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  1. I just tried to watch Dog: Impossible. I was really looking forward to it. But I couldn't even get through the first episode. This guy does not understand dogs! He's danging a dog by her collar, hanging her by the neck? What the hell?? When the blue heeler greeted him, she was wagging her tail and showing all the dog signs of being friendly, and he read her as terrified and aggressive? Dude himself seemed really fearful. By the end of the first scene with her, he had dangled her by the neck enough times that her body language had totally changed to terrified and withdrawn. he read that as her relaxing. I read it as her giving up. I beg anyone who wants to understand dogs to read Turid Rugaas's very short book "Calming Signals". The first dog, Lou, who was afraid of collars? Maybe they can try a harness? Those don't trigger the same constriction around the throat. I was SHOCKED that the show was using choke collars and yanking the dogs around like that. Aside from being a sign you are dominating and fearful yourself, you can seriously damage the dog's throat, bruise their thyroid gland, and you are undermining the spirit of cooperation and respect you claim as your goal. You can use positive methods to establish trust and turn a fearful aggressive dog into a love muffin, without choking them. I did it with my neighbor's dogs who were growing and lunging and nipping at passersby. In a few days they were total love muffins. Use calming signals, and positive reinforcement. Be loving, not scary. I was really looking forward to this show, and what he says about his attitude seems to be the exact opposite of what he actually does. So disappointing!
  2. I don't know why, but I'm having a hard time getting into this show. I absolutely LOVE the Bronx Zoo show, but somehow this San Diego version just isn't doing anything for me, and actually I find it kind of depressing. They're not telling us much about the various species. They keep showing us animals who are in these empty enclosures where they look bored and stressed. I don't know if it's produced by a different team, or if the zoo itself is just boring?? It's hard to imagine it would be boring, but so far I'm just really not feeling it. It's not that they don't have some interesting animals and stories. But it all is just so flat.
  3. I have no idea what she's doing, but if she's taking a gap year, or just busy actually studying instead of making a tv show, either way I have no problem with it. It's like if she's filming, she's criticized for being a famewhore, and if she isn't filming, she's not somehow real? I don't get it. She's a young woman living her life. People can watch her show or not watch it, she can make a show or not make one. I don't understand why it is upsetting either way.
  4. All the Diamonds are kind of awful. But I think it's interesting that they've leaned so hard into Pink being just so awful, after the first few seasons idealized her so much.
  5. Was Melissa offensive? I hadn't heard anything about that. Nor about Jon R, either.
  6. These punks want to be edgy but they don't want that to come with backlash? How edgy are you, exactly, if you can't handle criticism? It's a joke in itself that these tough guys can't take the heat.
  7. Zenobia actually did something genuinely kind and 100% decent! Good for her. Her doofus partner was cute with the baby. Everything about the song recording was unbearable in the funniest possible way. The dinner order struck me as funniest for some reason. All the updates and corrections about white foods, grape leaves without grapes, etc... these people deserve awards for the perfection of the earnest affect in the mundane moments. So glad they've gotten a second season, but so sad that there were so few in this first one.
  8. I like that they made the show complex enough that I wasn't bored if I didn't multitask. There's plenty to watch that's light and easy to catch in the background. Sometimes I want something that deserves my full attention.
  9. They set the movie in Ethiopia. They made the main character a white person. It's bullshit.
  10. It's not like being abused doesn't hurt if you are wealthy or have connections to other powerful people. It's still traumatizing and awful. I don't question Paltrow's sincerity in objecting to people who do it, or wanting to show solidarity with others who were targeted.
  11. I noticed the New York Times was advertising during her show last night, which made me laugh, since the whole thing where they banned their reporters from being guests.
  12. I'm afraid someone is going to think having trophy hunts for stray cats and dogs is actually a great idea. You can't really go too far these days, thinking you've reached absurdity, without risking that there's a massive population that has just been waiting for permission to do whatever it is you thought was too awful to be real.
  13. I also feel like outing someone who is essentially minding their own business, and who has served the national security interest at their own peril, and thus putting that person in danger, is not just stupid but also very wrong. To what end? The titillating headline? Usually, Rachel is better than that. It wasn't newsworthy that the person lives in DC. It was newsworthy that they were extracted due to POTUS malfeasance. No need to tell the world where they are, essentially, hiding. Next, someone will try to find everyone in witness protection, and out them, too, just to show they can do it.
  14. Did anything else happen this season, or was it just a couple of scenes of Veronica and Logan?
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