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  1. I haven't been watching this program for long but the way Mina friendzoned AJ and her behaviour when her friend woke up, it made me think that she's gay. Many people feel that medical costs in the US are unnecessarily inflated because: hospitals don't have price transparency so people can't comparison shop; there is too much money spent on bureaucracy (one quarter of costs is administration; for example, Duke University Hospital has 900 beds and 1300 billing clerks compared to a same sized teaching hospital in Montreal which has only 2 billing clerks); drug costs are high because Medicare is not allowed to negotiate lower prices with drug companies (unlike in single payer countries); the practice of defensive medicine because of the high number of malpractice suits and the high payouts means unnecessary tests; more expensive treatments and greater use of specialists; high physician salaries; and branding of hospitals. Americans pay about 4 times as much per capita in health costs as other OECD countries but have a worse life expectancy. I can't think of another business that we are so dependent on but where there is no price transparency so we can't comparison shop, and where so much behind-the-scenes price fixing goes on. An easy target, but a deserved one.
  2. It's going to play on the W channel in Canada next weekend. Donnel plays the male love interest but Patty Murin (pathologist Dr. Nina) is stuck in the best friend role again. Still, it sounds like they have fun being in Iceland together making a movie
  3. This interview is promotion for his new movie with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence so he doesn't talk about Heelers but it's worth a listen; he's an interesting guy. More the star of the series than SA, I think. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/q/alexander-ludwig-on-acting-battling-addiction-and-type-casting-in-hollywood-1.5429669
  4. I hope so, it's more interesting story wise. It also fits the real world as to be gay in that part of the world can be dangerous.
  5. I thought that was strange too. Someone like Carly would want better for her daughter than a fast talking street kid with only self-made prospects. She would want someone with background and money like Jax or Nik. Trina deserves her psychologist credentials already. It's been 8 months since Oscar died; if she's still writing in her journal for 2 hours a day, she's got big problems. Of course Michael is going to go for custody of Wylie -- he's Wylie's godfather, it's his duty to!
  6. Taggart called Jason "Anger Boy"! He wins the episode Michael, it isn't entirely Shiloh's fault that Jason and Sam can't be together. There's that little thing about Jason being a felon. Carly on the phone to Diane, pulling rank because Sonny and Jason are her biggest clients, is again giving Joss a master class on how to be a bitch. Brad has done some terrible things but I genuinely feel sorry for him now, caught in this situation. The problem with this show is that the characters I find entertaining are too often the "villains" like Ryan, Gladys and Nelle, whereas the "heroes" like Sonny, Carly, Jason, Sam, Michael and Sasha bore me to pieces. I'm going to miss Nelle when she gets murdered.
  7. The Michelle reveal was funny. Best moment of the episode. But if someone was unidentifiable, wouldn't they wait for DNA testing before pulling? Can the other baby mama donate part of her lung while she's pregnant? Wouldn't it harm the fetus? I agree that the Dr. Charles sob story shouldn't have turned the tide (and probably didn't; it was just Gwen manipulating) but the 75 studies is probably understating it given how long they've been around and in how many countries. The first safe injection site opened in Rotterdam in the 1970s, Canada's first one in 2003, Autstralia some years later. There are three in my city alone. I'm encouraged to buy naloxone kits at my local pharmacy. You can get an idea of some of the studies at this review. It's a shock to hear that there are no legal safe injection sites in the US. Security was called and looking for the owner of the car. They should have called the police as soon as they were alerted. Also, is the baby adopted? How could the ER not have known that Gwen was pregnant and had a baby? There at least four months of baby bump and shower thrown by co-workers even if she only took 2 weeks maternity leave.
  8. Good point. I assume that William and Mia will know each other since Oliver was adamant to Diggle that they grow up together. And that everyone knows about Mia's existence now, and possibly is still helping the Team.
  9. On the other hand, MG and Beth keep saying that Oliver's death is going to stick....
  10. Amell isn't Olivier but he has grown into the role and he's always had a dynamism that I've not seen in CD. (I say that angry at Amell for pushing for Oliver to die at the end of the series. ) As I said, I'll wait to see how CD does. It will at least tell me if there is any hope for Duelll's Michael.
  11. I had hopes of better writing with the new head writers but today's episode dashed them. Tracy was awesome but Brook Lynn came off as a low class fishwife confronting Nelle. It should be the other way around, Nelle appearing like trailer trash and Brook Lynn coming with class but Nelle got the honors in that scene. Most of the scenes with the Quartermaines pretty much showed them badly. Brook Lynn saying that "Sonny is the sweetest " made me want to throw up. I don't understand why Jason can't see the kids now that he can't see Sam but whatevah. I'm glad Lulu tore a strip off Nik for making Laura and Spencer think he is dead for 3 years. Especially when she said that Gladys trying to pretend that she's Dev's grandmother makes her sick. You mean like you try to pretend that you are Avery's mother, Carly?
  12. I try to keep an open mind but yeah, I'd like to see CD square off against Chaie Barnett (JJ) or Joseph David-Jones or tey to match Ben Lewis in acting. He's not listed on the IMDb page for the episode but my money's on him being a rich bad guy. Not at all like on GH where he plays a rich good guy.
  13. Nooooooo! They've messed up Arrow enough already this season! The January 21 episode is a backdoor pilot for a possible new series tentatively titled Green Arrow and the Canaries. If he does a good job, it's possible that they will hire him if the series gets picked up. If that's the case, it will at least be the end if Sadsack Michael. Of this one, at any rate.
  14. They can have an actor who is good at being a supporter to Sonny, Carly and Jason. Or they can have one who has the dynamism to spearhead the next generation, who has the power to go tow to toe against Sonny and show his strength. One can't do both at the same time. MB and SBu have to loosen their control of the showing they want it to survive longterm.
  15. Why would they get rid of Franco after they've just spent 6 months getting him back to Liz? I saw Matt Cohen in one of the Hallmark Christmas movies. He was just as much a nonentity there as he was on GH. Griffin must be the only one who can make Michael look dynamic.
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