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  1. Anyone who works for a corporation that pays them millions become puppets to deliver the message the corporation wants, whether they agree with the message or not. That's just basic capitalism, LOL. But whatever, the premise of the question I heard on the clip is absurd, because as much as people hate Bernie/want Biden (another sexual abuser), and as much as the race is harder for Bernie to win, half of the country hasn't voted yet, and people who support Bernie should have the chance to make that heard. I know I did, and will again in the general.
  2. Sure. Wanting healthcare for all people, wanting corporations to stop exploiting humans, extremely vile. Anyway, the corporate media has always done that to Bernie but asking questions and interrupting before he can answer because she pretended that she didn't know that sometimes there is a delay in streaming is pathetic. But it is expected when the puppeteers who move those anchors money are the Disney corporation and they do hate Bernie. Maybe Whoopi is just another puppet without any real opinion about issues that she doesn't get paid to vilify.
  3. I don't watch this show, can't stand any of those ladies but I saw a clip of Whoopi today and WTF? Is this woman for real? why being so disrespectful? It is not only that it is Bernie, I love the man, I know they despise him but if you invite someone to your show you have to at least pretend to be respectful. That was rude and she should be fired. I have seen other clips and I know the show is just a bunch of arrogant privileged women (different levels of privilege) but the class war in this show is palpable. UGH! I am not spiritual or religious but I have a soft spot for Karma and seriously, if I could choose one power, it would be for people to get all they do to others 1000 times in return, and feel any second of it.
  4. That sums up the whole mess. Nothing else to say.
  5. That is the most ridiculous explanation (Nash's, not yours). If they don't want to research and stick to a minimum of reality, why stick to reality at all? Just ignore time and space, ignore socially held norms, ignore racism, ignore homophobia, ignore the science behind cancer... Agreeing with everyone that it was cliche after cliche in the finale. Theo is ever so annoying. Which 10-year old sees someone and yells their name? "Uncle Rome! Auntie Regina!" Maggie is so full of herself. "Aren't you coming with me?" To London. Right now. Eddie found his clothes that were put in a backpack while wet some 20 years ago, and there is no mold, they are dry and not smelly, they are basically new and washed? That was laughable. My take for next season: Time jump, Maggie comes back, Rome and Gina are separated, Delilah will be happy and helping everyone because OBViOUSLY that's what she does, we all know that, Gary will be waling Colin and with Darcy but will fall back into his annoying self once he sees Maggie, Eddie will be depressed or in a coma because that accident was SO SERIOUS!, Katherine will be cuddling with Theo. And I am not even trying to be sarcastic here. I think this is all the the realm of possibilities for the writers of this show.
  6. This is typical TV toeing the "thank you for your service" line (not the male hero complex, the PTSD part in general). I understand that I might offend people an I am sorry but I am also tired of the uncritical praising of anyone who has ever signed up to "defend our country" as if we are evil beings if we don't thank them or feel their pain due to PTSD. I personally know people who have severe PTSD - war and non war related - and it can be devastating, and I wish writers would stop being lazy and went a different direction when deciding to write those stories in - which is also something that seem obligatory in shows. Obviously, there might be shows that are more critical on different levels, but what we get in general is lack of critical thinking from the writers. As far as a tv show can influence our views of things, it is a disservice for those who have war-related PTSD
  7. I was trying to find words for how I feel about the character, thanks! Why can't one recurring character be just a "normie"? Life as it is is not short in complications, why can't they introduce someone who gives overdramatic Gary and gang some perspective, someone who cannot stop working all day to cuddle an adult who is feeling "overwhelmed"? Maybe have Gary go through one of his binges of whatever show/movie he watches, then call Darcy and she say: "No, sorry, gotta work. See you later".
  8. I don't think it is dumb, it is just how humans are, emotional. People get excited and don't really think, or don't want to think about a possible setback, as much as the situation is screaming at their faces. Denial moves a lot of our actions, unfortunately. Having said that, the whole thing might be to up the drama when the baby doesn't come and we can have three episodes of deep grief and all the friends skipping work to comfort Regina and Rome, who will obviously not work either. That's the show's M.O. isn't it? Reading this and not really knowing the answer, I wish he never attended. For once, I would like to see a different approach. I know it is important to many people, I actually know people that have attended and actually been helped by the meetings. But the success rate is very low and, personally, I think it is skewed towards religion, which is not my scene. It would be interesting to see something different on TV shows.
  9. That was the silliest overdramatic plot. How did the elevator start coming down if the door was technically open?
  10. Linda Feinstein is seeing Netflix and Ava because for painting her as a racist. Netflix promises to fight. Let's see how this goes. At least she is feeling the consequences of her actions. Besides, she defended her bullshit until she start losing credibility with people who pay her to be a jerk. I hope there is a lot of publicity against her. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/mar/18/netflix-when-they-see-us-lawsuit-criticism-central-park-five
  11. I didn't like the episode at all. Nobody who has insurance pays "deductibles by condition". That's just silly. Ans I guess the girl in the fundraising video had a 54K deductible? How is that even possible? It is ridiculous. They could have said that the insurance refused coverage and that they would have to pay the 50K (which would be a ridiculous low amount for a transplant, but hey, why bother with consistency?) The pilot plot was a missed opportunity. Robotics are great, helping people regain movement must be awesome to them, but the reality is that a tiny fraction of people will ever have access to such technology and they could have gone in the direction of how long acceptance takes, how completely inadequate the world is to welcome a disabled person, I can give so many possible plots that talented writers could turn into interesting stories, without the inspirational and pity tone. Other huge blunder: Go Fund Me for medical purposes are successful for low a very little number of people. Most fall short of the goal. I don't remember the percentage of cases that fail to reach the needed amount but it is a a very high number.
  12. I thought this episode was boooooring. Everyone had an issue and all of them got resolved with love, friendship and and a ghost. All I could think while watching was about you in this thread, because I know so many here love the actor who plays Jon. I have no idea of who he is but I kept thinking, as I hated the whole thing, that this would at least make some of you happy
  13. I actually liked the shooter drill plot even tough it seems a bit too much that a school without a counselor would just traumatize kids. I wish they had put more emphasis on what Iggy said about trauma. The fact that those drills are something kids just have to grow up with is absurd but some schools have metal detectors which is also absurd. "Normal" is relative. The way Iggy dealt with the kids in the assembly was a little over the top but I actually liked it. IT was a short version on how laypeople can try to minimize the building trauma that we might not even know is growing inside children.
  14. This is just silly. Character is nurture, not nature. If the father has a mental illness, it is possible to pass it on genetically, but mental illness is not a character flaw and that's where nurture plays a part on it.
  15. The actor playing teen Randall is on a movie I saw on Netflix, Miss Virginia, with Uzo Aduba
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