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  1. PBS will feature an "American Experience" episode on LIW. https://www.twincities.com. Twin Cities PBS takes a look at the woman behind the “Little House on the Prairie” books in a new documentary, “Laura Ingalls Wilder: Prairie to Page.” The documentary, which focuses on the pioneer and author, will premiere Dec. 29 on PBS. In NYC it's listed for next Tuesday.
  2. I love, love, love Heart's Invisible Furies. Ladder to the Sky was an interesting read, almost like a train wreck you couldn't turn away from. Probably the most horrible protagonist I've ever come across.
  3. Ruth Rendell (Barbara Vine) was a wonderful writer. I've read all her books (Rendell and Vine). Loved them all, some more than others. For me her last books weren't as good but overall a great body of work. Her Vine books are more psychological and are some of my all time favorite books. I envy you getting to read them for the first time.
  4. OMG, I loved this book! Also read by Boyne "A Ladder to the Sky". The protagonist in that one was HORRIBLE! But you couldn't stop reading.
  5. I think you mean Richard Kline was in Three's Company.I Richard Kiley wasn't in that show. He was a great stage actor and was in the Broadway production of Man of La Mancha (sang "The Impossible Dream!!!) He also did tv and film but not TC.
  6. Just a correction, it's not the "405", rather the "4 or 5" meaning the NYC subway Lexington ave trains which are numbered 4, 5, and 6.
  7. SusieQ

    The Americans

    Just had to tell you guys-- went to dinner this past Sunday and the restaurant had a poster that said "as seen in The Americans" . Turns out it the place where Philip kills the Afghan fellow, wounds his companion and then has to kill the busboy because the kid sees Philip without his wig. Gruesome episode (season 2, episode 1) that I've never forgotten. Kind of weird that the restaurant is hyping it since it was so violent. But I guess any advertising is good. I even checked IMDB and the restaurant is listed. Ps, the food was great!
  8. SusieQ

    What's That Book?

    I didn't realize there was a sequel to ALiHH. I read A Lantern when I was in 4th grade, too.Bought it from the book club (and I wasn't able to buy many book, alas) and I still have it somewhere. I still remember them living in a sod house, lots of natural disasters, etc. Crs97 please let me know if the sequel is worth reading. Oh, and what's the name? Please see my post above. I put it in the wrong box.
  9. Sorry, didn't explain myself well. I knew it was the real hammer. My point is that Thursday didn't plant the fake one, his partner did. I'm not sure Fred had actual knowledge that his partner planted it. And now that he knew that his partner "cheated" with the evidence Thursday was willing to give himself up. He would have but Morse took matters into his own hands. To me, that made Thursday a stand up guy. Now, what's happening with Box,Thursday, and the envelope of money, well I hope it's not what it looks like. I still have hope that Thursday does the right thing. It will break my heart if he turns out to be crooked.
  10. I don't think he planted the evidence, rather his partner at the time did. That's why he wanted to turn it in now. But Endeavour put it back in the church.
  11. I was there, too with my college age kid. And it was fabulous! The place went nuts when Lin came out. They really did get lots of songs in. Thanks Rinaldo for listing them. I'm really going to miss this show.
  12. I've read it. It does get better, but it's nowhere as good as her others so I was a bit disappointed. I love all her other books and so looked forward to this one. That might account for my disappointment. I agree about the lead. The best thing for me was a look at how civilians dealt with the war. Also a reminder that not everybody was against the Nazis. Familiar???
  13. SusieQ


    All this talk about economics reminds me of the bit by Fr Guido Scarducci (SNL) about the 5 minute college degree program. The economics portion is "supply and demand". https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kO8x8eoU3L4
  14. I had an epidural, too (at the advice of my doctor, who when I asked him what would he advise if I were his wife, he said "get it!"). However, when it came time to do the actual pushing the baby out, it sucked big time! So that epidural only goes so far. There's still plenty of pain to go around!
  15. I thought I was the only one who thought this since no one else mentioned it till you! I truly thought it was some other actress and they were playing a prank when she first introduced herself at the beginning of the show. I just can't figure out what's missing/different. But thanks for not letting me think I'm crazy!
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