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  1. possibilities

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    I wish all coverage of the rallies showed crowd size like that, instead of just covering what's being said from the stage.
  2. possibilities

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    The dude thanking them for saving his life made me realize how rarely we ever see a character thank anyone like that. This show points out things that I wish I'd noticed on my own. Much like Sherlock notices things about crime scenes that other people don't, the writers of the show do the same for viewers wrt TV tropes. I also really like how many of the crimes on this show are about rich people being horrible, evil, greedy. And Sherlock constantly points out to witnesses and the audience just how corrupt the elites are. All this on a show that is not widely perceived as being "messagey" and having an axe to grind politically. It's well done. They just slip it in there. His skepticism is part of his nature, but he is very explicit about the conclusions he's drawn, not about "everyone" (like House saying everyone lies) but about "elites" specifically.
  3. possibilities

    S05.E08: Death of a Car Salesman

    He does do things with names a lot. So I guess that's maybe possible. Has Ravi ever had a vision? I know he goes zombie once a month, but I can't remember him ever having a vision.
  4. possibilities

    S05.E08: Death of a Car Salesman

    I do agree that it would be better to make something up that didn't sound so close to a real thing. It's not hard to invent a disease name. They invented all the other parts of the puzzle-- the specific drug, the specific energy drink, why not also be respectful of the people with the almost-the-same-word disease and not confuse things?
  5. possibilities

    The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell

    Joyce Vance looked shaken.
  6. possibilities

    S05.E08: Death of a Car Salesman

    I wonder what the "utopium + Max Rager" and "Freylich's brains" have in common.
  7. possibilities

    Life In Pieces

    The show is funny! I am surprised it didn't catch on more.
  8. possibilities

    S05.E08: Death of a Car Salesman

    He didn't sell the tainted utopium on purpose, though, did he? Don E took it because he didn't want to wait for Beanpole Bob to come back. It seems to have been an accident?
  9. possibilities

    In The Dark

    If Dean is corrupt, he's the best actor on the planet, because he comes across totally sincere-- though also kind of weird because Murphy really shouldn't be his type, and he kind of does seem a little dim in inexplicable ways sometimes-- which seems off for a detective. It would explain why there are so many dead ends, though, like when he couldn't trace the messages, and other slowness and inaction in the case, and also he always seemed kind of slow around Jules. His willingness to cover for her when she went off the rails, though, should have been more of a red flag. Yes, partners are loyal. But corrupt cops are corrupt cops, and loyalty is a problem when it crosses into cover ups or other abuses of power. We saw that Nia's "guy" is not Dean, he's older than Dean and balding -- when he went after Max we saw that. She could have more than one, but still-- I would rather Nia be an informant than Dean be a killer. I liked knowing that Jess and Murphy were close their whole lives. Jess isn't just co-dependent because she met Murphy at work or something, and she's randomly glomming on to "the blind girl" out of a savior complex. It's a mess, but I appreciated the history. And we also saw that Murphy really does love Jess, in her own extremely fucked up and self-centered way. I do not like, though, the implication that blind people somehow forget how to skate. Muscle memory! It's one thing if she would have been disoriented in a crowded rink with people zooming around and her being worried about collisions. But for her to literally not be able to stand up on them just because she lost her vision? Utter bullshit. I guess they decided to make Felix hapless again. I don't like that. He was more interesting as a dude who was awkward and misunderstood than he is as a guy who is used and derided by someone who he seemed to have a genuine bond with.
  10. possibilities

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    It's starting to seem like Biden and his team are actually trying to look bad. Maybe he doesn't really want to win???
  11. possibilities

    S05.E08: Death of a Car Salesman

    They didn't really need to hide her. She wasn't in any danger from Ravi. They just wanted to keep her monitored so she wouldn't skip out on them. Plus, bonus if they keep Ravi away, since Ravi doesn't share their goals.
  12. possibilities

    In The Dark

    I didn't see several of those things coming....
  13. possibilities

    Good Trouble

    The preview made me think maybe Mariana hasn't grown at all since The Fosters. I had thought she was starting to mature, but she's being reckless, naive, and stupid, given what we already know about the workplace situation. I was kind of disappointed that Joey decided to change pronouns. I would like it to be normalized that lesbians, women, females in general, don't have to conform to femmy stereotypes in order to stay "she". I realize non-binary people need representation, too, but I'm tired of the de-dyking of the culture.
  14. possibilities


    These paper towels are only for the photo op. Realtors who help couples who hate each other. So you aren't our UBER driver? I was surprised that even the fetish date realized how wrong their assumption was there. -- He was on the Daily Show last night and talked about how he really does identify with the Latino character who doesn't dance or like spicy food. He said he likes matcha, and wearing wigs and shaving his legs.
  15. possibilities

    Northern Exposure

    I think he left on bad terms because he wanted out of his contract and him leaving basically killed an otherwise successful show.