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  1. In the US the duties of the coroner vary from state to state, and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction within the state. So I think it depends. For this story, it seemed like she realized she was stretching the boundaries of her powers as coroner, but she assumed because the death happened so long ago, it was a case where no one would really push back. How did the father know to go out in the woods and hide his son's corpse? For McAvoy, although I know that a lot of people don't want their colleagues to know that they are ill, I hate that he is keeping a secret from everyone but his
  2. Jenny's relationship implodes, and Donovan hooks up. Jenny hasn't been hallucinating (lately) and Donovan starts. I came here to see if anyone had an explanation for the eggs. If it was there, I missed it.
  3. I stumbled across this, and noticed that it was the 5th episode. Was there a heavy publicity campaign? Because I did hear they were doing a re-do, but then nothing.
  4. I don't like Ram, but I don't understand why his father won't look at him. Ram expressed his disdain to his brother, who seemed secure and smart enough to ignore him, but the father wasn't party to that.
  5. I enjoyed this one a little more than the first two celebrity episodes. Christian Siriano was fun. Soledad O'Brien seemed like she was announcing/reading the news; nothing about her interactions with the appraisers seem particularly natural. I don't remember her being that way when she was on Finding Your Roots.
  6. Pretty young, I think. As of 2020, she was still living, and looks to be in her 70s.
  7. No, I thought they implied that the families had known one another for awhile.
  8. I didn't know Roy Woods, Jr. and I barely know Lewis Black. What I do know about Lewis Black was that the few times I saw him on TV I didn't find his performance funny or even annoying if that was what he was trying for. Maybe that is why I didn't find much in this episode interesting or new. Only that Roy Woods, Jr was really Roy Woods III, and didn't seem quite sure what to do about that.
  9. Someone say yes or no to this, because I was confused about the breakup. I'm not sure that the writers are particularly consistent with how they handle Mo. Perry said - he had a real struggle coming out, and he didn't want to date Mo because Mo prefers to dress as a woman, because that would be a step back. Even though Mo (or the actor who plays Mo, I'm not even sure) sometimes uses male pronouns. Mo said - that he also struggled and didn't want to be with anyone who wanted him to change.
  10. I give someone credit for coming up with something different after all these years, but these five "celebrities" can't take up the whole hour, can they? I wonder how else they will fill the time... and if I was watching the preview closely enough, Nancy Kerrigan was asking how much her own skating costumes were worth, which doesn't surprise me.
  11. Love this. If I drank (which I don't) I would take a swig every time someone said "Here on Milk Street we always..." use spoons, or some other thing that is so obvious everybody already knows it. It always feels like they are trying to 1 - make sure everybody knows that they aren't those other shows that Kimball used to host and 2 - imply that they've been around longer than the two or three years since Kimball was ousted from those shows.
  12. Upcoming show (tomorrow night in my area). Mandy Patinkin has always been just slightly too much for me - talented, but oh so dramatic with every breath he takes. If he doesn't cry a couple of times, I will be surprised. I have been amused by videos of Mandy and his wife in lockdown together over the past year, posted by one of his sons.
  13. For the Don Lemon and Gretchen Carlson episode - the only thing that piqued my interest was Gretchen Carlson saying after she won Miss America, one of the judges wrote a book where he called her Miss Piggy. I spent a happy couple of minutes down the internet rabbit hole finding out that the judge in question was the late William Goldman. He wrote The Princess Bride, among others. I don't have cable, and have never seen Carlson as a host - only as a guest on network talk shows and obviously here. She comes across the TV screen as somewhat unlikable, which if I understand it, is actually
  14. Gates mentioned that they tested Maria Hinojosa and she had indigenous DNA, but unless I wasn't paying attention they didn't show her "pie chart" like they often do. I wondered why. And they didn't do Lithgow's, either, probably because it is 99.9% European and boring.
  15. I enjoy this show more when I enjoy the subjects, which probably isn't a big surprise. I liked Roseanne Cash more than Clint Black. Her reactions seemed less....practiced. More spontaneous. Tony Shalhoub was so damn quiet I could barely make out a word. He's a actor, shouldn't he know how to speak for a microphone. Gates provided Keenan Ivory Wayans with a similar story about an ancestor returning to slavery.
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