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  1. Every episode brings me more respect for everyone in the Cooper family. And the cast. And the writers. Bravo. ETA: There was also irony in that Cal Tech cafeteria lunch room scene that didn't dawn on me at first. Before we saw where they were standing, Sheldon was imagining all of the deeply profound discussions that must take place there! Comparing superheroes, analyzing romantic failures, and endless trivia? The best of times just the same.
  2. Good for Mary not fudging on the facts of Georgie's life. Well played. In just a few minutes she helped Georgie mature by a couple of years. I shed a pre-nostalgic tear or few at the cafeteria reveal, almost as many as when Sheldon was crying at the thought of being alone and friendless for the rest of his life, and then we got a glimpse of each of his future friends, a taste of all that lies ahead. Very well done.
  3. Bobbin


    Thanks. Missed that. My hearing is bad and it's getting harder to read the CC. That changes everything -- never mind! (R.I.P., Emily Litella aka Gilda Radner).
  4. More than his resemblance to their father at that age, I thought the brother and sister shared a close resemblance, more than I've seen in some actual siblings. Good casting.
  5. Bobbin


    Maybe. But that would have been a black eye for the FBI (and compounded the police department's guilt in writing him off). The always get their man, remember. The kidnapping father may not be a gazillionaire, but he's no panhandler. That safe room is bigger than my house. The perfunctory, "There's the suspect! Everyone stare and point, shout his name and start running at him!" And agents can magically locate and get to anyone anywhere in the city in minutes. I don't understand why the woman didn't lead with the fact that she gave the girl bus fare and knew where she was heading instead of having to have it dragged out of her. Or why the father didn't explain his newly-found daughter's story to the police when he reported her missing. Although, I believe that all through the episode he knew, but was in denial, that she had run away. All in all, an entertaining, thought-provoking episode.
  6. The synopsis missing from the top of this thread: a family trip to Paris proves traumatic for Jay, Phil and Cam. So Claire has always had a type, hopelessly romantic magicians. The maitre d', too, I wonder.
  7. Bobbin


    I found that barking annoying, too, until I realized that Jubal isn't just giving orders to his team, he's telling the viewers what's going on. How many times have you seen a spouse or parent of the victim demanding to know, "Why aren't you out DOING something?!" How else would you know what they're doing just seeing them at their desks? Now you know.
  8. Bobbin


    My favorite crime show tropes. Calling out the suspect's name from far enough away to give him a running start. And this exchange: "Do we have any leads on his whereabouts?" "Well, I called every hotel, motel, inn and B&B in the tri-state area and every bar, restaurant and convenience store in New York City." "Any luck?" "Yes, he's in a bar on 49th Street." The unasked question: "Why didn't you lead with that??" Gotta love it.
  9. Many believers take comfort in rituals, in the predictability of sameness, "as it was in the beginning, and now and ever shall be...", although Jesus did speak against using prayer as a rote mantra or incantation. Many also think of prayer as making wishes on a star. And that God listens to some people's prayers and not others. And some, like Mary Cooper, get beside themselves if others "aren't doing it right!" Carrying a cross or other symbol is a reminder of faith for many -- and a good luck charm for others. Have fun figuring it out, Missy. Fortunately, the Almighty is said to have infinite patience. And a sense of humor. A bit of redemption for Dale for letting Missy finish her prayer, whatever his motivation. I guess we're just walking away from the previous episode. That's fine with me. We have heard Georgie's prayers in the past. Always about teenage girls, of course. LOL An insightful episode with everyone getting equal time. Well done.
  10. I instinctively disliked Dale from the beginning. Maybe because.... he killed Trudy Monk! (Type-casting roles are a bitch. I love Jason Alexander, but I can never forget his role in "Pretty Woman.")
  11. I don't know if it would be a good idea, but I hope George rats out Dale to Connie about what an ass he was to John. It was good to see John assuring George that he can take care of himself -- and doing it. It made me think of our local golf star, Amy Bockerstette, a young golfer with Down's Syndrome. Last year at the Phoenix Open, she was invited to play the notorious 16th. When the ball landed in a trap, she confidently declared, "I've got this," chipped out and par putted the hole! John's got this -- and he knows his limit for tolerance. I hope at least that the guy at the cemetary replaces Dale in Connie's life.
  12. My daughter went to a magnet school for Performing Arts. Half of the students were professionals. I never knew if grades were emphasized. Her talents got her accepted into UCSD, but I'm sure her grades helped. Are artistically talented students admitted the same as athletes are? Does anyone ever ask to see Taylor Swift's transcripts and GPA?
  13. And Cooper called Greg "Dad" once, too, I think. It's the show's subtle way of addressing all of the above comments about the town's wealthy, neglectful parents. Most of the show's serious messages are intelligently understated. Like Oliver's dawning discovery that people suffering from depression, especially teenagers, don"t necessarily wear their pain on their sleeves. Bit by bit, season by season, the show is chipping away at these characters' outer shells to show the multidimensional personalities underneath. A seriously long game. Cool.
  14. I guess you'd have to ask, would Adrian Monk do that? I would say, yes, he would.
  15. On every other crime show, when a teenager is found to be using PEDs of any kind, the very first question is, where is he or she getting them? And it's never just one student. Lots of opportunities here for dramatic revelations, all left on the table. I was diagnosed with a murmer 20 years ago. My PCP told me; my cardiologist forgot to mention it until I asked him, hasn't brought it up since. I probably have not thought to mention it on any questionaires, either. My pacemaker discovered my a-fib and automatically adjusted my heart rate -- I had to call the lab to see why my pulse suddenly went up. There are alot of health issues that aren't necessarily foremost in your mind. It seems odd that the school's athletic standing rests entirely not just on wrestling, but on one weight class. Agan, "The jury will disregard...." Sure it will. LOL.
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