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  1. Ava! I couldn't be more disappointed in you. You were one of the few people who still treated Carly with the contempt that she deserves. Diane's tongue bath was nauseating enough. Why doesn't Maxie hire Liz to be her private nurse? Liz's hours at GH have been cut and I'm sure that she wouldn't mind taking Peter down. Inducing would be stupid; it's healthier for the baby to let labour start when the baby is ready. Why did Mike take the money from Elijah's office instead of hiding it somewhere on the premises? Now he can be charged with theft. Nina is even stupider for leav
  2. Dante would be an idiot to start up something with Sam after she 1) refused to cooperate in finding Jason when she said that she would and 2) let the air out of his tire so that she could find Jason first. But then, he has those Corinthos/Olivia genes. Even grosser that Lucy thinks that Sasha sleeps around so much that she might not know which of the men is the father of her baby. Odder still when you think about how Felicia and Mac were involved in all sorts of capers back in the day. It's funny how this show consistently refuses to use the characters who most should be i
  3. I'm not surprised. There are much better comedies out there.
  4. I noticed at the credits that the episode was dedicated to a young woman named Rose who died of sickle cell before this potential cure could be validated. That's a story that I would like to know more about. It was the stalkery vibe that creeped me out. Billie was 13 when she was raped and probably her first sexual experience. A child, and experiencing something hugely traumatic. It's no surprise that she would want to bury it and never relive it again. I can understand the young man wanting to make contact. But so many texts in such a short time is inappropriate and stalkery
  5. I wondered why Max didn't plop Luna into a tepid bath. That's the way we used to cool down kids, not stick them in front of an air conditioner. I also wonder why it was Gwen taking Luna outside when Max was at home. Isn't that why he brought her back from CT? I wondered if this was going to play into Max's problems with finding someone to look after Luna, leading him into some kind of epiphany. The case was very similar to his own -- single parent, busy doctor, difficult to find stable childcare as Covid blows hot and cold.
  6. What did Canada ever do to deserve this? This running to Canada is incredibly stupid because there's no reason for Jason to be on the run now that Carly doesn't need him at the meeting. He will be out at his hearing anyway. And Canada has an extradition treaty withthe US. Jason will be shipped right back to Port Charles . ETA Willow will be pregnant next to fully bind her to Michael. It would be more interesting to have her carrying Chase's baby so that there is some conflict but we can't have that.
  7. If other viewers reacted to that shower scene the way posters here did, afraid that the man in the shower was Michael, the producers are either clueless how Millow is going over or don't give a damn. It's not the distance but the acknowledgement that Carly's house isn't the perfect environment for her children. Previous Carlys needed to be right, to be the best, because they felt vulnerable and so needed to demonstrate their superiority. LW's Carly demands that everyone acknowledge her superiority because she feels that she is superior. Carly perceives Jax suggesting that Joss mi
  8. I hate Curtis right now. Even Portia says what a good cop Jordan is, and all he does is go over and give her divorce papers. I thought KT did a wonderful job of Britt's and vulnerability and fears of having HD. And she could have continued too, if Sam hadn't shown up. They did that with Dante and look at him now. I think that Kristina rebelled for a brief moment with Johnny but she's mob-worshipping now too. Here's hoping that it will last 15 days but I'm not holding my breath. This is what soaps used to be back in the day -- normal people, some working class, som
  9. It comes from a 1906 book by Evelyn Beatrice Hall who wrote in her book The Friends of Voltaire, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" to describe Voltaire's beliefs although it is usually misattributed to Voltaire himself. I've used it several times myself. Karl Popper's paradox of intolerance, that unlimited tolerance of intolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance and therefore we must counter intolerance by good arguments. There's a great gif explaining it that unfortunately does not come up here. However, Claire was not
  10. A few years ago, I was working at a family clinic when a family brought in a preteen girl that they had adopted when she was a baby. I remember that the whole family came in, grandparents as well. The family wanted to help her but they also wanted her to be "a good child". (I strongly suspect that much of the problem was that she wasn't neurotypical. ) Since they had adopted her, they had had a biological child of their own who was the kind of child that they wanted. It was a heartbreaking situation. I think that coming to the clinic was a last ditch attempt to be able to keep her i
  11. But isn't that why she chose Jason over Drew, because he was still in the business and thereby more exciting?
  12. Carly's possessiveness of Jason is ridiculous, as is her ending phone calls to him with "I love you." Sam has been involved with Jason for over a decade. You don't stop caring about someone just because your marriage to him is over, especially when you share a child.
  13. She refused treatment for her infection. The DNR bracelet was to let the medical staff know her wishes if she's unconscious but conscious she can refuse anything she wants. Comparing this to the House episode where Joel Grey played a doctor who wanted to be euthanized makes this one look to be pretty superficial.
  14. I assumed that Britt took the car into town and found a drive through. They're going to need food too though. She's been reading up on the idea of coffee naps. Apparently it takes the caffeine 20 minutes to kick in so if you drink a cup of coffee and have a short nap, you wake up more focused than if you had just had coffee or jusy a nap. Something to do with adenosine. She shouldn't have kept him yalking though. https://www.health.com/nutrition/coffee-nap But then the train driver would know! I assume that Henrik doesn't have an organization that would have a hiding
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