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  1. That makes more sense. Why didn't I think of that?
  2. Both these actors are fantastic and I'm loving their scenes together. My eyes and ears perk right up when they on on my TV screen. More please.
  3. You, Me and the Christmas Trees - I liked it. I didn't like Danica with Benjamin though. I liked the plot. It was different from any other Hallmark movie and I do not believe there has ever been an aborist in any HM movie thus far. The snow was awfully fake. What was that???? CGI? My goodness, the snow never made it past anyone's shoulders. It just sort of dissipated even though the flakes were about the size of a dime. (a bit of exaggeration there but you know what I mean). They have to do better than that for snow fall.
  4. Honestly? I have no idea how much a Crate and Barrel vase cost so I took a look at the website. Most vases are under $100. What am I missing? Did Laura tell Bradley the cost of the vase? Did I miss that? Crate and Barrel Vases
  5. For me, it is just the opposite. I can't turn away when Steve Carell is on the screen. His skill as an actor is captivating and I admire the actor, not the character.
  6. Singing was Daniel's way to show everyone he has "the it factor". That's my take.
  7. The actress who plays Charmaine is 50 years old? Did someone up-thread mention something about 50 when referring to Charmaine? I guess I just didn't "get it" when that was said. I never would have guessed the actress is 50.
  8. Lily had no obvious physical decline. That did not seem right with a cancer diagnosis unless she died of a sudden heart attack.
  9. Oh....so Page's husband does have a twin brother. Steve Bacic plays the husband and his twin brother. Thanks, I have that straight now.
  10. William Levy competed on DWTS with Cheryl Burke as his partner/teacher. He's a fairly good dancer.
  11. All I know is this woman is stunning and it will be easy peasy to remember her character. I loved her hair. It may be a wig but gorgeous just the same. I looked her up and it looks as though her natural hair is long.
  12. Thanks. We watched the last episode of season 2 before starting season 3. That helped some.
  13. Just started watching season 3 today. I know, I'm late to the party. Where is Annettte O'Toole? I assume Doc did tell Hope about his vision issues. I wanted to see Hope's reaction to the news.
  14. So...... who was the other actor who played Page's husband or is it her ex- husband? Are there two different actors because these twins are not identical twins but fraternal twins? I'm confused with these two actors and the twins' story line. Help.
  15. It looked like a guy in uniform (LEO?) who shot the drug dealer. I know it was a really quick shot of him. Anyone agree?
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