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  1. I dunno, I think the Chemist is about as evil as evil can get: she doesn’t care at all about human (or beastly) collateral. She’d have made a good Nazi. She’s great looking tho. II rarely root for murder, but I actively supported Belle Noir opening up her terrible, awful, horrible husband’s throat. Of course, she’s even worse than he is now but she has a chemically induced excuse. He was just a collosal d-bag. Didn’t feel particularly bad for Evan’s bullying ‘friends’ either. Also: Evan Peters in drag SHOULD be a thing of beauty, but they sure went out of their way to make him l
  2. I'm so sad about this. It actually made me cry last night when I read Josh's IG. It was such a special little show.
  3. I don't think the other outfits we've seen indicate Carrie’s broke. And she's wearing the Forever 21 dress with nearly $400 shoes.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CR6-WduN9Mg/?utm_medium=copy_link The shoes are pretty. But with neon green sweatpants? I don't even know. Is this IG account really the costumers/stylists?
  5. I’m hoping we don’t have too much of the kids either, but this George (unless he DOES wind up having familial connections somehow) just might be in an episode as somebody’s boyfriend or something. I doubt they’ll shift focus TOO much from the main characters. I think the production is maybe just proud of the diversity they’re showing with casting/characters and want to show it off. Re the article about Carrie dressing with intent….I get it, and yet I don’t. I could never quite figure out her intention or what it meant. Sometimes it was breathtaking (her evening gowns with tight wai
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CR4KzuMLKsj/?utm_medium=copy_link Who is George? Lily's boyfriend? Maybe Brady's? I saw someone speculating its Big and Natasha's son she never told him about. He DOES have Big-gish eyebrows.
  7. I like the dress okay, I'm still a sucker for a flowy maxi, and we've definitely seen Carrie wear those, but not with that shirt underneath.
  8. https://www.tvinsider.com/1007125/and-just-like-that-alexa-swinton-joins-sex-and-the-city-revival/ I knew her from the now defunct Emergence. She's cute The new Lily and Brady are also referenced. I do wonder if the former child actors were approached about the show or...just not. I do recall reading a quote from the original Brady saying he didn't especially enjoy his time on the show.
  9. In the last episode, Zoey VO'd that the marriage wasn't actually legal or binding, so no, they aren't married
  10. Zoey was pulling a total Carrie Bradshaw in this episode. Carrie slept with a married man in the bed he shared with his wife, wife caught her in the apt (where she was wandering around in her underwear, eating food out of their fridge), fled, wife chased her, fell, broke a tooth, etc etc. Ugly. And then later Carrie just could not deal with somebody hating her as much as the now ex-wife did and stalked her in order to ‘apologize’ to her, when really, it was just all about trying to make herself feel better. Selfish, myopic, delusional behavior, and I could see Zoey doing all of the above, whil
  11. I don’t really care about the Kim/SJP drama, or at least…I don’t care anymore. I don’t have a dog in the fight, I like both of them just fine. I can’t see SJP being jealous of Kim, she has more awards and I don’t really see that Kim ran away with the show or anything, but who knows. None of us know. I tend to think there’s no real bad guy and that it’s just a case of two co-workers not really liking each other all that much. It happens. I respect Kim’s decision not to come back if she didn’t want to. I won’t personally miss Samantha---tho I identified with her character the most fairly often,
  12. Well, it’s weird, because I never shipped Carrie and Big, think they’re bad for each other, was annoyed they got together in the series finale, and think it’s absolutely realistic that they’d get divorced…but I still hope this is a red herring/fake leak. After all this, if they split, it’s just…sad. Altho they’d probably still get back together, that’s their pattern. I dunno. There were a lot of fake rumors/leaks from the two flicks, so maybe this is one as well. These shoes are killer, as in I’d literally kill myself if I tried to walk in them. I know women of Miranda’s age can st
  13. I think Cynthia's dress and wedges look cute. And below are the shoes that really go with Charlotte's outfit. I know they aren't recasting, and i really don't think they should, but i do think this actress resembles Kim:
  14. I could be wrong but I think those are shoes Kristin put on between takes, for comfort. Charlotte would never wear those. I'd love for Berger to come back too! They could run into each other while she's wearing that hat.
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