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  1. Cdh20

    S02.E01: Through A Glass, Darkly

    Wasn’t that a shock & such a season spoiler that Claire had to go back? I love reading your predictions!
  2. Cdh20

    S02.E05: Untimely Resurrection

    (Poor Jamie!) I always assumed she told Jamie that in episode 1-11, when she told him she was from the future. And then when she thought Jack died when they rescued Jamie she thought she had changed the future by being there. It was when she met Mary Hawkins in Paris that she remembered her name as Jack's wife on Frank's lineage line, & trouble began.
  3. Cdh20

    S04.E02: Do No Harm

    They are indeed the boots she wore back, & they must have survived that hurricane!
  4. Cdh20

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    The library might be a good idea for the books too, or the used book store-that's where I found some of them!
  5. Cdh20

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    Keep watching & you will be rewarded, although we never see her debate going or staying, but we do see where she feels she belongs. Do you think she is in love with Jamie now? I saw you introduce yourself, & my suggestion is to read the first 2 books after you watch these 2 seasons, but don’t read ahead of the show. I find it’s better to be surprised by the show events than to have book expectations. When you read them after the fact, it fills in some things, & you find out some events happened differently, but you are already in love with Jamie, so it won’t matter!
  6. Cdh20

    S01.E01: Sassenach

    Good luck with not bingeing it all in a week, which is what I did when I discovered it, I could not stop, until I got through 2 seasons. Then I watched it all again. And told all my friends & family!
  7. Cdh20

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    Thanks Scarlett45 for sharing your pics! Glad you had a great tour/day!
  8. Cdh20

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    Thank you for the link, book marking for when I get to go to Scotland!
  9. Cdh20

    James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

    I'll take Jamie Fraser at any age! I love hotheaded young Jamie, but most of my friends love older Jamie, I think because he is more romantic. Just watching the Crown now, on epi 2 of the second season, must agree the acting is superb, & the costumes as well!
  10. Cdh20

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    I think it's fair to have a few criticisms of the show, that doesn't mean we don't love it- I do love it, more than any show in forever. Giving this season an A-. I did do a poll at work and the season did come up as the least favorite season for everyone!
  11. Cdh20

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    Well clearly he is NOT going to murder his precious Godfather!
  12. Cdh20

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    I had yesterday off, & my daughter said to me around 8 pm last night-do we need to limit your computer time? Oh well Droughtlander starts now, I should be free to clean to the house!
  13. Cdh20

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    Obviously this season is setting a lot of stuff up for upcoming seasons, think about how season 1 & 2 were like that, talking about the Jacobite war coming, & then it happening. Season 3 was kind of like 2 seasons, broken up by the time apart, & starting life together again. I don't know what season the War of Independence will start-maybe next season?
  14. Cdh20

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    Ok, got it! I thought you meant Jamie & Claire had to be together in the scenes.
  15. Cdh20

    S04.E13: Man of Worth

    I was just thinking I wish we had a poll of fave seasons? Fave episodes? Fave scenes? You read my mind! Now I can’t decide for myself- season 4 is last though, not that I hated it, but I didn’t love it. My fave episode of this season was “The Birds & The Bees”, without a doubt! My fave epi ever is still “The Wedding”, followed by “The Reckoning” ( runs & hides because now everyone thinks I am a perv). I love that the audience falls in love with Jamie at the same time as Claire, that was the hook for me! ( and all my girlfriends) This show is still above average in so many ways, even when an episode disappoints. I would agree with this but I actually liked the episodes when Jamie & Claire were apart surprisingly (season 3). My very least fave episode is “The Search”- Sam should never get the week off!