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  1. Thank you! I just explored... and found the question I missed - Bieber!
  2. It is, and thank you for the empathy. I spent the first 65 years of my life not knowing I had this... so it's a bit of a surprise - and yet, now when I look back, I can identify times when it was evident. (Like when my youngest was learning how to play the clarinet... OMG.) It's only a problem when it is so intense that I get physically ill.
  3. I was distracted during the show (grrr... it should be against a law to phone someone during J!) and missed the Canadian question tonight. (Admission: I've noticed your comments about the archive or some other site where you can see the questions?... is there a link?) I've noticed the games recently aren't quite as exciting as the TOC games... although I feel smarter! Buzzy was a hard act for Mayim to follow, and as @853Fisher said: I do wish someone would present Mayim with a stylist who's trained to unleash the genius within... keeping Mayim true to her authentic self, so t
  4. Seems there's been a huge shift in the money - the answers used to be worth $25,000 and now they're just 10,000... dang Covid!
  5. My inner "yay! women!" cheerleader was very happy about that! For the most part, I'm happy with Mayim as host (please, tptb, don't make her a hostess) and acknowledge some of the comments here about the laughter. If this was a sitcom, I would not have been surprised to see all 4 women gather in a circle while the "What is Ghost?" giggling erupted - you know, for the traditional "oh my... we're female, so we have to jump up and down to display our excitement!" moment. I seek laughter, since I see it as medicine (you younguns just wait until you hit the arthritic years and you may unde
  6. Adding my ***hugs*** to @secnarf and @ams1001 ... this is one of life's toughest grief experiences, IMO. Such unconditional love with our fur babies! I've said many times, "never again..." to the question, "are you getting another cat/dog?" because I feel like I'm imploding with sadness every time I have to say goodbye. The hardest grief, for me, is when I don't have the chance to say goodbye... OMG... the pain is excruciating. Every single photo of me as a child has me holding a kitten or puppy, or riding a horse. I've decided that I like 4-leggeds more than most 2-leggeds. They are so f
  7. Watching today's show right now (commercial break) and I'm super impressed with Mayim in all respects - voice, pronunciation, expression, energy, etc. I'm a new fan. Yesterday, I found the questions/answers so much easier than the TOC. Might have been all in my head (it's crowded in there), but I almost had the thought, "geez, I'd have won this game!" Almost. Funny thing - when you know the answer (question), it's so easy, isn't it?!
  8. LOL... depends on your fandom I believe... and since the Canadiens just beat the Leafs (7th game), you'll probably get a pass either way.
  9. One last thought about this tournament... I was super impressed with the final 3 - each of them was a true winner in my book. All were composed, yet compassionate. All had attractive personalities complete with nonquirkiness. Does this make sense? If I had a chance to make one suggestion for future contestants: watch your "ummms". As a former toastmaster, I notice this WAY TOO MUCH. Umm, you know what I mean? Right? LOL
  10. So enjoyed this tournament - way more than I thought I would. I honestly thought I'd miss Alex too much... I guess the grief is starting to become manageable? All the players were excellent, as was Buzzy. I think Sam's comment about eye surgery might be a good one for Buzzy. Something tells me he'd look good without glasses, not that there's anything wrong with wearing glasses (I do for driving). JMO. I really didn't care who won; however, being female, I was hoping one of the women would take it! Jennifer was actually the true winner in one respect - she had more correct answers tha
  11. Just read in another thread here that this show's been 'canceled' or not renewed... or whatever the current terminology is. Sad. Seems every time I decide to try out a new show, and "like" it (I'm shallow at times), it gets the axe. There again, I'd probably enjoy watching Andy Garcia snore. Maybe I just enjoy a show without a lot of physical gore?
  12. I noticed that! I'm a numbers geek, since birth apparently, and I'd have done the same. I also love pie! (homemade lemon meringue esp) We celebrate pi (March 14th for those of you interested) day in my home, and now in some other related homes... it's fun!
  13. Fantastic tournament. I almost don't miss Alex. Buzzy is doing a great job. I still want Brad to host. Over the moon about 2 - TWO - women in the final 3. Wish Karen was the 3rd. I bet Alex is smiling from his vantage point. He always had an appreciation for 'smart' (aka bad ass) ladies. Tax season makes me crazy, keeps me too busy to post here, and that's maybe not a bad thing.
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