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  1. If the twerker had won I not only wouldn't have watched this show again, I wouldn't have watched television again. Sure, pecker jokes can be fun at first, but if they go on too long they become tired and spent. Sorry, I couldn't resist. The jokes were silly; Tessitore's deadpan delivery was hilarious.
  2. Fun show. Somehow the commercials hadn't peaked my interest in it before now. I didn't realize it was Putt Putt. I hope they put a stadium in Nashville. I'd love it if one of those children's zoos was local!
  3. I'm from Tennessee and as I had heard the expression, I also wondered if it was a southern expression. Actually, I had never heard it until I went to a TN college. I spent much of my childhood in Florida and Michigan. The first week a girl who is still oneof my best friends said someone or something was: "fine as frog hair. Split three ways!" Mayim is great. I'd rank the guest hosts as 1) Buzzy/Mayim (tie) 2) Ken Jennings/Katie Couric/Aaron Rodgers; 3) the rest of the field. But my heart belongs to Ken. ETA: as is usual for me with FJ, I owe my correct answers tonight a
  4. Great final. I'd have been happy with either a Veronica or Sam win (I never warmed up to Jennifer), and was touched by the way Sam appeared to tear up at the end. But to me, the biggest surprise of the entire tourney was how much I enjoyed Buzzy as host. I was not a fan, but he's been great for the past two weeks. At least IMHO.
  5. My assumption is that all the guest hosts post-KJ will host for two weeks. The show has always (or at least for a very long time) filmed five shows a day for two days straight. Then they take a break and do the same thing in another few weeks. I guess it would be more disruptive to the producers and crew if they had to bring in a new host for a single week, followed by a week with another new host.
  6. What was with the individual trailers at the beginning of the show? Were they used only on this leg? or was it some kind of weird hotel, given that the trailers were inside a building?
  7. given that's he's early in the season this year, I'd be up for the first single season two-time host in history. I put this 4th out of his 4 episodes, but I still love him and would like to see him back in an episode where it doesn't feel like a third of the cast is missing.
  8. LOL. I don't have my glasses on and I thought he was wearing shorts and dark knee high socks. It says something about my opinion of Cody's fashion choices that I did not question whether I was correct.
  9. If BB wants to keep a secret they need to do a better job of choosing houseguests who can't read.
  10. I thought for a moment that Tyler had forgotten to tell Angela that he loved her. That wouldn't have gone over well.
  11. Okay, as much as I hate to say it, I just connected with Nicole. I also would have felt bad about just tossing the sweet baby Tiger into the cage. Soft kitty. Warm kitty. Little ball of fur.
  12. I've barely watched this season, which has resulted in my being barely visible on these boards. It is odd because I thought I'd watch all the time because I'm working from home now thanks to Mr. Covid. But nothing has caught my attention enough to want to see what is happening at 2:36 p.m. on a given Tuesday. I hope it will change, because I've gotten a lot of entertainment value from the feeds over the years.
  13. Dani cannot be comfortable in that position
  14. Does anyone know why Danielle named her daughter "Tennessee?" As a Tennessee alum it kind of annoys me that she's wearing the Orange. And to add insult to injury, Natalie was walking around tonight in a Michigan State sweatshirt and my dad has a degree from MSU. Go Sparty! I have a much longer list of forbidden school gear, but I'll stop there for now. 🙂
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