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  1. They really went the wrong way with making Billy her bf. I agree with you Chaser. Should have been Chase!
  2. Is there anywhere to buy those two comics online?
  3. I get a "mean girls" vibe from them. More so from the two and not CL.
  4. Going tomorrow to find that magazine and buying it for all the Olicity goodness!
  5. E2 Laurel had no point to this episode. She was completely filller cause Felicity isn't there. The only thing she had/has was that Lyla thing LOL Also the fact that they once again had her do nothing but kick doors down and acting like that's bad ass while all the others (Oliver/Mia) were doing the actual fighting is hilarious to me. Not only that but she froze like a robot (like in 4x09) when Anatoly shoots that guy behind her. Who writes these scenes or why does she play them like that. So dumb.
  6. Yeah. Apart from Stephen I found it really boring until the last maybe 4 minutes? Willa seemed resigned. She seemed really bored to me. Stephen while really good with the family stuff he looked over it with the league aspect of the show.
  7. Better that way. I will retweet KMs posts but not their own. Once she starts posting with Canaries If she does I will not retweet those LOL
  8. I like Joseph but we never actually saw them grow up with each other. How is any of the fans going to feel a connection to them with these scenes? There's nothing for us to look back on.
  9. So dumb. LOL I feel bad for the fans of these people. This character is completely embarrassing to me in the sense that it's so interchangeable. Also what is so great about three different white/black canaries? There's no originality whatsoever. All they do is "fight" or their stunt doubles do it apart from Caity. Granted I like Caity Lotz's Black/white Canary the best.
  10. Voted for Felicity also. You can tell he's trying to tell the comic fanboys that hate Felicity to gather up and vote in the way he worded things.
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