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  1. I guessed Anne Rice, not figuring it was right, but I couldn't think of any other vampire story authors (not my genre) at first. I then realized, "Oh, whoever writes the Twilight stuff". Not even if I'd given myself more time would I have come up with her name, though; cultural osmosis has not been enough for me to be able to name her as the author. But if you asked me what Stephenie Meyer wrote, I think it would kick in and I'd correctly guess Twilight after some thought.
  2. Yeah, I meant that it's not the statue they've shown before that's just a cat. The cat-headed woman is a little harder to identify, so it made sense for a $1000 clue. But the cat's cuter. 🙂
  3. Even though disability isn't specifically listed in the subtitle, I imagine it would be appropriate to discuss in the Super Social Analysis thread in Movies.
  4. It's funny how things change; in my first office job in the mid-90s, unless it was something detailed or that needed a paper trail, it was considered the height of laziness to email someone in the same department rather than just walking to their office/desk.
  5. Norman Lear has said she and John Amos were annoyed by him - they didn't like his role or the audience's love for it/the show's focus on it, but him being an untrained performer also meant they didn't much enjoy working with him. He has said he virtually never talked to either one of them off set.
  6. Ha - another Bastet clue. But unfortunately not a cat statue (it was an archive game for me, but I can tell from the description, obviously). I was a bit surprised by the Miami Vice TS, since I still hear Crockett & Tubbs referenced in things occasionally, and leaving the Sunshine State to go to Cuba was a pretty good hint. Bummer on the "This Is How We Do It" TS; I love that song (and it's in a commercial right now, so I was a little surprised it wasn't fresh in at least one contestant's mind) and I loved that category - '90s R&B and hip-hop is my jam. I ran that one, gov'
  7. Ugh, yes - the people who refer to a dad taking care of his kid alone for a time as "babysitting". No. Babysitting is something you do to someone else's kid, either for money or as a favor. Taking care of your own kid is simply parenting.
  8. Bastet


    It could have been a late decision to leave, especially with her resources (maybe she has a second home in driving distance but she's too lazy to transport the food, she'll just order in there). With a regular housekeeper, sure. But she uses this crap-ass service (probably because no independent worker with enough regular clients to be able to turn down her paltry shifts will ever come back a second time), has never seen Alex before, and is miffed at her. I still think it more typical she'd offer her the food in a totally patronizing way than tell her to compost it, but other than te
  9. As someone who does all of it, this is completely true. In the past couple of months I have had to replace a dimmer switch, unjam the stuck flywheel in my garbage disposal, and troubleshoot which component of my refrigerators's defrost system needs to be replaced (I still need to get that part and replace it). And that's more fix-it work than is normally required in that time span, I just went through a period where more things crapped out than usual. Setting that aside and just looking at routine maintenance, the time spent on tasks stereotypically assigned to men is still far below th
  10. Bastet


    Yes, it took me right back to Barbara Ehrenreich's book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. She wrote that 20 years ago (an undercover journalist, she wanted to explore what impact the draconian "reform" of our general relief program from AFDC to TANF had on the working poor), and all the same damn things are still happening. That running tally of Alex's finances is so simple yet so effective. As is the actor's line delivery when the cop hands her a ticket and she says, "I can't pay this." It's this part panic, part resignation, part gallows humor response that's pitch perfec
  11. I haven't heard anything about it (I didn't even know it was about BSG, just that he got most of the BSG cast to do a project with him) other than it exists:
  12. Because they don't appear with a fraction of the same frequency biblical clues do. And I've never seen anyone complain about the mere existence of biblical clues in a trivia competition, just as I've never seen anyone complain about the existence of opera, Shakespeare, or Constitution clues. But last season there were far more biblical clues than there typically are (in one random two-week stretch I checked, six of those ten games had religion categories, four of which were about Christianity, and there were scattered biblical clues in categories not devoted to religion as well), which is wh
  13. Bastet

    NFL Thread

    It's awful (and management wants to congratulate itself for banning headdresses and war paint <sigh>). I hate the Chiefs' name and chop/chant, but I like Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid; I don't hate the team, I just don't root for them. I'll be rooting for the NFC per usual (yes, even if it's the 49ers), but at least I won't be disgusted if it's the Bengals or Chiefs instead. I just hope for a good game.
  14. Bastet

    NFL Thread

    Holy hell, what a game! This has been a terrific weekend of football! Getting rid of overrated clowns like the Cowboys and Eagles in the wildcard round gave us a divisional round of four extremely close finishes. And one that sent those asshats Brady and Rodgers packing, so I can relax and enjoy the Super Bowl, no matter who's in it.
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