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  1. LOL at Michael confronting Valentin. I just can't buy him as a tough guy. That Sasha actress's line readings continue to bother me. When she asked Michael "Aren't you afraid to be seen in public with me?" it was like a mouse. Kind of like Nelle when she's faking meek; maybe Michael has a type. I imagined how Ava would say that line, acknowledging her guilt but still defiant. CL plays a sociopath perfectly. She's best in small doses, but she really nails it. It was a shock to see Maxie being the one to talk sense. I like stories simmering in the background, especially ones that don't involve the Corinthii, so I like Julian's targeted flyers not coming from Olivia and Kendra targetting Alexis.
  2. Awww, in that clip Moira said "You must feel like you're on a different planet or something." The writers must be having such fun this season. Speaking of fun, Diggle's face in the car as he knows that Oliver is going to try to sneak out the door, and that he doesn't know that this is his Diggle, not an E2 one.
  3. Black Siren may have been introduced on Flash but she's spent much more time on Arrow. Oliver is currently on his present journey to save Barry and Kara. I'd argue that events on The Flash affected Arrow much more than vice versa. It has been an area of considerable bitterness. Since Flash seems to have no bitterness thread, here's Arrow's. ETA: Isn't what has been aired on the other shows out in the Arrowverse and no longer a spoiler?
  4. It's always about what the audience will tune in for and I question the idea of spending time on two female fighters in their fifties ( which is the age of many grandmothers) over four young characters. Neither Laurel nor especially Dinah has been known for being the brains behind the operation to justify their role on the team unlike for example Gambi on Black Lightening or the many Harrys on Flash. I could understand either Laurel or Dinah in a Quentin role but not both. If they are the younger versions brought into the future, I still don't understand bringing both. Dinah may be popular among the comic books crowd but that's a small fraction. My sense is that she's never really caught on with the audience in genersl.
  5. It feels like they are having a lot of fun, writing and acting this season of Arrow. I thought the opening on the island was great, when Oliver pulled back the hood and he had short hair. I miss Moira and it would have been interesting to see how she reacted to Oliver being a father. JB was funny as a Malcolm Merlyn without a backbone. I like that Thea's OD death was what caused Tommy to take up the Dark Archer mantle and try to blow up the Glades. Loved that Rene and Dinah got arrested. Like Chase as the new Hood because that's what he really wanted, we didn't use enough of him in the episode. I like how they got Diggle to meet up with Oliver and have the bromance carry on through this season. I don't like that they are taking E2 Laurel with them. Shes going to change their dynamic, and Diggle never had the kind of relationship with her that he has with Felicity. Nor does Oliver, for that matter. In the future, JJ is definitely not a good person. He beats up women. LOL at Mia telling JJ that now they are going to do it her way. Like father and mother, like daughter. Zoe has apparently learned her attitude toward Mia from Dinah's towards Oliver. Yes. I preferred that to Chase attributing Sherlock Holmes' classic line to Bruce Wayne. They also failed to give Mark Twain the credit for "lies, damn lies and statistics" line. I'm an academic, it bothers me.
  6. Honeybun is at the fingerpainting stage so she's about three now?
  7. Earth2 Oliver is dead, I think. Earth2 Felicity needs to be too or else there will be too many Felicitys for our Oliver and I don't want to read that fic. Well Cassidy does come before Harkavy and McNamara so if the names are in alphabetic order that's a pretty safe bet.
  8. Oliver, you could have taken Tommy too. He doesn't have a show any more, and you could have redeemed him.
  9. JJ is no gentleman, beating up Mia.
  10. Now Bruce Wayne is stealing lines from Sherlock Holmes?
  11. I'm going to miss all this live tweeting snark so much.
  12. Is that the same stairwell as in Lone Gunman?
  13. Diggle brought his Spartan outfit with him just in case
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