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  1. Michael is the wimpiest wimp who ever wimped. When Carly is gone, Sasha can take over (s)mothering him, They did a good job of Neil being a therapist. He was okay with Cameron dismissing therapy and then zeroed on the point that would prove that what Cameron has been beating himself up over is a misconception. Perfect! And I don't have to live with Michael and Sasha trying to parent Wiley. It really feels like they're done at least a 90 degree switch on Nelle. Suddenly she's the most sympathetic one in the storyline. That's how I took it too. Finn is more recent in his recovery. I'm glad Alexis took only one drink instead of spiralling down into the bottle again. And I really want someone (Julian?) to hold it over Sam.
  2. Sasha is taking tips on dressing from Lucy. The only time Jason/SBu showed any energy around Sam was when he was trying to get her back from Drew. Now that that's accomplished, he can put his energy where his heart is. Now wonder KeMo fought so hard for Sam to stay with Drew. She knew that this was coming. It takes time to find one who knows what they are doing. Monica offered to let her talk to her friends, but they're Monica's friends and they're surgeons too. Nelle needs to find a paediatric cardiologist. Jane Elliot was only going to come back for a short stint. She set up the ELQ takeover storyline and then Tracy went back to Amsterdam.
  3. I liked Maggie's story. At least someone got some happiness. Does Richard have a brain tumor? Are they going to operate and he's going to be cured? Everything can be cured by a surgery on this show. Well that was an information dump on McWidower. The macilator causing women to die of ovarian cancer is unfortunately too true. We've never seen her attracted to a woman before. There was no build-up to this at all, especially the idea that she felt guilty at loving Owen because she was still in love with Allison. "I couldn't hate you for loving Allison. She was Allison." The Allison I saw on the show was a liar and a cheat, I'm not impressed by her at all.
  4. Emotionally Shaun is working at a basic level this season. He may not recognize the difference between lust and love, he just knows that he has fun around Lea because she pushes him to do more things. All the more reason that he needs a therapist. Except in the episode when it was. (Which one it was, I can't remember just now.)
  5. SHUT UP, SASHA. You're making things worse. Michael isn't 5 years old and needs his mommy to settle things for him. Isn't this the first time that Nelle is hearing that Wylie has a heart condition? Any normal person would want to have a second opinion I know that Nelle is supposed to be teh evul but Sasha, Michael, Willow and Monica practically got their torches out to burn her at the stake. When Sam said that if Alexis had fought the board they might have reconsidered the 2 year policy, the person I was watching with and I both burst out laughing. Sam is such a twit. That policy has been years in forming and is law in multiple countries, no way is Alexis freaking out going to have any effect on the laws.
  6. Most places in Ontario and British Columbia were closed except for hiking trails and outdoor areas. Then a warm day hit, people swarmed out and didn't keep any social distance. The next day, the outdoor facilities were closed. Toronto has now closed all parks, playgrounds and dog areas. If any good comes out of this, it will be that people re-examine their their beliefs about medical care and a basic guaranteed income. I've seen some interesting adaptations to home training. A bottle of bleach serves as a kettle weight, cans as free weights. Serge Ibaka, the Toronto Raptor, has put out some videos of how he keeps up his training in his apartment.
  7. My fantasy is every one lines up to slap her, starting with Monica.
  8. I just heard an interview with one of the scientists who did that study on how long the Covid 2 virus lasts on different surfaces. (Interestingly it's been known before that copper has some antibacterial properties which is why the virus only lasts 4 hours on copper.) His recommendation is to wash produce with some kind of wash like a mild soap. This is easier for things like oranges, melons and bananas or even apples where you can wash the outside than for broccoli or lettuce which has little nooks. If you're cooking the broccoli you're okay because heat is very effective at killing the virus. Microwaving for even a minute should work. I bought a bag of tangerines and washed them before putting them in the bowl on the counter. Boxes and bags I just leave in the grocery bag in the hall closet for 3 or 4 days before putting them away. He did say that food was an unlikely vector to catching it unless someone sneezed on the tomatoes. You're more likely to get it from another person or a smooth surface. The study that found the virus on the cruise ship 17 days later found bits of the RNA, not replicatable virus.
  9. Neither Nelle nor Michael should have custody of Wylie; that's the whole problem of this storyline. Nelle will use him to advance herself (as Gloria Vanderbilt's mother did) and Michael will turn him into an entitled, law-breaking Corinthos. I don't know who thought that it was a good idea to drag this out over two years.
  10. This is a very good video on how to grocery shop safely from an M.D. It's 13 minutes long but lots of good suggestions if you can leave everything in the bag for 3 days.
  11. Yes. She probably assumed that she could easily get him back when she got out of prison.
  12. After discovering sex with Carly, Shaun said in an episode that now he thinks about sex with everyone. The colleagues he told it to had a TMI expression on their faces. It was the entitlement that botheref me. He thinks that Lea should be with him because he is willing to change the toilet paper roll to the other direction and stop insisting that the cans be alphabetized. And when she still turns him down, he thinks it okay to hurt her as she hurt him, by physically attacking her car if necessary and then telling her the most hurtful things that he can think of. We've all had unrequited loves but most of us are mature enough to accept that we have the suck it up and move on. The ones who can't end up in court.
  13. I was delighted to see Spinelli caught by the cops. He was skulking around like Spy vs Spy from Mad Magazine. Carly told Nina that Jax buying a kidney for Joss is something he's going to have to live with for the rest of his life. I guess if it had been Jason or Sonny's child, God would have provided one. He has a congenital hole in his heart. The. Very. Same. Thing. Michael. Had. As. A. Baby. <cue organ music> When they first found it, Monica said that he could grow out of it. Now it still isn't urgent to operate on but Michael is distressed, so yes it is an emergency. Maybe Wylie's distress was that he realized that he is now stuck with Michael and Sasha.
  14. I'm struck by the difference between Carly and Jax (Joss can take as much time off school as she wants because her boyfriend died") and Portia ("Trina Must Attend All Classes whether she needs to or not"). At least they softened Portia in the end. I was also struck Sam's rose coloured bra under the black lace to, and definitely not in a good way. Flesh-coloured, Sam, or that black bra I know you have because your sweaters are always slipping off your shoulder. The only interesting thing about the Jordan plot is that Cyrus is in jail because she and her colleagues faked the evidence. It makes him less of a cartoon to have a legit reason to go after them. "Of course she recommends surgery, Michael, SHE'S A SURGEON." As someone who has had dealings with surgeons, Lololololol. Wylie's surgery is both elective and not urgent. So because his family is rich and his great-grandmother is Chief of Staff, he's going to get the surgery right away. In the same episode, Jax buying a kidney for Joss is presented as a bad thing. Pick a lane, show. With Carly teaming up with Sasha and Nina, I'm really feeling the pull to Team Nelle. How was Carly not struck down by lightning for her hypocrisy when she said that Nelle can't help herself from lashing out. Anyone not thinking Portia will do the surgery on Wylie?
  15. But he's always the wronged person! Even the disappearance of Margaux's father is her mother's fault, never Sonny's. And he saved Jason and Michael from the Quartermaines! And Avery from Ava, he's a hero!
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