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  1. My guess is that the showrunners think that Shaun's problems with sex and navigating his relationship is funny and entertaining. For me, it's not. Every time Shaun starts in on one of his personal problems, I just want to fast forward and move on. And then he asks Claire (Claire! who recently lost both her mother and Melendez) if she worries about losing someone she loves. But the inappropriate behaviour with the patients (e.g. asking the rich guy if he will still love his wife in a thousand years and then telling him he won't) is the utter worst. If Shaun can learn all that complicated anatomy, he can learn basic social rules. I hate all the inappropriate personal talk though, including Claire and Morgan talking personal issues in front of patients. I don't want to watch the ASD version of Grey's Anatomy. I'm glad the husband decided to stay because I was having a hard time working up sympathy for him. It's going to be much harder on her worrying and having to go through each cancer treatment until she most likely can't do it any more. Why is Olivia wearing hard shoes with 3 inch heels? All the medical staff I've seen wearing really comfortable running shoes or clogs. This seems to be the Harllmark cast version of the show. Benjamin Ayres (rich man), Ashley Williams (cancer woman) and Matthew MacCaull (husband) all had Hallmark Christmas movies this year. They looked much prettier there, kudos to both make up crews.
  2. The whole plot of "Jean, a fiftysomething single mother doesn't know how to use the internet , can't get find her way around town and needs to be babysat by the twentysomethings" is horribly insulting to anyone in that age bracket or older. We're not in the I Love Lucy age any longer. I'd like to think that they figured out that Jean and her problems with her children is the least interesting part of the show and they're branching out. Hopefully the college applications addition will bring some interesting twists.
  3. Wow, what happened to medical confidentiality? Anna thinks that she can get Dante's treatment records, the WSB gives Kevin Kirk's patient information, and Britt gives Peter access to all of the hospital's records. So they're ending the 'Ned slept with Alexis' secret. But Peter is still at large and the Nina necklace secret never ends. I kept waiting for Jason to mention to Britt that Ava was the one who helped him escape from the hospital. Zero surprise that he didn't. Speaking of coats, I loved Liz's. If would be very soapy for when Lulu wakes up. Bonus points if Dante is the one who uncovers Peter.
  4. It's made worse by the Gary Stu-ing they're doing. It's bad enough that he survived the undertow and a week (apparently) and talked the cop out of giving the hiker a ticket. But then he meets the one nurse who helped Nina 20 years ago who thinks he looks sooo good and is a 5 star chef, and then finds clothes for him and takes him home to her husband's bar where said husband, a former Marine, needs Sonny to take down a robber. When was the last time Sonny did any actual physical work or fighting? He's got Jason for that.
  5. I remember reading those books as a child. The Bobbsey Twins (Nan and Bert the older ones, Freddie and Flossie the younger twins) was a series of books from Edward Stratemeyer's publishing empire like Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Tom Swift and others. Stratemeyer's genius was creating popular series and publishing them under pseudonyms so that the writers could be interchangeable and he got to keep all the royalties. I thought this episode was a bit of a disappointment. Too much horror and supernatural, and not enough mystery and characterization. Hopefully they'll get back to the mystery in the next episodes.
  6. Better! Didn't Kristina leave Harvard for it? Joss will go there for sure because we will never be rid of Eden McCoy. It sounds weird though. Aren't most of the Ivy League universities in the US named after people rather than places, Princeton being the exception?
  7. They've left themselves lots of flex room on Franco's tumour. The surgery did cut some of it out, enough that they can treat with radiation and hope that cures it keeping the character alive, but also leaving enough in that they can go OMG! Franco's tumour is back! and worry that he's going to die. My feeling is that Cameron doesn't want to accept the Stanford offer because he wants to stick around for his family if something happens to Franco. (And also because the show doesn't want to lose Lipton.)
  8. This episode will be shown at 10:30 p.m.
  9. Speaking of Dante, where is Leo's brother and his son Rocco? Peep-toes, stiletto heel and clunky boot. And supremely ugly.
  10. Yes, thanks. I was thinking that Alexis and Martin snarking at each other in legalese could lay the foundation for a new relationship for her. I hope that they don't waste Martin on Nina or Sam.
  11. I could watch Alexis/Valentin/NedMartin for the whole episode. "You mean defectice Chase?" "Don't help." ... "You have way too much money. Less country, more strip.""Gross." "That is where business gets done. "More than that, I'm sure." I didn't much like the stories in today's show but the writer did a good job of the scenes. The juxtaposition of Sam telling Elizabeth how Franco could hurt her and the boys with Franco's good scene with Cameron (loved WL flat voice as a stunned Cameron read the letter) / Olivia acknowledging what Alexis might have said but still not accepting it as the end. I don't like what Tracy is doing but I'm all for her shading Sam. Can I hope that with Jax telling Nina that he loves her, they're finally going to pull the plug on the necklace? Britt, if you don't want Cyrus to know that you're talking to Jason, close the blinds to your office. I like Britt telling Jason off but I'm very tired of the repeating 'woman tells Jason she can handle herself while he rolls his eyes and looks like "someone save me from these women" '. Also, what kind of organic chemistry course did Jason take? I never looked through a microscope for mine. Microscopes were for biology and histology. Why are Sam and theoretically Lucas at the adoption celebration Leo is ending his Jerome association which is his connection with them, but not Scout or Danny as Leo becomes a Quartermaine? Blech. Although I guess if it's a choice between Joss/Cam or Michael/Willow, I'll take the former. It will be over sooner.
  12. I have always seen it as 'shit' or 'crap'. Maybe the translator wanted to expand it as a swear word?
  13. There was a storming of the Capitol building in DC last week I heard.... I expect any show dealing with politics to have got a bump last week since many of us were glued to our screens. I think a better comparison with last year will be the first weeks in February.
  14. Is the necklace stuff really out in the open? Ava didn't say anything when Joss handed it over to. Did she see it earlier when Avery found it and fail to make the connection?
  15. It does go with the hundreds of white orchids all around the foyer and main floor rooms. Did Willow and Michael call it quits? I couldn't tell ( probably because I can't care). They're going to have Finn and Chase at odds over the paternity stuff but I think it would be much better instead to pull the plug on rhe necklace stuff and have BFFs Carly and Nina at odds with each other, especially if Jax is in the middle. If they're not going to have Carly sleeping with Jason, do some romantic teasing with Jax. Let him suffer the consequences of being Carly's bitch. I'd completely forgotten about them being cousins, that's how removed from the Spencers Joss is except for Bobbie being a Sonny lover. No wonder she didn't care about Lucas losing his son.
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