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  1. The pandemic special was a repeat, yes. Then there was a new episode.
  2. I'm not a huge Tracy Lawrence fan, but I love this one. I had completely forgotten about this song, so I'm rather impressed by its inclusion. I have to go with the one of the three CU writers who said this placement is about right, while acknowledging while it feels too low. Fuck this song. The only thing I like about it is the opening it gave K.T. Oslin to school some radio guy when he was among those refusing to play "Younger Men" because poor little men might be offended by it -- she asked if they played this song, he said yes, she asked if he didn't think women might find it offensive, and he hung up on her. HA - and then I read the CU commentary to see one of them said the same thing!
  3. Such imaginations. I just figure the father felt quite awkward having the adult child with whom he had a strained relationship around just the two of them in a foreign city, and suggested the excursion to another city to reduce that one-on-one time (and provide a safe opportunity to explore another city), and then fixated on the suitcase as a way to be helpful, irrationally digging his heels in when this turned into yet another thing to disagree on.
  4. Bastet


    I just came across that one recently, and it doesn't play that way to me, either. The kid's reaction seems proportionate to Stottlemeyer's actions throughout his life, currently exacerbated by the adolescent's emotions about the divorce.
  5. Bastet

    NFL Thread

    YES! Thank you, Seattle, for salvaging my NFL day in such lovely fashion.
  6. I gave up on the reunion about halfway through. It was nice seeing everyone, and the stuff with George driving Nina nuts and thus being banished to his own room, and him declaring he'd have to buy the house next door in order to accommodate a table large enough for them to eat together, was funny, but I don't care about the creepy-eyed kid marrying someone I don't know. But it was nice of them to do this for such a wonderful charity. And I liked the "baby" sister (I had completely forgotten about the lame dual pregnancies plot of part two; I never saw that other than a few minutes here and there on TV).
  7. Bastet

    NFL Thread

    According to Ian Rapoport, the five coaches fined for not wearing masks correctly last week have appealed, and there will be a hearing later this week. I'm interested to hear on what grounds, since it's clearly not "I had my mask on consistently and properly" -- they're on camera quite decidedly failing to follow protocol. So I wonder if they're going to challenge the requirement itself (saying the communication equipment the league provides doesn't work adequately with masks, or that it's unnecessary given all the tests and isolation coming into the game, and players don't have to wear one)?
  8. I just learned this via a phone call from my mom. Mind you, I am going to my parents' house for dinner in a few hours, yet she called to say, "I just started watching last night's Dr. Jeff, and I am so mad at those people who dumped Ozzy!" So I was able to ask her about the circumstances I'd missed, and she told me it was because they were moving. The owners who surrendered the eight-year-old cat my parents wound up adopting said it was because they were moving, but the shelter staff and the vet figure it was actually because he'd started having massive diarrhea (my parents took him for ultrasound and colonoscopy when all the lesser suspects were ruled out; he had IBD [which is now small cell lymphoma], and that's the age at which it most commonly presents itself) -- they all said people are too embarrassed to admit they're dumping a sick cat, so they say they're moving. How are you any less embarrassed to claim you've packed up t-shirts and silverware but are unwilling to take your pet with you to your new location?!
  9. Maybe if the kid's last name is Mara or Mara-Phoenix, but, yeah, if it's Phoenix, that's not something I'd have done either (River as a middle name, sure, but not first). It's one thing to be named after your dead uncle James Smith, because no one is going to do a double-take when they hear your name like "Hi, I'm River Phoenix" will result in. Me. I mean, I don't get up and unlock them all, but any I use during the day, I don't necessarily lock as soon as I come back in. I just check before leaving or going to bed.
  10. I like that one, and the one where the parents are using "fruit bowl" in place of curse words (since the kids are always around now). In fact, the next time one of my football teams does something stupid today, I think I'll yell, "Guys! What the fruit bowl?!"
  11. Bastet

    NFL Thread

    Gee, I guess we know why Metcalf doesn't have the number one WR slot. What a stupid, stupid move!
  12. Hmm. If CBS promotes the show, and gives it a chance to find a new audience/for the old audience to find it, this could be a good home for it. But, like Calderón Kellet says, that has traditionally been a big IF for shows about/run by BIPOC people. And this is CBS. It was inevitable that the original plan for the second half of season four would have to be scrapped; they were going to continue it as if the pandemic hadn't happened, and then catch up with real time in season five. That would have worked had COVID life only lasted a few months, but it's not possible now. But hopefully we can get a season five.
  13. Bastet

    NFL Thread

    By the time I got up, made my Bloody Mary, and turned on the TV, the Rams were down 28-3 to the Bills (I hate when one of my teams plays at 10:00 a.m.). That was such a fun comeback … right up until the Rams defense gave up the first down on 3rd and 22. Then the failure to take Allen down for a big loss? Thank goodness he was stupid enough to grab a face mask. Those final few minutes were rough on my blood pressure, especially that pass interference call. Fuck. But if you let yourself get down by 25 points, you set yourself up to lose. Now we've switched to Chicago at Atlanta, so we'll see if the Falcons blow another lead.
  14. Bastet


    Congratulations, survivors! My mom was so used to her breast lumps being benign, that she went in alone for the biopsy results, only to have the surgeon who lived up to every negative stereotype about his specialty say, "Well, it's cancer" the way a normal person might share that it has started raining. For the metastases, we all knew what the results were going to be, so my dad, or both of us, went with her for emotional support both times and this time around my dad goes with her to all oncology appointments (well, now they're over the phone). When we went to a local steakhouse to celebrate her 10-year anniversary of being cancer free, I was quite particular about what booth I wanted. The server asked if we were celebrating anything, so we told her and she was congratulatory, saying dessert was on her. At the end of the meal, the manager came over and said the whole meal was on the house and they looked forward to hosting us on the 15-year anniversary. Her first metastasis came a month shy of the 14-year mark, so we didn't get to do that, but it was a lovely gesture (we weren't regulars; my parents would go for a random night out maybe once a year, and I did the same with a friend, and then my family came in for scattered special occasions).
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