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  1. Yes, it's called Films To Be Buried With
  2. All I could think of was "I'm not serving Mary Berry green carpet!!" from back in the day.
  3. She calls Kate a singed daffodil actually and calls herself an overripe citrus fruit. I think the show made Lady Whistledown meaner. She saved her harsh stuff for bullies and mean people. It's a point in the books that she's nicer to nice people and the Bridgertons were always nice to her. Penelope calls them her champions at one point.
  4. I work in medical research, currently with kidney stones, and patients do get a say now. Even a stone surgically removed (basically medical waste like you said) can't be used without permission. We have to get consent to study the stone and tell them what we plan to do with it. We also ask a separate permission for tissue banking and future experiments that we may think of. But we aren't going to make billions of dollars off patients like in the HeLa situation. A patient can revoke their consent at any time. We would just stop using their sample from that time forward. Studies, consents, and p
  5. Whew! That is a lot. Pretty sure I never read that one of hers though. I kept to her historical romances which I'm sure have their own special cringe factors.
  6. Which one? I'm just curious because I used to read a lot of her books when I was younger. I wonder what my kid brain used to skip over too.
  7. At least 2 other authors were named in those conversations too.... Myke Cole and Sam Sykes. They're buddies too. When one of the women was saying her MC story, SS said that he stopped him that time anyway, (not all the times though?), and a women brought up her harassment by SS to him and that sort of opened the gates of stories and such for both of them this time. MC had been called out before and dropped his apology from back then, again. SS's mom is Diana Gabaldon of the Outlander fame.
  8. Young Ian returns and they tell him about time travel in book 5 (Jemmy breaking the opal or is it an emerald in the book? Either way happens about the time when they tell Young Ian). He just doesn't return until the mostly the end of the book. After the snakebite and all. Forbes is still running around in book 6. Also, the tar and feathering isn't really talked about until book 6. Jamie is holding people off to try and save someone the crowd wants to tar.
  9. I think you're thinking of Marsali's 4th pregnancy which unless they really change things doesn't happen until the 6th book. She's on her 3rd pregnancy now in show (I believe). His explanation for his actions is basically an extraordinary worry for what kind of life and future his child can have.
  10. Fergus really doesn't have much going on in book 5.
  11. Yeah the hanging and snake bite are this book. The hanging does come before the bite. The snake bite comes up kind of late in the book. But I'm guessing this could be the hanging episode too.
  12. Yeah, season 3 Christmas Bree gives Claire a birthstone necklace for her stone trip and Claire mentions she was wearing a jeweled watch the first time she went through that covered that on the accidental trip. ETA: oh and I think Bree used the jewel on her bangle from Roger.
  13. Yeah, I remember she wanted to sign it over, but I don't think it ever happens in the books. I remember Bonnet uses Wylie's Landing. I don't remember Forbes having a part with Bonnet though. Oh well, not like I can remember it all.
  14. Off book I'd say. Bonnet think Jemmy is his and all, but I don't think the books have Jocasta signing anything over to Jemmy. I don't remember Forbes working with Bonnet in the books either.
  15. Except they didn't make that up. Hector shooting their daughter while escaping and leaving her other daughters dying in the aftermath of Culloden is exactly what happens in the book. They must have meant not choosing Murtagh is made up because it was.
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