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  1. I actually laughed in real life at this comment for 2 solid minutes
  2. Your whole post is spot on. Surprised by all the negativity here for a great adaptation of a great book. After reading this thread, most of the questions being asked here were clearly addressed in the series. The plot was nuanced and there were hints in earlier episodes that tied into later plot points, which people seemed to have missed. However, I’m not sure getting hit over the head with things would have made the show “better” at all. Maybe just pay attention?
  3. I can’t get over the reaction to this episode on this board. The fact that anyone would think Erin/Dexter are more self absorbed than Cornelius and Natalia, who were the two most miserable contestants ever on this show, is astounding. Pathetic all around tbh.
  4. Did anyone notice that @ckksac (of the darkest hour fame) deleted the story she had started (It was an AU)? I went to go check on it and it’s completely gone :(
  5. And westallen wasn't mad about sharing the 2 minute ceremony! So it all works out!
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