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  1. Once again I was watching an episode of Hudson and Rex, and here's Sharron Matthews; it was just small role, as a widow of a fire victim, but perfectly acted, as always.
  2. Thank you all so much for your responses. I hope Jokey Jokey Thursday will return eventually.
  3. I remembered Anneke but I did not remember that FJ.
  4. Thanks for the information!
  5. My husband died Thursday morning. He was getting pretty good at Jeopardy and would often ask me what "the boards" had to say about the game. So he was a member-once-removed of this board:) I kept to our usual routine of watching Jeopardy at 6:30 pm. It helped with my sanity. I will see you all at the start of the new season. Best wishes to all of you.
  6. So did I. I guess you don't have to wear a babushka scarf to meet religious codes:)
  7. Ditto. But I'm not surprised it was wrong. He preceded Franklin Pierce so we were at least close in time range. Still wrong, though🙂 I said Russian Army instead of Red Army - would I have been right or wrong?
  8. My thoughts exactly! My ts's were Roll Over Beethoven, Madison & Unger (a joint effort between DH and me), nacre, and Children of a Lesser God. Felt so stupid for not getting Richard (three kings with this name).
  9. From my post on Thursday's game. Yes, I did jinx myself. So, no 5/5 for me. I should have known it was Gulliver's Travels - I knew about the four reasons for his travels but my mind didn't even go there. I chose Billy Budd (about 170 years too late) or Robinson Crusoe (only 7 years too early). Ah, well. It was a good tournament and I enjoyed it.
  10. I know I saw the movie a long time ago but I didn't remember the motorcycle crash. I got FJ because it was also an FJ within the last few years - and I remembered it. The writers love L of A, along with Oscar Wilde. That was a very good game, hope tonight's game is as good. I'm not really pulling for anyone, let the best person win. I am 4/4 on FJs so far. Could this be the week I finally get 5/5? Did I just jinx myself?
  11. Texas was my first thought for FJ but California and Virginia did also occur to me. When I first saw the FJ category I thought I was doomed so I was surprised the answer came to me so quickly. I think next week's games will be very good.
  12. That was all I could come up with too but I was pretty very sure it wasn't right. Not a great game for me - my only ts was Tallahassee. Maybe I'll do better tonight.
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