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  1. Not on each side. That was the total on the tape. There were C180 cassettes as well but they weren't as easy to find. I thought the car deck was an eight-track. I love and ADORE Donal Logue and I wish he were likely to play a bigger role on this show since I really enjoy it.
  2. GetTV has just started running the 1981 series Bret Maverick. I never saw this when it was first on and I'm thrilled to get to see it now. The first episode directed by Stuart Margolin who also plays a shifty character who is almost certainly pretending to be Native American. I wish some channel would re-reun Nichols, which I remember loving but haven't seen since it first ran.
  3. Yes that's my memory too. Which made it all the weirder when we watched an episode of Our Miss Brooks (which ran in the early 1950's) and the whole plot was that today was New Phone Book Day, when the man from the telephone company would come to the house and deliver the new phone book - but ONLY if you surrendered your LAST year's phone book (yes he had a clipboard with which he had to check off each household)! which of course Miss Brooks and her landlady didn't have since they had lent it to somebody - but who? and the crosstown hunt as everybody tried to remember where they had put last year's phone book, who had borrowed it, where they went, etc. This was SO bizarre to me and Mr Rat since neither of us remembered this ever being a thing. My parents like his are dead so we couldn't really ask anyone about it.
  4. Absolutely. A favorite of mine and to quote myself from (months) earlier in the thread: ".....One Way Passage, which I saw about a year ago when it was a viewer choice. It would have made a great film for New Year's Eve. It's not just that they don't make romances like this any more - for the most part even back then, they never did. Thank god they made this one. Watch it, and get ready to laugh and cry. William Powell, Kay Francis, Frank McHugh, Aline McMahon. Essential, and I'm still trying to figure out what's in a Paradise Cocktail."
  5. In MY ancient old punk rock days it was Jolly Ranchers. The joke was that the punk rock food pyramid was heroin, ramen, and Jolly Ranchers.
  6. I guess I'd have to go with Ridiculousness, although I don't feel guilty about it or anything. Although Rob Dyrdek has mellowed out he still seems like kind of a dick. And yet I laugh my head off. Also, I do feel guilty that I no longer watch World's Dumbest, which a show I used to love. It was a much better show once upon a time and has kind of disintegrated into something kind of tiresome.
  7. The word they use is "shiksa" which means in Yiddish, literally, a non-Jewish woman, and in literal terms it means nothing more than that. However, for an Orthodox Jew that would mean she was unthinkable as a marriage partner. For people like Jerry and George this is not the case, given that they aren't really observant and are a couple of generations away from it being a serious thing. However those couple of generations may be family members who are still alive with strong opinions. The best film exploration of this theme I have ever seen is the ORIGINAL 1972 version of The Heartbreak Kid, written and directed by Elaine May: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068687/?ref_=nv_sr_2?ref_=nv_sr_2 Brilliant and funny but uncompromisingly realistic, meaning painful and cruel to watch.
  8. Well, she was an actress so it doesn't matter whether that was literally true since since this was not a documentary. The line as I remember it was "I survived Hiroshima (or Nagasaki, don't remember), and damn I'm going to survive Gojira too." I first saw this version of Gojira I guess in the late 90's early oughts? at the Film Forum in NYC and it was a revelation to me and my friends, who were in tears. Godzilla and friends was so firmly in my fun monster zone that I had not even quite realized, for example, that Dr. Yamane was played by Takashi Shimura, who played the heartbreaking lead in the great Ikiru. I just had never watched it that carefully until then. It was great how TCM showed the original version and followed it with the Raymond Burr version.
  9. Well. I love her. She is a totally direct Bronx Nuyorican meaning she is BOSS. The only two-time winner - and yet, bizarrely, the show thinks Rob is her equal. As Sandra would say, FUCK that.
  10. What I liked most on this episode, and weirdly nobody has mentioned it - was the CUMIN discussion. A woman whose name I can't remember said the rice would have been improved with the addition of CUMIN, then Elaine said she never heard of CUMIN and it must be some kind of big-city bourgeois shit, and - then it just turned into one of those THINGS that happen when people are talking and messing around together. Person number one didn't actually feel strongly in any way about CUMIN so when CUMIN started being thrown around as first a SNOB word and then almost immediately a JOKE word, where the very use of the word CUMIN was funny - well as I said to Mr. Rat we really very rarely get to see the kinds of freewheeling fun conversations that develop friendly relationships on this show. So that I really loved. I don't care about mentor anything. I much prefer Sandra to Rob, but they're had worse twists in the past.
  11. Oh, voiceover, how I feel your pain. I've seen and heard this Cleopatra on TCM before and I just shut off the sound. You are correct -it is wildly distracting and just kind of awful. Having contemporary musicians score silent films is a thing these days, and wow is it ever a mixed bag. I saw one in a Williamsburg theater (NIghthawks) some years back (The Black Pirate with Douglas Fairbanks) and although it definitely had a kind of Downtown Improviser feel to it, it was actually very well done and meshed beautifully with the film. On the other hand I went to a program another time at the Astoria Museum of the Moving Image where some joker was stinking up a bunch of Krazy Kat cartoons with his modern musical stylings- beyond horrible.
  12. You could have called, as you still could today, the public library. I gave instantaneous answers to information questions for many many years. In fact until about a year and a half ago.
  13. Alive and well on the current iteration of Magnum PI. Too funny.
  14. I'm never gonna remember the title or anything of the specific episode - but there was this episode of the Bernie Mac Show where Bernie Mac is finally getting to go to an adult party after months of looking after the kids - and he is so freaked out that he basically can no longer have a conversation with other adults about what's on TV or the radio or anything - because he has spent all his time with people under the age of eight. Bonus because when they do the trivia game he of course nails all the children's stuff, which just makes it all worse.
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