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  1. I have read no spoilers, and this is probably way off base. I was thinking about the advantage in the challenge that the EoE people can buy to get back into the game. It costs one token and you can buy a maximum of three, right? I wonder if the advantage is being able to penalize another player, like Keith did to Chris, rathe than help yourself. That would work with multiples - you could penalize three different people. There are probably a million holes in that theory, but it is interesting to think about what kind of advantage you can buy.
  2. I've been quietly mourning because I know I'm one of the very few Tyson stans on here, but over the years he has become my favorite player and I'm super bummed he got voted out. But I have to give credit where credit is due - that was a smart move by Sandra. She is so good. She is such a dangerous player because she can orchestrate moves like this without seeming like she is running things. The minute she heard Tyson had thrown her name out, she said "he's got to go next" and she made it happen. This is the best season and the worst season at the same time. I love all of these players and
  3. I'll respectfully agree to disagree on part of this one 🙂 I think Rob gets a lot of derision for his win. I notice it because I like him and have always disagreed with the idea that the win was handed to him. I could easily be misinterpreting the conversation, though. Like you say, it would be an interesting thing to throw in there if Michele did win or if they end up working together.
  4. I thought it was shown because Rob's win is also controversial to many - how many times have we heard "it took him four tries to win and he only won that time because his tribe was full of sheep." If I have heard/read it dozens of times, I would bet Rob has heard/read it thousands. Many people respect him as a player but not as a winner. So I thought that scene was him basically saying "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke, we both won and we both deserved to win."
  5. Tony, if you save Tyson you will move WAY up on my favorites list!!!
  6. That would change it dramatically. I only watch US Survivor so haven't seen this advantage used before. Thanks for the info! For some reason, I thought if someone used it they would leave right before the vote - so they wouldn't lose out on much information. But I have seen several references to losing out on TC info so I must be mistaken.
  7. I can't remember where, but I saw a screen shot where The poster said it looked like there was a bit of tribe color on the split idols. I couldn't see the whole thing clearly so I'm not 100% confident, but I think they may each be unique. Unrelated: I have been thinking about the Safety without Power advantage. I think it will really only be useful In pretty specific situations. One would be when you really are desperate: if you are in a situation like Karishma last year when she knew she was in trouble and she had no allies she's be leaving in the lurch by using it, or if you knew everyo
  8. Oh, I forgot - I got a big kick out of Rob calling it "Extinction Island" multiple times. I'm telling myself he was doing it as a little side-eye against a twist that most of us dislike.
  9. I don't know how to link the actual tweet, so here's a screenshot:
  10. Welp, once again I'm just the super fan on here who loved every minute of the episode!! Never was a big Tony fan before but this season he is delightful! That ladder bit was hilarious!!! His lunatic ladder escapade was a great juxtaposition with Yul's rational and methodical method of accomplishing the same thing. I honestly think Rob botched that puzzle so badly because he was emotional about Amber being voted out. Even though he pretty much knew it had to be her when he got the fire token, it was confirmed right before the challenge. That is the first time that I can recall that he
  11. I expect there will be a tribe swap soon (not spoiled, they just usually swap pretty early these days.) A swap could really mess with the split idols if the pair holding the halves gets split up. Also, if one of the holders gets voted out, that would make the other half worthless since neither half has any power by itself, yes? If they have to have a zillion idols in the game at all time, I am glad they have at least started diluting their powers in different ways.
  12. Allison from DvG lost 27 pounds in 37 days. I expect she was pretty hungry for most of those days.
  13. Having food items on the Fire Tokens menu intrigues me a bit. At first I thought nobody would waste their currency on food, and I still think it is likely nobody will. BUT - it is one thing to be starving when no food is available. I think it is a very different thing to be starving and know in the back of your mind you could get something to eat any time you want. I don't think anyone will do that, but I think it could make the hunger more difficult to deal with than it already is.
  14. I agree with you 100% - I must have written my post poorly. I have always Just thought he got rid of and/or neutralized the threats before they could get him.
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