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  1. One camera keeps showing 2 women in the audience - both have very long, straight, blond hair. Anyone know who they are? I don't want anyone going home... I enjoyed every dance tonight!
  2. I guess I should do the same... anyone here like cleaning windows?😁
  3. When Mayim's hairstyle has these tufts sticking out, I tend to want to tuck them away... similar to my impression of Meghan Markle's wedding hairstyle - that hunk of hair hanging loose drove me crAzy. All-over-messy is ok - some women can pull that look off (not me) - but the hunk of hair sticking up or hanging loosely screams "look at me! I'm being rebellious!" (I'm old enough to remember the prom styles when we'd have that stupid ringlet hanging down both sides of the face... oh, and the guys had mullets!) I'm all for supporting women in every possible way; however, I believe in st
  4. I've decided I watch this so I feel better (and smarter) about being me... in comparison to these bone-headed characters, their choices/decisions, etc., I'm a friggin' angel. (I'm not.) Seems to be less drama and more comedy lately... dramedy? Loved the reference to Jeopardy!
  5. I had to rewatch a few dances... Emma for her cuteness (most of those pro women are so gorgeous, hate love 'em all) and Jimmie 'cause I like him and he can dance, Daniella and Iman (for those lifts - wow!), Amanda and Alan (I'm rooting for Amanda* and Alan's costume of polka dots is like a magnet for me), Val and Scandal Girl (I'm shallow), and of course, Melora and Artem (she's great, not just acting and dancing - also singing!)... did I miss anyone special? Oh yes, the JennaJoJo paso? I think they're excellent dancers - and yet it's a love/hate watch for me. I've seen Jenna dance 'live' wit
  6. Can't help but wonder what Jonathan's bowing thoughts were... for me, it would be, "Holy ****... WTF just happened?"
  7. Well dangitall... Knew it would happen eventually. Hopefully, it won't be another 17 years until the next serial winner. Enjoyed you so much, Matt... thanK you! On a more positive note, Happy Canadian ThanKsgiving and may y'all stuff yourselves with pumpKin pie.
  8. Agreed. That one was perfection... and his response to a Smokey (the) Bear comment... "ONLY YOU..." (sorry, can't remember the rest of what he wrote) made me laugh so hard, my dog gave me one of those "are you ok?" looks. He has a priceless inner comedian. It'll serve him well as he ages.
  9. I adore Matt for his epic sense of humour... e.g., when he claps back at James: "Must be nice having time to throw shade on Twitter. Us #Jeopardy champions with 0 career losses have actual work to do."
  10. I wonder how they would have judged Buy-ath-lawn (hyphens for emPHAsis). Buyathlawn. It 'sounds' the same! (would be hilarious if the person saying it had a speech impediment - a lisp comes to mind... reminds me of a person from my past who lived on Athol Street... yes, I need to get out more, or get more sleep, obviously...) Yay Mat! You continue to entertain me. xo What's Amodio?
  11. Bliss

    The Royals

    Letizia's jacket and Carl-Philip are both on my Christmas Wish List.
  12. Had the same thought... I also wonder how much the rise will fall once Matt's run ends. (I'd be skeptical of any numbers while Matt's reigning champ.)
  13. Who wants a tight show? If there are 15 dances, each being 2 minutes, that takes 30 minutes max (sometimes, I watch this show by fast-forwarding through all the 'junk')... so there's basically an hour and a half of stuff bundling the show together. There used to be a reason to listen to the host (when it was Tom). I LIKE banter! I LIKE Tom's adlibs. I LIKE the loose segments that make the show relatable to us not-a-star-just-a-commoner type. Instead, we're exposed to the constant eye-damaging fugly outlandish outfits and strutting, and ear-damaging "We're LIIIIIIIVE!!!!" or the affec
  14. Just realized I'm not a huge Britney fan... (some of her music is great...) So much talent this season. Good thing, because I'm still missing Tom B and it would be so easy to not watch this show in protest. Also - is it just me or are the costumes 'better' than usual? I'm talking the dancers. Tyra's the exception to this - although that green snakey thing is better than most of her previous garb. The fact that it's still fugly says a lot.
  15. Is there a hunk of plastic or something on Tyra's midriff? Something weird is going on there...
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