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  1. I'd rather see BL with Valentin than with Chase. If I have to have Liz/Fin, a couple that makes sense in real life but has little drama, I want a couple with a little more spice on my TV And Chase deserves better than someone who is a friendship romance. On the other hand, why did Valentin tell Ned his plan to have the vote split between Ned and Michael so he can keep the CEO position? That's a stupid move worthy of Michael. Sam makes Dante stupid. Just because Austin owns the house doesn't mean that he's involved. in the kidnapping. In fact, if he owns multiple properties around the
  2. Bobbie isn't BJ's biological mother, is she? Considering how little thought she gave to Lucas, her adopted child, when Wylie was ripped from his arms, I have no feels for her not having a grandchild from BJ. Maxie could say that not-Chloe must have handed the baby to someone else before she fell into the well. Since she was obviously a criminal (hopefully Real Chloe's body turns up soon for the sake of her family), the police shouldn't have too many questions .
  3. Georgie could be SORASed although we just saw her. How old is Jake supposed to be now that Cameron is 18? Even if they don't actually SORAS them, an early teen adventure a la The Hardy Boys could be fun.
  4. Willow thinks that Michael will be devastated at losing her temporarily while Chase dies so he needs Brook Lynn to support him. Michael needs Brook Lynn, not Chase needing everyone who cares about him. Michael and Willow have no chemistry but what I find more offensive is that they are such garbage people in this story. They are only interested in each other and Wiley, and they don't care who has to suffer so that they have their fairy tale. Willow is lying to Chase with apparently no remorse and Michael keeps whining that big mean old Jax took his choice away from him. I'm also not
  5. "Molly and I are going to visit our parents in prison." That's how you know that it's a soap opera. Don't you have to show remorse for your actions to get parole? Shaun is saying that he's innocent (therefore no remorse) and he shivved Jason a month ago. Why would anyone think that he's going to get parole? Carly continues to be a bitch interrupting Nina's time with Wiley and blaming Nina for Jax pressuring Michael. As well as running the Metro Court, parenting her children including her toddler and stepping into her role as Mob Queen, Carly is never too busy to attack someone who
  6. "A drama based on the BBC's BAFTA-winning crime anthology, in which each episode opens in a courtroom on the accused without knowing their crime or how they ended up on trial, the drama is told from the defendant's point of view. It follows how an ordinary person got caught up in an extraordinary situation, ultimately revealing how one wrong turn leads to another, until it’s too late to turn back. From the producers of 24, Homeland and The Good Doctor." On Fox. Accused in the Media Small Talk: In the Jury Room Rumors: Anticipation for Accused
  7. Anna is chummy with Sonny (didn't he shoot Robin?) and Jason, and chooses to work with (i.e. bend a knee to) Carly who always did her best to hurt Robin and still hates her. There's little loyalty to her daughter there At least Obrecht has expressed remorse and is trying to do the right thing. Nina is a fool and I don't understand how she's got three wealthy men panting for her, but I hate anyone monologuing to Wylie whether it's Willow, Michael of her. I understand the writer's intention to use it as a recap to those of the audience who may have missed something but Wylie is 3 now and a
  8. Season 2 starts in Canada June 21st.
  9. I just accept that anyone from the Corinthos clan can be mad at anyone else for whatever reason but tbey will alwaysexonerate each other. Dante will be mad at Nik and Ava but not at Spinelli who was part of the warehouse shootout and got himself kidnapped. And certainly not at Carly who ordered it all. I'm sure Carly's fanbase cheered her confrontation with Cyrus while I was just appalled that she's ordering the PCPD around as the mob queen. Every time someone starts monologuing to Wylie (those poor twins) whether it's Willow, Michael or now Nina, I keep expecting them to break into
  10. Let's add Mike to the mix. Nina asked him a few times if he wanted to know who he is and he said no. But it will never be his fault. Like a child, it's always the present pain that's the worst.
  11. Michael: "Jax trashed a good part of my childhood." Me: Don't worry about it Michael, you forgave Sonny for murdering your father and for your mother lying so I'm sure you'll get over this too. Carly, Michael is in his thirties, not 3. And do you think that telling Wylie that his mother loved him but she died is going to be more damaging than telling him that she's a psychopath as you are going to do? I just can't with these people any more. Their stupidity is making my brain cells die. Do the kids playing Wylie get to keep the toys that Wylie is given? Now that Peter is d
  12. As Ana said earlier this week, people are coming to the border for asylum, and sending their small children on their own, because the conditions in their own countries are so intolerable that they don't see an alternative than to make the trip. Maybe Harris went to Central America because she thinks that the longterm solution to the border crisis does not lie at the border.
  13. Cyrus dumped Britt as CoS when she ran away with Jason (after Cyrus's attempt to have her killed failed) and he was conducting interviews to replace her (as if that's the job of the Board Chair). Seems like the position is still open then. Cyrus was the one who arranged for the lab to say that Finn is Chase's father because he was angry at Jackie for her expose of him. A useful villain to move story forward.
  14. Max probably had to take off his ring for the scan, but why was it in his lab coat? How often does he wear a lab coat? Luka's wife and child died in the war. (Interestingly so did Flynn's, another character GV played in Timeless.) Mark was the one who brought a child into the marriage and later had a baby although his ex wife was still alive. Or maybe they'll be glad that there is someone in the house who is rational and can take care of Luna properly. Two episodes ago, Max called his in-laws to take care of Luna because her "Tuesday nanny" cancelled. They hopped on a tr
  15. That's what I meant (although said badly) that it was to plan to ditch the nurse at the spa and go to Beecher's Corners to have the baby. Bobbie just substituted for Britt. Maybe they're fast-forwarding Sasha's baby because it's going to be the tock. It's past time for one. Are they going to reinstate her as CoS now that Cyrus is demoted? But who will look after all the children?
  16. I have no love for Cyrus but even he does not deserve to be handcuffed to a bed and have to listen to Carly. Also, way to kow-tow to Carly, no name PCPD cop. I thought nothing could be worse than Mob Boss Sonny but Dona Carly is a nightmare. Don't lie, Carly, you absolutely would wish that on not only your worst enemy but the next 200 in line too. Unfortunately Carly's sanctimoniousness is rubbing off on Laura. Not a good look for her. Seriously, I'm rooting for Cyrus now. I guess Lenny's heart problems means that we're stuck with Nixon Fails. Was there a time jump? Because Sash
  17. Watts is an occasional supporting player though, not the show's star. More than on any other show that I can think of, these leads are "love 'em or hate 'em".
  18. But she didn't answer it other than to say that she would be the best person for the job. She didn't answer any of the challenging questions asked or give any policies other than about immigration which is a question she wasn't asked. It was all a script that she learned beforehand. America Ferrara gave much more thought-out answers as well as having experience in grass roots politics.
  19. This episode was written by David Foster, one of New Amersterdam's executive producers (and one of my favourite House writers) along with Aaron Ginsburg. It was directed by Peter Horton, also one of the show's executive producers. So honestly, I don't know where this went wrong. How old is Helen supposed to be? Mina is 16 so her father would have to be at least 35. Helen remembers her father leaving her and her mother to marry Mina's grandmother so at least 40? (Freema herself is 42 and looks amazing.) It should have been part of the arrangement with her husband that they
  20. Michael grows more and more scummy. The hypocrisy of being mad at Jax (Nina has a choice but you took my my choice away from me.") and throwing his "good" period of taking care of Michael and Morgan in his face. Nina and Mike's jokes "keep it on a simmer" are even more revolting than their kisses. Maxie should have told Britt where her baby is. Just in case Brook Lynn doesn't want to give her back. LOL at Liesl saying that she could have got away with killing Peter with some good planning. I hate those rooms that destroy things, it's such a waste. I've been looking for a t
  21. Did anyone here see the first movie? I tried to get through it a couple of times but ended up turning it off because it didn't hold my interest.
  22. Iggy saying that he did everything he could for Chance still bothers me a lot because no, he didnt. Why did Reynolds and that woman doctor pretend that they had never met when they actually met on a case? Even if the writer forgot it, the actors shouldn't have. Now that Max has won his crusade to ensure that Luna will be raised by nannies and daycare, I don't expect to see her again till she's the flower girl at Max's wedding. How did Helen get Mina a place in King's College in one month when she would have needed to apply 6 months earlier? And why not a university in the US?
  23. Has there been any pairing that Nina didn't kill? Nna/Valentin was so bad I rejoiced when it ended, she was terrible with Jax and now even worse with 'Mike'. I know that CW is a good actress but the writing for her is terrible. I have reached the conclusion that they are dragging out the Chase/Millow reveal is because it's the only thing interesting about Millow. Once it's in the open, it's mayo on white bread again. I'm catching up on Friday's episode (Obrecht/Britt girl talk was delightful) and I'm wondering why a hospital based internist (Portia) carries a bag of saline in her me
  24. No it's the one Faison gave Tiffany, hence the need to go through the papers that Sean had. Peter had it modified. But it's ridiculous that no one asked Obrecht who was probably involved in creating the original toxin in the first place and has no love for Peter. I don't. Peter gave Chase a toxin, not a virus, so that there is no point in creating an mRNA package for it because it wouldn't be reproducible. And a variant would not apply because again, not a virus. It feels like they read someone talking about the two mRNA Covid vaccines and thought that they would steal the idea
  25. Michael to Jax "Since when does 'reasonable compromise' mean blackmail?" Me: Have you met your mother? Or your stepfather? Their middle names are 'blackmail and extortion'. Also, if you're thinking of people Wylie could be missing, shouldn't Lucas be at the top of that list? It doesn't seem bother you that you ripped Wylie from him and Wylie didn't see Lucas at all for months while you tried to stop him from waking up and crying. Nice job, show, of making me hate Willow. Finn: "His immune system is neutralizing the very thing that could save him." Huh? Are you just arguing that
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