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  1. In our high school that class was called Senior Problems - obviously missing the boat on a few levels.
  2. It's a digital broadcast subchannel of CBS. It can be accessed with a digital antenna, I think in most of the USA.
  3. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    At least that would be a reason I could understand. I just cannot believe it's because of viewer requests.
  4. Yes, that's very true. BTW you can have close-knit neighborhoods in large cities like the one I live in - people who move here from other places often don't realize the extent to which all their neighbors know each other, grew up with each other, and are very aware of what's happening in the area - and that was even truer 60 years ago.
  5. ratgirlagogo

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I hope that when TCM does the memorial they include the wonderful The Hired Hand, which Peter Fonda both directed and starred in. A forgotten gem of the period and an interesting example of a Western that was revisionist not in the sense of being super violent but in understanding the pragmatism of the frontier, especially women's pragmatism.
  6. Jeez, I read that original post and didn't even parse the peanut allergy thing! Agree that kids were allowed to wander more freely in those time since there were likely to be many adults at home and kind of monitoring the neighborhood action, so to speak.
  7. ratgirlagogo

    Midsomer Murders

    Probably none of you know the answer to this - but what happens to the PBS broadcast rights to these shows once they go to Britbox? The original deal was that PBS had the right of first refusal to BBC shows in the US ( as NPR did to BBC radio shows). What is the current arrangement, if anyone knows?
  8. ratgirlagogo


    Just to mention that fried rice pretty much has to be made with already cooked rice. Super easy to make and just add any leftover stuff you have - just make sure you chop it up pretty small ahead of time. If you don't have a wok a skillet will do just fine.
  9. ratgirlagogo

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Yes, I was so angry when my adorable little cat Kitten started peeing on my books!!!! which she'd never done before! And it turned out she was trying to express her anal glands on the edge of the bookshelf! Poor Kitten!
  10. I bought the DVD set but I would love to see some channel run it again for all the people who never got to see it. Among other things it was one of the shows that fueled my interest in silent films.
  11. ratgirlagogo

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Sometimes when a couple is having problems they decide the problem is they need to commit more thoroughly to the relationship and then they take some large step in order to prove to themselves and each other that they are serious about trying to make it all work - so they have a kid, or buy a house, or start a business, or go on a big trip, or get legally married. And then that doesn't work either.
  12. That's less a TV vs real life thing rather than a generational thing. In old movies it's always presented as a perfectly sane and reasonable way of travelling if you're low on funds. E.G., It Happened One Night, from 1934.
  13. ratgirlagogo

    "Tell me something I don't know" Trivia & Fact thread

    This seems very sane to me. Human dating in the internet age has become far too visual. Viva moles!
  14. ratgirlagogo

    General True Crime Shows

    So far, yes. But I just can't handle the way they're dragging this thing out for SIX EPISODES. The first two hour-long episodes could have been edited into one 45 minute episode without loss of content. Can you recommend a good written source about this case? because I can read so much faster than I can watch/listen, especially to this typically slow-moving TV true crime show.