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  1. Funny you mentioned "The Rifleman". I happened to catch the last 10 minutes of one of the shows. Son was caught in quicksand with some screaming young blonde woman. Rifleman comes to the rescue. I said to hubby, "people really watched this stuff."
  2. Big Sky renewed for season 2
  3. That scene did not make sense to me. Jenny grabbed the secretary (or what ever she is) and dove for cover with her. Jenny lives and the other girl dies?
  4. I DO pay attention and I still missed that scene. Damn.
  5. OK. Thanks. So grateful for this forum.
  6. Jenny got a name from the sister. Who is this Cole person? Are we supposed to know that yet?
  7. Jerri saw Ronald with his new look, longer hair and glasses. I don't think her sighting of Ronald was in her imagination.
  8. I didn't see this movie but looked it up on IMDb. That was Matt Cohen who played the Jewish actor. He is a host on Entertainment Tonight.
  9. I haven't seen this movie yet but looked it up on IMDb. Brittany Bristow is the female lead? That is a Hallmark promotion for her as I've seen her as the "side kick" in every movie she has been in.
  10. Well........if I wasn't confused before, I sure as hell am now!
  11. Sooo, what about that thug that was impaled by the deer antlers? His lover buried the body? Is that story line put to bed? What cult? Did I miss that too?
  12. Yes, the puffy sleeves wedding dress is from Snow Bride. I love that movie. Thanks for allowing me to get my wedding dresses straight. LOL.
  13. Jodie Sweetin is the queen of the distracting eye lashes. I have had to turn off her movies, sorry to say, just because of her lashes.
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