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  1. Season 2 premeiring October 7!
  2. They really didn’t give Lizzie many storylines at all this season, other than losing her late fiancé’s dog tags and now she gets hit on and hammered and has to get Al to pick up her and Riley from the VFW bar…and but maybe a blessing in disguise as it seems to get Riley’s act together. I hope to see more character development from Lizzie next season. She’s still grieving the loss of her fiancé. I agree I felt bad for Hazel this episode but she seemed to take it in stride.
  3. This was the 10th episode aired but the 8th episode filmed. It flipped with “Roht/Sweet Bread.”
  4. Oh I see what you mean now. I was super confused because the new board didn’t start until “Matchmaker/Roybar.” 10 was switched with 8. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/united-states-of-al/listings/
  5. If they got 18 episodes, maybe they do get another dog in the end but it showed things don’t always work out in the end
  6. Poor Hazel. Unfortunately Vanessa was proved right about the dog but I felt bad for her. Hopefully another dog arrives in Season 2. I was hoping for that at the end of the episode but at least we got to see a baby Riley flashback. We didn’t get enough Art and Lois and the farting couch. HILARIOUS! Their date probably would’ve been a separate episode if they had been able to get 18 episodes like YS, B+ and Mom. Yeah Freddy might not be long for this show. Or strangely enough maybe he stays on the show and him and Riley become friends after they break up.
  7. I was probably one of those people, I just didn’t come on here to mention it. AH rated higher than Home Economics. It was the third highest ABC sitcom and rated higher than the network average. But that wasn’t enough, so that tells you it wasn’t the ratings. Heck, even the Unicorn rated higher than Home Economics. To make matters worse they put Home Economics in Call Your Mother’s old time slot where it will probably fail. If they are going to bring that show back they have to put it in a better time slot than that.
  8. Art goes and sticks up for Al and the heartless jerk still didn’t give him another chance. Comparing family in Afghanistan to a toilet is just pathetic. Loved the frisbee scene.
  9. Get ready for a grandschmoopie.
  10. Don’t get your hopes up. Blackish is ending next year and so I doubt they are going to end both of them the same year. I see The Goldbergs going through Season 10 and Adam getting a year of college. Remember the real Adam, who vowed to end the series with his HS graduation, isn’t in charge anymore. They will likely announce the final season ahead of time.
  11. I didn’t like that Hazel turned it around on Lizzie and made the remark that she hadn’t dated anyone since Michael died. I guess she meant well and she’s just a kid though. Overall a good episode and I thought there was good chemistry between Art and Lois. She comes back in two weeks I believe. Finally! Separate episode threads!
  12. Lizzie really needed to lighten up while shopping for the party tonight. She was a bit rude to Al at the store. I didn’t care for her too much in tonight’s episode. But I also didn’t like Hazel talking down to her talking in her helium voice. But still a good episode. I liked Art setting Riley straight about Freddy. And Al being 28 or 29! I hope he figures out his real birthday and age soon. Glad the show has graduated to its own board now!
  13. No Cecilia in the finale…that struck me as very odd…and I don’t think Jackie ever found another job…but other than that it ended at a good place.
  14. That will finally be addressed June 3
  15. Yeah I went back and saw that. It was a pilot.
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