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  1. Yes. I agree. Joel, to me, is sexy as hell even though I have always gravitated toward larger men.
  2. Seems to me most of womanhood is going sans panty hose or stockings. They are a thing of the past and I'm so glad. Not sure about young women in the work place so I can't speak to those women.
  3. I also find Joel wildly attractive and he is nothing like the men I dated or the man I married. I don't understand the attraction but I like his face. I find him sexy as hell, even though he is small in stature.
  4. I hope Kate comes back after taking a season off. No one can fill her shoes as chief stew for her job skills or her snark.
  5. I just YouTubed this. Thanks. The clip is hilarious! Then I watched the clip when he was learning how to dance for the first time. I laughed so hard, I was crying. Shaloub was hilarious!!!
  6. But, but, but.....I was CHEERING Kate and Josiah on. Caroline was a sick piece of work and she had it coming to her. Hope Kate will be back.
  7. Kate has bullied one person at one time when she and Josiah blasted the music at Caroline when she would not leave the yacht. I'll give her that one though because that wack job Caroline surely deserved it. Other than that one incident, I do not view Kate as a Bully.
  8. I can not understand a word she says!
  9. Very true but I honestly believe people need a bit more room to eat a meal and enjoy it. Reaching out for an envelope is not the same as cutting meat and consuming a meal.
  10. I realize now that Alexis is the charter guest who is celebrating her divorce.
  11. The photo of the dog is hilarious but.......who is Alexis? Kevin got up to give Rhylee his seat. Looks like it is a tight fit for all the crew to sit at the table at one time.
  12. Oh....you weren't there? I did hear about Marj. I do remember the great times we had conversing about our favorite. Good to "see" you!!
  13. Why can't I edit my previous post? I wound up with a double post and can not delete the second posting. Sorry about that.
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