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  1. Sign me up ! Not enough shirtless Jamie is my season 4 complaint!
  2. This is obviously a convo from several years ago ( 3?), but I wanted to weigh in that I think bingeing is better than waiting a week, it makes the season smoother & you don’t forget about what happened 5 episodes ago but is now back in play. I did the first 2 seasons within 3-4 weeks. ( I read the books after that). I also never questioned a lack of intimacy in season 2 ( although I think there was much less sex shown), & their parting at the end was of that season was gut wrenching. I also think that those of us that watched it more than once paid more attention to every detail of their relationship than those viewers who only watch once. The quote below was supposed to be added to this post! I think everyone involved with the show ( producers, writers, actors, etc)pays attention to the viewer complaints as season 3 had many more sex scenes than season 2. And the big complaint of season 4 was Jamie’s wig bangs, & I note that in our first pics from season 5 those bangs are MIA!
  3. Cdh20

    S02.E13: Dragonfly in Amber

    I know it will be very hard to not spoil yourself but I suggest you don`t do that. (I would run out & buy the dvd`s for season 3 & 4 right now, I bought season 3 on iTunes because I was in no mood to wait for Netflix.) I can`t believe people like to spoil themselves or read ahead, then there are no surprises. Of course I do know how obsessive this show makes us, why am I here during Droughtlander re-reading what people thought about the episodes??
  4. Cdh20

    S02.E08: The Fox's Lair

    In this episode Jamie & Claire talked about how they couldn’t not fight now that Prince Charles put Jamie’s name as his supporter so Jamie would be a traitor to the crown & arrested even if he didn’t fight, so they decided the new tactic was to fight & win!
  5. Cdh20

    S02.E08: The Fox's Lair

    That oldest boy is Rabbie, who they took in in season 1. Jenny has 3 children now- Jamie, who was born before Jamie & Claire arrived in season 1, Maggie, who Claire helped deliver, & this new baby, Kitty, who Jamie was sitting with ( swoon). Obviously there was a time jump from the time Jamie & Claire returned from France to when the episode picked up the next sping/ summer.
  6. Cdh20

    S02.E13: Dragonfly in Amber

    Pegasaurus, there is a thread called “Ask the bookreaders” where someone will answer your question.
  7. Cdh20

    S02.E06: Best Laid Schemes...

    Jamie was smoking hot the whole episode!
  8. Cdh20

    S02.E06: Best Laid Schemes...

    Jamie talking to the baby bump was the best thing ever, so inevitably it is followed by the worst!
  9. Cdh20

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    The problem with borrowing the dvds from the library is that when you are done you will want to watch it all again! (and again)
  10. Cdh20

    S02.E13: Dragonfly in Amber

    At first I laughed at that but then I realized how much Jamie wants a child, & it doesn’t seem so weird!
  11. Cdh20

    S02.E03: Useful Occupations And Deceptions

    It's kind of a rotten spoiler!
  12. Cdh20

    S02.E01: Through A Glass, Darkly

    Wasn’t that a shock & such a season spoiler that Claire had to go back? I love reading your predictions!
  13. Cdh20

    S02.E05: Untimely Resurrection

    (Poor Jamie!) I always assumed she told Jamie that in episode 1-11, when she told him she was from the future. And then when she thought Jack died when they rescued Jamie she thought she had changed the future by being there. It was when she met Mary Hawkins in Paris that she remembered her name as Jack's wife on Frank's lineage line, & trouble began.
  14. Cdh20

    S04.E02: Do No Harm

    They are indeed the boots she wore back, & they must have survived that hurricane!