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  1. I've been walking around singing the song all day. "Broke my cookie and got eliminated."
  2. Add me to the list of those who were underwhelmed by the ending. Kind of interesting, but hardly jaw dropping. I also wanted to know more about the cop's brother. I can see a sequel focusing on him and Gi-hun, and their different reactions to winning the game.
  3. While I agree that in the Real World, Nate's resume does not lend itself to immediate promotion to head coach of what I gather is the equivalent to an NFL team. But, first, its a TV show, and second, apparently Nate is a "wonder kid" when it comes to strategy. (Was that apparent last season? I can't remember.) But he will never be a successful coach, because there is only so long you can bully someone into doing your bidding. Good coaches can also inspire, and Nate's go to strategy when something goes wrong is to blame, scream at, and demean someone else. Up thread someone sa
  4. I really disliked this episode. Not because of anything that did or did not happen to any of the characters, but because all of a sudden a bunch of beat cops were acting like they were 00 agents, complete with equipment supplied by Q. The part that really got me was Nolan's ability to grab the blueprints without breaking a sweat. I mean. Come. On.
  5. I have to vehemently disagree! I was certainly the most flabbergasted and didn't think I'd get through the TOC because of the Buzzster. After one show he shot up to the top of my list. Richards should NOT have a large say in choosing the next host, at least IMHO. I just read that he didn't let Buzzy or Ken attend yesterday's taping (Richards hosted 5 shows which are supposed to air before production was suspended.) I read that Cohen and Jennings were asked to watch from the green room. Reading between the lines for $1600: Maybe there is some enmity between Richards and the other
  6. I did the same thing! While I didn't dislike Britini (unlike most seasons, I don't actively loathe anyone), I hated those cutesy raps of hers. The HOH contest wasn't all that interesting or challenging, but it had the novelty of being something new, and maybe even an Olympic sport in a few years. Say what you will about Sarah Beth, and I assume that what anyone says will be negative, she sure scampered across those beams.
  7. Shit. It is too late to call my broker to tell her I need to diversify. I went all in on Kleenix this summer, but with Britini out of the BB house, I figure sales are going to plunge.
  8. I agree. This is the oddest BB brother season ever. In a good way, I guess.
  9. It has been done at least once that I can remember. I can't remember, however, whether they will show [the nominee] in the Chair O'Doom at the start of the show or if Julie Chen Moonves goes straight to some more flashbacks about the conflict and then takes us to the veto ceremony. They must hide the nominees at the beginning, or there wouldn't be any reason to try and hide the nominee's identity. The most interesting thing about this to me is that unlike most back door situations, it is really unclear who would go out. If Christian is chosen, I can't tell who would go. If the nomi
  10. In the first four episodes, my big questions was WHY would Melissa WANT to get back together with Josh. Lately, tho, his character has evolved. It was good the show had her find the heart. That was one of those things that made him seem like a dick from the start. Oh yeah, Jane Krakowski: "of course, I'm a Nazi." LOL
  11. If the twerker had won I not only wouldn't have watched this show again, I wouldn't have watched television again. Sure, pecker jokes can be fun at first, but if they go on too long they become tired and spent. Sorry, I couldn't resist. The jokes were silly; Tessitore's deadpan delivery was hilarious.
  12. Fun show. Somehow the commercials hadn't peaked my interest in it before now. I didn't realize it was Putt Putt. I hope they put a stadium in Nashville. I'd love it if one of those children's zoos was local!
  13. I'm from Tennessee and as I had heard the expression, I also wondered if it was a southern expression. Actually, I had never heard it until I went to a TN college. I spent much of my childhood in Florida and Michigan. The first week a girl who is still oneof my best friends said someone or something was: "fine as frog hair. Split three ways!" Mayim is great. I'd rank the guest hosts as 1) Buzzy/Mayim (tie) 2) Ken Jennings/Katie Couric/Aaron Rodgers; 3) the rest of the field. But my heart belongs to Ken. ETA: as is usual for me with FJ, I owe my correct answers tonight a
  14. Great final. I'd have been happy with either a Veronica or Sam win (I never warmed up to Jennifer), and was touched by the way Sam appeared to tear up at the end. But to me, the biggest surprise of the entire tourney was how much I enjoyed Buzzy as host. I was not a fan, but he's been great for the past two weeks. At least IMHO.
  15. My assumption is that all the guest hosts post-KJ will host for two weeks. The show has always (or at least for a very long time) filmed five shows a day for two days straight. Then they take a break and do the same thing in another few weeks. I guess it would be more disruptive to the producers and crew if they had to bring in a new host for a single week, followed by a week with another new host.
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