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  1. I'm pretty sure Ron was still the main day to day guy last season. He was pretty excited to do all the ship stuff and he was still doing the after episode talking bits last season too. I think Toni Graphia is also one of the ones that took on more show running responsibility too along with Matt Roberts and Maril Davis. I'm 99% sure this is the first season where Ron stepped back from being the main, on the ground show runner. Also, this season is the last season that Terry, Ron's wife, will be doing the costumes. So Ron mostly left after season 3 (he basically seems to be the show runner in name only now) and Terry will be gone after season 4.
  2. Not all that closely in my opinion. The similarities with the book would be Lord John gets measles, Jamie takes Willie away, and Willie is a spoiled brat. -Young Ian was there and figures out Willie is Jamie's son. Those are two big changes, and comes up in later story lines if they get that far, but now it can't really. -No Murtaugh, obviously. So him being there and knowing about Jamie and Willie is astronomically different. As is their arguing. -Willie doesn't recognize Jamie as Mac, at least not at this point. So that's different and all of the angsty conversations around that are new. -Pretty sure Jamie doesn't give Claire a new ring. -As far as I remember, all of the stuff with the Native Americans is show only. So Jamie yelling out Willie is his son totally threw me until I realized they were going to have Willie believe he was just saying that to save him. All I really want from this change of keeping Murtaugh alive is to see him meet Bree!
  3. This episode should have been titled: All of the Eyes are Brimming with Unshed Tears.
  4. The Lizzie news is in the Casting: News and Wishlist thread if you go to the end and scroll back a few postings. After she said that, it sparked a memory from the last time I read Drums of thinking, wow it takes forever for her to go back and a crap ton of stuff still has to happen. But yeah, it takes forever 😉 so I'm interested to see how it all plays out on the show.
  5. There was some casting news for the Lizzie character a while back. I just don't remember which thread. Before the season started, one of my friends did a reread ( I never got around to one like I planned) and I specifically asked her how far along in the book did Bree go back because I saw speculation on which episodes things happened and it all seemed late to me. But anyway, she said Bree went through the stones right around the 50% mark.
  6. No, I think she just goes with Roger and watches him go through the stones. After he leaves, she probably touches the stone in wonder or something, not that she goes too. That's how I imagine it anyway.
  7. I think so too. Also, the dark hair is down and Bree's is up when she goes. The clothes look "modern" too.
  8. It's more like 202 years difference. In season 1, when Claire time travels she leaves 1946 and ends up in 1744. Then when she leaves during the battle of Culloden in 1746, she ends up in 1948. So she leaves Boston last season in December (Christmas) 1968 and probably goes through the stones in January 1969 so she should have gotten there in 1767. So she's probably been in the past this time around 18-20 months at this point I'd guess. It did have a time stamp that said North Carolina 1768. I don't think they are showing the timelines quite concurrently. Claire leaves Christmas 1968 so she probably went back in January 1969 to 1767 and now it's 1768. Claire tells Murtaugh that Brianna is alive in 1970, so I think the show has shown more time passing in the 1970s since it said Roger was in 1971 and the timelines will sync up once we see Bree and Roger in the past. As in, by the time they get there, more time will have passed for the Frasers in the 1760s.
  9. Right. But the post I quoted said the only one known to Claire/Jamie (and etc) those two know of this other one. I was just pointing out that the show has shown at least one other travel spot. I thought there was another comment or two where it seemed like viewers thought Scotland was the only one.
  10. There was also that cave water portal thing Geillis was going to go through in Jamaica last season to get to Bree. But then she lost her head.
  11. Yeah, I guess I meant it doesn't really change Bree's plot. She sees the ring, wants to get it back, terrible things happen, she holds on to the ring, and then she gives it to Claire when she tells the detailed story about the terrible things that happened. All of those can happen with Jamie's ring. Mmmm. That does sound familiar. But in my mind, he was just upset in general that she tried to keep either ring instead of giving them up. But maybe he was just pissy about Frank's ring? I also don't feel like checking. ? We'll see what the show does I suppose!
  12. She tries to swallow both rings in the book and in the show. Claire didn't do anything different. They changed which ring got pried out of her mouth. My guess, which was confirmed in the post above, was that change was because there is nothing distinctive about Frank's show ring. In the book it has some engravings and Diana can describe it however she wants, but on the show it has only been shown as a plain, gold band. Jamie's ring, while not pretty to me, is distinctive. The ring change doesn't really change anything going forward. It's just more sad to me that she lost Jamie's ring rather than Frank's but that doesn't change the plot at all.
  13. I just got back from seeing this. I did like it, but whew it could be uncomfortable in some parts. I guess that's not really surprising given the topics, so I just sat there in my head going oh no, oh no, oh no.
  14. Yeah, this is almost exactly how I felt about the movie. The kissing swap in particular bothered me on top the general catfish. I needed something more from Sierra at the end. Or rather, if I was Veronica or Jamey, I would need more from her before I could move on.
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