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  1. I only watched Fosse/Verdon and When They See Us, out of the other ones with the nominated actresses. The thing is, I cannot even compare the other two with Michelle for the simple reason that I was so taken aback by the men's performances in one show, and Michelle was magnificent as Verdon. Maybe it is not fair but that's just how it is. Michelle was great, she had more exposure as far as screen time, and she deserves it.
  2. I want to like this comment 1000 times. I really like Weevil and how the actor played him. it was nuanced and closer to reality.
  3. Yes. Cult people are either or both of the following: sociopaths or con-artists. They don't have to believe on what they preach, they just have to know how to preach and believe they can get rewarded for that. Note that sociopath is not someone who believes in their own bullshit. They have no moral compass, as opposed to someone who might be "delusional" due to a mental illness. Those don't plan to cause harm to others, or to use others to benefit from them, they don't usually cause harm to other at all.
  4. Somewhat related to the show because of actor and because of our political times. Bradley Whitford is the voice in Ady Barkan's book, Eyes in the Wind. I know BW has been very politically engaged but more in the neoliberal branch of the democratic party. Ady is more progressive, I believe he identifies himself as a "socialist" (quotes because I am referring to the type of socialism that is not really socialism). But still cool. I had already ordered the audiobook because I can enjoyed it with my roommate who prefers audio recordings - Libro.fm, not Audible because I avoid Amazon as much as believers say they avoid the devil.
  5. Well, with that article my disappointment is sealed. She told a show creator who, as far as I know has proven himself to be completely oblivious to anything regarding women, things that she was still working on from the point of view of a women, at a time that, more than ever, women's voices should be amplified at every turn. It doesn't really matter then if she started writing the book before the show started. She gave away her best asset - her creativeness - to a low level writing team. That's a shame. It is mind boggling that she would do that and allow them to get ahead of her book, using her ideas, and destroying the genius part of it. I guess capitalism wins, and art loses (because I cannot see any other reason, other than money, for her to simply allow her book to be massacred by a - many times - mediocre TV show.) Really disappointing.
  6. I haven't read the reviews, only some snippets posted here. I already pre-ordered the audiobook. I agree with the reviewer that said Margaret Atwood knows how to use words in an ingenious way. That on itself would make me read her books. That's the sole reason why I did read some, even if the stories didn't attract me so much. Having said that, I am afraid she wrote a book in part to justify the terrible spin off the show creators invented, and that will be a huge disappointment. I was hoping that she was writing it to set clear the vision she had for her masterpiece. Two things mentioned here make me think that: the fact that she has written Holly/Nichole in, making the story about June alone (I always understood the tale to be one handmaid writing about the lives of all handmaids, not her own life), and the possibility that Gilead ended so soon, which is 100% the opposite of what she first wrote. I hope I am wrong. I would hate to think that she is somewhat colluding with the asshats of the show to keep that crap rolling for another 7 years.
  7. Scientology is a cult. Cults are abusive. Marrying someone solely for money shows a lack of character. Marry someone for money and knowing that the person is a top influencer in an abusive system sows that the person has abusive tendencies. Obviously, this is a back and white answer but I am assuming the question is if someone would marry the Tom Cruise we know, knowing that he is part of the scientology we know. Then there is no nuance in the answer.
  8. Wow! I don't have any of those devices and now even the camera door, the one from Amazon - Ring - is being marketed by the police and will eventually be used to profile people and for surveillance. The police departments are getting gifts from Amazon, which also writes their press releases praising the device. Not to mention the face recognition scanners that are very inaccurate, with algorithms that cannot distinguish one black person from another.
  9. If this article is accurate, I am very disappointed that Margaret Atwood is still willing to have her words turned into crap by the same writers who, imo, destroyed the premise of the book and created something unwatchable. She could just leave it as a book, a story that would erase the shitty show as a valid representation of what she wrote. It would be the original author expanding on her first story, and the show would simply be a cheap attempt to make something good. Maybe the money is too tempting?
  10. So, the BH part of the title is more like "Botox High", right? So much pressure on women to keep looking young, when all it does, imo, is to make them look like they are a collection of plastic pieces put together and smoothed with make up. I think they look awful, except for Gabrielle, who looks more natural. And by awful I don't mean the relative concept of beauty. I mean that they look more like avatars of themselves.
  11. To be fair, there are far too many Christian institutions who have nothing to do with what they claim are their values. It is all "Jesus loves all, love the strangers, open your doors, share your food, be humble" then they turn around and are all full of shit, arrogant, demonizing immigrants - especially in these times - discriminating against whoever is not "like them". I have a theory that the cross is a marketing strategy. A recognizable image that, for many, tends to soften anything else that might come from them. It is like a subliminal message.
  12. I know people do that. The Travoltas went a step further though, with all the *Jett come back in this new body*. The kid is already born without a acknowledged individuality. He will probably struggle to find his own identity.
  13. I agree with you and I agree with Leah. EM says that people should inform themselves, then people do, then she claims that the information is incorrect? No darling, you cannot have it both ways. And she is either clueless, or really awful because the analogies between what happens in Gilead and the scientology world are enormous. As far as I know, she doesn't have family attachments she can use as an excuse to not say anything for fear of retaliation. Even that excuse does not work for everyone, imo. So-called celebrities have special treatment and a lot of non-celebrity people sound the alarm and lost loved ones, as we all know. Good for Leah to use all the words that need to be used instead of elevating EM - which is an ok actor treated as if she is an unmatched talent - to a voice of moderations. There is no moderation in cults. Extremism is part of the whole thing.
  14. Too late for that. I signed up to a medical thing the other day and in seconds they had my photo and all the information they (didn't) need. We are living in a dystopian reality.
  15. Thanks for setting me straight. I wasn't paying attention, I guess. To be fair to me, I'm not really a fan I just watched all the seasons and the movie because I thought it was good entertainment and I like Rico Colantoni a lot. I still like Veronica with Piz more than I like her with Logan. Still prefer her romantically solo.
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