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  1. Except it could have gone badly very easily because of the choreography in the original was certainly to play up the sexy Tina Turner image that Paige brought in spades to the dance floor. If Lindsay made the same mistake of sticking close to the choreo the way Mark and Witney did, for their celebrities, we might have had a very different outcome. It would have meant highlighting Lindsay as Tina and Paige owns the Tina pout and hairography, not to mention the way her legs moved was not ballroom precise, but it was Tina cool. Lindsay just tore off the clothes that would say Paige and Mark a
  2. And yet according to his memorable year week it was because he sucked at acting that he decided to team up with his twin for a hokey how to show.. he doesn't want to be stuck in that hinterland for actors forever.
  3. Yeah you are probably right, but I did love that Moana Foxtrot, I am like Len it does my heart good to see good dancing to good music.
  4. I do not think Lindsey is a ringer. She does not dance well enough to be a ringer in the Meryl Davis sense. But she did get some training prior to the show, and surprise surprise it is a dance she got a 30 on. Not a biggie, but Mark needs to stop flogging the no training thing. She had it and it worked really well for this show.
  5. Well he is a sexy young man to me. And he has a lot of admirers so I would be very happy to see him do an AT with cool music. I still want to see something to Po Balare... and I think Jordan and Lindsay would be great.
  6. Then you missed the first part. I thought Jordan was almost not ready for prime time smoldering sexy when he was rollin with Lindsay... That is why I want them to do the AT again to music and a theme that suits the genre, not a lyrical dance about your brother. That just takes all the sex out of it.
  7. Anytime a pro dancer is showing someone what to do they are on the clock. This undermining professional dance teachers just so that Lindsey looks like a hayseed is just absolute bs. The pros on the show are not teaching dance for dance sake, they are teaching choreography, to the likes of Drew and Frankie because it would take forever to get them to a point where they were dance students. They do not have the patience or the stamina that Rashad has to be able to put in the time necessary to really earn a championship instead of ride a popularity wave. Lindsey got a huge advantage for the AT
  8. When is training not training. When pro Derek Hough just floats in for a video where she does Argentine dance movement and lifts that are used in the sci fi piece for the show is not training? Derek taught her nothing then, she didn’t have any professional choreography for her video. She just miraculously knew how to get into a lift on her own? She’s like Sharna but without the training! And of course they didn’t rehearse that a bizzillion times for the camera for the vid so that muscle memory would kick in and come in really handy for when Argentine Tango and even some Paso was on the
  9. Fixing Property bros would be to take it off the air. It’s just so tiresome compared to better shows of its genre. Oh so it was okay for Rashad to log the most rehearsal time to win it, because he had no experience, but mr businessman is too important to learn to dance. I get it. They are on the show for no reason except to collect a pay cheque. Good to know.
  10. Hmm.. Drew is on a crappy cable show and Frankie is just out of hibernation. They wouldn't be doing this show if they were so not in dire need of a career boost. Jordan's 23 and an up and comer, so sue me for voting for the future, not the past.
  11. And this diversion is only going to help their business so it might have been in their best interest to have taken it seriously. Having a pro with you 8 hours a day and this is the best they could do... boggles the mind.
  12. It would be great if the best dancer won, but it rarely happens. We will probably get one of the two nice guys who spent more time on their business ventures than on learning to dance. As long as I get to see Jordan go the distance with great dances and super cool original choreography from Lindsay then I didn't waste my time.
  13. Maybe the judges should have seen the video first.
  14. It must have been a good dance because they re-used the lifts and some of the sequence for Mark's sci fi dance. So growth? not so much.
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