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  1. It's being shown again tonight in case anyone missed it last night.
  2. Maybe they didn't have a time slot to air it before they filmed the second season. If that comment (which I read too) is correct.
  3. I could not believe my eyes when I saw Matt was in the red. He certainly made a great comeback in the DJ round. I got the ts's of January and Alfred. I did get FJ.
  4. It was a good premiere episode. The cast is good. I was hoping Craig the dog was going to end up staying with the firm. Did the siblings already know about each other?
  5. I really don't know why it is so hard for them to pick a new permanent host. They have some very well qualified people who did well on the "auditions". Maybe those people just aren't interested in the hosting gig.
  6. My only ts was insouciant, which I got before Matt misspoke. No FJ for me, I went with Lewis Carroll. I also said inebriated. No reason why they wouldn't have given it to us.
  7. Yes, he was involved in the missing or murdered Chinese woman's story.
  8. I thought they told everyone the name but I don't remember it. I've done some googling but couldn't find any mention of the baby's name. So many of the articles out there are fairly old. Maybe someone on their FB page could tell you.
  9. I didn't get a single ts. I did get FJ but I'm pretty sure I learned it on Jeopardy! some time ago. Yes, that was a very awkward interview with Daniel.
  10. After watching this episode I have flipflopped and now think Luke and Megan are a better couple, whereas Susan is a better partner/friend. But if it goes the other way I would be okay with it. Season finale next week and no word that I can find if it's been renewed or not. I hope it is, I really like the show.
  11. I missed the opening music, will have to pay attention tonight. I thought the new backdrop was okay - a lovely shade of blue - but kind of bland. And I didn't notice the category being shown over the FJ clue. I thought Mike was very low key as host. I like Matt well enough but I would like to see someone new. My only ts was Banana Republic. I didn't think they were even still in business. I couldn't remember all Thirteen Colonies so guessed Rhode Island. Imagine my surprise that it was correct! A good start to the new season and FJ game.
  12. The Things We Do For Love, Part 1, Season 15, Episode 1 airs September 13, 2021 on CBC I had no idea the new season was starting last night. Usually they promote the hell out of the show but I didn't see a single promo. I just, luckily, came across the listing while browsing for something to watch at 8 pm. Anyhow, the episode was so packed full of various storylines that nothing got completed. At least we got Effie out of the tree. I really dislike plots with crazy people holding others hostage. It's going to take the whole 24 new episodes to finish all these plots. I hop
  13. I am in again, just in case @saber5055 didn't already have my name on the list.
  14. I like Luke and Susan better than Luke and Megan.
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