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  1. He says there will be new cast.... I think the cast is already huge. Unless a lot of people leave, I wonder if the new normal will mean rotating who is on or off each week, to give more flexibility to some of the ones who otherwise would have wanted to leave.
  2. I'm not trans, but I found high school unbearable. I thrived in college. I think it's much easier to find your people at university than among whatever kids you're stuck with in your local school. Not sure how having had surgeries would make any difference, but there are LOTS of LGBTQ community opportunities and mental health supports in Boston/Cambridge and MA generally. I am not predicting how Jazz will fare, but in general, I'd much rather be in MA as an adult than in FL with my parents, speaking as a cis lesbian. Maybe Jazz will crash and burn, but she might also thrive.
  3. I had known that the SATs were a biased, bullshit measure, but I had not realized how consciously manipulated they were. No matter how bad things are, it always turns out they're actually worse than they seemed.
  4. I'm over the 5 minutes of pandering to the audience, though. Do your crowd work before you start taping. What a waste of time.
  5. I think it's realistic, too, that different people there have different economic situations, but I agree the show has not really addressed it directly.
  6. I watch in Chrome on the Netflix website and the last few mins are just credits in multiple languages. I wonder if people who watch on a mobile device are having that part cut off.
  7. Can anyone explain the UK educational system to me? Was Mooredale a private school? Was Maeve on scholarship? How about Eric? I don't really understand why they are closing-- they lost investors, but I had thought they were a public entity, since it seemed like all the students were in walking distance. Also, does the UK have any rules at all about what kind of discipline is legal (humiliation signs??) and about things like mandatory standards for sex ed or dress codes or how racist and gender policing the admin is allowed to be? I'm also a bit confused why Maureen (Adam's mother) is so
  8. In addition to savings, he might have had investments that keep paying, plus I think he has money from selling the house he lived in with his ex.
  9. I was actually sad that Aimee concluded she didn't want to be with Steve. Was it not about the assault at all, and she just didn't like Steve? He seemed like a great guy. I get that sometimes you're just not into someone and there's no particular reason, and also that kids that age are more likely to have churn in their relationships than be looking to settle down. But I liked Steve.
  10. I like that Terry finds crashing through walls degrading.
  11. Closing the school sure seemed like a way to end the show for good. Do we have confirmation that this is the last season?
  12. Do we know how the 3 vampires + Colin came to live together?
  13. Why wouldn't Anna be nice to Maeve? She's fostering M's sister and clearly sees how Maeve's life is.
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