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  1. I love this show, even when it...vexes me, which Zoe often does. I want to still like her. I want to WANT to see her succeed, but everything seems so effortless for her, because she's pretty, or wealthy, or whatever. Where did that fabulous house come from? and for her to just succeed so apparently spectacularly in London just irked me. She's not terribly bright, she's not remotely deep or thoughtful, she's smug, she doesn't ever appear to work hard, and so I'm not psyched to see everything come so easily for her. And she's stupid AF about men, tho I give her a pass for that at this age, to an extent. I did love the twins wondering why all these guys are so into Zoe and if it's always like this living with her. "Sadly, yes" replies Ana, finessing out another Jello shot. Funny. Hate baby storylines in general, but very interested in Nomi's pregnancy. Who and when? They've only been apart for the summer, but she's pretty big already...so she would have been knocked up before summer break began. Surrogacy? Random hookup, tho she was heavily involved with her professor back then and hasn't seemed very into guys at all of late? Curious. I was hoping wornontv would have those ridiculous but awesome boots Zoe was wearing, but not yet anyway.
  2. This WAS a good episode. My honey gave up on this show a few seasons back, but watched this one with me and we both genuinely laughed several times. My biggest issue was that Frank's new wife, who has been on several times, whose wedding we witnessed, who Phil had a childhood crush on...disappeared. Even if the actress wasn't available, to just erase the character was off putting. I DID miss hailey and Alex, as the funeral of Phil's mom was one of the more touching MF episodes, and they had to do with that as well. I loved the cats stealing the dog beds, and I LOVED Joe's new pupper. The final scene of him and Stella was too much adorable. Brenda, the pretty girl Manny crushed on, would never ever ever be interested in him, but it was nice to see that Hayley Erin, who played Brenda on the original episode mentioned, was still Brenda. I know her from soaps and follow her on IG, she's sparkly pretty and sweet. Cam as the redneck next door neighbor and Lily in her side-pony/white trash outfit..I did lol. Phil made me cry. Ty Burrell is so good. I had flashdance sweatshirts too.
  3. I think the question is: if Da'Young had won, and they mass produced her outfit, would the non-Asian consumers who purchased it be guilty of 'cultural appropriation'? I loved Nancy's look best, and thought she and Brittany and Marquise would be the top 3. Nope. I don't know fashion, I guess. I will not say that I don't believe that Sergio is genuinely moved and devastated by the treatment of immigrants at the border, as we all should be. But his weeping on the runway looked rehearsed and disingenuous. It doesn't help that he's such a douchebag, with such a...punchable face. So sad to see Shavi go.
  4. Dan Levy is a stunningly handsome guy. I think Patrick is a cute button, but not especially handsome. (it's the hair. in recent pics, where he's grown it out, and in fact is sort of sporting Dan Levy hair, I think he's hot).
  5. The clock test thingy is just making me miss "Hannibal" all the more. I liked Sophia Bush, I don't really know her, but I'm guessing this is a one and done for her. So the hall pass thing: I joke about a laminated list ala Friends with my honey (my top three: Mads Mikkelsen, David Duchovny, Adam Driver) but if I were to actually meet one of them, and they expressed any interest (not that they would), I would still consider it a joke, and so would my BF. I wouldn't REALLY call him up and say I ran into whoever and he asked me out, can I go? Is that what Bush's character supposedly did? I mean, some folks would be okay with it, I suppose. Clearly her husband, even if he was initially trying to be...was not. Kevin's Hollywood Bowl date was...over the top, even for a Pearson.
  6. It's really not Netflix's fault. this is all David Fincher.
  7. I like it too. The initial premise is icky and put people off, but the cast is mostly so good, and I'm emotionally invested in the characters. I'm sorry it's pretty much dead in the water. I really love Emily Osment and Brittany Snow. But ugh, Edie. Sleeping with her soon-to-be-ex cuz she had a fight with her girlfriend side piece. I mean...she's such a mess. I'm not sure how good an actor Megalyn Echikunwoke is, but she sure is pretty.
  8. Moira's skirt was amazing. love how she just dons that to go to a jazzagirls rehearsal. According to WornonTV, it's an MSGM skirt, originally $700 or so, now sold out. And Alexis' little skirt and top is actually a one piece dress, from Yoox, about $400. I do so love the fashion on this show. Poor David. That's a humiliation I'm not sure you come back from. Patrick was so sweet about it. I loved how David said if situations were reversed, he's not sure he could say the same (about no divorce), cuz that's so David. Such a funny episode.
  9. It's mentioned multiple times that David lived in NYC, but no real indication that the rest of the family did, tho they clearly visited him. And Alexis crashed her car into the Prada store on Rodeo Drive, so they might have lived there, but Alexis has stories about EVERYwhere, so who knows. They don't really want us to pin down where they lived, or where Schitts Creek is now, so I mostly just don't try to.
  10. I loved it. It's like the Scrubs musical episode, which is a fave. I love Jane Levy and I love the LOOK of this show, so bright and pretty. I love the setting, I love the cast. i'm sure it's too twee by half for some folks, but I'm in it for the long haul. Or short, cuz it probably won't last.
  11. Wait, why would it have been Tyrell's face? I'm still...thinking about it. It was beautiful and so effing sad that I cried, but I'm not positive yet how I actually felt about it.
  12. Forrest Gump is pretty much my most hated movie ever, but I still mostly like Hanks. I do think he's over-revered. He's quite capable of ladling on too much cheese and being too precious and twinkly. Which is why, tho The Circle wasn't a good movie, I enjoyed him in it, playing the lying, scheming, smiling bad guy. I'd LOVE to see him a truly evil character.
  13. Yes. they separated briefly, and then got back together, and lived, as Janeane Garofalo's Mabel told us, 'happily ever after'.
  14. I guess that's true. My math is probably wonky. I was putting her more at 45, and NYOTB at more mid 90s than late 80s, so I was figuring her first concert to be at 19 or 20.
  15. Agreed. He's long been a crush, but I never knew he could play sweetly adorkable so well. I love the Drive-by truckers! Their former guitarist/singer Jason Isbell is just about my fave artist. I'm not buying that anna is young enuf for NKOTB to be her first concert. Or were they just naming embarrassing concerts or something?
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