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  1. So far I don't care much one way or the other about the new design elements, except the lower right hand corner bug. I do think the C looks enough like the Criterion Collection C that this is going to re-establish some kind of connection there, which is good. What I DISLIKE about this new bug is that it shows on the screen a few inches to the left, which means that it covers the far right portion of the subtitles on the silent films and the foreign films. This gets a huge BOO from me and I already emailed them about it. Probably would get more attention if I were a social media person.
  2. Well, here's a famous one - at least in New York. Sue Simmons, a respected local NBC anchor for decades, expresses some irritation:
  3. Why, I never! I mean, they are the exact same mountains we all saw for twenty years in Dodge City, Kansas, on Gunsmoke.
  4. Supposedly Make Way for Tomorrow was Ozu's inspiration for Tokyo Story. I saw the American film many years after I saw the Ozu film and only found out the connection then, after reading about the film online. I saved up Tokyo Story to watch last of my recordings from Setsuko Hara's day, since I knew it would destroy me. I also felt more of the Make Way for Tomorrow connection this time, but I also felt Tokyo Story was a greater film. That whole famous conversation at the end between Noriko and Kyoko is both more subtle and emotionally BIG than anything in the American film, much as I
  5. "NO SANDWICH FOR YOU!!!!!!"
  6. My first thought was that this was another name for the French Twist hairstyle.
  7. I did not subscribe to Terrapin, but many people I knew did, so I read it at the time. I don't like the post Syd Barrett Pink Floyd and felt this way back in the 70's. You do realize that somebody like Syd Barrett would NEVER go on social media. In fact he never did. Anymore than J.D. Salinger or Bettie Page did, or Thomas Pynchon does. Following someone like that is very different from following someone who WANTS to be followed.
  8. My dad's high school graduating class was like this. It was the senior class of the one-room grade 1 to 12 schoolhouse in the county. He was the the valedictorian (not a joke).
  9. Almost anything is a better way to go about it than that. It's like people who see someone sitting alone at a party looking unhappy and stride up to them and say, "Wow! you sure look like you're not having a good time!"
  10. This is what I thought but I confess I'm surprised and kind of disappointed to find that this is the case.
  11. Skidoo is worse. But that doesn't make The Great Bank Robbery any less of a turd.
  12. They're both so bad - but Lylah Clare I think is even worse because of the exploitation nudity disguised as "quality art filmmaking." I don't know how many of you caught that other late 60's Novak turd The Great Bank Robbery. A great cast, and a big mess. Like they say, comedy is hard - bad dramas have camp value but bad comedies are just disgusting, like bad kissing.
  13. The first I ever heard of it was Joanna Russ's essay on it in the mid 80's, about Kirk/Spock slash. Do you know the history of it that predates Star Trek, the Original Series?
  14. Ding ding ding! That's the film where he and Ursula Andress met in the first place.
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