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  1. So watching with a friend and catching up. "Did they just call the upscale store "Pebelle's"? Poubelle is the French word for garbage." (Poubelle was a lawyer and diplomat who introduced garbage cans to Paris and made their use compulsory.) Anna's explanation for the RA marker is epigenesis, a change in the DNA caused by a life event, usually a trauma. An example is that the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. Anna is suggesting that Alex may have had an epigenetic change in her DNA. There are two problems with this logic: 1. that if it can develop spontaneously, Peter could have developed it himself and 2. markers are not epigenetic. Brooklyn is like a 5 year old child -- she acts in the moment and wants immediately. She signed the recording contract without checking it out, she wanted Ned to save her and when he didn't she sold her shares without finding out who was buying them. She justifies everything by it always being the other person's fault. Kim Delaney has a strange way of clenching her teeth when she talks, as if she has a bit between them. Brando meets with Cyrus who offers him a job ... and then he goes straight to Sonny's to tell him. I wish Cyrus were smart enough to have had Brando tailed, both sides of this mob war are too stupid to live. She said it was too soon and Sonny was just starting to grieve. She might be right in that. Then she added that the tests are not predictive and anyway there was nothing Dante or any other of Sonny's children could do other than live a healthy lifestyle. That's less true; there are a number of other things that can mitigate the damage such as learning new skills but the best way to ward off the effects of AD is to be fluently bilingual. Time to start learning a second language, Sonny. That speech of Carly's had a lot of nonsense in it but I'm sure it hit the shippers' hearts.. And maybe by the time Donna is an adult, we'll have figured out what causes AD and have drugs to mitigate it.
  2. Medicine is a union closed shop. American doctors can't practice in Canada, and Canadian doctors can't practice in the US. Driving time from Toronto to Sudbury Ontario is 4 hours, an 8 hour round trip. The population is 161,000, the largest city in Northern Ontario but a far cry from Toronto's 3+ million.
  3. From what we know about Ghislaine Maxwell, helping would be the last thing she would do even if she hadn't gone into hiding.
  4. The worst Sonny is Threatening Sonny, even worse than Self-Absorbed Sonny. It's so fake, it feels like the only reason people are intimidated is because it's in the script. Why can't Sonny just say that there is a mob war brewing and he wants Julian on his side? Threatening Julian is only going to push him to Cyrus. I'm mildly interested to see how BL is going to handle the information that Ned slept with Alexis. She owes Oliver, both from previous times and now when Olivia supported her against Ned. Is she going to black mail Ned? Get him to divorce Olivia? Or feel guilty that deleting Olivia's calls from Ned's phone may have contributed to the problem? Carly thinks that Joss' romantic problems are more important that speaking to the detective about Nelle's body? She's an idiot.
  5. Departure has been renewed for a second season which will debut (TBD).
  6. Most people don't do that kind of genetic analysis unless there is a reason such as a family history or a geriatric pregnancy. (How old is Maxie anyway?) It's apparently multiple genes that affect RA. But even if they take the simplest inheritance, a single dominant gene, it could easily be that Henrik inherited the chromosome with the gene, and Britt inherited its benign partner. I don't understand why knowing that Henrik has an RA gene gives Anna any more information as to who his biological mother is. As an identical twin, she's pretty much got the same genes as Alex.
  7. I feel that BL's song is not appreciated for the work of genius that it is. It's about ruins, ruins, ruins, and the cosmetics called "Deception" is going to make everything all right again. This plot point must have been written by someone who hates cosmetics. Or women. I thought that Valentin had told her that he would make her a singing star, not that she has a stake in the company. Lucy said that Sasha was an investor in the company. Where did she get money to invest?
  8. Is Sasha taking drugs or something? I must have missed something along the way. [/sarcasm] Poor Chase has really been put in the position of saving all the women of his age group, hasn't he? The Deception song is okay but I wouldn't buy cosmetics based on any song much less put them in my chain of stores. What a stupid plot point. Bringing back Jackie Templeton and tying her to so many points on the canvas (Lulu and the Invader and Cyrus, Robert's old friend, Chase's mother, the Peter plot) is good in theory but it's not quite working for me. Just move this Peter reveal along already.
  9. Theo (the paediatrician) did say that surgery was not recommended because Danny was still growing but then he took matters into his own hands and bought the testosterone. I can't remember what the compromise in the end was. I really liked how June was angry at Bash for telling about the needle prick and then asked him to read the results for her so she didn't have to read them for herself. I know that Mags is supposed to be Bash's ship but I do like him with the social worker. He was denying that he had PTSD or was affected by what he had gone through. Then the shooter exercise brought it back and he started to lose time in a dissociative state.* His conversation with the psychiatrist "I have a patient who is ....." indicates that he hasn't told the hospital that he has PTSD. *I thought the show did a good job of putting the audience in the position of what it's like to be in that situation by the time skips.
  10. Crimson has money though and a more elite clientele (theoretically) so I can see the advantage of having offices in the Metro Court. Deception is such a begging-for-money start-up, Lucy should look for a less expensive location.
  11. At this point, Brook Lynn wearing that giant bandage on her neck is like saying "Look at me! I got hurt!" It's so unsubtle. The Sasha actress is pretty bad at acting, but she is beautiful. If I were Chase, I wouldn't want to admit that I lost the love of my life to Michael Corinthos either. Yeah, that's how I read it too. And they keep doing it, deliberately thumbing their noses at me. I think they're done milking Carly's guilt, although if the manner of Nelle's death came out the police should be looking at Carly.. Now they're going to do Nina's. At least they let her give her a decent burial, although I love the reference to Potter's Field. How long does it take a body to float over to the Pennsylvania side? Shouldn't she be really gross by now?
  12. It doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the show.
  13. Definitely the highlight of the show. But they keep teasing me with truth-telling and then going back to glorifying Sonny. Sonny to Alexis: " I'm not going to talk politics, especially with you." (The show's meta statement) In terms of soapiness, today was well done (the public fight between Brando and Sonny, Alexis and Ned guilty around Olivia, Dante returning as Dustin is getting dressed, Julian and Nik trying to stop Ava from visiting Ryan and she can't tell Nik what it's about) but I really don't much care. Even the Scot/Franco/Liz plot isn't all that much fun. There is no real reason for Sonny to believe Nelle's letter because they think she's such a lying liar, but you know he will.
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