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  1. There are many, especially if you go back aways. The best example of it for me, too far back for some of the younger people here to remember, was the late 70's Peter Frampton. He was (and is) a really good, respected guitarist, and at that time was super pretty: cute face, skinny, long golden curls. He looked like a pop star. What he could NOT do - was sing. He could carry a tune, but that was about it. So he pioneered the use of a ridiculous contraption called a TalkBox, which attached to his guitar and was a sort of early version of AutoTune. Was played ad nauseum on the radio, and so
  2. And if they didn't get up and take all that time making breakfast, they could HAVE SEX AGAIN and then just go out for breakfast, or something. If the sex was that great, wouldn't you want to have it again as soon as you could?
  3. See, I DO like it when Dubrow praises Nassif since so much of the gimmick of the show involves him mocking Nassif mercilessly. I loved that little quiet moment when Nassif said that the guy's nose was about an 8 on the difficulty scale for him, and Dubrow said right away that it would have been an 11 for any other doctor. Just to remind us that fun is fun, but they both respect each other's abilities.
  4. You Only Live Twice. Assuming I'm still on life #1, that's great. But it kind of feels like I've been well into life #2 for some time....
  5. Ice cream sandwicih, all the way.
  6. When I first moved to NYC from LA forty years ago, what I missed most was Mexican food (and Mexicans, for that matter). As Mexican and Central/South American immigration to NYC has massively increased in the years since, this is no longer an issue for me. But one LA thing that for (to me) incomprehensible reasons has never caught on here is French dip sandwiches. WHY?????? I'm not saying there aren't a few places that do them, but they're not a coffee shop/deli standard here.
  7. My favorite would have to be whatever the person next to me wants, so I could give it to them. I fucking HATE marshmallows (yes s'mores also) and have no idea how they ever became some kind of standard campsite treat.
  8. As someone who fell in love with this show and its star in its original run, I feel strongly that seasons 1 through 7 are the real show. I agree with Kromm that it doesn't matter what order you watch season 1 through 7, but I feel you need to watch those shows first. The revival show starts TWELVE YEARS after the original run and has all the issues one might expect with that. The pilot is interesting but based on a stage play that was written for a different actor and kind of feels like it. I have so many favorites, but if I had to pick just one to start with I'd pick Season 2, Episod
  9. Yes, agree completely. I can't remember off the top of my head but there are at least two episodes where he admits to the guilty suspect after they have incriminated themselves that he was making up his whole wife story. Also in more than one episode (the one with Martin Landau as twins comes to mind) you have the opening scene in which every single LAPD operative is super deferential to him, even kind of making it clear that they'd LOVE to clear out, but that they can't until Lt. Columbo signs off on the scene. THEN, once the cops clear out, Columbo rolls out his whole bumbling naive c
  10. Gee what was my job? Combination Jeopardy contestant, fast food restaurant worker, warehouse worker, social worker. Children's theatre performer (storytelling, puppet theater, singalong and dance leader). Computer instructor to senior citizens, homeless people, ex-offenders, very recent immigrants. Cheating assistant to school children (Cliff's Notes, Spark Notes, MasterPlots) and older students. Friendly ear to those who have outlived their friends/family, as well as homeless people who are never spoken to otherwise. Provider of internet access to those who could never afford to pay
  11. I actually think they do - but the people who write television shows, do not, not any more.
  12. You haven't provided the context, but I assume this argument took place on an online cooking board, made up of people you have never and will never meet in real life? Of course you don't have to feel bad about making your family comfort food the way your Mom made it, but I'm not surprised you got some pushback. That's par for the course on a cooking message board. Ten, hell more than ten years ago then Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend Sandra Lee (yes, THAT Sandra Lee, of Food Network fame/infamy) was widely mocked in the press after Andrew's Italian-American MOTHER questioned
  13. "Are you interested in joining [the CIA]? The benefits are terrific. The trick is not to get killed. That's really the key to the benefit program." One of the funniest movies of the 70's. Hell, one of the funniest movies ever made.
  14. I ended up really liking Elementary because they committed to the non-romantic friendship between Holmes and Watson. I found the 12-step story line tiresome but I was able to roll my eyes and continue. My single greatest annoyance was that it would have been SO FUCKING EASY to carry overfrom the original stories, the whole idea of the Watson character's being a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, which would have been a MUCH better story for her than having accidentally killed someone in surgery. What if that had happened in Afghanistan, which would be very likely given the war conditions?
  15. Aside from his acting career, Charles Grodin was tirelessly active in working for the reform of the draconic Rockefeller drug laws, and succeeded in freeing a number of people who had been given shockingly harsh sentences for minor drug offences. https://meaww.com/who-charles-grodin-actor-social-causes-clemency-elaine-bartlett-mother-drugs-law-felony-murder-law Here is a recent interview with three women prisoners that he was very instrumental in getting released: https://www.wbai.org/archive/program/episode/?id=23004 Other than Pacifica Radio, from which the above radio sh
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