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  1. Interesting twist on therapy. Most TV shows portray therapists as long-suffering saviors. This one took two happy couples and gave them a therapist who was making them miserable. The actress played a therapist on another show (the one where she was also wife to Ken Jeong; I can't remember the name of the show). I hope she gets to do something else with her career besides be a sitcom therapist! I liked seeing Dave and Calvin be vigorously agreeing on something for a minute. I'm really appreciating that they've taken the conflict down a notch so far this season. I'm weary of conflict, generally. I get that some is part of life, but I'm overdosed, so glad the show is not leaning quite so hard into that dynamic. I like Marty and Malcolm.
  2. I found it totally credible that Franklin's parents are on some retreat somewhere. Weren't they always like that? But their portrayal of kids iwth mono is totally absurd. Mono lays you flat out, and the kids are acting totally normal. But I think it's fine for the show to do what they have to do to make production safe, and if they don't want to write the pandemic as a reason, I'm fine with these little excuses, like Doris being on perpetual vacation, and Cooper moving in because he prefers a family that pays attention to him. None of that is really out of character.
  3. None of those patients started as surgical cases. It never makes sense when the surgeons are doing intakes on random ER patients, does it? It's one of the things this show just asks us to ignore. I can't stand the Reznik-Park shenanigans. They just come off as total assholes to me. I thought we already knew for sure that Asher is gay. I thought that was established in a previous episode, but I can't remember which one. I also hope they stick with the polyamorous characterization, and don't make it into some phase or dysfunction. Where do I know the actress from that played the patient who needed brain surgery this week?
  4. Maybe I'm just the sort of person who appreciates being able to be quiet together, especially after a long day.
  5. I like Abishola's personality. She has a very dry sense of humor, but she's not unfunny. She's an adult, not a wild party girl. Bob would not be able to keep up with a 20 year old who wants to dance all night, and he gets all the drama he can handle from his siblings.
  6. Why do dudes with long hair never seem to wash or comb it? I love hair, but am also a fan of hygiene. Also, who thought it was a fun idea to turn Kurt Weil into Kurt Vile? Is that really an improvement? Get a voice, dude! I'm super cranky. I don't usually watch the Thanksgiving show. Does Seth's mother call him Soupy?
  7. I have the same fear. We can watch the show the way some people watch horror movies, with hands halfway covering our eyes.... PLEASE, WRITERS: don't do this!
  8. If I understand correctly, it was not the fact that she had had an abortion that caused the Rh factor. It was that she had been pregnant. The abortion wasn't really the issue. Same thing could have happened if she'd had a miscarriage or carried the pregnancy to term.
  9. John O was hilarious with Seth Meyers this week, too.
  10. I wanted Aaron to apologize to Marie. She was right that he was not acting like a partner to her, and was taking her support for granted. I know he's upset about Darius, but still-- he has to get that chip off his shoulder, even though I know he got it there in the first place by understandable means. But, for the first week out of lock up, they did great, overall, I'd say.
  11. I'm actually liking the show more because I think they've toned down some of Katie's awfulness. She's just not as mean as she used to be, probably because she's not interacting with the people she hates as often, but that's fine with me.
  12. I hope Milk Eyes just likes her and isn't stalker. Emily has had enough boyfriend catastrophes already, and I don't want them writing her to be a damsel in distress trope. I also hope we're not headed for a triangle. I hate that, but tv writers love it, so I guess that's a likely direction. I really don't like any of the romance stories on this show. Stick to cases and friendships, y'all. You're no good at writing the other stuff.
  13. I truly thought Andrews was trying to teach Shaun how to teach, that he was mentoring SHAUN. It struck me as unexpected, but I bought it. Didn't have a clue that he was actually intervening for his niece. Actually, it was a good and valid thing to do to check in with the residents about how the interns are doing, but of course he didn't do that with Claire, so that should have been a red flag. Claire and Lim socializing outside work is like Claire and Melendez repeat. Isn't it wrong to socialize with a subordinate? Asher sure seems to be eiher very lucky or a total genius with his shocking diagnoses. And the happy patient... if this was HOUSE, they'd have discovered his happy attitude was actually a symptom of the disease causing his cancer and they would cure his infection and is cancer but he'd be miserable because they also got rid of whatever condition caused his happiness. This show can be a bummer, but at least it's not THAT. They haven't been killing as many patients so far this season. Maybe they feel like with eht pandemic people have enough grief already. Plus, they killed off Cllaire's mom and then also Melendez; after that, maybe they decided to do penance by not killing anyone else for a while.
  14. It was driving me crazy that Emily's mask kept falling down. Surely production could get her one that fit properly, so were they doing that on purpose???? So... it was Luke who wanted to split up. The real solution to case backlogs is to have A LOT more staff, not to take shortcuts on cases. But that's never even considered. I hate our system. Love Lola, though.
  15. I don't think he was supposed to escape through the window in his hospital gown. I thought she brought him clothing. But even so, I don't know how he'd wriggle out the window in his condition. I thought maybe he was going to prison when they figured out he'd deserted his military service, and that's what she meant by he's gone. But Maggie sure didn't seem too broken up about it. He did not get a happy ending at all, despite her glee.
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