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  1. Kasich is asked about his political future, possibility of running for president. He talks about the two party system, how a third party can be viable, and says "all my options are open" talks about seeing how things play out. Meghan responds, "so you'd run as an independent ,versus a primary." and he had to repeat himself, because that was NOT what he said! Then she says (reading off a blue card) all the horrible things that will happen if the democrats win the house, and asks " do you agree?" NO, he didn't! I assume she had orders from her husband to do two things:
  2. Is that ultra-glossy lipstick in style again now? I remember it being the style when I was young and it drove me crazy, because it wore off, and left gloppy messes on cups, long hair blowing across your face would get stuck in it, and you had to keep reapplying it.
  3. He's been on SNL for a while, and he talks about his bipolar disorder, even called out for Kanye to "take your meds!" He did a bit where he mocked politicians' appearances, on a late night show where they mock everyone. And he was playing a character when he did it. I don't see the big deal.
  4. Essential oils are being sold by multi level marketing companies, they have charts saying which oils do what. If people are pressuring you, they may have bought into the idea that selling the oils can make them a bunch of money. I once made the mistake of stopping at a craft fair booth to look at essential oils and was subjected to a high pressure sales pitch. There's a chart to show which medical ailments will be helped by which combination of oils. All the claims seem crazy. Yes, some oils can relax you and some can energize you. But really, the effects are pretty minor.
  5. OK, I just watched this. Meghan was SO FAR out of line. this group of actors were on to talk about their movie. switching it over to death, cancer, and grief, was not OK. Death is universal - we all have lost someone to cancer, heart disease, accident, etc. Meghan's attempt at bonding with the actor over , "Oh my god! your dad and my dad died of the same thing!" should have been done backstage, there was no reason for that to be part of the show. Oh, and I caught her pronunciation of "biopic" - TWICE. It doesn't rhyme with "myopic".
  6. I have long thought that the Skittle ad where the girl pick and eats the "skittles-pox" off a boy's face was THE most disgusting commercial. And now Skittles has some messed up commercial with a giraffe. The giraffe eats rainbows. And there's a guy on a stool, "milking" the giraffe. Of course, the "milk" isn't milk at all - there are Skittles pouring out of the giraffe and into a bucket. Now, if this were done in cartoon form, it would be less disturbing. But it's a real person, on a milking stool, next to a giraffe. It took me a minute to understand that the point was this is
  7. Stacey Abrams Pushes Back On Meghan McCain About Her Views On Guns
  8. I'm not sure Meghan is an alcoholic. I think that when she was younger, she thought of herself as looking like a beautiful blonde princess, but once you got to know her, you realize she's a "down-home tough whiskey-drinking, gun-toting chick." And then you're supposed to be surprised by how she can be so opposite of your first impression! I've known women like this all my life. They try to impress the guys by embracing beer, whiskey, football, anything stereotypically masculine, while still looking feminine. It's also her way of denouncing her rich upper-class background, and preten
  9. I think Meghan comes to each show with an agenda, possibly handed to her by her husband. Yesterday it was to advance the "hatred of Jews on both sides" agenda. Today, it was about trying to make Stacey Abrams admit that she wants to confiscate guns from people. Meg comes in, guns loaded, so to speak, ready to fire at her perceived enemy, but nobody will cooperate. Yesterday they changed the topic from hatred to guns, today the "dem who wants to take away your guns" says she is a gun owner herself. I think Meghan comes across as angry all the time because she is so frustrated that
  10. Yes. "I don't want to talk about sex!" and "I don't have any children!" are reasons to be quiet and let others talk. Not screech over them that you don't have anything to say. Just shut up.
  11. Meghan, in the first segment, talked about the STEREOTYPE of dems wanting open borders, and how it's an exaggeration. But, isn't that what she has repeated over and over again? That dems want open borders??
  12. Abby is wearing an optical illusion today. And Meghan took my advice about ditching the skin right skirts for a more flowy one.
  13. If Meg wanted to talk about it, she should have offered to define AR15, assault rifles, and machine guns. As the gun-owner at the table, she cold make herself useful by teaching us something. Meghan was pissed because the discussion veered off the track she wanted it to be on. She wanted it to go like this: 1)Topic is whether anyone in the administration can be considered complicit in the synagogue shooting because of the hate-filled rhetoric; 2) Joy says trump and others ARE to blame, gives examples; 3) Meghan shoots the argument down with her "brilliant" talking po
  14. That pic of Meghan, combined with her yelling at Joy for not looking at her when she's talking - looks like she's that mean teacher in 5th grade that everybody hates.
  15. Here's my weird pet peeve - when people shorten a phrase to the adjective that describes the noun, instead of using the noun. It's especially bothersome in a medical context. Examples: "I have post-partum." No, you can have post-partum depression, anxiety, psychosis, hemorrhage, anemia, hypertension, etc. "Post-partum" means it happened after childbirth. If you mean you have post-partum depression, say it. Similarly, when pregnant, "pre-natal" means before childbirth. When I was pregnant, a nurse asked me "are you taking your pre-natal?" I had no idea what she mean, un
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