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  1. Lori looks 10x better and younger with the bob. Her haircut before just wanted to speak to a manager.
  2. Kevin having more than one set of twins is a kind of maddening idea. like one the writers would have cooked up just to keep us guessing and on our toes and omgoshsoshocked! I hope that's not the case.
  3. Popular wisdom seems to think the Astronaut is Hunter Hayes, but i'm kind of getting a Joseph Gordon Levitt vibe from him too. I'd think he's too big and current a star to do this dumb show, but it also seems like exactly the kind of cheesy, silly thing his adorkable little ass would love.
  4. Older Kevin looks 50ish to me, and still incredibly handsome, tho the beard makes his face oddly just look...larger, more squared off or something .I'd think he might, being a famous movie star guy, not have given into the gray and the beard, fought aging harder, but look at George Clooney. Handsome as hell , but looks every bit his age. But still yum. They've aged Randall a little too much tho. Kevin IS my fave, and only partly cuz he's so pretty, but both Kevin and Randall were horrible in that argument. No sides here. They were both striking out like kids do, saying the worst, ugliest things imaginable, and both were wrong as wrong can be. But it looks like they'd made up in the future. I wasn't thrilled that Madison is the baby mama, but whatever. Kevin wanted kids, he's getting kids. Ta da. I do hope they don't get married. I still kind of want him with Sophie. I loved her laughing at Kevin's giant nipply billboard. I'm afraid that Nicky is married to Rebecca in the future for some reason, which squicks me out. I hope that's not the case.
  5. I make a kale/spinach smoothie with berries and sometimes cocoa every morning and it blends up just fine, no overtly big chunks of green stuff. i'd totally drink that milk shake.
  6. I think Jane Levy is adorable and gorgeous, but I can't quite figure out why all these guys are so into Zoey, who is kind of clueless and buttoned up and, beyond her superpower, which they don't see, kind of a cipher. She just doesn't seem that interesting, and she's not at all sexy, tho again, I think Jane Levy is/can be. I don't know. Conversely, I've never really found Skylar Astin especially hot or interesting--I couldn't figure out why Anna Kendrick was into him in Pitch Perfect--but here, he's a total smoke show for me, and that was even before he took off his shirt, which: damn. I just assumed Leif was gay, so the whole thing with Joan did surprise me. I loved the flash mob thing, that also took me by surprise, so kudos, show. I know the subordinate/supervisor thing romance thing is ill advised, but it doesn't really bother me here. Or in real life, apparently, as my honey was technically my, um, underling (it was just a mostly silly retail job, I had no real power, unlike Joan or Zoey, in this instance) when we began our relationship and we've been together 16 years. But yeah, they should really address it, in both cases. And Zoey should shut Max down with it, especially if she's really not interested in him. Maybe the company has one of those policies where they can date, as long as it's all disclosed to HR?
  7. As soon as Kim began telling Jimmy, with a catch in her voice, that they needed to end this, I knew she was going to say "or we could get married'. I even said the words aloud with her. What I don't know is why. The spousal privilege thing seems like such a cliché, I want that to NOT be the reason. Saul talked about ex wives in Breaking Bad, but you can't really believe a word out of Saul's mouth, so I don't take that as any kind of canon. I feel really bad for Howard. The casting of young Kim and her mom were spot-on. And I also was like: okay, walk, Kim, but put the damn cello in the car first.
  8. Creepy fish misadventure aside, Greg Evigan is still damn cute. Nearly 70, looks 20 years younger.
  9. I'm kind of just here for Aaron Paul at this point. Evan rachel wood must be relishing getting out of that blue prairie dress and getting to look smoking hot in all the little black dresses. Beyond that, I got nothin
  10. I loved this episode so much. I loved Gen's joy over New York. Whether Matilda winds up there or not--and it's not looking like she will now--genevieve clearly belongs there. I was also afraid that Matilda was going to hear her set, and she'd have every right to be upset, but comedians use their real life experiences, its what they do. And G's love for Matilda was palpable. She was like a baby sarah Silverman up there. Matilda did such a good job navigating the subway system. I was so sad that she got so overwhelmed; NYC is an extremely stimulating place. I want her to try again. I don't know what the plans or hopes are for this show, but I really hope it returns. I love it so much.
  11. Loved seeing the former Mrs Raylan Givens show up to maybe be Boyd Crowder's new girlfriend. Wade at his wife's grave made me cry, not gonna lie. I hope this show gets picked up for next season. It's just so sweet.
  12. Yes. she wasn't so much looking out for Alexis as not wanting to be embarrassed by her current state of depressed dishevelment.
  13. Omg, I just loved every single thing about this episode. This show is art.
  14. I'm sure I'm in the minority, and I'm sure she'll wind up going back, and I'm not saying it's the best decision, but Zoey dropping out doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world. She wants to be a stylist. She's already working as that, for a successful musician. College isn't the only way to be happy or successful. What I do wonder is: is that house they all share on campus? Will she have to move out? I'm guessing no, to both, but I don't know. Everyone looked pretty great in their 90s gear. The twins as Janet and Lil Kim, Doug as Tupac (damn), Ana as Selena and Uma, and the rest of the Pulp Fiction crew. Also, somehow Luca and the new girl whose name I can't remember managed to make those denim on denim Justin and Britney atrocities look cool. And of course Zoey is stunning no matter what she does or wears.
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