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  1. I think it might be a flashback to S1 because SA filmed in the pre-OTA bunker in his old suit during 8x10.
  2. He flat-out said that the spin-off is taking place in the future.
  3. I get being disappointed. Arrow has been disappointing me for years, and those are just storylines that have been built up over a season or two, not 5+ years with a comic arc to boot. I'd prefer Arrow have ended last season - I don't need Oliver to have a big emotional send-off. I don't need him to be a god or the center of attention or the best hero ever. All I ever wanted was for him to get to see his kids grow up. The only thing that Arrow being involved in this crossover has given me that I wanted was for him to get to spend time with his kids before he dies/goes off to be Spectre/whatever other kind of bittersweet thing is going to keep him away for however many years. I do think that as long as Berlanti and Guggenheim are running things that the likelihood of you ever getting the Crisis story you were expecting was probably pretty slim. There's no way they would pass up a chance to have everyone come together for an event like that and one of Guggenheim's favorite things is subverting expectations, even if the twist is stupid and lacking in payoff. He mentioned killing Oliver off in the first episode of the crossover because people wouldn't be expecting it, and I wouldn't be surprised if E-90 Barry taking Barry's spot was changed for a similar reason. You've known for 5+ years what was going to happen because that article told you so - surprise! You didn't actually know and to them that's the fun part, not giving people who've been watching these shows for years payoff to the arcs they've been building up to.
  4. The Flash writers bungling their storyline for Barry has nothing whatsoever to do with what happens over on Arrow. Arrow's storyline has felt more emotional because whether Oliver dies for good, disappears for good or whatever, that show isn't coming back and these are actually the last moments we have with most of the characters on that show (pending the spin-off pickup), so they've packed in a lot of nostalgia and goodbye because it is actually a goodbye for the people who watch it. If the Flash writers didn't write the lead up to Barry's death in an emotionally satisfying way because they knew he wasn't actually going to die or disappear, that's their problem.
  5. Oh cool - after watching his redemption story for eight years, that's exactly what I want!
  6. It would've been helpful to know what actually happened to Jim Corrigan once he passed the torch on to Oliver. Does he get to go back to his life or what? Like, could Oliver take on this mantle, somehow go back to this place in time with someone else and even though he technically served for a long time he passes it on to someone else and is able to return to Felicity now? (shhhhhh let me have it)
  7. Not definitively, but I think someone following Lucifer's social media somehow pieced together that a pic of the actor in the trailer was taken in Vancouver, and I'm pretty sure one of the paparazzi posted about it, but the actor denied it.
  8. Yeah, I agree. After all that build up from watching 7 episodes of Arrow leading up to this, and Oliver dies pretty much right away, his daughter resurrects him, then he BECOMES A GOD and it's like a total of 10 minutes of story? Years of that article that Iris wrote and those last two episodes of Flash (which I usually don't watch but did watch those) and Barry going through all this stuff, preparing to die - even the multiple moments he had with Iris in this ep thinking he might be saying goodbye and oop in 2 minutes everything is shifted over to another Barry and none of it meant anything. What a waste of time! None of it has had any payoff, and while I know it's not over yet it doesn't even feel satisfying. I'm not even dying for January 14th like I thought I'd be because everything is so over the top that they have no choice but to undo at least some of it. Bleh. The fanservice is fun, but I don't know what half of these references are so I'm not even getting everything out of it that I could, LOL.
  9. I enjoyed some of the cameos, but I guess that's to be expected because this whole thing feels like a giant cameo generator. A lot is happening but it all feels pretty unfulfilling to me.
  10. I wonder what kind of industrial velvet E-90 Flash's outfit is made out of that it doesn't catch fire when he runs
  11. If he's anything like me he'll just hang some clothes on it and have some cake.
  12. it bothers me because it's hideous and also because I can't figure out how it works
  13. He needs a couple of friends to tell him that forehead hair V is a bad look
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