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  1. They had a nice dinner together. The restaurant looked very nice. Good going James. I also noticed it looked vacant.
  2. Wonder what her boyfriend is thinking!
  3. Elizabeth is an airhead. Either she does not listen to what she is being asked to do or she forgets what she is supposed to do. Francesca can not depend on this dip shit.
  4. Bravo, bring back Ben too!
  5. Look again. The ranking goes all the way to #1. There are movies that didn't make the list that are my absolute favorites. "A Christmas Detour", " Shoe Addict's Christmas", "A Dream of Christmas", and "Switched For Christmas". Then there is the movie with William Schatner as the coachman which I have not seen offered at all this season, "Just in Time for Christmas". I guess my taste in Hallmark Christmas movies doesn't line up with others.
  6. Same here about the women. Never did care for Ashley Williams although I have heard she is a wonderful person. As for the men, Paul Greene is a favorite of mine along with Andrew Walker. They are my top two.
  7. I noticed the man boobs too on Wes Brown. I was disappointed as I see him as a real hunk. I guess he doesn't believe in working out in the gym. Many of these Hallmark actors have very defined upper bodies. I always Google images the "actor's name shirtless". Some of them are REAL nice!
  8. Elizabeth seems to have a listening and comprehension issue. Wonder what Liz will say when she sees the playback of her instructions from Francesca about changing the master bedroom sheets and what she relayed to Ashling. There is some "dumb blonde" in this girl, seriously. No reflection on you blondes out there, just a figure of speech.
  9. Izzy giving Francesca some shade. That surprised me, actually.
  10. So far their demands have been met minus two courses of their requested 10 course meal. And then one of the guests did make mention that the tasting menu is "only 8 courses". They do look very happy with what has been presented to them, including the unicorn floats.
  11. I do recall Ronald bringing the women a bucket. It was just never in camera view after his initial delivery.
  12. Even if they weren't chained, there would be excrement in there, leaving a lovely aroma.
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