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  1. I didn't enjoy this one. It seemed dopey.
  2. Yep. When you can speak (and have already spoken) directly in your own voice, maybe you don't want to then go and be used for someone else's purposes and profit.
  3. I guess I know a lot of people whose lives are full of the things that this show portrays. Lots and lots of people are dealing with sexism and other stressors at work, police harassment, families that reject them for being queer, economic anxieties, depression, etc. I don't think I know anyone-- now or in my 20s-- who just drifted through life having birthday parties and obsessing about their dating lives to the exclusion of larger issues. Most shows seem to sanitize life to romantic concerns or major crimes/mystery-solving, but this show portrays the actual mid-sized things that people deal with.
  4. Human men must not say mean things to women. If I don't apologize she will know I'm an alien!
  5. FWIW, this is the sheriff from Blazing Saddles: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001476/?ref_=tt_cl_t1 This is the sheriff on Resident Alien: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8690918/mediaviewer/rm3825390593/?ft0=name&fv0=nm1556631&ft1=image_type&fv1=still_frame
  6. I still get a kick out of the imaginary French girlfriend. I hate everything else about the Max stuff. I was also annoyed that Randi didn't just tell her bf about the shoes she bought for him, and why she didn't give them to him, after he gave her shoes. That thing of not communicating even when it would be easy and lead somewhere good is even stupider than when sitcom characters don't communicate because they are avoiding conflict. But overall I actually like the show more than most people here.
  7. I'm the opposite. I hate the soapy supposedly sexy storylines. 99% of tv is that. What's worse is that it makes the characters seem like total idiots. They come across even more pathetic than the teens on The Fosters did. It's like they've matured backwards. And the show lays it on so thick! I'm trying to laugh so I don't puke through most of those stories. I like the activism stuff.
  8. I loved this episode. When Arpi fell down and was howling? That was great. I already liked Arpi, but now I might have to start liking Holly Hunter. Orly lecturing her dad about exclusion? Awesome. The Tik Toks were great. The "were we really trying to help him?" moment was also great. I'm glad they turned that around.
  9. Mateo was surprisingly human this week. He was actually playing nice with Sandra, even before she was helping him with the "deposition". Not that kidnapping is great, but he wasn't just being nasty for sport like he usually is. I liked seeing Glen be competent.
  10. I've been enjoying the show all season, but I also thought this episode was really great. I was actually bored with the candy plot, but I liked the one with Wade and his daughters.
  11. I looked it up on imdb: Max's friend's name is Sahar. I was feeling bad about not being sure.
  12. I hoped he was just sending the kid alone, but she's too young for that, isn't she? Skipping dialysis is a very serious and utterly suicidal thing to do, and surely he realizes that and doesn't want to put his kid through watching the effects while they're traveling. Maybe his wife went with her?
  13. I love this idea. I really think they should have done this.
  14. His show should do a feature on the restaurant, and ask for a case of the sauce. I was bothered that he put an opened jar into the cabinet (not the refrigerator).
  15. I'm picturing Allison and Helena hulking out.
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