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  1. I really liked Lau and loved her dress. She was doing so well until she hit the maelstrom and that seemed to take the wind out of her sails. But she remained so upbeat. Frankly, I barely noticed Dennis all the time he was on. My ts's were cowl, printing, and Gray's Anatomy. Another FJ category where I thought I was doomed but it was nearly an instaget.
  2. So true! I came to hate that show because of that. But I did get the ts of Alan Alda, plus Folies Bergere, but just those two. I was so dismayed when I saw the FJ category. But I did manage to pull it out somehow which surprised me no end.
  3. My memory is not the best but I thought the picture showed only Labrador, not Newfoundland. Ditto!
  4. No explanation from me, I'm afraid. I just sort of accept what they show me.
  5. I thought she seemed tired too. Lots of ts's last night. I got troth, skoal, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Dutch door, and South Africa - in that category the contestants couldn't remember that there had to be a direction in the answer - and the missed DD of barrel. For FJ Prince Philip crossed my mind but I went with Prince Charles. I had expected the question to be about Richard III so I was kind of tossed off by it being about the Romanovs.
  6. She was afraid she would be arrested for the murder of her boyfriend before she could find proof that her friend had been murdered. Because she was sure no one would believe her accusation against her boss.
  7. 200th episode. What a great episode! I loved seeing all the geniuses who have been on the show before, plus a few new ones. I had to look up Ernest Rutherford. Sally Pendrick finally got what was coming to her. Glad James is still alive. I really had to laugh at the contempt Edison and Henry Ford were subjected to. They've never been treated with much respect before but this was really over the top. Especially Edison who fully deserves it. There were so many great scenes I probably can't even remember them all. One of my favourites was Brackenreid getting them free by bashing the guard over the head after everyone else pooh-poohed his plan as being too simple.
  8. And now it's an international incident: Washington Post
  9. The Jeopardy! writers sure do love Dreyfus. Questions regarding the Dreyfus Affair, in some variation or another, turn up fairly often. Lots of ts's. I got bison, endorse, Do not go gentle into that good night, Tchaikovsky, and the missed DD of Montreal.
  10. I enjoyed this episode; Ziva finally got a decent send-off and closure - but, yes, stay gone. And Phineas has a happy home to go back to; Gibbs will be happy and they can visit each other but he won't have the responsibility of taking care of a child. I don't know why they are trying to build Ellie up into the second coming of Ziva. She always seemed pretty ordinary to me. And Torres as the Most Sensitive Agent of All Time. But overall I thought it was a good episode that wrapped up one story line and we can move on to something else now.
  11. I thought this was a very good episode. I'm glad nothing happened between Julia and Dr. Dixon. And I'm glad she and William are talking, albeit rather slowly. But the love is still there between them. Rocco Perri was a real Mafioso, who disappeared one day in 1944 when he went for a walk and never came back. His body was never found. His wife was Bessie Starkman who showed up in an episode of Frankie Drake Mysteries. Bessie Starkman was murdered in 1930. I figured all along that the son, Jacob, was the one behind the murders.
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