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  1. Bastet

    NFL Thread

    They're giving me whiplash with how they're great, then they suck, then they're great, then they suck. At least the Giants have the consideration to suck consistently, so I know what to expect. The least the Rams could do was not pick their game against the fucking Cowboys as a suck week. I'd have been fine with them losing to the Seahawks. I am not okay with this.
  2. I don't think it's any big deal not to invite your romantic partner of less than a year to your family holiday, either. No big deal if you want to, either. But no big deal if you don't, for whatever reason. Hell, I know three married couples (all child free) who spend Christmas separately - he goes to his family, she goes to hers - simply because it's easier and a little more enjoyable that way.
  3. No (I'm not home for Christmas). Hey, maybe that's why she never brings me a Bloody Mary in bed on Mother's Day.
  4. I dislike more of those than I like, but I do like some. My favorite is "Hokey Pokey" in the "Chinga" episode of The X-Files.
  5. I'll read it once I recover from my disgust that a 2200-word piece, with an estimated read time of nine minutes, is housed on a site dedicated to "long reads". ... Okay, I read it (in about seven minutes), and I think it's a superficial but accurate summary of the series' trajectory. Nothing that hasn't been said before, but worthy of repeating:
  6. Yeah, I think it's one of their best.
  7. This is typical, at least in recent years; I just checked, and 2018 was released on the 14th and 2017 on the 17th.
  8. The TCM Remembers for 2019 is up on TCM's YouTube channel. It's a good one, but might be a little more difficult than usual to edit to include any additional deaths between now and the end of the year - so that's another reason to hope we don't have any more. (TCM has now taken it down for some reason; stay tuned.) (And now it's back up, edited.)
  9. There is also a "No Time" by Australian indie group Frente.
  10. One of them did. But none of them knew the character's name (nor did I; I knew it was someone from a Matrix movie, but I've never seen them and Neo is the only name from them I've picked up through cultural osmosis, so I had no shot at guessing who was talking to him [him? her? it?]).
  11. I laughed at that one, because until it came up in the House Hunters thread a while back, I had no idea how many people said "hot water heater" -- I guess it's common enough to be an acceptable J! answer. I didn't find anything wrong with the clue ("it's the last name of the man who said {quote}" is straightforward and the category is "business namesakes" so that last name has to be part of the business), just her answer; his last name is McDonald, not McDonald's.
  12. Smokey Colbert. Because it's Stephen Colbert. Betty White and Al Roker each did one, too. Possibly other celebrities as well; it's a series commemorating the 75th anniversary of the campaign.
  13. I won't be home tonight, so I checked the archive, and according to what's written there, Lisa was given credit for "McDonald's" in FJ. If accurate, that's bullshit; the clue asked for the guy's last name, not the name of his restaurant. I don't care that it still put her in third place; having to avoid making that dumb mistake was the only thing that made the clue slightly more challenging than Toddler Tournament level to begin with. Bar was a surprising TS. While I didn't know the Matrix character (but did know that was the film; I've somehow picked up Neo = The Matrix via cultural osmosis), I was a little surprised none of them did, either. Isn't that franchise incredibly popular? (So are Star Wars and The Princess Bride, and I didn't know those, either - bad category for me after the first two clues.) I didn't know a single one of the Literary TV Adaptations clues, either, yikes. But I did get everything else in DJ, including all the Pope clues, even though Vatican II was my joke guess.
  14. Bastet


    I just do a tabletop tree, a (real) 3-4 foot noble fir, each year. I must always have a real tree, but it has been years since I felt like decorating a 7-footer. And I'm at my parents' house from Christmas Eve dinner through Christmas dinner, so the presents go under their tree. I have the perfect table for a short one, I can fit plenty of ornaments on it, I bought about half a dozen decorative boxes in various sizes that go under it, my cat leaves it alone (she checked it out her first year and has ignored it ever since) - sold. What I keep meaning to do every year and still haven't is get a new topper; mine (a snowman) is a bit oversized for a short tree.
  15. I never knew anything about Aiello beyond his roles until reading that THR obituary just now; he had an interesting background and career trajectory. I like this about how he came to be in Do The Right Thing:
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