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  1. he dialogue makes it clear that she thinks things like "I can't have a family if I'm with a woman" and other utterly unbelieveable crap. She does feel bad about hurting her husband, but not enough to be honest with him. Instead, she does things like ditch him on Thanksgiving to be with her lover, and lie to him constantly. I agree it's not a well-written show. But it's more than just her not wanting to hurt her husband or disrupt her life. She seems to have a totally bizarre, decades out of date weirdness about her orientation. It's especially weird because NO ONE around her shares her hang ups. Even her mom is debunking it. It doesn't make any sense.
  2. Re the recruiter at the high school, I thought he was there to scout for players. It didn't occur to me that he was looking for a coach. I can easily believe Mitchell had the same assumption.
  3. Which would be how Grandpa gets saved....
  4. I'm not making a judgment about whether it's realistic. I just think that's what he's thinking.
  5. As a fertility specialist, he could have assessed his sperm's viability the same way that he would do with any other man's "sample"-- he would have known it would work.
  6. I really like Wade's daughters. The show has struck a good and unusual balance between sweet and bratty.
  7. I assumed they did have a search warrant. Miles seems fairly by the book, plus his boss signed off on the operation. And they had a lot of evidence to suggest what was happening. My guess is that Ansel is thinking he'll become a bartender and work somewhere other than Grey's place, and he can live nearby or take public transit.
  8. I thought they were Methodist? But I don't know what the norms are, either way.
  9. It seems to me like mom had an affair, unless Dad was lying. He told Julia that mom was in the hospital due to complications with the birth. On the other hand, maybe it was a mental breakdown at the same time as the birth, and Julia IS adopted. Leon lies so much, it's hard to guess which parts of the story he was leaving out, and why. If they are attempting to make him more sympathetic wrt the deceptive sperm "donations" because he "needed to prove his virility" due to his wife cheating, that's not going to work with me.
  10. I am certain they are evil, because if they weren't, they would be more honest with Jo. They see that Jo is on Piper's side. The use of violence as first resort is never a good sign.
  11. I think The Machine is where Elliot was going (he said he can't join Darlene because he has to go to Washington Township), so I'm expecting it to be dealt with in the next episode.
  12. I noticed that Rachel made mention that the admin has put "families" through this, too, though-- we don't know if Bueso got a reprieve because of the publicity while others are still being deported who are in the same basic straits. I'm very glad, though, that at least Bueso herself will be safe, at least for a little while.
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