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  1. Add me to the list - also July 13 :) I'm with you on this. I loved Babs in the 76 version, and I think this remake is completely pointless and unnecessary. Also, I find Gaga insufferable (despite liking her music), so I hope they don't win a single thing for these very petty reasons. Also, I have not seen the movie, so my opinion is completely irrelevant.
  2. HE'S 76 - that's nuts! Also, while cranky sometimes, he still has a pretty sharp sense of humor. Fun fact: When I was 12, I had the biggest crush on Harrison (he was like, 55 at the time), and when all my friends had posters of NSYNC and Jonathon Taylor Thomas on their bedroom walls, I had posters of Harrison Ford in all his middle-aged glory. Anytime I had a sleepover, my fellow 6th graders thought I was super weird.
  3. Jeff Bridges was quite the babe when he was younger. I've only ever known him as a middle aged-older guy, but he was pretty handsome. .....And now I realized that my only contribution to this thread has been to point out hot guys. I am ashamed.
  4. YES! Christian Bale is my version of the girl from Seinfeld who Jerry dated, and she looked really good only in some lighting, but awful in other lighting. Sometimes Christian Bale is smoking hot to me, and other times I think "why did I think that guy was smoking hot?" I think his weight fluctuation has something to do with it. I like him better when he's beefier. The Prestige and Dark Knight eras were best, I think.
  5. I love that Christian Bale's wife looks genuinely worried that he's going to say something awful, lol.
  6. I really want to believe that Idris and Steve Carrell ran into each other backstage and had a mini Office reunion.
  7. On another thread, people are calling him out for objectifying her, but I think it showed remarkable restraint on her part to not objectify the SHIT out of him. I mean, I pretty much dry humped my computer screen the second he came out, so I guess I'm guilty as well.....
  8. I moved to Canada from Poland when I was 5, and I used to watch re-runs of the Carol Burnett show when I first got here. I couldn't speak English and didn't understand anything, but you really didn't need to - Carol was hilarious. I'm so happy for her, and she looks fantastic.
  9. OMG, Carlot Burnett looking all tear-eyed and verklempt has me sobbing in my shitty armchair.
  10. I think I would have preferred to see her host as Yang. I too always thought she was like that in real life, and I'm a bit disappointed to see her all perky and bubbly.
  11. For me it was Alan Rickman :( ......now I'll take any combination of Ripert, Madden, and Morgan Freemon.
  12. I like RIchard Madden, but the show overall is not great. I think Matthew Rhys should have taken it.
  13. I'm loving the HFPA coverage instead of the E!Red Carpet shit show (bye, Giuliana). The hosts are much better, and they're having more interesting discussions with the attendees - more genuine. It helps that Yvette Nicole Brown and Missi Pyle know some of their interviewees personally, and are able to have authentic interaction with them.
  14. The fashion this year is so bad. Either completely boring, or just weird for the sake of weird. I remember watching these shows when I was younger and coveting all the gorgeous dresses, but this year there isn't a single one where I'm like "ooooh, I'd love to wear that". That being said, I appreciate that Janelle Monae has a distinct aesthetic, and she sticks to it. Not always my cuppa tea, but I respect it all the same.
  15. They really should just do a Kids season and have it be for vocalists under 16 or 18. Then they should raise the age limit for the regular seasons and let everyone else compete. As much as I think that Kennedy, We, Danielle Bradbury, Sawyer, Jacquie Lee, et al had great voices, I also think they weren't ready. Having a good voice isn't all it takes, and in all of these cases the singers lacked emotional maturity, depth, technique, and consistency. Look at Brynn from last season - in the span of a single song she'd go from pitchy and awful to sounding really good. And her performances we
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