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  1. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I'm not a good person to ask about soaps since I kind of don't get them, but agree with this recommendation. What's a soap opera? Giant, I guess, and Show Boat - and Autumn Leaves? If you have Watch TCM or TCM on demand Tab Hunter: Confidential will be there for a while and it's worth watching. I loved that Tab and I both think his performance in Gunman's Walk is his best.
  2. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    As always I agree with you 100% about Barrymore as Mercutio in this film. While I love silent films with all my heart, all my soul, and all my strength, I often wonder if we would think differently about John Barrymore if sound films had begun around 1920 and we could have heard as well as seen some of his big filmed stage roles.
  3. ratgirlagogo

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I know they were in part, especially for the internal scenes, but for the outdoors stuff so much of both was filmed all over Los Angeles.
  4. ratgirlagogo

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I would pick The Rockford Files or Columbo as superior to either. Unless I'm not understanding your location criterion?
  5. ratgirlagogo

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Wait, why does the program want more feral cats? Why can't they give them to fosters (not you if you can't do it) and then ultimately adopt them out? Feral cats kill birds and useful bug-eating reptiles, etc.
  6. ratgirlagogo

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I also didn't like it until I understood that the audience was not supposed to find the four main characters likeable. Then I found it very funny. They are relentlessly selfish and awful, even when being kind would solve a problem and make their lives more comfortable. In general I usually feel more sympathy for their enemies - my sympathies were entirely with the Soup Nazi, for example, especially having gotten soup from the actual restaurant and seeing how people would wait in a line surrounded by easily available detailed menus, both paper and posted, and not decide what to get until they got up to the register - when they'd start to ask if there was seafood in the seafood bisque, etc. Are you fucking kidding me??? Bite me! No soup for you!
  7. I deliberately hadn't even mentioned that, but yes. I don't know about Brooklyn and Queens, but when NYPL added Kanopy, they were moving towards buying fewer physical DVDs and trying to provide as much nonprint content as possible through downloads, which they hoped to provide through Kanopy and perhaps other services. Significantly they never added Hoopla, which I think a lot of you get through your libraries in other parts of the country. These services charges on the number of users and the fee must be high enough that not just NYPL (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island) but also Brooklyn and Queens have not adopted it. The Kanopy service gradually began to provide less content (for example, they lost all but the top 75 IIRC Criterion titles soon after contracting with NYPL (because Criterion was beginning to try to set up its own streaming service - which initially was Filmstruck, in conjunction with TCM. That is now DOA and they're again attempting to start their own streaming service. The whole current war between different streaming services for movies and TV will involve a lot more carnage before the new normal is established.
  8. Well, of course that's great . But I worked in NYC and outside of the Performing Arts Library Collection what I said above is true (sometimes it's true even for them, if the material goes out of print). I often got DVDs and CDs and even vinyl records for my NYC patrons through inter-library loan that came from smaller less trafficked libraries. Back in the VHS days you could repair a tape - but there's no repairing a disc. For a while Recorded Books would replace a damaged disc from a set - but they stopped doing that some years ago. I don't like the switch over to downloads for many reasons but I accept that one of the advantages is that the materials can't be damaged by the borrower.
  9. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    A huge favorite of mine. I always found both Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland super-hot in this. LOL.
  10. ratgirlagogo


    IMDB is often frustrating to use, but this is one type of search that is easily done there: https://www.imdb.com/search/common/
  11. No DVDs at all? DVD's don't last as long in a public lending library as you might think (retired librarian here). Easily scratched, or even cracked. For a TV series if one disc is lost or damaged the library usually discards the whole set. It can be hard to find DVDs that were released more than two years ago.
  12. ratgirlagogo

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    The really interesting thing to me in the current NYC investigation is the seizure of , in the words of the NY Attorney General's office, "hundreds, if not thousands," of photos and videos, "including some underage girls," when the feds busted into Epstein's townhouse. I am not a betting woman, but boy howdy I would bet serious money that these pictures include not just Epstein's happy memories wank-off collection - but his BLACKMAIL FILE. Pictures and videos not just of the teenage girls but of the girls in action with the men for whom he had procured them. Just like any pimp or madam would do, to protect themselves. I'm sure the existence of this blackmail file is what protected him in Florida - let's see if it protects him in New York, in the current AOC age here. Asshole.
  13. So I gather, but we never knew of it. We watched it on REELZ and maybe since we didn't watch anything else on REELZ we never found out about it?
  14. ratgirlagogo

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    MAD Magazine is ceasing publication. I am crushed. Nothing I encountered as a child did as much to develop my critical thinking skills. They taught me that nothing in the grown-up world was beyond criticism or too serious to mock. Hail and farewell. https://twitter.com/search?q="Mad Magazine"&src=tren&data_id=tweet%3A1146602414406918144
  15. Bomb Girls! That's another show that Mr Rat and I loved but couldn't convince anyone else to watch. What's this about a wrap movie? I don't remember that at all, would have loved to have seen it.