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  1. Haven't been here in what seems like forever, and so sorry to read this, Trey. Please accept my condolences. Sending you some Canuck love and a cyber hug.
  2. Good to know I'm not the only one... I'm a jetpunk junkie.
  3. As in A bloviating covidiot? Abc. Oops... probably off topic.., my bad.
  4. There's a place in SK named Climax which always made me giggle... almost as much as I laughed at a friend's address - she lived on "Athol" Street in Regina. Then there was Biggar, a small place in Northern SK... their sign said, "xxx might be big, but we're Biggar!" In Ontario, we have Balls Falls and Crotch Lake. Not sure if they're connected. LOL The winner, however, has to be Dildo, Newfoundland. Yep. They have a unique sense of humour in NF.
  5. Clink clink clink clink clink clink..... can you hear it?
  6. Nick is an excellent addition to this show! He's surprising me with his intelligent critiques, wit, and charming banter. I loved the way he wiped Blake's kiss off his cheek. There seems to be some awesome talent this season... and I don't miss Adam. At all. Nor Gwen.
  7. Last night's FJ was a bit of a foggy patch. I knew as soon as I had the thought of Walter Cronkite that it was wrong - on so many levels, esp since he was the same age as my mom and a quick math calc made him way too young. Math is one of my strengths (makes up for a lot of my weaknesses, I figure), so doing quick math checks works for me. Often. I also pay attention to numbers in general - years, etc. And yes, I love numerology. Back to WC, I was just going through the Churchill/Chamberlain alternatives when Mr B said, "Walter Cronkite?" You definitely had to be there.
  8. Tonight, I had an unusual J! experience. I'm sure many of us do the same thing, when a category is announced... think quickly of several possible answers. e.g., "Snakes" - I started thinking... boa, python, garter, etc. When the category was chosen, I ran it. Then the DD was picked, and before it was revealed, I immediately said, "anaconda". (It's the snake of my most horrific nightmare, and although I'm a huge fur baby lover, I'm NOT a snake person.) When the clue was revealed and my intuition (answer) correct, there was a loud fist-pumped GoodForMe! Maybe you had to be there 😉 Now, Mr Bliss thinks I'm even more amazing than he thought before. LOL
  9. Had a good game tonight, knew FJ, and I'm in a better mood now because they cleared the board! Why do I get sort of annoyed when they don't? I do my best to not be triggered by personal quirks of contestants; however, I discovered I didn't want Adella to win for purely selfish reasons. I didn't want to be annoyed tomorrow (her voice). Shallow, I know. Sarah is playing and wagering well. Don't let me jinx her by wishing her continued success!
  10. One of my sweatshirts (which I don't wear anymore - and you'll understand why) reads: "A good man is hard to find and a hard man is good to find." I'll see myself out the door now... *blushing*
  11. Granted ... and I'm confused. There should be a WTFrig emoji for times when I think I must be in the wrong thread because I don't know WTFrig is going on. Usually, I move on, muttering "it's just small stuff, and in 10 seconds years it won't matter" to ease my confusion. Sometimes it works.
  12. My sister said the same thing, and since we're both total sucks when it comes to our fur babies, especially our dogs, I thought I wouldn't be able to handle the movie. I not only handled it; I absolutely loved it! There's a joy in the sadness that is difficult to express - and all I can say is that the ending is perfection. JMO. It didn't hurt matters that Milo Ventimiglia is easy on the eyes 😉
  13. I love it when a book or movie affects me like that. When I saw Castaway, it was the middle of winter, and afterwards, I walked through the woods for days (yes, like Forest Gump) thinking about what it would have been like - on an island, all alone, with nobody to talk to except Wilson. A huge part of me would love it; the other part would go (more) insane. I'd miss my family (grandkids especially) and books most of all. I'd also miss J!
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