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  1. possibilities

    S03.E08: The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

    Your description of how the world works doesn't match what the show is portraying as how the show's world works, though.
  2. possibilities

    AM Joy

    She and Chris Hayes both talk very fast. I think they are both great, but I do think they are trying to get too many words per minute into their broadcasts sometimes. I take it as enthusiasm, but still-- I have to concentrate really hard to keep up.
  3. possibilities


    Did Christine stop being diabetic? Those cookies she was eating may be lucrative product placement, but I don't want her in a coma again.
  4. possibilities

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    The Tim Ryan interview annoyed me. Ryan talked about how he knew what people are going through, but did he actually say how he would fix it? No. And then Trevor complimented him by saying Ryan had all the policies. WHAT ARE THEY? Did they edit them out?
  5. possibilities

    S05.E07: Filleted to Rest

    She had the chef's brain, which was extremely sensitized to flavors. She's always gotten new abilities temporarily when she eats a new brain. Like doing math, or being a great dancer.
  6. possibilities


    They did mildly try to suggest she get over it, by asking her to hang out together and let go of the beef. But it wasn't really strong enough. Luca also wasn't giving her a pass, but he wasn't being direct, either. I was glad to see Junior get through to her. Aaron also softened her up a bit. It's a little disappointing that they imported dudes to show her their wisdom, though. It's kind of gross that the girls are all drama and the dudes are chill mixed with reasonableness. Does this show actually respect females, or is it just showcasing a condescending tolerance and amusement towards its female protagonists? The magnum comment was gratuitous. It's like they thought that a guy who is nurturing to his siblings needs to have his masculinity reinforced. I agree Nomi's professor is predatory. Can't tell your friends? Can't be seen together in public? Major red flags.
  7. possibilities

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I get annoyed by Rachel's faux humility. Stephanie was complimenting her and Rachel's deflection came off ungracious. Maybe she just panicked, but she over-corrects and it comes off rude.
  8. possibilities

    S07.E03: The Price of Admission

    Refreshingly real response from him, too. Not everyone lives to glorify in the maximum amount of power/control/disruption they can muster. Most people are actually relieved to delegate and not have to think about what everyone else is doing. I enjoyed seeing a boss who is just glad they're doing their jobs so he can do his and go home.
  9. possibilities

    Rachel Maddow: Our Favorite Rhodes Scholar

    I'm glad Rachel will be one of the moderators, because she's smart and informed and not easily distracted by shiny objects. I wish they would ditch Chuck Todd and sub Joy Reid or LOD in his place, though, because CT has a tendency to be quite dim and he lets all kinds of bullshit go by him. Rachel was on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight and they talked about the debates a little. Rachel pointed out that with 10 candidates on the stage at a time, in a 2 hour format (where I assume there will be commercials, so it's not really a full 120 mins of "debate" anyway), and where some time will by necessity be taken up asking the actual questions, each candidate is not going to get much time to actually say anything. She was saying that she doesn't want it to be all canned sound bytes and scripted "attempt to go viral" moments, but she's not sure how that will be avoided, either.
  10. possibilities

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    I really want to see that Shakespeare in the park production. I wish it was being filmed and streamed for all of us who can't be there.
  11. possibilities

    S07.E01: The Further Adventures

    I thought Joan joined him out of loyalty. He wouldn't have had to ask her.
  12. possibilities

    SNL in the Media

    He's just looking for attention and he likes to tantrum to get it. Lorne should totally can him, and hire someone better.
  13. possibilities

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I don't think she did say who pays for it. It's an excellent question!
  14. possibilities

    SNL in the Media

    They can just get someone else to play him, and maybe that will be even more funny/damning. I don't think that Comedy itself depends on any one comedian. Baldwin being upset about some criticism says more about Baldwin than about comedy in general. There are plenty others who are doing impressions and aren't bothered by that kind of thing. Baldwin has always been a person who can dish it out but not take it. It makes me laugh to think Baldwin cowers in the face of harsh words.
  15. possibilities

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    Maddow is one of the few people in the media who doesn't live solely in the moment, and is capable of looking both forward and back. It means her show is able to follow breadcrumbs and not just shriek about the crumb of the day.