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  1. It's weird that Debra kept her first married name she shares with Ashley but I can't think of a better solution. Is Sophia Abraham or whatever Derek's name was?
  2. Hey - at least we know the boyfriend isn't getting a free ride if no one is paying the bills.
  3. Amber was thicker prior to Leah and thinned out when taking mega doses of pain killers. After jell, she's back to normal. Skinny Amber is the exception.
  4. Eh, if she owned the house, it would be fairly cheap and easy to add a bathroom. The finishes get expensive but are unnecessary. I couldn't find a property record for Maci Bookout in Tn. (Mod attempt to clear up confusion not stalk.)
  5. I don't know a Dr that would suggest to a MOTHER of 23 years old that she has fertility concerns without a prolonged period of trying without luck. It feels like a big fib.
  6. This is your spot to discuss the marriages or proposals of the Teen Mom cast. Feel free to share personal anecdotes in a limited way to clarify your point about the show.
  7. I'm going to split this conversation regarding proposals off into another thread. Feel free to continue that conversation over here: http://forums.previously.tv/topic/26010-marriage-and-proposals/#entry1113858
  8. If you have a concern about a post, please use the report button. We will be happy to review. Some posts have been removed that were directed towards our members and not the show characters.
  9. I think Tyler is starting to realize his poop does smell. He was so close to connecting that Teresa does not respond to him but she does respond to Cate. If only he would have noticed the letter was addressed "Dear Catelynn." (I have no idea how to spell her full name, someone correct me please.)
  10. This Indian hopes their efforts work. There's barely any of us left, we don't need a mega-millionaire profiting off skin color.
  11. I noticed Tyler once again rolled out the line "we wouldn't be together if we kept Carly" and Cate didn't flinch. Maybe she'll run off with Nova and find someone loving and kind.
  12. I think C&T are acting pretty insensitive to BrandonandTeresa. Its not like they flaunted added another child to their family when B&T's son arrived, why are they vomitting their new daughter onto them? Teresa has been gracious and kind by sharing some of Carly's things, thats enough attention.
  13. Crystal's stank face is epic and worth her appearance.
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