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  1. Bastet

    The Incredible Dr. Pol

    Based on what we've seen over the course of the series, I'd readily believe either scenario if stated by Emily herself - she simply got a job offer in a location that was better for her family (paid more, didn't require her to be on call, etc.) or she couldn't work there under such old-school conditions/attitudes anymore and opted to relocate. Her husband also worked at the clinic in a vague role and they have a passel of kids, so any decision to uproot was based on evaluation of her career's trajectory, and she seems a good egg so I wish her luck.
  2. I haven't seen it yet, but we got the whole parade of sexist eat our burger and a bikini-clad young woman will salivate over you as she does the food the franchise put out, so we've probably been subjected to this latest nonsense and I just haven't seen it/noticed.
  3. Bastet

    Pet Peeves

    Me too. Fundamentally, my cat and I should be the only living creatures inside the house, but if my attic space had to be invaded by bats (which you almost never see here) or rats (which we have an abundance of), I'd take the bats because they'd do far less damage in the time it took me to have someone get them out; I think the only "damage" is from the guano, whereas rats chew on everything.
  4. Bastet

    Pet Peeves

    Better than bats in your belfry. 🙂 (But, yes - that would creep me out, too. I don't remember what program it was, but I once saw how they lure bats back out through this one-way device [so they can't get back in, and then once they're all out, you seal up the entry point]. It was interesting - but I was glad it wasn't my house.)
  5. Bastet

    Halloween (2018)

    I knew it would be back (and I think I'd even read somewhere that what they had in mind took up two more films), and I have the same mixed emotions now that it's official that I always have, because I think the ending of last year's was a really great ending for the franchise - for three generations of women to finally take him out. And I know this one ignored all the sequels, so in this universe Michael didn't actually come back from what should have been death (including via beheading) over and over, but they are going to have to explain how he made it out of that basement. And this is where my mixed emotions come in again, because it disappoints me that all her long-term planning to trap and kill him ultimately didn't work. Since we didn't see who was driving the truck that picked them up at the end, I thought perhaps Michael really would be dead, and we'd carry on with a new villain - maybe he really had been talking all this time, to one of the other patients at the institution, and that escaped patient would pick up his "quest" for him. But then they'd have to come up with a whole new story for why it was personal to this dude, and what's Halloween without Michael Myers, anyway? So, it'll be Michael vs. Laurie (and her family, hopefully) again, and make no mistake I will be there opening weekend both times. I just hope they wind up going out on a high note that doesn't make me wish they'd just left it alone. That they've done such advance planning - rather than deciding to do another one only because of the success of the last one - does give me some hope.
  6. Bastet

    The "HELL YEAH!" Movie Moments

    I don't like the original Terminator, and it's just not my genre in general, but T2 comes together into something I quite like. I was surprised by that, and stunned to find myself tearing up at it - but that scene did it.
  7. Bastet

    Top Gun: Maverick (2020)

    I'm kind of bummed I'm not excited by that trailer like most of you are. (I watched it again after reading the thread, thinking Jeez, what did I miss? and whatever it is I'm still missing it.) While not normally my type of film, I've seen Top Gun umpteen times - in fact, it was just on TV again two nights ago and, as always, I left it on in the background and made sure to be in the room for certain scenes. Hearing about a sequel made me think eh, whatever. Watching the trailer made me think: eh, whatever. I have no idea what it's about, other than Maverick flying around, so simply hearing the familiar score isn't enough to entice me. Maybe as more comes out, we'll see. But at this point, it's something I'd watch out of curiosity when it makes its way to TV.
  8. I've done that for so long - because I saw my parents do it - with a piece of folded over masking tape (that I write on both sides of) that I have to laugh whenever I see advertised/sold the various gizmos now made specifically for the purpose of identifying cords and cables. I still just use tape, but maybe when I completely overhaul the main entertainment center in a few years, I'll top it off with fancy color-coded identifiers.
  9. Peyronie's Disease - a curved penis. Since they obviously can't show that, they use a parade of curved versions of penis-shaped vegetables.
  10. One of those "testosterone booster" commercials invites men to obtain a free sample by texting "nut" to 696969.
  11. That commercial drives me nuts. First, on general principle because the name Takl is stupid. Second, Kathie Lee Gifford. Not only do we know she has staff, not randos off Takl, to do these things for her, it's right there in the ad -- she's talking this service up to her hair stylist and her driver, whose need to make a living prevents them from responding "Fool, please". That commercial came on last weekend when I was visiting my parents, and my mom said, "I don't know why, but this commercial bugs the hell out of me." I laughed and told her she was in good company, as the annoying aspects of that ad had been enumerated by multiple posters on "my TV forum".
  12. Bastet

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I, too, intermittently take quizzes to maintain my geography knowledge, and I also stumble over that one now. It used to be, seeing the U's in Burundi immediately reminded me the capital was that city with another B and a bunch of U's, and I'd usually spit it out. Thus far, I have never once remembered Gitega. I only saw tonight's episode in bits and pieces. I deduced "Convenience" from the clue, but prior to tonight I had never thought about what QVC stands for (I never watch it, but I know the full names of plenty of stations I don’t watch); I realized that if I'd been simply asked what it stands for, I'd have had no idea. Add me to the list of those whose FJ response was, "Who is the guy who wrote The Compleat Angler?"
  13. Bastet


    I'm sorry to hear not your life was derailed for a time, but I'm glad you're rebuilding it now - best of luck to you. (I can't remember the "we're now Primetimer" announcement anymore, but I think pTV combined with something I'd never heard of to become this new thing. On our end, it just randomly happened one morning. Before that was a massive downsizing of forums and a server migration [which involved an entire section of archived forums going permanently poof], so just be glad you came back after the dust settled [mostly; they've somewhat reversed course on the topics vs forums thing, so some stuff is coming back/being changed again].)
  14. Bastet

    Family: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Good for you! As you say, the trick is figuring out how to make this change (and this is where I think seeking out other parents who have been/are in this situation is essential - and, in the internet age, there's a group for everything just a click away), but I'm heartened by the trajectory of your mindset as revealed by your posts. You may not yet know the specific steps to take, but just seeing the present for what it is and having a general sense of what you need to do for your future is an accomplishment in itself - to see things as they are in the midst of such emotional turmoil is a crucial foundation. Those emotions mean you'll falter sometimes along the way, but that foundation also means your trajectory will ultimately be positive. I have tremendous sympathy for you, but I also have high hopes for you; I think you're wrapping your mind around this well under the circumstances, and if you keep explicitly reminding yourself of what you know to be true and right, you'll get through.
  15. Bastet

    Romantic Comedies

    I went looking for the beautiful "I think she's a very nice girl" scene from Kissing Jessica Stein, and found this oral history of the film: