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  1. Why wear pointe shoes if the dancer does not actually do pointe work? That is the one criticism I have of the contemporary ballet couple. I'm glad Kurtis beat them.
  2. According to this article, Hannah has quit smoking....... Hannah quit smoking
  3. Neo has a severe receding hairline. Google images search, "Neo, no hat". There is a mug shot of him with hair which shows his receding hairline.
  4. Really? I must have missed it. I've been waiting for Malia to speak up to Pete and tell him to lay off the "sweet heart" and "sweetie".
  5. Isn't only Pete who called Malia "sweetheart" or "sweetie"?
  6. Actually, I did hear Malia say, "Thanks guys" to her crew. That does sound much better than "boys".
  7. The article states there is a Junior Division and Upper Division. Seems all acts are in one of those two groups.
  8. Lara is pushing MY buttons for crying out loud. Her extremely calm demeanor is driving me crazy and she knows that is eating Hannah alive. I can not stand Lara and want her gone.
  9. I noticed that right away and so did my husband. Make that three things!
  10. I KNEW Pete reminded me of someone! Thanks.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Not a very balanced meal.
  12. Both lead female characters have male names. Is there a subliminal message in that?
  13. Yes. I agree. Joel, to me, is sexy as hell even though I have always gravitated toward larger men.
  14. Seems to me most of womanhood is going sans panty hose or stockings. They are a thing of the past and I'm so glad. Not sure about young women in the work place so I can't speak to those women.
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