "600." Adult William: "500. Final offer." Felix: "We have a deal." (They shake hands. Felix gives Adult William the microcassette player, and Adult William pays him the money.) Adult William: "Good doing business with you.” 715 (Training Day) – Dinah briefs S.C.P.D. officers and Team Arrow on the recent gang deaths: Dinah: "Last night, four Los Halcones gang members were found dead in a warehouse." Rene (looking at the crime scene photo): "Whoa. That's some Face/Off level weirdness right there." Oliver: "Do we know what caused it?" S.C.P.D. CSI Gal: "The bodies had bullet wounds, but there were no shells found at the scene. Autopsy revealed traces of an unidentified substance, which caused a chemical reaction with the blood that resulted in tox-" Felicity (entering): "Their skin melting off." S.C.P.D. CSI Gal: "The proper term is toxic epidermal necrolysis. But basically, yes." Felicity: "Yeah." Diggle: "Okay, how can a bullet just disappear?" Sgt. Bingsley: "There have been rumors of a new weapon making its rounds on the street." Dinah: "Toxicology is working up labs now. We should have a better idea of what's going on in the next few hours." Felicity: "Or I could just put it into my trusty mass spectrometer and then compare it to all the government databases that I've hacked - um, accidentally tapped into. It would just be so much faster." Dinah: "I'm sure it would, but, um, I think we're just gonna wait to get the results when we get them. In the meantime, let's talk suspects." Oliver: "The Blackout Gang. Never heard of them." Dinah: "Right. They came onto the scene about a month or so after you went to prison." Rene: "They are some bad dudes. And with the vigilantes gone, they've been causing a lot of trouble in the Glades. You know, that place you guys tend to forget." Sgt. Bingsley: "Los Halcones are their main rival." Oliver: "So we're looking at a gang war." Dinah: "It seems that way. All right. I want everybody working their contacts, okay? And I want eyes on the hideouts for both gangs." Oliver: "You think maybe we should pay a visit to the Los Halcones?" Dinah: "I don't think so. You heard Pollard. She's looking for any opportunity to disband this partnership. Got to run our leads the S.C.P.D. way." 715 (Training Day) – In a flashforward scene, Adult William loses his microcassette player when his pockets are picked: (Young girl bumps into Adult William.) Girl: "Oh, I'm sorry." Adult William: "That's okay." Mia: "I thought I told you to stay put." Adult William: "If I had, I wouldn't have found this. I know you think I'm just some rich idiot, but I... (Searches his pockets) had it. The cassette player. It was right here." Mia: "Let me guess. Little girl bumped into you. Seemed cute, innocent. Felix - he played you. You couldn't have just listened to me, could you?" Adult William: "Wait." Felix: "Blackstar." Mia: "Screw you, Felix." Felix: "You might think twice before you swing that right hook at me. One word from me, and you'll be in S.C.P.D. custody." (Laughs) Adult William: "No problem, sir. Right, Blackstar? We're just passing through." (He takes Mia's arm and drags her away.) 715 (Training Day) – Team Arrow tries to work as part of the S.C.P.D. team on their mission to take down the Blackout Gang: Dinah (over comms): "Alpha Team's in position. No sign of the seller yet. Oliver (over comms): "Bravo's in position. Overwatch, do we have eyes, please?" Felicity (over comms): "Hold on. Pulling up thermal now." S.C.P.D. Tech Gal: "From satellite? What did I tell you about off-the-books hacking?" Felicity: "You said no public resources. This is private. Loophole. (Over comms) Yeah, looks like you got incoming. Looks like a vehicle." Diggle (over comms): "That's our supplier. * * * Oliver (over comms): "Overwatch, the vehicle's heading south. Can you track it?" Felicity (over comms): "No, I can't, because this dinosaur of a system just crashed." 715 (Training Day) – Oliver is frustrated at S.C.P.D. methods: Felicity (entering): "Oh. Sorry. Heh. So I'm sensing some tension here, but I'm just gonna cut right to it because CSIs were able to recover the bullet that went into the officer's armor. Thank God he was wearing that, right? I mean, nobody wears helmets anymore. Anyhoo, I ran a tox screen on it to see why it was making people go all Wicked Witch of the West. (Imitating Wicked Witch) 'I'm melting, I'm melting. Oh, what a world.' -" Oliver: "Hey, hey. What'd you find?" Felicity: "Chlormethine is a cytotoxic agent derived from mustard gas." Diggle: "But that chemical weapon was banned decades ago." Felicity: "Except when it's used for medicinal purposes, like chemotherapy." Rene: "Let me guess. All roads lead back to Midas Medical." Felicity: "It is one of four labs in Star City that still uses chlormethine as an active ingredient. And the buck stops with this guy, James Midas." Dinah: "I met this guy at an S.C.P.D. fundraiser. He's got deep pockets. It does benefit the S.C.P.D." Oliver: "Okay, we got to bring him in." Dinah: "Not until we have proof that he's behind this." Oliver: "Dinah, he got name dropped at the buy. His company produces the chemical. How much more proof do you need?" Dinah: "The concrete kind. After what this department went through last year with Diaz, we have all eyes on us. We just need actionable intel. Then we can get a warrant, search his company." Oliver: "You get a warrant, he's gonna know we're coming, and I know that you know that." Dinah: "I know that if we don't do things the right way, then everything we've worked for since you got out of prison will be for nothing. Is that a risk you're willing to take?" (Oliver walks away with Felicity.) Felicity: "Well, that could've gone better." Oliver: "All the training, the rules, and now this? We are not gonna be able to make Star City safe if we're constantly being micromanaged by the S.C.P.D." Felicity: "Well, that was our first time out on the field all together. Maybe it'll get easier." Oliver: "What if it doesn't get easier? What, then?" Felicity: "Well, we go after Midas our way." Oliver: "No, you heard Dinah. We do things their way, or this whole agreement is just gonna blow up." Felicity: "We just have to prove to the S.C.P.D. that our way is better, and then they will be adapting to our side, instead of the other way around. All they want to do is bring this guy in. We deliver Midas, everybody wins." Oliver: "Have I told you lately how smart you are?" Felicity: "Well, I never get tired of hearing it. (Oliver smiles at her) I want mint chip." (Oliver nods.) 715 (Training Day) – Oliver, with Felicity's help, forces James Midas to confess to making the poison bullets: Midas (on phone): "We just got our first quarter reports. We're already up 60% from last year. Yeah, I wanted you to hear it from me. See you tomorrow." (Arrow shoots past him and into the side of his Midas Medical building.) Oliver: "James Midas, you have failed this city." Midas: "You have some balls showing up here. You know who I am?" Oliver: "Chlormethine. You've been weaponizing it. Now I want to hear you say it." Midas: "I press one button. The whole city comes to my rescue." (Presses button and gets "System Error" message) Felicity (over comms): "Yeah. Not with that circa 2017 first build security system. I don't understand why people don't just click 'update' when it says 'update.'" Oliver: "Try again, James." Midas: "I'm not telling you anything. You can't touch me." Oliver: "Really? Come here." (Grabs Midas) Midas: "Stop! You'll regret this." Oliver: "Not as much as you. Now tell me what you know about chlormethine." Midas: "Go to Hell!" Oliver: "Wrong answer." (Removes the lid from a barrel of hydroflouric acid and holds Midas' head over the bubbling liquid inside) Midas: "Wait! Wait! I'll tell you everything. I did it, okay? I've been using chlormethine to make the bullets, and then I've been selling them to rival gangs." Oliver: "Good. (Over comms) Overwatch, you get all that?" Felicity (over comms): "Signed, sealed, delivered." Oliver: "Good. James Midas, by the authority of the S.C.P.D., you are under arrest. Come here." 715 (Training Day) – Oliver and Felicity open up the old Arrow Bunker and tell Diggle about Felicity's pregnancy: Oliver: "You really fixed this place up." Felicity: "Yeah, I thought we'd need it once the whole team got sanctioned. Oh, it's good to be back. So good to be back." Oliver: "How long till we're up and running?" Felicity: "Just a couple minutes. I can't believe that confession got dismissed." Diggle (entering): "Hey. I had a feeling I'd find you two here. So I take it you are going after Midas." Oliver: "He knows we're on to him, so we need to move fast before he dumps the evidence." Diggle: "Right. And what about working with the cops?" Felicity: "Oh, you've seen what a trainwreck that's been." Oliver: "We all know that we operate better on our own. Now, I would like for you to be on board with this, but if you're not, I would just - I would ask you to stay out of our way." Diggle: "Oliver, I will always have your back, but you're giving up on this partnership before you're really giving it a chance, as if you're up against a clock I don't know about. So what don't I know about?" (Oliver and Felicity look at each other.) Felicity: "We're having a baby." Diggle: "Really?" Oliver and Felicity (simultaneously): "Yeah." Felicity: "It's a little early. We're not telling anybody yet." Diggle: "That's amazing! This is wonderful! It would also explain a hell of a lot." Oliver: "We don't want a child born into a city like this. Our mission is not complete." Felicity: "So we're going to go about this the only way that we know how, without politicians and without a precinct. We're going to do this the Team Arrow way." Diggle: "Okay, and that would work for awhile. And then, uh, then I have to say, we will be right back to where we started, Oliver, without a team, you in prison, us on the run, and a city no closer to being saved than where we started." Oliver: "Our partnership with the force is not working." Diggle: "Then we have to find a way to make it work. Compromise, do whatever you have to do. Because if you want a new future for this baby of yours, it won't come by doing the same thing we used to do. We have to - we have to be something else. Something better." 715 (Training Day) – In a flashforward scene, Adult William and Mia implement a plan to get the microcassette player from Felix: Mia: "You should've let me take him and the cops. I can handle a couple of poorly-trained goons who don't know their right from their left. (Adult William smiles) What? Why are you looking at me like that?" Adult William: "Nothing." Mia: "Spit it out." Adult William: "I just half-expected you to shout, 'Felix, you have failed this city!'" Mia: "Well, that's a dumb thing to say." Adult William: "That's what our dad used to say." Mia: "Oh." Adult William: "You reminded me of him back there." Mia: "So how do you suggest we get this cassette player if you're not gonna let me beat the living hell out of him?" Adult William: "I have an idea." * * * Mia: "Got it. Only cost me my next two fights. Better be worth it." Adult William: "Oh, this is perfect." (Starts tinkering around with the watch communication device) Mia: "Care to share the plan?" Adult William: "What is the one thing the S.C.P.D. wants more than anything in this city?" Mia: "To kill vigilantes." Adult William: "Exactly. So let's hope this works. (Presses a button on the watch and speaks into it) I got a Canary sighting on the south side of the Star City Bazaar, headed east." (They watch several people leave the bazaar and head out.) Mia: "You're a genius." Adult William: "I am, like, literally." * * * Felix: "I warned you to stay away." Mia: "We are not good listeners. Your friends are off chasing a Canary. Well, that's what they think anyway." Felix: "You'll regret this." (Mia punches Felix.) Mia: "Dick." Adult William: "Nice punch." Mia: "Yeah." Adult William (to unconscious Felix): "Thank you." (Adult William grabs the microcassette player, and they leave.) 715 (Training Day) – Felicity finds a lead to catching Midas after altering her security system algorithm to track DNA anywhere in Star City: (Dinah and Rene enter the Arrow Bunker.) Rene: "Wow. The place looks great." Dinah: "Wow. Why did you guys call us here?" Oliver: "To apologize. We shouldn't have gone off-book to go after Midas." Dinah: "I appreciate that. And while we're clearing the air here, I'm - I'm sorry too, okay? I was hard on you. I was too hard." Rene: "You guys want to hug or something?" Diggle: "Why don't we save the hugging until after we catch Midas?" Oliver: "The second reason that we called you here. We found a lead. Or Felicity found a lead." Felicity: "In trying to find where Midas is storing his skin-melting poison, I was able to alter my security system algorithm to track DNA anywhere in Star City." Dinah: "You have Midas' DNA?" Felicity: "Well, it turns out he's not as squeaky clean as we thought. I got his DNA from the S.C.P.D. archive. He was arrested 15 years ago. Thank goodness the police have record hoarders. And since he has a record and we work for the S.C.P.D., voila! I interfaced with the S.C.P.D.'s surveillance system and was able to legally monitor everywhere Midas has been in the last two weeks. Country club, office, home, and -" Dinah: "And a warehouse registered to what is clearly a shell corporation?" Oliver: "Obviously, he's keeping the chemicals there." Felicity: "And look whose DNA is there right now." Diggle: "Midas is probably trying to destroy the evidence as we speak." Dinah: "He can try, but he's not gonna get away with it. We're gonna get him." Oliver: "We want to do things the right way this time. That means doing a few things differently." Dinah: "What did you have in mind?" Oliver: "First things first... Suit up." 715 (Training Day) – Team Arrow, with the help of the S.C.P.D., are able to capture Midas in the middle of his trying to destroy evidence: Felicity (over comms): "Overwatch to Team Arrow, I have confirmation on Midas and a crapload of gun-toting goons." Oliver (over comms): "What about the chemicals?" Felicity (over comms): "Being loaded into the back of a truck." * * * Felicity (over comms): "Guys, you may want to speed things up. They're about to move out." Diggle: "If those chemicals reach the reservoir, everyone in Star City will be at risk." Rene: "We can't let that truck leave." Oliver: "No, we won't." * * * Felicity (over comms): "Bad news, guys. Midas is about two minutes away from being a free man." Dinah: "We got to stop him." Oliver: "You go. I'll secure the evidence." 715 (Training Day) – Team Arrow becomes a sanctioned ‘black ops” unit of the S.C.P.D. and Star City's anti-vigilante law is going to be repealed: Dinah: "James Midas is in S.C.P.D. lock-up. We got what we needed to put him away for a very long time. Thank you for doing it the legal way." Oliver: "Thank you for letting us do it our way." Rene: "And for joining us. We missed you, Canary." Dinah: "I missed her too. Thank you for reminding me of that. Felicity: "Wait. Why do I get the feeling the Canary flight was a one-night-only kind of thing?" Dinah: "I'll be back in the field, just, uh, without my Cry. (Sighs) When my nerve was ruptured, it created lasting damage." Oliver: "I'm - I'm sorry, Dinah." Diggle: "Well, Dinah, Cry or no Cry, you are the Black Canary. You proved that tonight." Dinah: "Thank you. You know what else we did tonight? We forced Pollard's hand. I leveraged her relationship with Midas to convince her to sign off on creating a special vigilante task force. We're still sanctioned by the S.C.P.D., but we're operating as our own unit, out of the Bunker, in our suits." Oliver: "And the anti-vigilante law?" Dinah: "It's on her desk for repeal. She's gonna sign it." Rene: "So we're like the black ops for the S.C.P.D. now? That's cool." Diggle: "I'm just glad we're all back. It feels right." Oliver: "I'll second that. It's nice to be part of a team again." Rene: "And be here at the Bunker - the sweet Bunker." Dinah: "Do you guys feel like hitting up the, uh, 'sweet' bar?" Felicity: "You guys go ahead. I ate something that's not gonna mix well with alcohol." Diggle: "Yeah. I'm gonna hang back too, guys." (Felicity winks at Oliver, and he winks back at her.) Dinah: "Okay." (Leaves with Oliver and Rene) Diggle (sighing): "I got you something." (Hands her a baggie filled with little clusters of some type of food) Felicity (deadpan): "Gee, you shouldn't have." Diggle: "Well, it was the only thing that Lyla said helped her with her nausea. They're ginger candy chews." Felicity: "Oh God, I'll try anything." Diggle: "Morning sickness or not, Felicity, you have not missed a beat. You were absolutely amazing out there today. Your tech was phenomenal." Felicity: "Well, Curtis would've had five ideas to make it better, but-" Diggle: "Well, maybe. But if Curtis was still at A.R.G.U.S., I would've asked him to buy your tech. And I'm sure A.R.G.U.S. wouldn't be the only corporation hunting for it. And I think that's more than a security system you're working on. I think you're on to something big." 715 (Training Day) – Oliver and Felicity pick out names for their baby: Felicity: "Do you think I'm showing, just even a little?" Oliver: "I think you look exactly the same. How you feeling?" Felicity: "Oh, I feel like I could sleep for two weeks." Oliver: "Oh, yeah." Felicity: "Hey, so, in between updating the S.C.P.D.'s tech and taking down evil CEOs, I was brainstorming baby names today." Oliver: "Really?" Felicity: "Yeah." Oliver: "Any frontrunners?" Felicity: "For a boy, I've always liked Lucas." Oliver: "Yeah. Lucas. That's good. I may have thought of a name for a girl." Felicity: "Yeah?" Oliver: "Mia." Felicity: "Short for Moira. (Oliver nods) Sweet and fiery. I love it." Oliver: "And regardless of whether we have a boy or a girl, I just want to make sure that she or he ends up growing up in a better and safer Star City than I did." Felicity: "Yeah." Oliver: "I want that for both of our children. They'll always have each other to lean on." Felicity: "And they'll always have us." 715 (Training Day) – In a flashforward scene, Adult William and Mia listen to Felicity’s taped message: Mia: "What are you waiting for? Let's play the damn thing." Adult William: "I don't know. What are you waiting for?" Mia: "Fine." (Takes the cassette and tries to put it into the microcassette player) Adult William: "Maybe I should do it." Mia: "It's not as easy as it looks -" Adult William: "Just give it to me." (Inserts the cassette and then hesitates) Mia: "This is some, like, feelings thing, isn't it?" Adult William: "Well, I haven't heard Felicity's voice in almost two decades, so, yeah, it is." Mia: "Look, whatever she says, it's clear she wanted both of us to hear it... together. (Puts her hand on William's hand) All right. Let's just get this over with." (Presses a button on the microcassette player) Felicity (recorded voice): "William and Mia. Ohh, you know this is the first time I've ever said your names together. Twenty years, and I avoided ever saying your names in the same sentence. It feels like the work of a paranoid, overprotective mother. I guess we really do turn into our parents. I'm rambling. Sorry. Not just for the rambling. For everything, but mostly for keeping the two of you apart. I'm not asking for your forgiveness, but just know that your father and I did it to protect you. We did it because we love you. Now that you've found each other, I just have one request. Give these coordinates to the team: 47.6119 North, 122.3301 West. And then get the hell out of Star City. And whatever you do, don't come looking for me." Mia; "So we're ignoring her." Adult William: "Definitely." Mia: "I know where these lead." (Cut to them going to a cliff ledge overlooking the walled-off Glades.) Mia: "That's where. We're going over the wall... to the Glades."
  11. I only transcribed a few comments (video is 42 minutes long) - from KM's apartment in Los Angeles yesterday... Katherine McNamara Instagram Live (27/03/20) Alex Salazar Mar. 28, 2020 -- On who was the last person she talked to, KM: "I just did a - a little, uh, FaceTime Happy Hour with Ben and Maya from Arrow... and I've been catching up with a bunch of folks today." -- On whether SA actually left with the Green Arrow suit, KM: "I don't know. He very well could have." -- KM: "I'm looking forward to travel, human interaction, and Mexican food when all this is over." -- On how many tattoos she has, KM: "I have ten." -- KM talked up her Nocking Point wine (per her partnering with SA). -- KM: "The crossover was so much fun, 'cause I got to, you know, interact with so many people that I hadn't got to, and the characters got to interact, and it was really amazing just to see what a family that entire universe is, as it were." -- On whether she misses working with SA, KM: "Yeah, I do. I just - I popped on one of his Instagrams the other day and realized it's been awhile since we spent time together. And I had such a pleasure working with him. I would love to do it again." -- On whether she watches LoT, KM said that she was "not up to date" but that she has watched it "from time to time." -- On whether she would pick Star City 2019 or Star City 2040, KM: "Can I bring the folks from 2040 to 2019 and just have a big party? 'Cause that sounds to me like the way to do it. Depends on which 2040 as well. 'Cause some 2040s are a lot more messed up than others." -- On her best James Bamford memories, KM talked about when she shadowed Bamford while he directed 801. KM: "It was amazing watching him describe scenes to people. whether it's the cast and crew or the production designers, because you can tell his background is in stunts and stunt choreography because he's so animated and motivated and, you,know, everything is - is so grand when he describes it - that he just totally sets the scene for you and gives everybody so much energy that you just want to dive right in." -- On her favorite actor to work with during COIE, KM: "All of them, I can't pick. The more the merrier, in my opinion. Those were my favorite days, my favorite scenes, when we had so many people on set at once." -- On her favorite Arrow villain, KM: "I generally say Diaz because he's just so deliciously evil, but also Charlie Barnett did a really job as our - our new Deathstroke, and I will always have a special place in my heart for Charlie. So I'm going to have to give him the shout-out."
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