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  1. Most people are🤨 As far as I'm concerned, Frankie is still the weakest link. This was my favourite episode of the season so far. Loved Flo finding love (or just sex) at an unlikely place and with an unusual person. I wouldn't mind if the falconer showed up again. And the leftie journalist is so cute. I'm glad he and Mary are (probably) getting together. She is going to need his help when the shit hits the fan with those two very questionable cops. I am afraid they are going to get Mary involved in something dangerous.
  2. Another good episode overall. I hope they wrap up the neighbour Goldie and George's kidnapper storylines soon. They are a little on the tedious side. Murdoch Mysteries sure does love electricity/electrocutions.
  3. Not a great game for me. Only one ts: Orange. Did not get FJ. I was thinking of the other two sides of the Mediterranean🙃
  4. Trey

    MacGyver (2016)

    It's cool that the artifacts are Peruvian since the actor is Scottish-Peruvian, according to Wikipedia. I laughed at the little comment lines they print along the bottom of the screen. First, it's Russ and a one-night stand, then later it's Russ and a 28-night stand. Although she's really someone he's known for a while and they meet up for a couple of days every now and then. Since there's no flies on Russ, he has possibly already deleted her photos from her camera without her knowing. Or not.
  5. I know. When an adult is kidnapped it's almost always the spouse who is behind it.
  6. Trey

    MacGyver (2016)

    If the neighbours were friends of Mac's grandparents, why didn't he know them too? And they should have known who Mac was. Still, it was a good enjoyable episode. A nice change that they were going up against a motorcycle gang in a straightforward crime, rather than all the usual convolutions of spies and international crime.
  7. Only one ts for me: U2. A good game and I really enjoyed seeing a tie. Instaget FJ and I was getting the tiebreaker answer but Brian said it before I could.
  8. Trey

    S18.E04: Sunburn

    Yes, that's Margo Harshman, who has played Delilah all along. I looked it up to be sure🙂
  9. Provincial language status is decided by the province, so Quebec is all French, New Brunswick is bi-lingual and the rest are English. Federal language status is bi-lingual across the country. Hope this helps - or at least makes sense🙂
  10. I didn't know Cindy Sampson was such a good singer. But they should have had her sing Smoke Gets in Your Eyes instead of Fever🙂 Poor old Charley, died for love. That was sad. That fireman was decidedly unprofessional.
  11. Another good game for Brian. He's okay in his low key way. My ts's or missed dd's were golden triangle, girdle, New Brunswick and Jamestown. For FJ, the only writer I knew of with an interest in the occult was Conan Doyle but I wasn't sure he was still alive in 1926. But that was all I had.
  12. Another good game. I got the ts's of conquistador and Good Times. I was pleased with getting blunderbuss too. I said it just as my son was shouting it in from the other room. For FJ I got Sacramento right away and then had to think a bit for the capital of Nevada but it came to me pretty quickly, as it should have, being Carson City😀 If you google the two names you will find many pictures of the two side by side. Remarkable resemblance to each other.
  13. Trey

    S18.E04: Sunburn

    I enjoyed this episode too, more than the other episode they showed. McGee and Delilah work well together. I hope we see more of her this season. I always did think she should have been in the regular cast or at least showing up more often than she has. Was Dr. Lucas a good guy after all? And it was the woman who wanted to sell the blueprints of the drone, not Dr. Lucas?
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