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  1. Sure they do. Look at Curtis and Portia, and Finn and Liz. Endlessly discussing their feelings and a kiss or an almost date with any who will listen. Perfect teenage behaviour .
  2. Luke enjoyed smacking "Caroline" down into her place. I never liked him more. Has Lucas been avoiding his entire family other than Bobbie because of Wylie? Do they have no regrets? They cut from Helena to Carly and Sonny. I know that Helena is the evilest evil to ever evil but she has more class in her little finger than Carly can dream of. Constance Towers looked wonderful.
  3. Points to Cameron for speculating that Peter caused Franco's studii to burn down to hide his crime. He'd make a good cop if this show ever valued the police. Or the WSB again. It would be strange to have two different people doing the nasty shenanigans of helping Peter and gaslighting Liz. Victor doesn't strike me as the kind to gets his lily white hands dirty so my vote is for Hatman. Esme possibly but she wasn't in Port Charles staking her claim on Spencer when Peter escaped. Maxie not telling Felicia and Anna where Louise is at this point is as stupid as Sonny going off his meds i
  4. Patients do get to the point where they feel better but also the side effects can be rough and they want to live without those. But in Sonny's case, it really feels like he's just being petulant "Carly is mad at me and won't make up so I'll show her, I'll stop taking my meds."
  5. Saves time, they're pure fast forward. When Epiphany went to talk to the doctor about Hatman, I thought that sh3 was going to give him some information Hatman had given her, at which point the doc would say"Yes, I know, he's dying but he doesn't want anyone to know." Instead of giving him new info, she legit starts telling him how to do his job without any knowledge of what the tests showed. No wonder she's on such good terms with Bobbie and Carly, none of them have any understanding of what "stay in your lane" means. I thought of this post and laughed when I saw that Sam a
  6. She's head nurse. During Cyrus's reign, he made Britt move Epiphany to administration instead of clinical work. Everyone was up in arms at the iniquity. But after yesterday's episode, maybe not such a bad idea.
  7. Britt probably has more leverage than Nina at the moment because of Jason's feelings for her. Shut up Ava, Britt and Phyllis. I know that you hate Carly but let Nina get over Sonny for her sake. What was the point of the Brick scene other than to give Sonny someone to whine to? Brick literally went to tell Sonny that he didn't know who was taking over the west coast route and Sonny doesn't care. Maybe those are the rules in the Corinthos household. Carly, Joss and Michael certainly specialize in getting up into other people's business. Today's show was so many prevousl
  8. How old is Pilar, to be looking after 2 little girls? Wasn't she Michael's nanny when he was a baby 30 years ago? I guess the Corinthos mob doesn't have a retirement plan. Michael is still whining about Nina not going to jail. He really is the biggest baby. And that outfit of shorts and sleeves sweats top does nothing for his pasty pink body. Carly is just loving having the upper hand and Sonny begging her to come back and being able to hold his sins over him. AVERY IS NOT YOURS CARLY! She will be just fine with Ava and Nik. I thought that there was nothing that I could car
  9. They weren't that sophisticated. They were local gangs who demanded money to leave them alone and when her husband refused, they killed him.
  10. The only reason Ava has control of Spencer's trust fund ( which is really Nik's money) is because he attacked Ava (displaced anger at his father ?) and Nik wanted him to have to deal with her. The only reason Spencer has to speak to Ava is because of the damage that he did to her gallery, because he frightened her, and because he copped to torching her car. It's not like she's using his trust fund to buy herself diamonds, using it to pay for a meal over to discuss the terms of his community service is a reasonable use. Sure Spencer is pissed off, for all that he's legally an adult he's v
  11. Did we know that Esme has at least one brother? Ava doesn't think so or she wouldn't have had Trina supervise Spencer. And Spencer said today that Esme is the only one on his side which can be extended later to Spencer saying that he stayed with her so long because he didn't have anyone else. One of the reasons she's one of the more interesting characters . (Also MW's acting.)
  12. That's typical spoiled Spencer behaviour though to conveniently forget that he renounced his inheritance and fuel his anger at Ava with the cost of a meal that Spencer and Trina shared. Also typical Spencer to say that he's a responsible independent adult when he and his girlfriend are living rent free with his grandmother. What kind of a place does he think they're going to get on his Kelly's salary? And are poor Laura and Kevin going to be housing Esme while Spencer is away? It would have made the episode for me!
  13. Today on Spoiled Children Hospital: Michael tells Sonny that if he really cared about him, he would go after Nina. Spencer demands that Nik drop Ava. How small is Spencer's trust fund that Ava putting the Metro Court meal on his tab is going to make a dent in it? I like Kevin in the family session being all professional and I was mad at Esme for making him leave. Has she any gratitude for Laura and Kevin letting her live there and not on the streets? Later Esme, auditing a psychology course, tells published psychiatrist Keven that he can't bamboozle her, she knows psychology. LOL.
  14. You're right. I should research before I answer. 🤦‍♀️ Once removed means a different generation. So Ned and Austin are half-cousins ( I didn't know that this existed) and Brook Lynn and Austin are half-cousins once removed.
  15. Jimmy Lee and Tracy are half-siblings. They share 1/4 of their DNA as opposed to Tracy and Alan who are full siblings and share 1/2. Ned and Austin are one generation down, sharing 1/8th DNA (that would be first cousins once removed). Brook Lynn is one generation down from that, sharing 1/16th of Edward's genes with Austin. Brook Lynn as a ship for Austin doesn't make sense right now when Britt and Maxie are better options. But not impossible down the line since they weren't raised together and don't share enough DNA to matter. Any ick factor would be cultural .
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