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  1. Season 2 coming from New Zealand…
  2. In case you are interested- all the indigenous actors were from Canada!
  3. Pretty sure season 7 was confirmed before they wrapped filming season 6.
  4. Season 5 is so much better!
  5. I think she got the speaking frankly from Claire!
  6. I must agree that both Roger & Frank should be more fascinated with history. I guess Roger is too busy having a hard time just surviving, while living in history & Frank weirdly could not put aside his petty jealousy to even hear more about it! It appears that Frank did not believe Claire at first, but we know eventually he did.
  7. Season 6 teaser trailer up on IG, FB, Twitter. Premiered at NYC ComicCom
  8. Keep in mind that time is condensed so much in tv time! And this story is full of unbelievable coincidences, I chalk this up as the fantasy element all the time! @gingerella I loathe the “who is the baby daddy “ storyline & it’s subsequent plot, like no other in the series. But I agree with @SassAndSnacks Sophie nailed the post rape scenes. I also think that being Jamie & Claire’s daughter she is able to draw on some inner strength here & not let them see she has been hurt. She has just arrived & met her da & she does not want him to know about Bonnet because he will
  9. @gingerella I love reading your predictions!
  10. Gotta love Ted Lasso- best show in a long time!
  11. At some point we are expected to believe Jamie & Claire discussed every detail of their 20 yrs apart, & the people they encountered. Once in awhile we see ( on the show)a few things come up that they seem to have forgotten to share.
  12. Probably why they cut it, maybe better left offscreen?
  13. There is a deleted scene (from 306) where Jamie expands on telling Claire about how Geneva blackmailed him. I guess we were meant to think he told her at some point.
  14. Cdh20

    S04.E05: Savages

    I am not so enthralled by the homesteading! Yawn! I do believe Jocasta generously outfitted the cabin! Maybe watching Jamie build something would have made it more interesting, especially if he was shirtless, oops did I say that out loud? Aren’t we all the silversmith’s wife when it comes to Jamie? Murtagh kind of scowled at first thinking Jamie had a wife, until Jamie said it was Claire. Then it was the happiest I’ve ever seen him!
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