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  1. Table of 1 here but I don't find RP that attractive. Nice body but he's fifth in the list of attractive men on the show. That struck me too. But it was pointed out to me that the scene with DeadMom was shot looking into a mirror. If Spencer had even an iota of empathy he would understand that she felt the same way he had when he was desperate not to be an object of disfigurement. Are we sure he's not related to Carly?
  2. Why did they skip the episode between yesterday and today? Why are they skipping ahead? There are going to be no new episodes for months! Spencer needs to be smacked into next week the next time he derogatorily talks about "townies". And reminded of this time when he continues to shut down Ava. I really felt sorry for Liz. I know that Franco is pretty hated but she needs someone who loves her like he does.
  3. Every Nurses' Ball should have to have Kathleen Gati and Perry Shen perform. Shen was so sexy, I would have married him. I have a fondness for 99 Red Balloons, it reminds me of a time when we thought that we could change it into a better world. New TJ could also be added to those who could do a Magic Milo routine. This is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of the act, because in order to to look good at it, most of them have to go to extraordinary lengths. Like women being a size 2. You shouldn't have to spend 2 hours a day in the gym to meet an artificial standard of beauty and knowing that they do kind of turns me off the act. (That said, Stephen Amell in Arrow shape is a thing of beauty.)
  4. Former fiance is a good guess. Less permanent than a wife. I was wondering if it could have been a sister or a cousin but I like the fiance idea more. I couple of things that I really like and forgot to mention is how the diagnostic genius is on the show is not a man like on House, The Good Doctor, and every other show I can think of, but a young female resident, and the both the female ER head and the SE Asian surgeon know what prejudice is like and that you can only do what you can do.
  5. Finale aired in Canada, but it's been picked up by NBC. Yay! As someone tweeted, here's hoping that they don't change it to fit American ideas of what a medical show should be. Hands down, I think that this is the best and most realistic medical show on TV. The junior doctors encounter real problems trying to get ahead, nurses are respected and residents ask for their opinions, and nobody brings their personal problems into the operating rooms. It's also very realistic in terms of what it is like to be a refugee, especially a foreign-trained professional.
  6. Pip was just gross in this whole episode. Yeah, I get it that they didn't like Mac's act but stomping Mr. Marbles was terrible. And then everyone applauding was the worst kind of awful. Lord of the Flies level. I wanted someone to rain down on Pip and her entitlement. I liked Brad's auto tuned performance the best although Player, on to promote a new CD, were good. I'd forgotten how arch KA was as Kiki. I always feel soory for Tracy, let down by those she loves. Speaking of bad behaviour -- Spencer. From his "it's just something I found ... IN EUROPE" to interrupting Emma's and Cameron's dance, it was a lesson in bad behaviour and lack of manners. It's on Nik for bad parenting. No wonder Spencer grew up to rig the election.
  7. This was a really fun episode. A labour of love both with LoT and the original shows. Caity Lotz and her William Shatner invitation is the MVP of the episode although many of the character did a good job. Nate was even tolerable as the Joey-clone. The was so much to play with here: Sara and Ava mirroring the original slash ship (although Spock never said the intro, it was always the captain and I HATED that Ava got to do it here). The combination of 1984, Brave New World (TV is the new soma) and classic Communist Russian posters. Constantine as the very formal butler. The short pants of the Star Trip crew mimicking the micro-minis of the original female crew members. Constantine calling Zari and Behrad 'outsiders' was strange given that both Astra and her mother were POC. I've never like Mona or Gary so much. Marc Guggenheim is credited as the director. Well done! The only two sour notes were again trying to make Ava happen as co-captain, and the return of Nate/Zari. It's not JM's fault but Ava is just not co-captain material and it makes Sara look like a love struck idiot for constantly pushing her into the position. If anyone has earned second in command (not co-captain), it's Zari, who keeps getting them out of trouble and who doesn't fall apart and need to be consoled every damn episode. And for Zari, I prefer the dance she was doing with Constantine to the frat boy stuff with Nate. I kept missing him all episode, he would have had so much fun being a boy scout here, especially in Mr. Parker's neighbourhood. Why did they have to get rid of him so soon?
  8. Maxie's hair looked so much better when it was blonde and not that weird grey with black roots. Cam and Emma were cute (Emma was better than she is now). Spencer was just as obnoxious then as he is now, and I blame Nik and everyone else who thought that precocious/annoying was cute. Cameron and Joss were 15 last summer so they'd be 16 now heading into grade 11 because they were talking about the PSATs. I think Spencer was 14 last summer but he looked much younger as the actor was so much shorter than Joss. So. Much. Embarrassment. The Magic Milo segment has turned me off see that sort of thing in real life. It doesn't help that that kind of body usually needs to be artificially created. My guess is that the actors really like doing something different. The problem is that so few of them are any good at it, Wally Kurth and Kathleen Gati being the exceptions. Most of the "stars" seem like they would get rejected from an amateur theatre production. I thought that Tony Geary was exceptionally bad. Judging by that and Luke's look around at all the younger women, I'm guessing that this is a storyline that Geary himself wanted, Luke the dog. Between him and MB getting all sorts of power to dictate what they wanted in storylines, it must have been an awful set to work on if you weren't one of the in kids.
  9. Yes, it was 2014. Lucy made a big deal of it being the 20th anniversary and the young child who was cured from AIDS last year in 2013. I missed the first half and came in time for the red carpet which I loathe. I wouldn't mind it if it were a mockery of red carpets or the character enjoying a cosplay but they do it seriously. Not every person is a star, just like not every person is a medical expert. We have to accept who we are. The dresses were pretty, especially Liz's which BH made herself. Sonny cheated on Olivia and thinks that it's no big deal. No surprise. I saw the opening number start and resigned myself to another lot of bad singing and dancing, like a high school play. And then it switched to a full-on professional rendition of Wilkommen with Gati and back-ups singing and dancing like they're in a real theatrical production. A treat for me.
  10. Lucas getting angry at Julian about marrying Nelle might have some emotional impact. With Sam, it's business as usual. And we're all SO EXCITED to see what happens with Maxie and Peter. While I don't want to hope for anyone to have a miscarriage, not even a fictional character, in this case I'll make an exception.
  11. 🤣 I am so Marilla. Ouch!
  12. Even with a time jump (please end the Wylie custody hearing), they can do flashbacks while Sonny tries to come to terms with Mike's death. At worst, we won't have to hear endless people telling Sonny to let Mike die with dignity as he refuses to listen.
  13. I was trying to figure out who was playing adult Pat. Thanks! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would because the emphasis was shared rather than just on Luke. (I never really cared much for him and thought that TG was over-rated.) Both LW and CL got to tone down their usual characters. "Dr. Hardy" and "Dr. Brewer' were funny. I think JT did a good job with Beradino's Steve Hardy's lack of expression.
  14. Katelyn deserved it if only for the scenes of Willow finding out that her son is dead. I understand why Eden was nominated because while she's no great shakes, she had a lot to do as Joss mourned Oscar. Lipton is a better actor but his storylines were more tangential. Sure he got kidnapped twice and his stepfather mind-wiped but that wasn't as important to the show as Joss mourning Oscar endlessly or having to stay at home and be home-schooled. I really hope that the Trina actress and Lipton both get nominations next year.
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