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  1. Thalia

    S10.E06: Back to School

    Glass also shows fingerprints and dust. The conference room table in the Big Boss' suite is wood, with a glass cover. When I worked in there we were constantly having to pull out the windex and wipe it down.
  2. Thalia

    What We Do In The Shadows

    Who played the familiar who has to pretend he's the father of his vamps? He looked "familiar," so to speak.
  3. Thalia

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    James will be on the second hour of today's Dan Patrick Show. there will probably be a clip somewhere on DP dot com. It can be seen live on the Audience Network on TV (only DirecTV or UVerse) between 9 and noon EST. It is also a radio show, some local stations and also on XM/Sirius.
  4. Thalia

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    She didn't only seemed bummed -- I thought she looked pissed. Add me to those who doesn't like James, or at least doesn't like the attitude he has. He can't be all bad given his love of family, but there is just ... something. My dad, who is 90, likes him and keeps going on about how smart James is and how nobody could have ever gone this far and I keep screaming "KEN JENNINGS. 74 GAMES."
  5. Thalia


    I was a tween/teen in the 70s, and while I still love the music, it wasn't a period I particularly enjoyed living through and when I see a "prestige" film from the time, I remember why. Looking back on it, my opinion is that a combination of Vietnam, the student movement, Watergate, and Stagnation inspired a lot of the movies a grittier, more depressing feel. It was also before the Reagan Revolution and the conservative reaction, and even some of the stuff on TV was more daring than what you'd see in the 90s or 00s. Soap, Hill Street Blues. Cabaret, which was staged in the 60s and filmed in the 70s fit that mold. Oh, and women didn't have fake boobs, and it seemed like none of them wore bras. Even when I watch reruns of the Love Boat, I start ranting, why aren't any of the women wearing foundation garments? 🙂 But I digress. I watched the first fifteen minutes and I was losing interest so I came here to see if the show was worth watching. I guess it is. I'll go give it another try!
  6. Thalia

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    Yeah, I quit the last time Bret Dier left, and I'll quit this time too. I'll record the last episodes, but won't watch unless I learn there is another Michael-related miracle. With the exception of the line-dancing, I've pretty much hated every seen with "Jason." He was monosyllabic, surly, and I grew to hate his facial scruff and that flannel shirt. The flannel shirt he was wearing in MIAMI.
  7. Thalia

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    Was Kyle in any of the sketches last night? I even looked for him (or Adam Zeekman) on the stage during the closing.
  8. One last comment on the season before I sign off (I suppose) until the summer. I think the biggest surprise I had this season on BB was how surprisingly unoffensive I found Dina. I mean, she was likable. Of course, she isn't my mother. Thank god.
  9. Thalia

    S02.E12 Recap; Head of Household #7

    I would say that is an hour I'll never get back, but once I realized it was a clip show, I turned the channel. It is THREE WEEK SEASON. We all remember what happened during the last few weeks. Many of us wish we could forget what has happened in the last three weeks. I don't need a recap to further impress it in my brain. I agree, however, that it was nice to see Mark again. As with the the new hit show, "Cousins," I was reminded how much I preferred the cast from last season. Come back Ross! I miss you!
  10. Thalia

    S02.E11: Double Eviction

    Note to CBS: Add Grover Grover Johnson to the cast of "Cousins" and you, my friends, have your next hit! Big Bang Theory who?
  11. I'll provide the shrimp for the reception! I hear Tamar has a good recipe!
  12. I liked hearing about "Tomato" was a thing on the internet. Other than that, blah. Except, Gallagher is now a hundred years old. When did that happen? It's still the 70s, right?
  13. Arrgh. I knew Tamar would try to make it all about her when Ryan was voted out. She was screeching about how she forgot to say anything to her mom, her child, her bee. She cried, loudly, when Ryan's picture when gray. She exhausts me.
  14. Thalia

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    Oh yeah, this. I tried to tell myself that they told Murtagh about the Spirit of 76 and all that, but... there was a scene last night where Bree said something like, "so you're going back to the regulators?" It was phrased in such a way that she could have been intimating, "you know they are captured to a man, drawn and quartered, and the cause of a British attack on the Scottish in America that makes Culloden look like a wee skirmish, right? Btw, we're still part of the British empire, and we don't get to keep any money at all, it all goes to our queen." Tell the man about No Taxation Without Representation and Yorktown! And, oh yeah, the 13th amendment while you're at it! Noneofyourbusiness, I better go re-read the last book. I don't remember Ian and Rachel having a baby at all. I believe you! It just wasn't my favorite book.
  15. Thalia

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    This really bothered me. The lad just wants a little "adventure"? The Mohawk clearly tortured and nearly killed Roger. And Jamie isn't worrying just a wee bit about leaving Ian in their hands? I also agree that Ian glowed after passing through the gauntlet. Roger selling aside, I love that kid. Thankfully, I've read the upcoming books and, unlike Jamie, I know what is going to happen in the near future.