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  1. The Game was one of the movies listed on that cryptic weird hidden note Rey left.
  2. I tell myself not to watch this before it's time to go to bed, but then I do, and then I can't sleep. This episode may have been even more disturbing than the last one. The idea that he took the news story about the rapist not entering homes with a man or dog present as some kind of dare or something, and then immediately began doing so...terrifying. He simply seemed to have no fear of getting caught, and mostly he was right. The attitudes toward women who are raped haven't improved much in all these years. I also noticed that the women who were raped by this monster seemed STILL have to take on the role of caretaker/placater for the husbands. Yes, the men endured a trauma as well, and I can only imagine the complicated emotions that a man must have to know he's unable to help or protect his wife while she's being raped. But it was the wife, seated next to the husband who fidgeted and squirmed and said he'd blocked it all out, who reached out and took his hand, as if to comfort HIM, not the other way around. They're still together, so hopefully at least in private he's been a comfort for her. And the other woman, who had just been raped...her husband told her she had to go get help, cuz his bound hands were going numb. Meanwhile, she's also bound, half naked, and has been repeatedly raped. It was very telling. I wonder how Michelle did manage to sleep at night, after spending hours and hours with this guy in her head. I guess, as Patton indicated, not very well.
  3. I watched the first two eps, and I'll keep watching. Unlike most, I never watched the original, for some reason, tho I've always been a true crime junkie. I think I thought it was a show 'old people' watched or some stupid thing, I don't know. The first one, Rey Rivera...that one really creeped me out. There is just no way he jumped from the hotel roof, none of the trajectories worked, and just no explanation otherwise, either. And that note....that literally sent goose bumps all over me. Even given his habit of writing disjointed thoughts and ideas...wtf WAS that? and why was it miniaturized and hidden behind the computer? And the Freemason quote....it's SO creepy. And yeah, my first thought on seeing his friend, even before suspicion was cast on him, was that he looked like a frat boy rapist type, so I'm all on board with thinking he's involved, and it seems far reaching, even to the cops. And yeah, it's somehow about money, or powerful men, or both. I felt so sad for his widow. The Patrice Endres case was also so sad, her son is so damaged, and her husband is so...again, creepy. I guess I don't think he killed her, tho a hit for hire still might be a possibility, but he's an awful man. Locking the son out of the house, at 15, after he's just lost his mom...his house, with his stuff...he just was able to not allow him back in because he 'didn't like him'?? What a POS. And then his request to have her bones laid out and carrying around her skull, and then sleeping with her cremains? OMG. My jaw was literally agape with horror while watching him.
  4. I've read a million true crime books, but I still was terrified reading this one, and tried to remember not to read it at nite, cuz I couldn't sleep after if I did. I watched an Oxygen special about it, at night, couldn't sleep after. I told myself I was familiar enough with it all to not be sleepless if I watched this before bedtime; I was wrong. It just plays into some our worst fears, I think. The imagery of being awakened from a peaceful sleep by a presence and then a blinding flashlight beam...it's the stuff of literal nightmares. (I once awakened in the middle of the night to see two men slinking into the bedroom I shared with my then-husband; fortunately, they only had burglary on their minds. I pretended to remain asleep, I could feel one of them standing beside me just watching for movement for a few seconds. They were only there for a few minutes, but it was the longest few minutes of my life. I can only imagine the utter terror of finding a sexual predator in your dark room.) The girl at the piano...so terrifying and heartbreaking. Also heartbreaking, of course, that Michelle died before seeing what she'd helped accomplish. And yeah, though I know Patton has evidently happily remarried, his love and affection and respect for Michelle really is palpable. It just adds such a shadow of overwhelming sadness to this series. That old man in court--even seeing him appearing to be frail and ancient--I'm an utter pacifist, but I could smash his fucking face in.
  5. I think the case could definitely be made that removing that condom, without her consent, aka stealthing, was a form of rape. I believe it HAS been argued, legally, tho I may be wrong about that. Zain is shady AF, and I don't believe for a second he thought it was okay with her. I hate that she accepted it so readily and is still feeling flirty with him. I think that may change. He also had contempt for her writing success, and feels he's a better, more deserving writer. It was a complete power play on his part. I admire how realistic this show is in dealing with Arabella's need for constant company, and also in how quickly she wants to reassert her own sexual agency. At first, the hookup with Zain kind of baffled me; they didn't seem at all into each other, there didn't seem to be any actual attraction on either part, and the sex, creepy stealthing aside, looked merely serviceable, something to get over with. But I also recalled, having gone thru a similar--or anyway, somewhat adjacent-- situation as Arabella back when I was 19, that throwing yourself back into sexual situations where YOU feel in control is a common defense mechanism. It's heartbreaking that the first time she does this, she's met with more sexual betrayal by a predator who looks like a nice guy but definitely is not. I really also didn't get what was going on with Kwame and his new friend, who seemed into him, but hesitant, and despite what he said, a little scared. I'm not sure I get why Kwame immediately thought "threesome with a stranger is a good way to ease this guy into things!" Was it strictly logistics, as they had no where else to go? I'm also not entirely clear on what happened with the Grindr hookup guy...did he actually rape him, was there penetration, or did he just get himself off using Kwame as a sex toy? Either way is heinous, indefensible, and an assault; I'm just unclear on the details. So really, with Terry's dubious threesome that she believed was consensual til she realized she'd been set up by the two guys...she, Arabella and Kwame have all experienced different levels of deceit and assault regarding consent and their own sexual agency. This show is brilliant, and so, so hard to watch.
  6. My BFF and I, at about 18, 19, decided to go to the Knoxville World's Fair (you can do the math, I'm old). We'd recently quit our jobs and gone to Tucson to crash with friends for awhile, then came back to Kentucky, and with our last remaining $$, drove to Knoxville. No reservations, no idea where we'd stay, during a world's fair, but whatever. We lucked into a condo in a nearby small town, got dolled up, drove into Knoxville at night looking for something to do, looking for the strip of college bars we'd heard about. Wound up on UT campus, driving around, came upon two cute boys jogging, asked for directions. They told us if we'd give them a ride back to their dorms, they'd get changed and show us the town. We did, they did, we spent the evening drinking and dancing and making out in various little bars before chastely depositing them back at their dorms with the promise of picking them up the next day to go to the Fair together. We stopped to get gas on the way back to the condo and two cute, slightly older guys started talking to us. Told us they were in town for a wedding but hadn't realized there would be such problem finding rooms. Without even really discussing it, we invited them to crash at our condo. They followed us in their car. (we did, at least, pause to wonder along the ride if they might be serial killers and if we should try to ditch them, but we didn't). A lot more drinking and making out/hooking up went on, but it remained fairly innocent, and nobody murdered us in our sleep. Next day, they left and we went and picked up the other 2 guys at their dorm and went to the Fair. We were idiots (I read serial killer books voraciously, including the one Ann Rule wrote about Ted Bundy, when I was hit with the realization that if he'd asked me to help him out at some lake I'd have been dead meat cuz I'd think he was cute, and yet I STILL did all this shit) but somehow it all turned out okay and we lived to tell the tale.
  7. Augie's def the cutest, but it's a little shady that he's cyber-stalking her IG while with his new girlfriend. I dug the three eps we've seen so far. Sure, it's SATC-lite (is that even possible?) but Kendrick is always appealing and I like the supporting cast. I'll keep watching.
  8. I just can't cut him the slack you do, just because of the times, or the culture, or whatever. He beat Ada once, I don't see any reason to believe he wouldn't keep beating her any time she got mouthy or didn't have dinner on the table on time or whatever. I guess I appreciate that you're trying to see this thru an unmodern lens, but I can't do it any more than I can defend racists and slave owners and Nazis. He's perhaps a victim of his culture, but he's still a childish, violent bully. I sure don't wish him any happiness.
  9. I admire this show, but there's just a huge remove between me and the characters...I can't seem to love any of them. The men are so terrible, the women often not much better, and our 2 protagonists both infuriate me. Still, tho I don't love Lila, seeing her in that horrible sausage factory was dismaying, tho still preferable to watching her get raped and beaten by Stefano. And I knew, the second we saw that fire, that Lila would toss her lovely little book into the flames. But I don't seem to FEEL the love between the 2 young women like I'm supposed to. Lila has been so awful to Lenu, who just allows it...I don't know, I think they're toxic to one another. And now beautiful Nico shows back up with a stupid straggly beard, and Elena's gonna torpedo her relationship with the nice guy for him. It's all so bleak. Stefano is a POS. Period. The end. Poor stupid Ada.
  10. luna1122

    S03.E17: Powerless

    The whole episode fell kind of flat for me. The urgency and desperation that should have been present and palpable when Bobby and Co. were racing to save Athena just wasn't there. The truck didn't even seem to be going terribly fast! And I love Peter Krause, but his micro expression-face just didn't work in this scene, he didn't appear distraught or anguished. I don't know. Maybe it's me. And I didn't blame Karen much for leaping to conclusions: Hen cheated. It's pretty easy to believe "once a cheater, always..." when you find suspicious stuff and your partner flat out lies to you. But while it was funny to see Karen and Chimney interact, neither one of them played a convincing drunk person. Connie Britton! Why does Abby wear such bad eyewear?
  11. This show is beautiful, and I'll see it thru this season, but it's also so ugly and brutal and maddening. There is no one to root for, really, not even Elena, who is just so passive and mute. There is not, so far, one single redeemable male in all of this particular version of Italy. And yes, why is every single man she meets in love with Lila? I fail to see any reason. I've read some synopses of the future books, and it just seems like it all gets even bleaker. I don't know if I can hang.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-xh3rCj0gk/ I like Chris Meloni, but I'd rather Walton Goggins make me cocktails https://www.instagram.com/p/B-da68wDjQO/
  13. I never took that joke particularly seriously til I saw this dress. I'd totally forgotten what Will was doing for a living now. He's a professor? I don't think I even remembered/knew that. Thanks.
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