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  1. It's a problem the show created for themselves by taking Sonny's money for the new wing and publicly praising him every Nurses' Ball what a wonderful, generous guy he is. Mob money is mob money.
  2. The actress playing Nelle is one of the few bright sparks on the show so I'm guessing that they've retconned Nelle again to keep her around when they could have got rid of her twice (or more) in the past. I think the Willow actress is good when she gets good material (learning that her son had died) but with Michael, it's like mayo on white bread. Sasha is just bad alone or opposite anyone. She needs to stay a photo on the wall. Different situations. Lucky hasn't kicked Laura out of his life nor does he have a mental illness. Also, she has 3 other grandchildren in Port Charles (when she's not visiting Spence in Paris), and she is the only grandparent the Liz's 3 boys have. Liz has made clear how important Laura is to their family unit. Rocco doesn't really need Olivia that much because he's got Laura and Carly (ugh). The writing is just terrible for this. Realistically Dante's family should be a source of strength in his recovery, not this "I can't see you" nonsense. I took a course in neuroplasticity last year and my paper was on treatments for PTSD. There are many decent treatments for PTSD and on top of that there are new ones being developed. The WSB is supposed to be this cutting edge place but they're putting Dante back in the 19th century here.
  3. They can't let Cyrus score any real points because it's predetermined that Sonny will win. Yawn. And if there was any physical action involved such as games, Rocco would want to invite someone younger than his grandfather, or stepgrandfather. Isn't Ned her first husband though? But to the point, I understand that Olivia fears that she's losing not only her son, who she is not allowed to have any contact with and who has shut her out, but also her grandson who she fears is forgetting his father and attaching to Dustin instead. When a divorce happens, the grandparents often lose out too. I don't like how they are writing Olivia, but her logic makes sense.
  4. There was a father/son thing at school and Rocco invited Dustin to go with him. Olivia thought it should have been Sonny (blech) or Ned.
  5. That seems like Russian roulette to me. Either the other actor doesn't have it, in which case there is no danger mask or no mask, or he/she does in which case you'll catch it in the scenes that are taping unless you're 6' apart. Valentin said that Deception was sponsoring the Nurses' Ball this year so I can't imagine that there is that any dough to spend. Unless they've already shot the performances, it should have happened during the break. I can understand it. When you're scuba diving, you can breathe air through the mouthpiece. Wearing a mask where it's harder to breathe can feel claustrophobic.
  6. I did not miss Sasha and her bobble head one bit. I wish that they would recast the role, Sofia Mattson is a model with limited acting abilities. As long as it was Old Nina, there was a physical resemblance but there isn't even that now. It's been, what, a year now? If he is still sending her letters back unopened, then he's not getting better. Frankly it's ridiculous at this point that he's still so bad after all this time. They either need to come up with a better story, like he's in a coma, or bring Dante back. I think the only stories I'm interested in are Robert finding Holly (which hopefully leads to the end of Peter), and what happens with Alexis and Neal now that both of them have lost their professions. Maybe Nina finding out that Nelle is her daughter but that brings with it Michael getting custody of Wylie and Jax telling Nina how awful Nelle is since he's a Carly propper so no, not so much. That's pretty sad considering how many storylines they've got on the go right now.
  7. I'd argue that both Ned and Laura have been allowed to grow in their positions as mayor. Ned has gone beyond all the Quartermaine in-fighting over ELQ, and Laura from the teen who went all the adventures to a powerful woman. For all that they are very annoying, there has been an effort to grow Lulu and and Maxie, Lulu becoming Girl Reporter and Maxie moving out from being Nina's minion and trying to grow Deception. Possibly Franco becoming an art therapist. That's all I got. Everyone else seems to have been frozen in time. I don't consider Carly to have grown because everything she's got, she got by marrying a rich powerful man. Anna should be the one with her own PI agency. ETA: Liz has grown too.. I forgot about her.
  8. I wasn't thinking of Dev as taking over. Even as a flunky, he would show how Jason hasn't grown as a character since he became Sonny's flunky over two decades ago.
  9. Having Michael legit and running ELQ while Morgan (when he comes back) runs the mob would be an interesting brother vs brother story. Dev was excited about the mob. I'm sure he'd love to join. But Jason would always stay second in command and having Dev there would only point out how old SBu has become.
  10. But it was Dante's fault! He betrayed Sonny! And after Sonny was grooming him to take over his organization! That's what I mean, that if you're authoritarian-leaning, Sonny isn't really doing anything wrong. He's always more sinned against than sinning. He would be even more toothless if he left the mob though. As the head of the largest mob in the east coast, he's powerful. If he left, compared to Finn the infectious disease specialist, Kevin the psychiatrist and Robert Scorpio the DA much less the wealth and power of Valentin and Jax, Sonny would be pretty much a nothing burger. Basically, he would be the equivalent of Julian, someone who was in the mob but now is a shopkeeper. I can't see the show agreeing to go there. At least this way Carly and Sonny (and Michael and Kristina and Joss) can threaten everyone with the big, bad mob boss.
  11. Teaser video here, if you live in the States (which I don't).
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