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  1. luna1122

    Bless This Mess

    I like the actors involved but the commercials looked so lame that I was just sure it would be a bomb..but I liked it too. The premise is still kinda stupid--that these two would just ditch everything to become farmers, with the property sight unseen--but lots of good show premises don't really bear examination---and the talent involved rises the show above the level I'd been afraid of. We laughed a lot.
  2. luna1122

    Better Things

    I was a mouthy, moody teen who hated my mom half the time just for existing, but I would never have acted or spoken to my mom the way these kids do, especially Frankie. Just what is supposed to be her problem? it's not just typical teen stuff, it seems almost pathological now, like she needs serious therapy to sort out her anger issues. But not with Dr. Ferris, who winds up being kind of creepy and inappropriate. I'm uncertain just how we're supposed to feel about any of that, or how Sam feels about him, at all. She is certainly therapy-adverse, at any rate, tho she needs it bad.
  3. luna1122

    S03.E18: Her

    That pic in the black pantsuit is definitely Melissa McCarthy, not Chrissy Metz.
  4. luna1122

    S17.E10: All-Star Duets (1) (2019.04.08)

    I love Elle King..she has an amazing voice and stage presence (I saw her live with the dixie chicks, and tho they're great, she blew them out of the water). I thought she was trying to HELP shawn by changing the arrangement to make it more in his wheelhouse, tho it came kind of late in the game and probably messed him up. I also wondered why she didn't do her own songs instead of decades old music by other artists. I feel like that wasn't her own decision. Bumbly did a great job, but to no avail, I guess. I think the judges had planned to send home Riley but then she came out and really shone, so they had to revise. Why the 'suspense' at the end about who was the final pick? It was so clearly Laine, who already seems kind of like an anointed one (I'm not mad about it, he's adorable and talented).
  5. luna1122

    Better Things

    Most of Sam's friends at the restaurant were kind of obnoxious---I'd have hated to have been their server--but I did love seeing Judy Reyes, and, tho it took me a minute to recognize her, Cree Summer. The stanky fish oil friend was the worst all the way around, drunk or sober. I was a little surprised that Sam has a male gyno too, and even more that he continued the exam once she'd mentioned the whole 'fingering' thing. Sam is such a tough cookie, but not with her kids. She's very indulgent with them, and lets them get away with almost literal murder. I'm not a parent, so I have no basis for judgement there; parenting seems like the hardest (and, to me, often, worst) job in the world. And I hate to sound like one of those 'get off my lawn' types, but I can't imagine speaking to my folks, at that age (or even now) the way her daughters talk to her. And yeah...what is Max going to do now? No school, no consequences, no job or life plan? I know a lot of this is autobiographical for Adlon's real life; I just wonder how much. I know her real life daughters are all actually actresses ...will they go that way on the show?
  6. luna1122

    Broad City

    This was a lovely ending. The girls both really brought it, and I completely believed those tears as they said goodbye. I cried too. I'm gonna miss the hell out of them.
  7. luna1122

    Splitting Up Together

    I love how they're handling this whole baby situation, at least in terms of emotions...would ANYone else be as understanding and kind as Lena here, in real life? I don't know but I love it. I love Martin not getting upset with her for getting involved in Annie Apple's life, even when he asked her not to. I love how encouraging they both are about it all. I also have the very largest crush on Oliver Hudson. I always did, even when he was kinda evil on Nashville, but I ADORE him here. I seriously 'ship Martin and Lena now. I don't think--or at least, I hope--that Martin focusing on Annie won't cause a rift. It's only natural that he would. Still no news on whether this show is getting renewed? They're calling next week a 'season finale' but I guess it could still be a series finale. I hope not.
  8. luna1122

    Will & Grace

    They were fabulous together. "You're like a hot baby." In the last couple weeks, formerly very hetero female characters on You're the Worst, Broad City, and Better Things have all gone the maybe/kinda bi/lesbian route. Which happens, and all, and that's great, but at this point it DOES seem like a sitcom cliché. I don't really have any problem Will and Grace being each other's one true non-sexual loves. Families take on all forms. David and Matt (I don't remember their character's names) seemed to accept it all with some, um, grace.
  9. luna1122

    Broad City

    I'm so sad it's nearly over, but this episode made me laugh and laugh. The moment in the air shaft thing, when the blower came on and the lighter stayed lit, and Abbi said 'the litter stayed lighted' or whatever exactly she said...I nearly laughed til I cried, and later, as I was about to fall asleep, I thought of that again and started laughing and trying not to wake my BF up. And the "BOULDER/Bolder" moment in the alley way...just so funny and real. And yeah, the 'I don't keep bread in the house, I'm not crazy!!"...bahahaha. Damn. I'm gonna miss these chicks.
  10. luna1122

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I don't recall that, but I could be wrong. I THOUGHT we definitely knew she wasn't one of the 'fat girl' friends, (a Sofi, as opposed to Sophie) but maybe that was all just speculation. About Sophie and Kevin moving on...it just seemed fast, to me, to be already in such serious relationships. After my divorce, I dated a hell of a lot, but no way did I want to get serious for YEARS. But everyone's different, and Sophie and Kevin had already gotten been thru all this before, so maybe once this breakup stuck, they'd already both done their time healing from it all, and were ready for something serious.
  11. luna1122

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I don't think Kevin necessarily really wants a child. I think he just assumed, without giving it much thought, that he'd have kids, cuz 'that's what people do'. Not to say he doesn't want them but I don't think it's some burning desire/need for him, at this point, anyway. Who knows? My guy and I never say really mean things to each other (I definitely did, in my first marriage, and hey, no shock we're divorced), not even at our worst, not even in the heat of anger (we don't really fight), but still, both of us were like: "dude, just tell her you were mad and frustrated and left a mean message." And he did, and Beth is pissed and I get it, but the message itself, of course, isn't really the problem, hateful as it was. I thought about Kate and the baby with Sophie too...I hate that they just dropped that Kate and Sophie were good friends as kids. People lose touch, grow apart, etc but I'd still want to know the big news about someone who used to be a good friend, let alone one that was almost my family. I thought about When Harry Met Sally too, and the 'cold hard Mexican tile' line, when Zoe was talking about good reasons to not have kids.
  12. luna1122

    S03.E16: Don't Take My Sunshine Away

    I've known since I was 8 I didn't want kids. Everyone told me I'd change my mind. All these decades later: nope. Never for a second wanted them. Never wavered, never doubted, never wondered. I wasn't abused, I'm not super ambitious with a 70 hour work week, I don't have any specific, dramatic reason for not being interested in having children. Just don't. So yeah, Kevin just assuming everyone wants kids cuz it's what people do, and that Zoe not wanting them probably has something to do with her abuse is a little annoying to me too. Some of the things I've heard and the looks I've gotten when I say I never wanted kids are ridiculous. It'd be nice for it to be seen, on TV and in real life, as simply one more valid choice in life. I love Sophie. Minority, I know, but there are obviously a few of us here. I'm glad she's moved on (but what's the time frame on them and their breakup? A year or something? They both moved on to really serious relationships really quickly) but I still had hope for them. Of course, who knows, still? I also agree that Zoe loves Kevin but was kind of hoping this was a way out of it all. Not that she DOES want kids--I fully believe she doesn't--but that it would be a deal breaker for Kevin and then she wouldn't be the chick who broke up with the addict. Beth and Randall are both on my last nerves.
  13. luna1122

    Better Things

    Sam just wasn't prepared to have or indulge the 'might be dropping out of school' convo right then, was my impression. I loved glenn thurman, who i mostly know from A Different World, and one of the most poignant episodes of Scrubs (and who I just discovered was once married to Aretha Franklin!) Not shallow to say Sharon Stone looks great, she does. I didn't understand the conversation with Kevin Pollak though when he was talking about great she looked and then he asked: what's the equation--- half your age plus seven? I get the reference, but it seemed like such a non sequitur when he was talking about Stone, who is exactly the same age as Pollack. Did i miss, or misinterpret, something there? I also loved the whole weed conversation. "That's not old people weed." That was hilarious. Is Sam going to suddenly dip into the lady pond with that agent, aka The Flipper? It's a trend on TV shows lately. (Or maybe in real life, i don't know. I'm hopelessly straight). Abbi on Broad City, Lindsay on You're the Worst were both sort of suddenly bisexual; is that where they're going here? I absolutely adore Diedrich Baker on this show.
  14. luna1122

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    It's funny, but when I see Chris Sullivan in other roles, I think he comes off kind of cool. Cute even. Even in his red carpet appearances, where his real life sartorial style is funky and flashy and weird, I think he seems cool. But Toby..is not. I despised Toby at first, but seriously, compared to most of the Pearsons at their worst, he's more relatable and bearable.
  15. luna1122

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    Yeah, I guess I didn't think he'd been gone long enuf, but the timeframe was relative here, and there could be a drugstore right next door or something. Miguel said they were thinking of relocating to California. I kind of agree that they should ALL move there, or back to PA, or whatever, so the constant winging back and forth across country didn't seem so unlikely as it sometimes does.