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  1. For the bulk of that story, I was wondering why it was news, why she was spending time on it. I've learned there's usually a reason with Rachel, but the story was full of the kind of juicy tidbits that I did consider she might have just been talking about it because it struck her fancy.
  2. And it's a lot of paperwork and other crap that Barbara doesn't have much interest in. She probably didn't want it.
  3. We stop producing all kinds of things that are full of offensive garbage. There are probably people who would enjoy Little Black Sambo, too, but that's rightly not going to be seen in any new Disney production, either.
  4. The show isn't really representing the era at all, if you ask me. It feels very much like most episodes could be set in the present. They make an occasional reference, but overall, it doesn't feel like the 60s, to me.
  5. Just because they can make money off it, doesn't mean they should. It's not like Disney can't make money some other way.
  6. Grace was cursing. That's something you don't see every day. I think Owen's love interest lives out there, right? She wasn't stranded, she was hanging out with him because... love interest?
  7. I'm surprised her haircut is that important to anyone, one way or the other.
  8. I say we just flat out abandon the whole Snow White story. No more remakes. No more!! There are plenty of other stories to tell.
  9. Having a generator is smart. Gemma was just wrong about that. What was ridiculous was the prolonged panic. I enjoyed the choreographed family scene at the end of the episode.
  10. I was also startled to see Siegfried take his pants off in full view of all, but I interpreted it as a sign they all see Mrs Hall as a mother figure more than anything else.
  11. I agree. But it's not the first time I've seen a group of people defend their bubble and reject someone who joins them and doesn't fit in. Often the veneer of compassion is very thin to non-existent, and not only among people doing "laughter yoga". Sad.
  12. If the fields can no longer be used for grazing, there's no future in keeping cattle of any kind is there? She'd need to feed them and keep them indoors forever! I really wish they'd talked more about what her options were, rather than leaving the impression that if she doesn't get a miracle, she'll lose the place, and the smart option would be to just wait and see if a miracle arrives. I 100% understand and am sympathetic to the feeling that losing the farm would destroy you, that you just can't face it, and it's not an acceptable option. BUT: the next thing is to address how to g
  13. I can't remember which of those is which, either. I've tried numerous mnemonic devices and I've studied the credits and... I still can't do it. I think he turned into a side door, for the bathroom, and not out into the hallway as he'd entered. I think Sarah is funny. I also liked the MacGruber sketches, and I don't think I've ever liked one before. Even Wiig didn't annoy me in those, and she pretty much always annoys me. The thing I disliked this week was the monologue.
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