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  1. Yeah, his reasoning for telling her to pull back makes absolutely no sense. And I also believed she actually hated him. Like legit, rage-filled, burning hatred, and not the fun kind where there's some sizzling attraction underneath and you just know they want to bang it all out. Granted, it would've been difficult to play that because there was an allegedly dead sister in the mix (although a sister on the periphery is a feature not a bug of Oliver and Lance girls' relationships). Yet another way they set Lauriver up to fail with a backstory that should've been thrown in that garbage can (but I am also glad they didn't do that, LOL).
  2. To be fair he said that when it seems like he was planning on staying here in the US because our theme parks are open for the most part. I just included it because the gist of the commentary from him was that he was done with quarantine and wanted to get back to his regularly scheduled life programming and it seems like he went somewhere that was closer to that than he can get here since disease is rampant and LA is closing down again.
  3. I'm sure they'll "quarantine" in Canada about as well as they "quarantined" in the US - here's hoping that this time they're not dumb enough to post about it on social media.
  4. He mentioned being done with quarantine and wanting to go out to eat and take Mavi to a theme park and whatnot, so I think he’s just going somewhere he can do that, although I think it being any better here in a month is a pipe dream. He waxed poetic about what his life would be like in Canada a podcast or two ago, so maybe he’ll just stay up there and come back when it’s safe, since he’s privileged enough to be able to do that.
  5. Must be nice to be able to just flee like that, congrats to him lol.
  6. Yeah, I don't really know what the point of posting the picture was unless he thought people wouldn't believe him without photo proof. I'm surprised he doesn't seem to have any kind of security at his home and I'm also surprised that this is the first time someone's taken a dump on his property.
  7. Of course he can't just understand that these Black men and women being murdered by police is wrong without relating it back to his kid being in a situation that she won't ever have to be in because she's privileged in a way that Stephen refuses to admit that she (and he, and a lot of us) are privileged. I guess it's good he's not being a belligerent dickhead about it in this one post, but he doesn't have a great track record with sticking to these epiphanies he has. Chances are high that he walks it back in a podcast, if history is any indication.
  8. He does have a job - he got hired as a lead on a show on Starz. It was supposed to start filming in March but got delayed because of the COVID shutdown. That being said, I fully expect him to continue being a mess, because he doesn't seem to be open to the possibility that he could possibly be wrong about anything.
  9. Wouldn't going to a preppy boy's school generally make it more likely he would've seen racism in action? Agreed. But if he hasn't learned already that he needs to not be such a combative asshole when he replies to people who are calling him out, I don't think he will until he faces some kind of actual repercussions from it apart from being "canceled," which isn't actually a thing. But repercussions would probably make him even MORE combative, haha.
  10. He's such a condescending, tone-deaf asshole. He simply doesn't possess the capacity for self-reflection or the ability to admit that he could possibly be wrong about something. He doesn't want to better understand anything, he's not replying in good faith, and anyone who takes the time to try and teach him will likely be thanked by him admitting on a douchebag podcast a year or so later that he was definitely always right and regretted even engaging. His ~friends indulging in his victim complex have only made his worst impulses worse.
  11. He does care more about the property than the people. Anyone who is ever able to get through to him and change his mind about anything should probably become a crisis negotiator. I don't think they really care enough to do that much research. Maybe Drew wants to, but Stephen doesn't. I think he's only saying something now because he was tired of being called out for not. Were protestors blocking her favorite brunch spot or what? I truly don't believe any of these people are bummed out about anything other than being inconvenienced and/or worry about their property, since Stephen's wife at least used to be invested in quite a few businesses in LA (no idea if she still is or not), and he seems to be super concerned about that. I really want to believe that Drew's answer was condescending, but I can't really tell with these people.
  12. Apart from the general uselessness of the gesture, the upshot angle of her ass for the whole thing adds yet another layer of bad taste.
  13. I read a transcript - I was right, his opinions are a complete shitshow and I remain unsurprised.
  14. To be honest, I really don't think he cares enough to amplify a voice that isn't his own. He said the other day that he doesn't feel qualified to speak on the issue, even though you don't have to be an expert to understand that systemic racism is wrong and say so - but despite not thinking he's qualified, he's gonna chime in anyway. His silence has definitely been pretty loud, especially considering - like you wrote - almost all of his Jar friends have spoken out. And Carina, who name drops him at every opportunity, left him out of all the BLM posts she made where she tagged other high-profile people. After his not all Texans!!1! BS and subsequent breakdown and regret over his apology, some of his other questionable racial stuff, and the fact that he's married to someone who bought toned-down All Lives Matter merch and gave it to her friends...I really don't think this is an issue that he cares about much, if at all. I fully expect his opinion to be a complete shitshow, although I hope he surprises me!
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