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  1. Maybe the problem is that Bess McCord has aged, but Tea Leoni (apparently) hasn't. I thought her outfit was appropriate for Bess.
  2. Not to assume anything, but are we to infer that Luke having (dramatic pause) "kissed" Manny's ex meant that much more than a peck on the cheek was involved? Being sweet and angelic only goes so far, kiddo. Bad boy, Luke! Bad! Go to your crate. Great episode. Nothing and no one too over the top, except maybe morose Manny.
  3. Some of these elements remind me of Fox's "The War a Home", with a dad sabotaging daughter's college application because for all of his bluster he doesn't want her to leave home, and son's best friend (Rami Malek!) secretly gay and in love with him. Characters are only as they are written to be, so it's unwise to try to analyze them. That said, my guess is that the boys saying I love you was meant sincerely, but in the beer ad sense, at least for Oliver. It may mean more for poor neglected Cooper. In high school I very much loved my best friend, but it turned out to be in a sibling sense, not romantic. TV shows do like to tease, like with Sue's guy friend in "The Middle." As for Oliver and Cooper, place your bets, but don't bet the rent.
  4. Bobbin

    S17.E09: IRL

    All of the segment photos have people smiling for a change. I'm trying to think of something more noteworthy to say about the episode, but I've got nothing.
  5. The one paying has the final say over what they will pay, barring a court order. What puzzles me is why the insurance ccompany's higher-ups didn't overrule their closer to preserve the company's reputation. If becomes known that they refuse to pay claims and instead leave their clients in the lurch, no one is going take out insurance coverage with them. But then this is TV, not real life.
  6. Very true. Even having the code window open slows down the procedure. Constantly refreshing the display is purely for show. Like on NCIS:LA when Marty rescued Kensi from a a terrorist. Terrorist: "Don't take another st...!" Marty: [Bang! Bang!]
  7. We must both be hyper empathetic. On a serious note, not all children with that condition are intentionally homicidal by nature. Most just have no conscience, no fear of consequences and no impulse control. Our neighbor's child suffered brain damage in an accident and afterward had to be kept away from sharp ojects and always be watched. I met with another family once that was very much like the couple in this episode, the mother in particlular in denial that their son was capable of having killed his sibling on purpose -- but having spent a short time with him, I could believe it: no remorse, no emotion at all.
  8. LOL. I yawned just reading this!
  9. A great feel-good episode. No snark. Putting the "com' back in "sitcom." Everybody wins. Well, maybe not Greg. LOL Have we ever seen their back yard? By coincidence, I'm having lasagna tonight. Not as good as Katie's, I'll bet. How can Oliver help and not figure out the recipe? It was good to see Matt Shively. Will he be back?
  10. Maybe Greg just really wanted them all to stay home with him while Katie was out with Angela and Doris. Katie is such a powerful presence, Greg doesn't get many opportunities to be the parent. I've been there.
  11. Like I said, a typical soap opera. If you're not a regular series viewer with a score card or watching with someone who is (and constantly asking them, "Who's that? Why is she crying? What was that about?"), you're left in the dark.
  12. Most series that run for three or more seasons eventually turn into soap operas about each of the characters. Some case resolutions remind me of all of "The A-Team" episodes, where an elaborate scheme is set up, but in the end it all gets settled in a big shoot-out that has nothing to do with the scheme. In this case, the boy's testimony was all the defense he needed. Granted, Chunk needed to convince him first that he was innocent. In defense of the entertainment industry, making up fictional stories to satisfy thousands of outlets, both channels and theaters, is a challenge. But there are literally millions of incredible true stories out there that never get told.
  13. I'm pretty sure the FDA and the hospital would never approve going directly from lab rats to human trials no matter how many consent forms were signed, witnessed and notarized. Sweet kid, horrible situation, an easy case to accept for a change.
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