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  1. I was reading the thread for this reason. I posted comments yesterday before I watched the episode and I now feel like it wan't such a big deal after all. The video created a conflict with the parent's but we didn't hear anything about the school's reaction, did we? I still think it was an accurate depiction of today's teenagers. Sometimes over the top, learning and asserting themselves. And for a black teen, things are much more intense. Much better than the old formula of rebellious teen that throws parties and drinks. I also didn't think that the "fight" between Toby and Kate in front
  2. Mixed feelings. There is a lot happening in the world, in particular in this country that we know have always happened - police assassinating black people, for example. The reason there is a movement now, is in large part because of videos. Making it all about the video is a consequence of making the problem public but if more people don't know, things don't change. For example, teachers abusing special education kids usually go back to work pretty soon after there is a complaint. It is not very public, so they can count on the issue being forgotten. It still happens with the murderous co
  3. Maybe she undermined herself if you look from an authoritarian point of view, as in hierarchic power. But if you see Tess as someone that is slowly learning to be an activist, I think it is an excellent start. Dissent should be encouraged.
  4. People should not touch other people without consent, period. Kids should not be forced to hug relatives of friends either. Also, people who use wheelchair will probably say that: don't ever touch the chair without consent.
  5. Good points, in particular the "Randall saves the day" (too self-righteous), and making the white member of the family show true allyship. That would feel like real concern (from the part of the writers) and not just virtue signaling.
  6. I was thinking about this. I skimmed through the comments here and some people are uncomfortable with the show bringing up police murdering but I think that, in the same way they made the virus part of the story, it is important to make those conflicts as well. The conversation and the mood when Randall, Beth and the girls were watching the news, that's probably something very common in black families, and things only get worse. I appreciate the moment because it is not something I can feel, not being black, but it makes me feel like I want to have more solidarity toward racially oppresse
  7. So they did it, they incorporated the masks in the story. Excellent! I was hoping they would.
  8. She did write a sequel that "corrects" some of the many bad decisions the TV writers made. She might be financially satisfied, but I don't believe she is pleased. Her writing is her legacy and unless she does't care about it, she might have some regrets. The show is so bad compared to her writing.
  9. I am not reading al the posts because I just started watching this on Hulu. Love that it is Canadian because there is a completely different flavor. I am in the US and am so tired of the medical dramas here, can't even watch one whole episode, don't watch any of them anymore. I'd rather rewatch ER which is much better even in its worst parts. I didn't recognize Laurence Leboeuf. I don't really follow her work but always liked her in other shows, even the annoying teenager in Durham County.
  10. Writers are supposed to be creative. In any case, today's reality can become a very long term reality. There is a possibility that masks will be the new norm, so even if the situation is a current event, characters wearing masks didn't have to be something to be highlighted. It would be part of everyday life, just like it is now. I don't really see a problem with that. Many shows have changed actors for the same characters, in the middle of production, for different reasons. I think it would actually help making safety a mainstream feature of our prone-to-denial society, especially our western
  11. I didn't think they would wait, but I was hoping they would. The daily testing would be the ideal, but the "lower ranking" actors and the crew don't have the same type of insurance the "stars" have, and even "stars" need to be big for the concierge-type insurance so no, they will not test people every day. That is reserved for the people in the high towers because you know, we NEED them to tell us when to risk our lives. To me, the ideal would be a general strike, it is long overdue. The crew, in particular, is more vulnerable. Just don't show up. Many actors have been unemployed for mont
  12. But capitalists cannot stop making money, right? They will sit up in their towers, safe and protected, while the laborers put themselves in harm's way. If that's what they will do, I wish the shows would just have everyone wearing masks, for example. This is the new normal, it is likely to last for months, even after the vaccines. There will be new pandemics, they will come more often and stronger. Let's get used to this. Shows are a mirror of real life, so the character should have their masks on. I am concerned about the staff. Many of them are low paid jobs, hard work, locked inside on
  13. Depends on where in Spain, there is a lot of Spanish people who are not white, due to all the history, wars, divisions. Culturally, maybe, but that's all. I am also from Spanish descent
  14. I started watching this again and then I saw a pretty big goof I hadn't noticed before: In the episode Callie meets her father (Donald) he says that she is just like her mother but then she meets her actual biological father and he has a daughter that looks just like Callie. So how can Callie be just like her mother and a girl from a different mother just like her?
  15. So, let's break this down a little. They are in GA, which can often be on a direct hurricane path. The hurricane is Aiden, meaning the first named storm of the season. The season starts in June, the first named storm would be in June, but let's expand that to August (even though each year named storms form earlier, some even in May). Why are all of them wearing sweaters in June - August, in Georgia? It is high summer. Also, they live in an Island, by the water, and have a basement? I don't think this is even possible. The writers don't even try, do they?
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