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  1. Maybe Emilio overreacted, but only because he didn't know the reason why she picked the name Amanda. It is really heartbreaking to see that, and I think the young girl actor had a very good scene. This type of things do happen and it is one symptom of great trauma. His reaction though, was appropriate for the reasons Scarlet45 mentions and to show how overwhelmed Emilio is On TV shows you do I think the intention of the writers from Val's perspective wasn't heritage as much as the trauma of not being with her mom. We could even speculate that if Amanda was a Mexican girl she would be even more jealous. I mean, she didn't try to change the hair color for example. She tried to do the things that she felt her mom would love to see her doing because that's what her mom is doing now, watching another girl dance. I have a feeling that at least one writer is doing their job researching what happens when families are separated like this
  2. That's a totally subjective characterization, which is fine, your opinion. I don't remember if it was spelled out that Evan is autistic, but he is definitely neurodivergent. It would be out of character for the show to follow the general wrong assumption that autistic people cannot have relationships. The show is all about diversity and I hope they have someone who is autistic advising and go forward with he story - which doesn't have to fixate on the disability at all. Agree with you. I like that she is trying but the way they are writing is seems a little too forced, as if she is trying to follow a check list of things she needs to do to show allyship. I actually think that this was the one part that felt realistic and maybe the writers will let this simmer for a while, in the sense that we don't have to see all the steps she needs to take - and setbacks - to understand better the complexities of it all. There are ways to be helpful and people need jobs. The principal pretty much threatened her. What annoyed me was the direction of the episode on the scene that Raj and Isabella are in the room. The "join me for this yoga thing" to throw all the sex innuendos at us is overused and boring.
  3. I think Callie is better at this show than she was in the Fosters and not only because she is older now. I still think the writing is inconsistent most of the time but it seems more realistic in the sense that a real life 24 year-old would be living some of the same experiences they have Callie going through. My problem really is with Maia Mitchell, which I think is the weakest link among the actors, although I don't think any of them stands out. This might explain why I perceive the writing as inconsistent, as if they are constantly trying to find something that Maia can do and act better as Callie. Not that there weren't good moments but in general I find her too uptight. Her accent is good though, at least I don't notice a lot of her Aussie accent. I cannot make myself go back and finish watching this episode so is anyone willing to tell me the thing with Davia and Dennis? Did I miss anything before this episode about Dennis coming to the conclusion that he loves Davia? And what happened to them?
  4. I guess most everyone here is in agreement that the baby storyline is undesirable, to sa the least. They changed Regina's view for herself without a moment's doubt. People change but I don't think she would never question the decision like that. But she did, so that's it. I can see the possible scenarios for the birth mother plot because they are the same ones already used and exhausted on TV 1. the birth mother runs away because of the boyfriend, Rome and Regina will be heartbroken and from there there are also unoriginal scenarios that can be used 2. the boyfriend shows up, there is a big fight, maybe she minor tragedy. Again, I can imagine more scenarios from there too because they are always the same 3. birth mother comes to live with Rome and Regina - because their house is a B&B - and conflicts will arise. For once, I would like to see something like the baby being born disabled and still being adopted It doesn't have to be "inspirational" or a "devastating" thing. Just as in part of life. Maybe not having "ten fingers, ten toes". They want a baby so much, show that they actually do. But not as a matter of heroism, it doesn't even have to be a big deal in the story - is is actually better if it isn't because writers cannot be trusted to write disability well yet. Baby is disabled, it requires some extra care but no pity, inspo-porn, hero tales. A storyline would be great button with these writers. they will mess it up. Theo is very emotionally immature and the way his anxiety is being dealt with only reinforces that. I don't know. Food fight for a spilled milk? I think the best would be: oops, not problem. Here, clean it up and come back to finish your dinner. The way they are doing it will just require a bigger mess to cover up any possible mess a kid does. Nay little trouble will require a bigger problem. I find it silly, not sure how their approach will help. At least it seems like he is going back to the therapist. I don't follow the credits in shows but I always thought that it is a matter of contract, whatever the arrangements were at the start of filming, thinking about syndication later. the actor gets paid something for the reruns. Or maybe they had a small scene, a flash back, so they would have to credit him, and the scene ended up on the floor of the editing room.
  5. I was 10 when my brother was born and I did all this. I also took the city bus with him when he was a little older when I needed to take him to my mother's work for his appointments (doctor was close to her work). Sometimes families just have to adapt. In my case, my family was too poor to afford baby sitters of daycare and my mother had to work. But Delilah can afford a babysitter, I am sure.
  6. My main complaint about this show has always been that they have the right diagnosis but the very wrong treatment - pun intended. The situations are real, the problems are real. The solutions are absurd. But I keep watching, come here are vent, complain, hardly ever I have a "wow, great!" moment. But this episode was so boring and the already mentioned overuse of DNR fake conflicts, I don't even remember anything else
  7. I agree and I made a similar comment about another show: writers sometimes forget that teenagers, in general, are immature, they don't have life experience because they are still young. Even in the case of a family that has to "grow up too fast" that doesn't mean they all grow up in all areas of their lives. I find it unrealistic that a teen in his first "serious" (haha) relationship would take such a formal step. But maybe I am just old and out of touch with teen life. Not only that, she probably does that a lot. She was prepared, ID and all, she memorized and delivered - very confidently - the address all the way to zip code. Many (all?) restaurants have at least one day when they are closed. The fundraiser might have happened that day. I have been to meetings and events in different restaurants that would be closed on that day. Besides, fundraisers include the cost of the facility, staff, catering, etc. I don't know. I felt that the moment was to illustrate how overwhelmed he is, having to take on all the responsibility to take care of his siblings, how unprepared for this he actually is. It is the conflict of having to worry only about his dreams, career and life, as opposed to all he needs to worry about now. And he is basically making a choice, in a very awkward and messy way. The original had that moment too, but I like how this show did it much more realistically. I really like the show. It has grown on me, the actors seem more more assertive.
  8. I guess I was the only one who thought the episode was nearly unwatchable. I stopped half way through it. I hated the cheesy sing along at the beginning, i knew it wasn't really happening but still hated. they might have changed writers or something. Does anyone else see a difference in the pace/direction of the show?
  9. I just rewatched that scene. Chad arrives near dead. He is holding the soda can and the voice over says: "I didn't realized until later, your mother was at the hospital" as the scene shows him watching her asking about her son and the doctor asking: "Are you Ms. Bloom?" If there is someone at the hospital in need of a heart and one is available at that hospital, that person gets the heart, so it is fast. Maybe not as fast as the show implied but that's how it was written
  10. He did. He heard her first, then he saw her and walked away because it was awkward, as one does when there is a sad moment, as if to give her some sort of privacy. The confusion is understandable because it was confused, how they cut and edited the episode
  11. No. Once you agree to donate organs or tissue, you don't follow the process anymore. weeks after that, you receive a letter letting you know how many people you helped and, in some cases, the gender/age. I don't know if that's the same everywhere but that's my experience. I am so annoyed by Gary's brooding that I didn't really pay attention to his story. I thought it was boring, like the whole episode, really. The writers still make little effort to put these people in the planet earth, in a place where we all have obligations and cannot just leave because someone is having a childish reaction and watching a freaking movie. What did they expect him to do after "the scene"? Then Regina, who is supposed to be the chef of a still struggling restaurant, simply stop everything to run to Gary's house? And what is it with shows that love the overdramatic exits like Maggie's? Why not just confront Eric about the photo? Ask what happened. I find it so unrealistic. I might be weird but I would want to know, maybe scream at someone, but not leave like that. I know it is because they have to add the apology scene - which was ridiculous, do people really tell private facts of their lives through a door in an apartment building? - but it is such a cliche and lazy writing.
  12. Ugh! It is so blatantly racist.
  13. That's true but in TV Land things like that would pass, which is what I think happened. Otherwise, the hospital wouldn't have allowed Emilio to make any decisions either and the CPS guy would be the one running the show. I am curious to know if that would actually happen, assuming he is the guardian. I would think family services are so overworked, it would be a stretch unless there were clear signs of neglect
  14. There is one thing that is bugging me about this story: would CPS really get involved and threatening action? I am somewhat informed about how things work when related to disabled kids, even if they vary by state, but Emilio is 24, he is related, he is the legal guardian and Rafa was taken to the hospital and cared for. It wasn't neglect. Is CPS involved because someone reported as neglect? Is this something that happens because the family is not white? It really bothers me that they are not really fighting this invasion of privacy. Did I miss anything? Even if there was a report of possible neglect, there was really no basis for that in the way they let us know, at least.
  15. I thought the episode was nearly unwatchable. I fast-forwarded through Alice's storyline and I really don't like the way they seem to the going with the Isabella. It is too soap opera-ish, stalker girl creating chaos in everyone else's relationships while all the man get puzzled and aroused about her. Soooo 30 years ago cliche. They might have changed writers or something.
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