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  1. So... I watched Season 2. There are 7 episodes? Seems like an unusual number. For the first few episodes, I was finding it TOO cringey, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep watching. But it got less of a slog in the second half.
  2. I laughed so hard at that whole situation. He said he loves her after! But he also didn't want to be seen with her! I binged season 1 over the weekend, and they seem SO young to me. I don't think we squealed that much when we were in 7th grade, but maybe I'm wrong? I had a job after school when I was 14; these girls seem to me more like elementary school than junior high. But I grew up in the 1970s, not the 2000s, so maybe that has something to do with it? Were the generations different? I don't know. There was no fingering, though, in elementary school. At least not among my friends. Either way, I really like the show. It's PAINFUL, but also there's a kind of affection that makes it okay. The boldness of the two of them makes me happy. They are aware of not being popular, but they don't fully internalize the imperative to become self-hating and humiliated by life. That's a good thing. I really love that their friendship is both extremely loyal and also has conflict. They actually don't fall apart over petty things, most of what goes wrong between them is rather serious, but at the same time they genuinely care about each other, even under a lot of pressure and a mountain of mistakes. I thought it was going to turn into them growing apart. Maya keeps pulling away, and I do wonder if that's the eventual outcome. But so far they have always returned to each other. I was very angry about Maya wanting Anna to leave when Anna was being helpful with dishes, etc and trying to be a good guest. Sometimes Maya is really a pill. She's often letting Anna down. But then Anna also really messed up on the racism issue. So that's a big deal and could be driving somewhat of a wedge even when it's not so obviously at a crisis point as it was with the Spice Girls episode. I like that the show is tackling REAL conflicts, not just manufactured petty bullshit. I notice the show is portraying the boys as more romantically interested (not just horny) and emotionally vulnerable than the girls. Sam with Maya shows her being ambivalent and indirect and sometimes awful to him, while he's kind of pining and being there and being serious and taking chances sometimes. Anna's boyfriend with the terrible kissing still wants to be close to her even after she breaks up with him (he approaches her at the dance), and he wrote all those letters to her... it's a reversal of the usual tropes.
  3. I've been watching Pen15 on Hulu and would love to have a conversation about that.
  4. I got Disney Plus to see Hamilton, then canceled it after watching. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to spend the money or sign up for another service.... but... it's TATIANA MASLANY. *sigh*
  5. Honestly, how many of us have worked with a horrible boss, or for a horrible company, and had horrible co-workers? It's not like it's always an option to only work with decent people. I make a distinction between that and making excuses for that horrible behavior.
  6. I think I would probably watch anything with Tatiana M in a major role, so I guess they roped me into it.
  7. I'm still mad at them for how they wrote the end of last season. I am not sure I even want to watch anymore. But I bet the ratings will be up because of how little new is airing.
  8. Ugh. What are networks planning to put on air if they cancel everything?
  9. I really want to see them run with the Kamala's shoes story. She looks glam in hiking boots, there's got to be an SNL angle on that. But I don't really see that being in keeping with Maya's take on Kamala. I hope they get someone else for that role, because while I enjoyed Maya's Kamala, K's image is really evolving and I don't think Maya's take still suits. I have never seen Jim Carrey do a role without exaggerated mugging and over-reliance on mannerisms that I just don't see as relevant to Biden's persona or character. Carrey is quite political outside of his acting career, so maybe he does have a take on how to do the character, but I really can't imagine what it will look like, at the moment. Has there been any news on the writing staff? I think that is what will really make or break the season, more than the cast. The cast is really quite capable (I know nothing about the newcomers, but I'm not worried).
  10. I had a terrible feeling about Tank, long before the worst moment of their relationship that eventually blew things up.
  11. I think the actresses have very similar mannerisms and that it will work very well. I remember when Roseanne recast Becky-- now those two actresses looked and acted totally different! The Fosters also recast one of the ensemble well into the series. It's weird to think about, but it can work out fine. Long-running shows, especially with children, I think need to have some flexibility.
  12. They would have to give Marjorie another source of income, to make up for Tammy's lost rent. I'm sure they could do that, but it's a factor.
  13. He said the "stay safe..." line last night, at the very end of the show. If he mentioned City Harvest, I missed it-- but I was super drowsy by that point.
  14. I reserve judgment. They might introduce characters that I like, and that could make the Old-ish show good, and take care of the "too much" quality people fear with Ruby and Earl. I don't know what they're going to do to keep Black-ish going as they drain more and more of the characters away, but I guess we'll see. Maybe this will be their last season. I know I'm in the minority with this, but I'd like to see Junior get a show, as well. Even the twins could be interesting, but they're way too young to leave their parents.
  15. Bonnie and Christy started out sharing a room because Violet and Roscoe used to live there with them. Violet had the downstairs room and Roscoe slept in a closet. But after the kids disappeared, there really was no reason for the women to share the same bed anymore.
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