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  1. Trey

    S19.E11: All Hands

    He must have been flying the helicopter. How did their rescuers get on the helicopter? I thought they were still in flight but I guess not.
  2. Here's a sort of explanation: https://ontheflix.com/2022/01/16/the-equalizer-season-2-january-16-2022-episode-10-delayed-not-airing-for-a-while/
  3. Chili sounds wonderful. It's so cold here that my son's truck wouldn't start.
  4. Yes, it can be. You can get an A* when Amy misses FJ; it doesn't matter what the other two contestants did. I wonder if Hawai'i not being a state in 1949 threw the contestants off. It was an instaget for me. The attack on Pearl Harbor has always been of interest to me, plus NCIS, NCIS: Hawai'i, and Magnum PI have all done episodes about Pearl Harbor and the cemetary so that cemented it for me.
  5. Don't the banks still give you real money for pennies? I use my credit card for almost everything too, since I get such a good amount of cash rewards. Then I pay online, no fee.
  6. Only two ts's for me: PT-109 (thank you, Jimmy Dean) and penny black. Broadway musicals are not a strong category for me. I came up with Dolly, thinking Ethel Merman played Dolly Levi and Sarah Jessica Parker might have played Dolly Madison in Hamilton. She did not, but that was my thinking.
  7. Agreed. Most times their cutesy categories are amusing but this was just confusing. I did get a couple of them though. Like Amy, I went with Dreyfus for FJ. Once again, I should have put more thought into my answer and I might have got to Van Gogh, but still, maybe not.
  8. Episode 13 Season 15 "Murdoch on the Couch", Jan. 10, 2022 Murdoch investigates a death threat against Sigmund Freud and gets an unwelcome analysis. Poor woman, Lizzie felt the need to kill herself because Freud was a Fraud as a doctor. I'm not surprised her husband wanted to kill him. I think most of Freud's theories have been debunked now. And most of Freud's analyses last night were wrong, except for Murdoch's. He really is a stick in the mud and his efforts to show he wasn't didn't change anything. I liked Higgins laughing about Freud thinking he and George were in love, a
  9. Happy Birthday, @Toothbrush!! There is lots of life left after 50.
  10. @secnarf, are you newly a mod or have I not been paying attention?
  11. I have no memory of the Nancy Sinatra version of Bang Bang even though it was released in 1966, same as Cher's version - just listened to it and don't care for it at all. Love Cher's version.
  12. A Betty White category would be cool. Only two ts's for me, Cher and wren. Instaget FJ. I remember reading Kon-tiki and The Ra Expeditions many years ago and enjoying them very much.
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