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  1. Production costs are often the deciding factor in renewal/cancel decisions. All of the principal players are veteran actors, including the kids, and their combined salaries may have tipped the scales against renewal along with the other considerations others have described. A "perfect storm" indeed. Sad. I miss them all so much.
  2. In 4:10 "Time Bomb", I realize handguns aren't very accurate at a distance, but hundreds of rounds from a dozen different directions and not a single shot could accidentally hit the kid in the head or hands?
  3. Meemaw has absorbed so much science from Sheldon, Sturgis and Linkletter and actually understands enough of it that she may be qualified for a degree in Physics herself.
  4. Sad news. The axe has fallen, the series has ended its run, canceled. I will miss all of these characters (not that annoying principal). When the company I worked for folded, within a month we all landed better, higher-paying gigs. I hope the same for all of these fine folks. Good times, fond memories, happy trails. ❤ (See other parting comments in the "Housewifely Media" thread.)
  5. I think they had many missed opportunities this last season. Child actors growing up during a long run is always a challenge to writers and directors, and that point was fast approaching. But many good memories. A good run. Hugs and well-wishes to all the cast. May they all land on their feet. ❤
  6. The best sitcoms do occasionally deal with serious topics. And this one was inevitable, but maybe with more sympathy for George than we might have been led to believe. And less for Mary. Again, this never was a match made in heaven. LOL. In fairness, "condensed soup" cans aren't explicit about that not being the soup's intended condition. Adding water before heating is in the fine print. Sheldon is nothing if not responsible. Once his duty is spelled out to him, it becomes unquestioningly ingrained. His personality could have been greatly improved all along if correct behavior had be
  7. Lest we forget, Georgie was the reason George and Mary got married. That's not generally a solid foundation. IMHO, this show has generated more amateur character analysis, at least in this forum, than any other show in the history of television. 😁 Now pardon me while I step out to get more pens and note pads.
  8. I think March or April is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It seems like a number of shows had this same topic during the Spring a couple of years ago.
  9. IRL Barrett Foa said he wanted a break from the series and to go back to stage performances and spend more time with his charity work. There is so much more to his range than playing a quirky tech geek. His guest spot on "The Closer" as a young man whose boyfriend was murdered was heart-wrenching from beginning to end. For a series with 12 seasons on the shelf, COVID-19 is just a blip. The eps are mostly interchangeable in syndication, where the money is in residuals. Scheduling is always easier if nothing is "dated." Although years from now new viewers will wonder why this season's eps w
  10. LOL. Energetic and enthusiatic bordering on manic, but definitely not athletic.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Maybe Oliver Liberty Tree Otto? That a tie would be settled by a duel was just what I expected. And with paint guns was perfect. Katie declaring that she has been more of a parent to Cooper than his own parents might have had a delayed reaction with Cooper's father. Cooper's "Te amo, mamacita (I love you, mama)" may have been a factor in Katie later shoving Oliver out of the way to hug Cooper. The writers seem never to allow Oliver/Daniel to show affection (except with the pig!) or to smile. Did Katie really refer to herself as a mother-in-law with regard to Coop
  12. That episode reminded me a L&O:SVU episode ("Cage") where young Russian orphans in foster care were kept in cages because they were so psycholigically damaged that they couldn't be trusted otherwise.
  13. I have the same problem with Jason Alexander since seeing "Pretty Woman." Some roles leave a more indelible impression than others. But Alexander's role on "Young Sheldon" with Iain Armitage doing Broadway songs has helped.
  14. When whiny Brenda complained that she was "so tired," I just knew that there wasn't going to be a "later." 😢
  15. Fortunate casting, really. Girls mature sooner than boys. Predictably, Sheldon and twin Missy will be the same height as adults.
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