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  1. That's exactly where my mind went, too. I wonder who has a box of doll heads this time - hopefully it's not still D.J.! "The little runt's a psycho."
  2. Easy peasy - fries and soda. I hate potatoes (so I'll only eat fries if they're really thin and crispy - tasting like fat and salt, not potato - and dipped in ranch dressing, and could happily never eat one again), and I drink soda (as a mixer) maybe once a year. If I had to pick two among the things I actually enjoy, I'd choose beer and cake; I only have them occasionally, so I'd miss them, but not the way I'd miss tacos and pizza, which I make fairly frequently because they're so easy and versatile. If not for the fact I keep half an eye on my carb intake, I'd eat them regularly.
  3. I forgot Anderson Cooper had competed in celebrity J! so many times. I figured he'd be a good guest host given his broadcasting experience, and he was. I didn't get a single sci-fi clue right (I knew the first one was Hal the computer, but couldn't remember the film's title in time). I also missed two self-help clues, and only got the other three by guessing correctly. I ran the other first-round categories, but there were a lot of lucky guesses involved. In DJ, I was terrible in the fiction category, only getting one ("It was a dark and stormy night"). I also only got two ancien
  4. Come on! That duet is pretty much the epitome of country music, and they don't even have it as Top 200? This is also too low. (And I can't believe "Rhinestone Cowboy" didn't even make the list at all!)
  5. I have my browser's (Firefox) zoom set at 150%, because my eyesight is bad, and the posts fill the screen; I don't see that right-hand column of useless information at all.
  6. It was nice of Coral and Lori to play along - as Coco Loco and Teriyaki Terror - when Mike started doing his Miz shit. I'd have just noped right out of there and told my friends about this fucking lunatic I'm living with, but they got down with it and had a good time. It's hard to believe he's made an entire living out of that persona, but good for him, I guess. Mike: I wish the rest of the roommates had wanted to come to dinner with my parents. Mike's dad: Spouts racist, "alternative facts" version of Cleveland history at dinner. Me: Gee, I can't imagine why only Kevin wanted to be
  7. What great food we've seen on this show! So many high scores and close matches. I somehow missed its existence last season, but the caliber of chefs and judges have been so impressive this time around I could tolerate Guy Fieri. I "know" the Top Chef contestants best, so with me liking everyone's food and liking what I know of their personal conduct, I was open to any of the Final Four taking the prize. In the end, I was kind of rooting for Brooke - because I've eaten more of her food than anyone else's and also because I laugh pretty damn hard at how her victories piss some people off
  8. Yeah, that's what makes the content of Barb's tirade against Dan fall flat (the context, whatever truth lies in what she said, is ridiculous because she's one rung above a stranger and it's none of her damn business) - it's not like this all started because Dan couldn't pay his bills, so asked half of Lanford to move in and help support him. Darlene lost her job and moved back home with two kids because she couldn't afford to support them on her own and David is a deadbeat dad. Becky decided to have a child and moved back home with that baby, because she couldn't afford to support her al
  9. I don't like it, for the same reason I don't like any number of starchy sides/elements, because I tend not to like starchy vegetables. But such things are a wildly popular staple of many cuisines - a vehicle of starchy goodness to sop up and deliver the juices of the main dish - so I'm not sure what specifically about fufu makes you wonder if it would, like the others, taste good. (I hate mashed potatoes, but I'm not confused by their popularity.)
  10. I've re-watched about ten episodes of this, and a lot of memories are coming back. Producers clearly ran with a sexist characterization of Lori, but goddamn, did she give them a lot of footage to work with. I love how Coral was always trying to point out none of these guys were worth the thought and effort she put in to the crushes. One of the few thing I remembered, and greatly enjoyed revisiting, was Coral inviting Mike to call up his friend and reveal he'd called her and her friends panty droppers and someone so stupid he felt dumber (um, that's possible?) after being around her, and
  11. That's already being discussed in the Guest Host thread, @853fisher. (Buck is mildly controversial, but mostly just annoying as all get out.)
  12. That seems to be another thing in the works, slowly returning to normal across the site. I've never been without the editing function that I'm aware of during this transition period (it was there the two or three times I needed it, but of course I didn't look for it when I didn't), but I've seen a couple of other posters who didn't have it, or had it in some threads but not in others, recently remark that it's back for them.
  13. Bastet

    I Need a Recipe!

    For my latest batch of soup (I make a steady supply of stock, so I regularly make soup for convenient lunches), I was leaning towards asparagus soup, but wound up going with lemon chicken and cauliflower rice soup. Light and bright for when it's not at all soup weather. Next time will be asparagus, another spring favorite. I have a couple of different versions I make, but I'd love to hear if anyone has a beloved recipe in case I'm in the mood to try something new.
  14. Our long national nightmare is over! Okay, the two-day navigation inconvenience for posters on an internet forum has ended. But I'm quite happy.
  15. I had to laugh when Bridget said you don't have to make the special sauce recipe for the smashed burgers - if you want to just use ketchup and mustard, go for it. I would never allow either of those things near my burger. I use mayo. (But I'd eat the sauce she made that included a little bit of ketchup.) Are those cheese slices she used even real cheese? It looked like a "cheese product". Those burgers didn't particularly appeal to me in general; I'd rather have a thick, juicy patty.
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