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  1. Bastet


    Yes; the only plot is attempting to address the fact depression and anxiety are still tremendously under-diagnosed, -treated, and -understood. If a mental health questionnaire can put a dent in that, particularly early in the disorder process, that's a good thing. It's no different than taking patients' blood pressure regardless of what they come in for; it's a screening tool that may identify a common condition in need of treatment.
  2. Ha - my poor cat is now going to have to listen to me sing "Toe beans, toe beans, toe be-eeans" while I play with her paws (as I do, because they are the cutest). (I love both cat paws and "Jolene", but don't use social media, so I didn't know about the meme until now. I thank you. Riley, on the other hand - paw - will not, as I can't carry a tune with a forklift.)
  3. Bastet

    What Did We Eat Today?

    I used to be able to get good crab meat at Costco, for less than $25/lb, but they haven't had it in many months (I keep meaning to find the manager and ask if it's gone for good, but am never in the mood once it's time to check out). So I have to get it at my local seafood market, where it's twice as much. I went to that market this week for a few things, and tonight's dinner will be a very simple baked cod lightly coated with flour seasoned with paprika and cumin and cooked in a lemon garlic sauce. Roasted zucchini as the side dish, and horiatiki for the salad. Last night was home
  4. The only thing keeping me from stroking out over number nine was knowing that I could click on the CU link and read some fantastically withering commentary on this ludicrous selection that makes the ridiculous pick at number five genius by comparison. Indeed, those fine folks did not disappoint; I loved every word, but especially this: Whew. It's over. That fucking song being number one is among the least crazy entries, and I'm now fairly convinced my cat possesses a better understanding of the genre than the bros at Sirius paid to compile this list. But, hey, we had fun here.
  5. I finally got to watch an episode this week instead of just reading the archive. I think Mayim did a fine job hosting, but I thought so the first time around (I think everyone did a fine job, and a few did particularly well). The Kristi Yamaguchi TS surprised me a bit (and guessing Tara Lipinski had my mind pretty well boggled, but then I realized Rebecca must have simply forgotten the category). Conga going unanswered was a little unexpected, too, since the clue gave two additional hints on top of the artist. I only ran get-togethers, five, and channels in the first round; I misse
  6. Last time I bought a baguette I bought carrots, too, so just to entertain myself with thoughts of this thread I made sure to arrange the carrots in the bag so their leafy tops were also visible.
  7. I don't know, she said she was really torn, and I sure wish Becky had been in the premiere, but I can understand why she chose the charity event. It's something she used to do but couldn't last year because of COVID, and she also lost her mom last year and couldn't be with her family; she was alone in L.A. I think going "home" was probably an additional pull, plus the nature of the event - being for first responders - would be something she finds all the more important this year. Tough call, and I'm glad she was allowed to skip the premiere to do what she thought was the most important use
  8. I did all my law school internships for school credits rather than pay; I was lucky enough not to need the money (it was a second career for me, so I had plenty of savings to cover my living expenses, and my parents gave me the money - an advance on my inheritance 🙂 - for the tuition my scholarships didn't cover), and I was working for non-profits where it was a lot easier to get something set up for credit than for pay. Plus the credits were more valuable to me; my final semester, my schedule consisted of one day at an internship, and one day at a class in the morning and the internship the
  9. Scoot over. I hate facial hair in general, so it's not a surprise I dislike his, but I find it aggressively awful.
  10. It's not about the launch of Discovery+, it's the fact AT&T bought Discovery and promptly put on hold production of most Discovery productions to decide what to keep, retool, or ditch, and then realization the pandemic - and the limitations on production it necessitated - wasn't going away any time soon created more uncertainty rather than a timely answer; some shows got eventual abbreviated seasons but with no word as to future plans, and some shows got squat. It's a company-wide mess, and hard to predict given the unique set of circumstances.
  11. Bastet


    My dental hygienist went to work for a different dentist several years ago, so I followed her to that practice (I've never even had a cavity, so all my dental work is cleanings; she's cleaned my teeth since I was a kid and does a great job, so it's a lot more important for me to have her than a particular dentist to do a brief exam and read my x-rays [I'm going to be at a loss when she inevitably retires]). After I called to book the appointment, they sent me the new patient questionnaire, and it was nuts! Right at the top, we were off to a bad start as they asked for my Social Security
  12. Yeah, I'm going to need an inventory of the evidence. Because it looks to me like they decided they needed an afternoon snack of apples dusted in paprika and then decided it would be more fun to just roll around in it instead. I think they're career criminals who know the only answer you ever give the cops (Kathleen Madigan fans will recognize this, but it's true): "I do not recall, and I need an attorney." The evidence is all circumstantial - maybe their DNA has been on the spice bottle since they helped carry in groceries. Or maybe it was placed there today, but there was an
  13. You have one up on me - I could only think of locusts. Which was obviously quite convenient (like only being able to remember one Wright brother last night). The frogs answer made me think of "Mulder, toads just fell from the sky!" from the fabulous "Die Hand Die Verletzt" episode of The X-Files, but I didn't know that alluded to a plague story in the Bible. If I had, I might well have done as Matt did and figured that was the answer instead, as frogs are consumed far more often than locusts (I assume; maybe locusts are a delicacy in some part of the world I've never been to). So,
  14. Yep, definitely co-conspirators.
  15. Another archive game for me, but, thankfully, not seeing the visuals didn't harm me any. I don't know that I would have accepted deferential instead of deference; the wording of the clue calls for the noun, not the adjective. The dust TS surprised me, since there were two ways to get it (knowing the fourth part of a comet or knowing what Pledge is used for). Ballad going unanswered surprised me a bit, too (I didn't get it, either, but one of us should have). I missed one each in interest, code, and peak, but got everything else in the first round. In DJ, I only ran superlative
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