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  1. I'm going to be watching on 10/27 to see my girl yet after reading a couple of threads it's obvious I have no clue who these people are, why these stories are playing out and WTH is going on. Normally I'd watch to catch up an know the lay of the land but I don't care one freaking bit. I just want to see my girl
  2. I just saw online that Sabreeeena is desd. I'm still not going to watch but woohoo! You guys are troopers
  3. Deluking. I want to be in the football pool again this year too
  4. You guys lied to me!! I've been enjoying my time on the Scorpio deck on the barge and came back to see my girl Robin. Ya'll said GH was doing longer scenes, the hell they are. What in the world was up with tge horrible fast paced splicing they did between JnR and Michael/Sam. I had to use my expertise with my finger in order to FF.
  5. Ugh, I guess I have to watch May 9th. Im dreading if because this show sounds so dreadful lately. KMc better be on for more than 2 minutes.
  6. You all aren't the only ones at a loss. I cried for over an hour. My close friends and family know how much I love Prince. My daughter called to check up on me. My bestie called from work because her my godson heard the news and her someone should check up on me. Prince always gave me the chills. Getting to actually see him perform live was experience. We have lost some greats this year man.
  7. I'm so sad about this. I've been crying actual tears since I found out over an hour ago. I've been sadder by the lose of other musical talents but nothing like this.
  8. It really had adding in Alan Rickman as well.
  9. Wait....WHAT? Sam didn't know Stone. Sam wasn't on the damn show. Her retconned existence didn't happen for years latter. This is what happens when you kill or write off all the legacy characters. Pure BS
  10. Damn, another reason to miss this board and you wonderful posters. Octavia Butler fans.
  11. SB, has a recurring role on CBS, CSI Criminal intent and he landed a role (not sure if it's recurring or regular) on Devious Maids.
  12. I'm still upset but I'm getting better. I've been able to process things without a white hot rage. Abbie was one of my 3 female TV bad asses along with Michonne from TWD and Lagertha from The Vikings. Abbie's death was bad enough but to see one of my bad asses going down without a fight and excepting her fate so passively has been disgusting. I've been watching Underground on WGN. They've only had 5 episodes yet I cheered when Zeke continued to fight through 3 gunshot woumds and an axe in the back. If Abbie had to die, she should have gone down swinging. Fighting with everything she had u
  13. ITA, that Abbie was made subservient and secondary in her own damn story as a witness. It means, please watch the show. We are willing to bait you. Please watch the show. We may show occasional pictures or flashbacks of Abbie. Please watch the show. If we are lucky, NB will come do a scene. Please. Watch. The. Show! I'm adding CC and his crew to Goffman and other writers/producers that I will never watch a show they are involved in, in any fucking way ever again.
  14. Yea, I'll be talking about this for years just like HIMYM. How horrible the ending is because this is the end for me. And people wonder why I freak out, when TPTB or writers say "trust me" or "just keep the faith". Over 2 hours later and I'm still pissed
  15. Week that sucked. That was horrible. Abso-fucking-lutely horrible. I'm just disgusted. I have such a bittwr taste in my mouth. I'm pissed I even watched this shit.
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