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  1. I am kind of surprised it hasn't been picked up yet. They gave the backdoor pilot every chance they could to make it succeed and I feel like it did about as well as they could hope for. People seemed to like it, and that's about as much assurance as you can get about a new show - at least it's a known quantity and not such a gamble. I wonder what they're waiting for/when they'll announce it.
  2. I really liked The Good Place's ending - I thought it fit well with the theme of the show and really liked the way that those characters went on to help make other people better. I think it helps that I don't have a firm belief of what a real "good place" should be like, so I'm willing to go with what TGP has in mind for its universe and what the Arrow has in mind for its universe. They're different but equally satisfying for me, just based on how I feel about the characters and their journeys.
  3. If the spinoff gets picked up, I assume. I had to take a few seconds on it too lol.
  4. Dinah said she woke up in 2040 and there was no trace of Dinah Drake or the Black Canary.
  5. Agreed. I like to think that because the last line in the script talked about "possibility" that O/F might have a similar life with their loved ones in whatever dimension this is. Maybe the office scene was just him greeting her before taking her out to show her the world. It's not the ending that I wanted for Oliver - I wanted nothing more than for him to come home to his wife and kids and get to spend the rest of his life with them, but since I apparently never had even a sliver of a chance of getting that, this is satisfying for me. The only alternative to it was Oliver dying and staying dead with no hope of anything close to finding happiness in another dimension or wherever exactly he is. Felicity called it the "afterlife," but who knows if that's what it really was or just what she called it. Plus, it's helpful that we know The Monitor can be wrong - he was wrong about how Crisis played out, so maybe Felicity *can* return to Star City from wherever she and Oliver are. There was no body left over when she walked into that smoky hole thing with The Monitor so it's not like she died in the traditional sense. Plus, MG said that Oliver is still Spectre and left open the possibility of him returning, so it seems like he can leave wherever it is that they are. Maybe when he does he can take Felicity with him. Regardless of the fact that I would've done things differently, it was nice to see Oliver so at peace and happy. While bittersweet, I found the last scene and the idea behind it to be achingly romantic, and for a show that made me angry so often, that's a nice feeling to part with.
  6. We go from sister swapping to Laurel swapping. Love that
  7. I was like yes, same and felt a calm wash over me until a clip of Blackish started playing over it
  8. It didn't even feel nostalgic because the people they brought back were barely in it and we didn't get any of the interesting interaction I would've wanted from anyone. Emiko/Moira could've been interesting but it was all so...just boxes for them to check off.
  9. They didn't need poor William being kidnapped for the 100th time - it didn't even result in anything good. No conversations about him having a sister, no reunion with Felicity, no seeing what his relationship was like with this Moira. I wish they'd scrapped the whole dumb storyline and really spent the last hour mourning Oliver and setting up the new changes. Although I guess I'm not surprised to be let down one last time. Prochnost, you dumb show!
  10. Same and same. What I saw of the last scene was nice - until the local affiliate cut in over the rest of it with a Blackish commercial, thank you for the final middle finger CW, I will never watch your dumb channel again!
  11. I do enjoy that she was ultimately drinking and upset over herself and not Oliver lmao
  12. Would she have been on that list tho
  13. Getting blasted forward 20 years does wonders for her personality.
  14. And the owner of the Star City window depot
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