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  1. All the digital subchannels do this, on every show or film. I can tell you that MeTV also does this on other shows. On the late sixties/early seventies episodes of Gunsmoke they actually bleep out words like nigger and chink - even when the use of the word is crucial to establishing the speaker of said word as a terrible person, as it always was by that time ( even BEFORE that time on TV, actually). I'm so used to it that I jump a bit when I watch Turner Classic Movies and they just show their films unbleeped - I understand why networks are jumpy but still, it's sad that we've come to this.
  2. I grew up in a part of the country in which these were not the seasons that we had. But I can say that for where I live now I'm solidly behind #1. The ONLY time NYC is ever calm and quiet is during a big snowfall, so #1 all the way.
  3. In that case you should make sure you give a big miss to good old Love Boat. Isaac was apparently acquainted with or related to every single black passenger who ever came on board. Even back then it was noticably weird.
  4. Gee, there are a few. Honey West, the 1950's Sheena Queen of the Jungle, the Addams Family.
  5. I Lonely juggler who has a grudge against your main character. Hrrph. I only WISH I had the skills of a juggler. Grudges I can do all day.
  6. Fascinating to watch right now not just because of the BLM aspect that probably most of us were thinking of even long before, but because of the pandemic/quarantine plotline.
  7. We just finished watching all of season four in the last week. Does anyone know if this was actually renewed? IMDB lists a season 5 but with no details.
  8. One of my favorite movies of all time. Really well made. A lovely film. One of the best films to deal with class distinction in American life. The scene where Paul Dooley talks about the school buildings: "I was proud of my work. And the buildings went up. When they were finished the damnedest thing happened. It was like the buildings were too good for us. Nobody told us that. It just felt uncomfortable, that's all." Just kills me every time.
  9. I also thought the "Bagman" episode from Better Call Saul drew from this, and also from The Searchers. I believe Three Men and a Baby is considered a remake. While I like this version (there were several) of Three Godfathers a LOT and have recommended it more than once, especially as a Christmas film, an even better version is the 1936 one - darker, more painful, and thus earning its redemptive ending in a harder, more moving way. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028367/?ref_=fn_tt_tt_2 It shows pretty regularly on TCM, keep an eye out for it.
  10. The Scarlet Coat was shown at 8 am on Sunday July 5th.
  11. ratgirlagogo


    So, this guy thinks that Columbo was the only admirable TV cop. I can think of others but he's got a point. Plus Columbo is my FAVORITE TV cop. https://medium.com/humungus/columbo-is-the-only-good-tv-cop-66359478253a
  12. Oh man, your mom was BOSS. That was a MAD Magazine parody song.
  13. Chez Rat they are all referred to as "hair thingies" and a ruder name as well - but hair claws are also referred to as "thingies."
  14. Lady Mabel Lengua Taco of Lotto King Bodega
  15. Doctor Who is nowhere near as big an offender on this as the American and Canadian shows like Timeless, Legends of Tomorrow, Warehouse 13, Murdoch Mysteries, Frankie Drake Mysteries, etc. Of course I don't really take it seriously and just snicker through that stuff on the above shows since they are comedies.
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