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  1. Was it just me or did Lizzie seem to have the hots for Mo? And yes how did Hazel get off so easy?
  2. SEASON PREMIERE So no one started the episode thread tonight, so I figured I would. If the episode threads are not active enough, might as well just go to a Season thread like The Goldbergs. I was very happy with the episode, Gina and Gabby were the best, RIP Mr. Knudsen. The scene in the dialysis clinic was awkward though. Going to miss Samantha, and Adriana has been recast, she will now be played by Michelle Ortiz starting with next week’s episode. Annaleigh is singing a new version of the theme song starting with the October 28 episode. Thank goodness. ht
  3. That was emotional. Well done. Glad everyone is OK.
  4. WOW!!! It appears Adriana has been recast! She is being played by Michelle Ortiz in the second episode of Season 2 scheduled to air October 21!
  5. Season 2 Premiere Delayed to October 14 Due to Ghosts One Hour Premiere It was going to be October 7
  6. They decided to put off the season premiere of B Positive a week to air an hour long series premiere of Ghosts, but I would’ve been OK with them putting off this premiere instead (and air the hour long Ghosts premiere at 8:30) to give them more time to work on it.
  7. https://childrensinn.org/stories/farrahs-new-immune-system/ I saw this article recently and I am so glad Farrah has been able to recover from this. I had seen her Instagram posts and didn’t think there was any way she was 15, since Hazel is 11 I believe, and now she’s 16, but this autoimmune disease has stunted her growth. I would not have known about this if I had not seen it. They could’ve got someone younger to play her but Farrah has done a great job. I read where it was the producers’ idea, not CBS’, the episode they pulled was the one where they found the dog that Al was afr
  8. Since no one started it I guess I will. This forum must be dead. Last night was the season premiere and it was the tribute episode to George Segal (Pops). They didn’t get a chance to do this last season because he died literally while they were shooting the Season 8 finale. He was only going to be out for surgery but died from complications. But last night they acknowledged his death, Bill and Ted style. I thought it was very well done. Everyone was taking it hard and even if the last wishes letter was fake, Murray had nothing but the best of intentions. It would be hard for anyone to deal wit
  9. Season 2 premeiring October 7!
  10. They really didn’t give Lizzie many storylines at all this season, other than losing her late fiancé’s dog tags and now she gets hit on and hammered and has to get Al to pick up her and Riley from the VFW bar…and but maybe a blessing in disguise as it seems to get Riley’s act together. I hope to see more character development from Lizzie next season. She’s still grieving the loss of her fiancé. I agree I felt bad for Hazel this episode but she seemed to take it in stride.
  11. This was the 10th episode aired but the 8th episode filmed. It flipped with “Roht/Sweet Bread.”
  12. Oh I see what you mean now. I was super confused because the new board didn’t start until “Matchmaker/Roybar.” 10 was switched with 8. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/showatch/united-states-of-al/listings/
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