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  1. Have we ever seen any of their neighbors? I honestly don't recall.
  2. His comment sure made ME think that he was! I was loving the Muppet Show sketch, but then I was horrified by the beatings -- couldn't the just escort the heckers away. The beating was too much. But then the way the puppets were shaking was amazing. AMAZING. Kenan broke! And then when they DID try to remove them from the theater, the revelation that they had no legs... That was one hilarious, wild, chaotic ride! Also, I have been a huge Lily Tomlin fan for several decades, and her persona has gone through many incarnations, so I wondered what version of her they'd choose for the impersona
  3. Jhilan murdered Pei-Ling and burned down the monastery, with lots of witnesses. The easiest way to keep her from collecting all the weapons would be to get her put in jail. But I think this show is not going for a vengeful tone.
  4. Most people have anonymous donors, I think, but I did read a book by a woman who had a heart and lung transplant and eventually sought out and was able to meet her donor's family. It was an interesting book. The reason I bring it up is that I was thinking about how much different the show would be if they didn't center it on the relationship between the donor and the recipient. The dialysis group really didn't get into the realities of kidney failure much, outside of Drew occasionally talking about his difficulty peeing.
  5. I love the show and I'm watching. I don't know why sometimes I don't have anything to say about it. I don't recall seeing the caterpillar; where was it in the episode? I usually think the cameos by the title creatures are awesome. I agreed with everyone that 18 is too young to marry, but I'm a hypocrite because I married at 19 (my partner was 18) and it was fine. It didn't last forever (5 years later we split), but a lot of people get divorced and our relationship was better than a lot of ones I've seen, and I don't regret it at all. So I also kind of get where Drea's dad was coming
  6. Always be wary when someone says they gave you a lower or better anything by adjusting the APR. That's a credit card tactic, too.
  7. The thing I liked about Jill having a simple courthouse wedding is that it showed she's finally gotten beyond valuing her money and her image more than anything else in her life. That is as big a deal for her as Bonnie thinking of others is for Bonnie. I think it was important to do it that way to show she really had grown and wasn't just throwing herself into another desperate dynamic where she's trying to prove she's loved.
  8. I thought he did that after they said he "began to suspect" her was being used, so he knew it wasn't a great place, but if she agreed he would think it meant she actually did want to spend time with him. I know it's exaggerated for comedy, but returning USED underwear? No. Gross. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Show, you went too far!! I think those school fundraisers using merch no one would ever want, and child labor besides, should be banned. I also think they'd probably raise more money just by soliciting donations. There's a school around here that is forcing children to sell candles,
  9. I'm pretty sure the actress playing Sarah is pregnant, based on how they're hiding her behind pillows and other barriers 100% of the time now, so that is probably the real reason for her need of a leave of absence to pursue other ambitions. If the show is renewed, I'm sure they'll find a way to bring her back to the action after her real life maternity leave, or at least I hope so. I'm not at all surprised that Lola would be opposed by the police union. Unions of all kinds endorse or oppose candidates all the time.
  10. I liked it. It left everyone in a good place, except maybe Adam. The biopsy results aren't in, so maybe it's not cancer after all. Bonnie grew a lot since the previous episode, though. That was a feel good thing, but not credible.
  11. That is disturbing. This show started out as a fairly unsentimental comedy about how stressful it is to be a parent and has now become something much more serious. It's not even remotely funny at the moment, even though they do sort of try to play Paul's parents for laughs sometimes.
  12. I'm thinking that in a civil suit the damages she gets might be more than the amount she accepted for the NDA. If they were offering a big payout to keep her silent, they have the money and they are worried that if she talks it will do even more damage. Also, she already told Nicky last week, plus that other woman was trying to get her to testify, so clearly Althea has told her the story as well. I wonder if those prior disclosures will come back around. So true!
  13. My guess is that Gloria did have to retrain for nursing. But nursing has always been more willing to accept women and people of color into the profession, so she was able to get hired in a way that she couldn't as a doctor. I have no idea why Abishola and Gloria were in surgery. That confused me, too. I think it is probably just the tv nonsense of all medical professionals covering every specialty, like how a lot of shows have surgeons who are as likely to do open heart surgery as they are to do a bowel resection or work traumas in the ER or operate on someone's brain for whatever random
  14. I hate that they are making Nicky a dumbass who has to be scolded and schooled by the grad student who wants to fuck her. I also thought Evan was out of line demanding to know what she and her pals were up to. Yeah, maybe something is going on, but it's not any of your business if she doesn't want to tell you, dude. Just because you were supportive of her "and were happy to do it" doesn't mean you own her. So now both her love interests are patronizing assholes. I kind of like his girlfriend, though. I love the parents. I think Althea needs to tell her fiance what is going on.
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