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  1. Thanks for this. Now I'm not feeling so bad about not getting tickets!
  2. You're very welcome. If you like NY theater actors, Theater Talk had lots of interviews with many of them. It was a local PBS show that ran for maybe 15 years. It was a wonderful show.
  3. Here's another wonderful video of the great Hirschfeld. Oh, how I miss Theater Talk!!
  4. Ah, shelf reading! I was the unlucky one who got to "read" the 700s. Putting that section in order was a bi##h. 732.7654 comes before 732.77, etc, etc. And the spines were so narrow, making the numbers hard to read. I always wished my section was the 800s😊😊
  5. Just an FYI for the Richard Osman fans-- he appeared on the second series of Taskmaster (link below). Taskmaster is a fabulous British competition show with Greg Davies as the "Taskmaster" and five comedians who vie for "prizes" . Sorry my explanation is so bad, but the show is great. And it has GREG DAVIES (anyone who watches Graham Norton will understand my excitement over Greg!) (I wound up actually embedding the video, hope it works)
  6. Glad you liked it. My favorite John Dortmunder books are "Good Behavior" and "Drowned Hopes". I love the whole gang of thieves. I'm sort of like Stan, but instead of talking about car routes I figure out the best NYC subway lines to take :)
  7. That's probably it. Pretty cold. But then again Roy was not your warm and fuzzy gangster😊😊
  8. Fun show. Glad Max got what he deserved, but Shelia needs to be punished, too. Let's hope the autopsy shows the excess drugs in Walt's body. One loose thread for me -- what happened to Tina? I can't believe Roy just let her go after she was caught stealing the money. I know she texted Claire "sorry". I guess Roy felt he could always catch up with her and finish her off but he didn't seem the type who was so forgiving.
  9. A million times yes -- it was terrible (but I wouldn't go as far as tormenting the author). So incredibly farfetched. And it had so many great reviews. I've been bitten quite a few times lately with authors I respect giving great blurbs to mediocre or just plain lousy books.
  10. Oh, that was fun! Thanks. Best trivia moment, finding out that Linwood played Mary's husband in "Little House on the prairie "
  11. "Finishing the Hat" and "Look I Made a Hat" both by Sondheim might give you more info.
  12. Yes!!! Dark Adapted Eye! Those are my top three also. I usually resist buying fiction because I just don't have anymore shelf space (already too full of non fiction and art and architecture books) but for BV I've made an exception and bought many of them. I should do a reread now that I know the endings and see how they piece together. How lucky to get to meet her.
  13. Happy to help. The first Vine book I read was Brimstone Wedding. And was I hooked! There are 15 Vine books and all but the last two were great (not that those two were terrible, but just not that great). Ruth Rendall books are also good and there are a lot more of them. I'm so happy to turn someone on to her.
  14. Love both sets of her mysteries. The Vine ones are more psychological rather then a regular "who done it". I've read all the authors you mentioned above and Rendall is my number one. I think I've read everything she's written (she's passed away so no more books) and her very last few books did disappoint me, but otherwise she's wonderful. Asta's Book (also called Anna's Book) is great. Her books are not gory or creepy but they usually involve a murder, but then most mysteries do, yes?
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