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  1. I'm guessing the way that this show usually does these things, which is to sweep under the carpet any blame or conflict that the mob person has. Look at which an absolute squib the Chase/Willow/Michael story ended with. It's interesting that Carly didn't blink an eye or demand that Jason tell her next time her life is in danger and he's going to kill someone about it. Proof that she doesn't really want to run the mob, she just wants all the perks of being the Mob Queen. Ellie definitely made the right choice.
  2. Sonny is such a misogynistic pig. I bet MB was relishing being able to yell at Nina like that. Yes. Points to CH for working to make Dianne interesting but I really can't stand the character for always mob propping. 'I was dying and then I heard her voice and it gave me the strength to survive. And Willow loves me. Not the way I want her but that commitment I heard in her voice, it brought me back." Oh please Chase, she doesn't care about you, she just wants to think that she's a goo person.Willow functions at the level of a child in kindergarten. And she still need A LOT of thera
  3. statsgirl


    Episode 1.6 House Show
  4. I thought that I read that CL was returning. Nelle would make 7. It's worse than a vampire show!
  5. Brief interview with Jewel Staite. Abigail had never met her sister and brother before although they all knew of each other's existence. Because of Covid restrictions, all guest stars are Canadian actors. They were renewed for season 2 even before the first episode aired. She loves that it is unabashedly set in Vancouver. I haven't seen her play bitchy since she was a teenager on Da Vinci's Inquest so it was fun seeing her here. I don't like Abigail yet but there is a lot of room for her to grow. I do like how the relationship that she has with her ex is being written, neither is the
  6. The husband said that he hadn't seen his cousin (Isabelle) since she was 3 years old so she was a real person in the fantasy world. No one noticed her 21st century accent.
  7. Because Frank wants me to be worried all weekend about how will Jason and Carly survive and I always do what Frank wants. Why care about the journey when the ending is always the same, Sonny/Carly/Jason/Michael/Joss win? And Mrs. Wu, in whom I placed my faith, is yet another wimmin who knuckles down to the great Jason and Sonny mob.
  8. The one that is the least interesting, of course.
  9. Poor Cam, sitting in the church and saying how beautiful Joss is. It's true that teenagers are self-centred but Joss takes it to new heights. If Jason is Carly's soulmate, then what was all that mourning about Sonny that she did? Always. When did they ever stop to consider anyone else? I'm just surprised Jason wanted time alone with Carlyt. Ah, young love!
  10. "There's no way he survived that long in the fire." If only, Phyllis, if only! This feels like an hour-long CarSaSon lovefest for their fans. Jarly fans get constant tongue baths and Sonny realizes who he is and attacks that horrible Nina for not telling him who he is. "Why did you do it?" BECAUSE YOU KEPT SAYING YOU DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE. But they'll never blame Sonny. That Sonny, he's so amazing! he got the beam off himself on his own and walked out of there when even the fire fighter way on a gurney need oxygen! Of course Jason know that the bomb has been planted.
  11. statsgirl


    The graphics of the broken leg were brutal. For all his manipulations, Bill really called it that Jack and his mother indulge the man child too much.
  12. I'm not sure what to make of that. I really like the actors but the characters ... I''m not sure if I like any of them, they're too much caricatures than actual people. The music is spot on though.
  13. Not Donna or Avery (also because Avery is neither Carly's nor Jason's offspring) but Jason's sons should have been there maybe along with Avery who is Carly's cousin. The show really (accidentally?) emphases how little he is a father to them.
  14. So does that mean that props has to stock up on barware? It's true that a lot of stories seem to be reaching a peak. It's something that I would expect to see during a sweeps period, not mid September. I wonder why they are doing it now.
  15. I think so. There was another show (Murdoch?) that bizarrely played a Hallowe'en episode in the spring.
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